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April 2018


In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Sofonisba, Tatiana, Serena, Rachel, Abelard, Ysolt, Asabella, Armond, Arthur, Sybillia, Geoffrey (via skype), Randall (via skype)

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness:Made a profit on lunch at Coronation, so yay! Everybody liked it and had choices. Everybody said they liked the soup, even the vegetarians. Tasty. Please submit award recommendations for May Day Moot!

Seneschal: Two months until Geoffrey steps down as Seneschal. The Kingdom Seneschal has been looking for bids for Coronation, but we don't have a site and we're having problems finding an autocrat for Boar's Head.

Chronicler: Articles are due Monday, April 23. Read the Tower!

Webminister: Submit ideas for new website to the webminister!

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Heralds and Scribes happened. Nobody has died as a result of either Arts or Sciences. Planning a work day on May 6 if there's enough interest. Students have said that they'd like to wear their own clothes instead of borrowing from the Gold Key - hopefully they can make something at the work day. The winner of the Largesse Derby Bean Count at Coronation was Ysolt, from our Barony. Sybillia received a Black Flame at Coronation.

Knights Marshal: Attendance has been good. Jean is broken.

Archery: Still at West Town Archery. Looking forward to shooting outside in four weeks, assuming the weather cooperates. Arnbjorn won His Majesty's Challenge. CAM holds three of the top ten records in the Winter Shoot at the moment.

Rapier: Attendance could be better. Arthur can't be at practice 4/19, but Albrecht can. We will have guests from Jara on 4/19.

Youth: There's a new Kingdom handbook coming. The youth who fairly regularly attends our practice will turn 16 in a couple months. Need more kids!

Thrown Weapons: On hiatus until next month.

Chatelaine: Might need to move out of town - will keep the group informed.

Exchequer: Asabella's last meeting as exchequer. Worked with Arthur to get him up to speed, and he takes over next month. First quarter report is done - need a signature from Geoffrey. Need to go through an audit before September 30. Need a copy of the trailer policy and sign-up sheet.

Quartermaster: Storage locker and trailer storage are paid in full for the year.

Herald: Will be working on registering the Baronial awards. Nothing new to report.

Old Business:

Boar's Head Autocrat: No bids. Bids are due at May Curia.

May Day Moot: May 19th we will have a joint moot with Jaravellir, from 10am-9pm at Armond and Sofonisba's. Food will be potluck. We will have grills available. Will collaborate on a way to earn points with fighting heavy and rapier, archery, thrown weapons, etc. Will also do the Exchequer changeover in court. Folks are welcome to bring tents to set up and air out. This is a garbed event. CAM people involved in Border Skirmish planning might meet briefly, but this is not a Border Skirmish Planning Meeting.

Custom Trim: Drixt is ready to order the trim - enough people said they were interested, so we can make a little money. The smallest order we can place comes out to $1.80 per yard, and we want to sell it for $3.00 per yard. We had enough interest to pay for 200 yards; placing the smallest order will get us about twice that. We moved and voted to purchase the smallest amount available, specific price to be negotiated with Drixt.

Heralds and Scribes: 54 attendees, and a small profit. Do we owe the Kingdom half? We don't think so, because it wasn't a Kingdom event, but exchequer is talking to the Kingdom exchequer about it.

Border Skirmish: We're having an event. There will be horses. There will be a bar. If you are in charge of a field or an area, let Sybillia know what you need and what your schedule is, and if you're having problems communicating that information via the regular channels. Site paperwork is signed. Insurance is paid. Working on getting porta-potties nailed down. (We used PAT last time.) Need scenarios and hay bale requests. Tatiana has ordered fabric for Border Skirmish favors, which will be pouches; need to organize a time to sew them.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Need to drink faster. A recent transplant to the area might be looking for some brewing supplies. Side note: Geoffrey might have some brewing supplies available.

Dance: Northshield Dance Seminar is April 28. Asabella and Beatrice will be teaching there.

Woodworking: Starts this month.

C&I West: People are welcome to come over.

Student Group: Meeting on 4/18. First and third Wednesdays of each month.

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