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2020 Planning Meeting

Planning Meeting

  • Jan: Yule Court. (Maybe Jan 18 or 19 - Asabella will look for sites, including possibly the Delafield Legion Hall.) Can design banners for next month's banner-making.

  • Feb: Banner Making. (Maybe Feb 1 or 8? Abelard will check into getting the church, and inviting them to participate.)

  • Mar: (Gulf Wars)

  • Apr: Chili Night? Or Viking Hiking? Coronation is April 18. There is a bid for this event already in (not from us).

  • May: May Day Moot with Jara? (Their Excellencies Jara think this is a fine idea.)

  • June: Border Skirmish

  • July: (WW, Pennsic)

  • Aug: (Pennsic)

  • Sept: Baronial Champs (Coronation - looking for bids)

  • Oct: Viking Hiking (Crown - looking for bids)

  • Nov: Moot to make garb for BH, plus potluck? (SUN - looking for bids)

  • Dec: Boar's Head

Note: Kingdom is also looking for bids for Spring Crown and Coronation 2021.

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