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April 2020 Curia Notes

4/21/20 Abelard, Sofonisba, Armond, Arnbjorn, Kale, Theresa, Tony, Ysolt, Rhys, Belle, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Rachel, Octavian, Randall, various assorted pets Baron and Baroness: Stay healthy, stay alive. Keep your chins up. Keep participating in online and virtual events. If you have projects that you want to work on but lack resources, let us know - we have resources here and can get more. Also, there are some dance and glow video challenges coming our way - keep your eyes open for opportunities! Seneschal: Covid-19 is not a joke. Interim seneschal period is over at the end of this month, and Tatiana will step back in until September - collecting letters of intent in July. There was a Kingdom-wide Seneschal meeting last night, and we talked about many things. For instance, the online survey - please participate! There's a new Kingdom Seneschal: Alinore. There's a lot of stuff still happening out there - go and look. If you host a video or class, don't put a link to it on your website or facebook page - you can post that an event is happening, but say "if you want a link, send me a PM". If you want more information, contact Petranella. The Kingdom has a Zoom account - if you want to use it, Tatiana can send you information. (You'll have to fill out a form, have to be a warranted officer, and sessions are only an hour long unless you request longer.) It was uplifting to see the faces and hear the voices of everyone else who is going through this. Border Skirmish, May Day Moot, Warriors and Warlords, Northern Realms War are all cancelled. The decision about Pennsic will be made by May 15. Our Border Skirmish reservation has been rolled over to 2021. Link to the online survey: [] Chronicler: Articles are due by the 25th. Minister of Arts and Sciences: Still doing A&S. Most activity is food and clothing-related, with a smattering of animal husbandry and jewelry mixed in. We will probably have a group chat for the cooking guild. Also, Dahrien has been hosting bardic circles online - sometimes as many as 30 people, sometimes staying up until 3 AM. Just like a real bardic circle! Webminister: The domain has been switched, so now we're down to two hosting providers (Wix and iPower). Also, email is working again. Her goal is to make the job of webminister as simple as possible - technology should not be a barrier. Also: Time to renew Wix. Dicussed (with the email discussion, below). Ultimately made the motion that Rachel should renew Wix for the least amount of money possible, not to exceed $102 per year. Voted, passed, approved. Knights Marshal: No practices. Hit the pell. Fix your armor. Archery: On hiatus. Shoot in your back yards if you're not in Milwaukee County and it's legal. Thrown Weapons: On hiatus. Throw in your back yards if you have the resources to do so. Also, term of office is ending. Arnbjorn has submitted an LOI to take the office for another two years. Moved, voted, passed, approved. Rapier: On hiatus. Fix your armor. Youth: There are now Kingdom Youth Combat Champions, for armored, rapier, and archery. Vivant! It's legal for parents to practice fighting with their children without a marshal present. And kids can hit the pell too. Chatelaine: Problems posting to the CAM list. Will fix it. There's a new person coming to Milwaukee next month who might need crash space. Need photos to put together flyers and other promotional materials - send to Belle. Has plans for demos, once we can be in public again. Exchequer: What about the church? (Not sure if they're receiving the checks, but they haven't been cashed yet.) Storage locker: Extend through the end of the year. Need to send a check to Washington County Fair Park to cover reservations for the next five years (six, including 2020). Reimbursements for Border Skirmish pre-reg have been written but not sent yet. Since we have a password for the online bank account, will share with Seneschal. Quartermaster: Trailer is safe. We still need to clean out the storage locker when we're allowed to do so. Herald: Flame and Swan badge passed. The new badges will go out soon: Award of the Boar's Head, Order of the Mullet, Order of Commander's Castle, Twr Mawr. New Business: Email options: Option 1: stick with iPower. This costs money and keeps us spread across multiple providers. Option 2: Free gmail (every office has their own gmail address, such as This means that we lose the mail address space. Option 3: Paid GSuite Basic. We can keep our name, but it costs money. Option 4: Minimal GSuite Basic with forwards. We can keep our name, but it costs slightly less money. Option 5: Free GSuite for NPF organizations. We can keep our name but it doesn't cost money. General opinion: Option 5. Rachel will sort it all out and keep us updated. Old Business: Border Skirmish: Cancelled. Our deposit will roll to 2021. We were going to build some handwashing stations, for which Sofonisba purchased faucets. She will put those in the trailer. Reimbursement moved, passed, voted, approved. Also paid for the Northwatch ad, and check was refunded. Next year we've asked for the Activity Building as well as the picnic pavilion. We also found out that we would have been sharing the site with a motorcycle swap meet - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, complete with live bands in the grandstand and camping. We've never come up against that before, but we now know it's a possibility. Keep your eyes open for a backup site, just in case. Baronial Champs: September 26? Will put in a reservation at the Legion Hall. Don't need to send a deposit until August. Boar's Head: Need a feast steward. Maybe a team endeavor again? Will discuss. Note, we're going to reserve Washington County Fair Park for Boar's Head for the next five years (six, including 2020). Need to sign the new contracts. Guilds and Groups: Everything on hiatus, with the possible exception of Cooking which might meet virtually.

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