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Lodging at Straz Tower

915 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Straz Tower features spacious, air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, and is only a few blocks walk across campus from our event space.

On-site housing will be available for the weekend event and for one additional night on each side of the event for early arrivals or late departures, with check-in available starting on Thursday, June 22, and checkout available ending on Monday, June 26.


For additional dates, please contact the event steward.

On-site housing check-in is at 3pm on your arrival day, and check-out is at 11am on your departure day.

Parking is available in nearby campus lots for a nightly fee.

Luggage Storage is not available at Straz Tower but will be available at the event site after housing checkout on both Sunday and Monday for attendees traveling later in the day.

Accessible rooms available.


  • Extra-Long Twin Beds

  • Dressers

  • Desks and Chairs

  • Bed and Bath linens

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • 24-Hour Front Desk Service

  • Elevator access to all floors

  • Lounges on each floor

  • Coin Operated Laundry

  • Vending Machines.

Straz Tower Exterior
Room Rates







Housing Rules

Event Rules are to be followed in housing.  For event rules, including badge requirements as well as weapons, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and pets policies, click here.

Housing spaces may not be occupied by more overnight guests than their designated capacity - each bed is a twin XL and can accommodate only one person.  No additional bed/bunks may be added

In-room gatherings have a maximum capacity of three times the overnight capacity of the room (a quad room may hold at most twelve persons, a double room, six, etc.), and may not be disruptive.  Larger gatherings may use the building lounges (though these may not have any alcohol present, and must also be non-disruptive).

No furniture may be moved in the housing spaces, or, if moved, must be returned to its original location before checking out.  Housing guests will be charged for the cost of resetting any furniture not so returned.  Housing guests are also responsible for any damage as well as any excessive cleaning fees assessed for their rooms.

Housing guests must sign for each room key prior to check-in.  There is a $10 charge if you require housing assistance to be let into your room.  There is a $75 lock/key replacement fee for any key not returned at check-out - these are rekeyed immediately, and this is not refundable even if keys are found after check-out.

Housing Frequently Asked Questions


Are Fridges/Microwaves Available at the Housing Site/in the Rooms?



There are no fridges or microwaves in the rooms. there are

fridge/microwave combos available in the second floor lounge which are available for use of our attendees.


Are Electrical Appliances Allowed in the Dorm Rooms?



Electrical appliances (kettles, coffee makers, hot plates, rice cookers,

are now allowed due to potential fire/safety hazard. Personal grooming tools like hair dryers and curlers and beard trimmer and electric razors are fine


What Bedding is Provided?



Each bed has a pillow, pillowcase, top and bottom sheet, a blanket

and coverlet. Each guest is also provided with a towel and washcloth, which can be exchanged for clean at the front desk at any time.


How Does Room Pricing Work?



Rooms are priced by the size of the room, not per individual. Singles are

$60/night, Doubles are $86/night, and quads are $110/night. If you are sharing a room, it is expected that each individual pays for their share of the room during pre-registration. It is not required that roommates split the cost equally, but is required that the total fee for the stay is covered between roommates. During pre-registration, you will be able to list who you are planning on rooming with. Please list your entire group, even if someone else has, as this will confirm that everyone in the room has agreed to share the space and cost of the room.


Do We Have Temperature Controls/
Thermostats In The Rooms?



The thermostats in all of the housing rooms are not absolute

temperature control, they're more relative control. The building has temperature controls that are set for the whole building, and the thermostat in each room allows you to alter how much of that building-controlled heating/cooling you are getting in your room. One of our local members who works on campus, spoke with a student who used to live in the building we're staying in, and that student said that, during the summer when the A/C is on, you can pretty easily ask for more A/C (for the room to be cooler), but it's difficult to get the room to be warmer than where the building control is set.

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