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April 2019


Present: Abelard, Tatiana, Rhys, Sofonisba, Armond, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Rachel, Winifrede, Belle, Jean, Arthur

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: We have a new King and Queen!

Seneschal: Everything will be later in the meeting.

Chronicler: Working late. Articles due by April 25.

Webminister: Calendar page has been updated. Will update google calendar soon. Re: the website overhaul, do we want to stick with what we have on the back end and update the look and feel (i.e., give it a facelift)? Or consider changing to an out-of-the-box WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) solution such as Wix, SquareSpace, or WordPress? Let’s price out some options and look at what a facelift might look like. An out-of-the-box solution will cost more (assuming we don't want ads). Abelard prefers code that we can maintain because of the flexibility of customization and because he's old-fashioned, despite the fact that it limits who can serve as the webminister. It comes down to a question of whether we want someone to maintain the code or the content, and what we want the website to do. Content which needs to be updated: Officers list, governing documents, event ads, calendar. (The OP and populace list are currently farmed out to the Northshield website for the time being.) There is a custom Newcomers Form and an Award Recommendation form. Let's discuss. Also, letters of intent are due at May Curia, unless Winifrede opts to extend her office by a year.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are still making garb. People are still cooking stuff. Experimenting with options for lunch for Crown Tournament. A&S West is still the fourth Wednesday of each month. Once the semester is over some other people might attend. Will Beatrice re-start C&I or A&S East?

Knights Marshal: This week's practice (third week of May): practice on Wednesday, like every other group within 100 miles. (The church asked us to not have practice on Thursday because they're having a church service in our space.)

Youth Marshal: Working towards the goal of a mixed bear pit.

Archery: Mondays at West Town Archery continue. As of May 13 we'll have two practices per week - Mondays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway, Wednesdays alternating between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park. Has reached out to fighters - can Mondays be a combined practice between archery, rapier, and heavy? CAM currently holds first, third, and fourth place in the Northshield archery rankings.

Thrown Weapons: Can do Thrown Weapons at A&S West and/or Thursday night fighter's practices starting May 13.

Rapier: Practice attendance has been low. Corin is now authorized in cut and thrust, so we need a C&T marshal.

Chatelaine: A number of newcomers at Coronation. Three newcomers from UW Madison. Gold Key is sorted, organized, and cataloged. Lots of very large garb. Need belts and pins to alter the shapes and help with fitting.

Exchequer: Quarterly report has been turned in to Regional Exchequer. There might have been a mistake in the 4th Quarter report - he has floated that up the chain. Do we want to pay in advance for the storage locker and trailer storage? We just got the bill - it reflects a 12% increase (on top of the 12% increase from last year). Armond will pay the current bill and move the trailer to his house for the time being while we settle the bill with the storage locker place - ask them why they raised it so much. Also, look for a new storage place. Also, need to pay Washington County Fair Park. All expenses voted on and approved. Starter cash for Crown is also voted and approved. Also, Exchequer will be out of the country from May 17 - June 2, and deputy is in charge during that time. (For Crown, as long as the count is all done the day of the event that should be fine; otherwise, Exchequer can appoint a new deputy and Seneschal can sign off. Or, Exchequer can request an extension. If you have expenses for Crown, turn them in by the day of the event.

Herald: Working on the Baronial Awards. Congratulations to Amadon, who is on vigil for the Chivalry, and on an award to be presented later. Sent OP updates to the new Clerk of Precedence. Read the Tower.

Old Business:

Crown: If you have expenses, turn them in by the day of the event. Pre-cook will be the week before Crown. We assume everything is going fine - not a lot of communication from Kingdom Officers. (Silence is scary!) If you need anything, let Asabella know. Will have a heraldic consultation table. Five merchants so far. If anyone wants to marshal, please contact the MIC (Ysolt). Note, marshalling is usually the responsibility of the Chivalry, but there is a second tournament afterwards which will need marshals. Will get banners, etc., from the storage locker. Will pre-load the trailer the weekend of May 4. Setup starts Friday May 10 at 1 PM. Tatiana and Geoffrey will provide food for the royalty room - contributions are welcome. (Can't be covered by Baronial funds.) Will ask for royalty room guards, kitchen cleanup, servers, gate staff. Baroness Jois can also request help from Jara. Gunther and chiv from Jara will do fighter inspection Friday night until 9 PM. Ealdred (Kingdom Seneschal) will check documentation on Saturday morning. If the site has a big coffee urn, we'll use it; ideally we'll have three (coffee, decaf, hot water). Fighter presences won't be right next to the fighting list. Chiv meeting will be in the royalty room.

Border Skirmish: Things are proceeding. Posting info on Facebook to inspire interest. Longshoremen are gathering requests for materials. Might have one more meeting to make sure everyone's on the same page. If you have information for the website, send it to the autocrats. Site tokens are purchased (bottle openers), and 50 pouches need to be altered to be youth tokens.

Boar's Head: We have the new contract for Washington Country Fair Park, which will let us bring in food but NO BEVERAGES. We need to police that. Tatiana will also ask if we can pull the wall closed (to make a smaller space for court / feast) and possibly dim the lights. Will submit a final budget and pricing. Need to finalize feast.

Autocrat Checklist: This is on hold until next Curia.

Application for Baron and Baroness: Letters will be due at the beginning of July. Does anyone know the process for putting an interim Seneschal in place? Tatiana needs to step down temporarily to put her name in the hat. (Consensus is that Curia would have to approve it, but will ask Kingdom Seneschal to be sure.)

Changes to Bylaws: This is on hold until next Curia.

New Business:

A&S 2020: We should consider putting in a bid for A&S 2020.

Guilds and Groups:

Woodworking is meeting next Wednesday (and every fourth Wednesday of the month).

A&S West is meeting next Wednesday (and every fourth Wednesday of the month).

Clothier's Guild: Can be held at A&S West. Beatrice has indicated that she can re-start it if there's interest.

Students: C&I class on 4/17. Lots of interest in the student population - Chatelaine is encouraging participation in events off-campus.

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