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August 2018


In Attendance: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Sofonisba, Rhys, Asabella, Rachel, Sybillia, Beatrice, Winifred. Remote: Remote: Armond, Ysolt, Annetje, Serena

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness:Armond is out of town. Cost of the Mandt Center later in the meeting. Please submit award recommendations for Baronial Champions. Arnbjorn is the moot steward. Border Skirmish lunch made some additional money which is being donated to the fighter fund. Duchess Sigrid has invited everyone over to her place between 3-9 PM, Saturday August 25.

Seneschal: All of my things are later in the agenda.

Chronicler: Articles due August 27. The history article for the Northwatch is finished and has been sent to former Barons and Baronesses for proofreading and approval. <u>Remember to report! Some offices haven't reported in years.</u> Office is open.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: We have A&S. No one died. Office is open - no applicants yet.

Knights Marshal: Nobody is dead. Had a rapier fighter put on heavy armor last week and start learning to fight heavy. People should come to practice!

Archery: We have been having practice, and it's been lovely. Populace shoots at Pennsic were fabulous. Still having outdoor practice for another three weeks or so. Will be handing off the office soon, and taking over as Eastern Regional Archery Marshal. Will be hosting a regional archery practice on Sunday October 7 at Menomonee Park, probably around 10 AM.

Rapier: No injuries. Q3 reports are done. Looking for deputies or someone to train as a new group marshal. Will sign on for a third year if necessary.

Youth: We've had kids! We need more kids! Bring your kids to practice!

Thrown Weapons: Had a new member of the Barony (Akos) last week; will bring the range to practice on 8/23. Mysie also wants to video throwing axes. Report will be in by Saturday. There will be thrown weapons at Baronial Champs.

Webminister: Looking for photos - A&S, fighting, whatever - to add to the new site. Is building a page for the Regional Practice/Stamping Moot. Might do the Boar's Head website. Will update the calendar.

Chatelaine: We've had a demo request at the Pleasant Prairie Maker Fair on November 3. Do we want to do it? Will post to the CAM list and Facebook. If we do, the application is due October 5. Attendance would be free.

Exchequer: We have money. Need to come up with a standardized form for an event budget. Tatiana will ask other groups what they use, or we can adopt the Kingdom's format.

Quartermaster: Retrieved the thrown weapons targets for Arnbjorn and handed them over. Fee for trailer storage will increase slightly in the future.

Herald: Real life has hit. Might need to step down. We have two Baronial submissions in progress.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish follow-up meeting: The notes were printed in the last Tower. We will still have Border Skirmish going forward. From now on we no longer have a 'lead' and 'secondary' autocrat, we have two co-autocrats who will share responsibilities and duties. Ravenslake will handle the website going forward and CAM will handle the gate and money. Some jobs will be run by co-operative leaders, some by single leaders. (For instance, heavy will always have a Ravenslake marshal and a CAM marshal; A&S classes will be run by one person from either group.) Officers need to be in place by January for a meeting. Rachel volunteers to be Seneschal. Date has not been set yet.

Bylaws Review: Will address at the next meeting. Note, suggested wording re: 'retainer' is vague.

Baronial Champions: Saturday, Sept 22, Armond and Sofonisba's house, from Noon-8 PM. Note, this is a change - it is now on Saturday, not Sunday. (Sunday will be a rain day.) Arnbjorn is moot steward.

Stamping and Stenciling and Regional Fighter's Practice: October 6, heavy and rapier (and maybe youth). Stamping and stenciling indoors, populace space under the outdoor picnic pavilions. Will have a website and Facebook page. Geoffrey is autocrat. Will have materials to try, and people can bring their own. No site fee, no lunch provided, bring your own food and have a potluck dinner. We have a bartender for the evening. Delafield American Legion Hall.

Boar's Head: It's a go. We have staff. It's listed on the Northshield and Midrealm calendars, and we're getting it on the Calontir calendar. Feast stewards will meet on Thursday 8/23 to finalize food. Expect sausage pie, mushroom stew, and other things. Buffet style feast. Nikea and Kateryn have nailed down details about the happenings that day, and will send that info to the webminister. Kateryn has created artwork. There are prizes - lots of pewter. Merchant stuff is ready to go. Need to sort out lunch - will ask other groups, or get caterers. Need to advertise the crap out of it. Will have a Facebook page. Need to pass the new prices.

Various officer positions are open. Apply!

New Business:

Trailer insurance: SCA will insure a registered trailer but not an unregistered one. If we have to have insurance (as per the Kingdom Exchequer), it's cheaper for us to register it and let the SCA pay for it than trying to insure an unregistered trailer ourselves. Will discuss more on the email list.

Crown/Coronation 2019: We need to do one of these four events, because we haven't done one in a long time and we need to step up. We have permission from Jara to use the Mandt Center in Stoughton, which costs $500 per day. (We can do setup on Friday and the event on Saturday.) Tatiana will contact them to see if any of the dates are available. Armond and Sofonisba will do dinner - a repeat of 'Outback Steakhouse'.

Northshield Dance Seminar: Beatrice has suggested it to the student group as a free event in the Spring.

Boar's Head budget change: Pre-reg site fees: Adult $15, Member $10, Youth $5. Door site fees: Adult $20, Member $15, Youth $5. Family cap is $55 ($40 for members). Feast is $15. Merchant is $15. Motion to accept this? Voted, approved.

Archery Group Marshal: Have received a letter of intent from Arnbjorn. Discussion, comments, motion to accept - approved. Voted, approved. Arnbjorn will be the new Archery Group Marshal.

Trim: Is in. Contact Sofonisba to get yours. She will hand in the money as it comes in - so far has collected just over $160. She has a list of who requested it and hasn't picked it up.

Fighter's Practice Observations: Our practice got some bad press not too long ago, and we haven't washed that off yet. Our fighters should do a circuit of other local practices and chat up how good ours is. Also, people should attend - why aren't the authorized fighters attending? If you see or hear negative press, please let Ysolt know.

Guilds and Groups:

Woodworking / C&I Scribal West: 7 PM, the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Students: Prep work for the new year. First meeting is Sept 4. Winifred is in charge. Meetings will be the first and third Wednesday of each month. Hoping to get teachers on the first Wednesday of each month - please contact Winifred if you have something you'd like to teach. Third Wednesday of the month will be prep for events and projects. Meetings are 5-9 PM.

Dance and Clothing: On hiatus. Contact Beatrice if you'd like to meet.


Advertisement: Go to the Harvest Home event if you have any interest at all in food. All the food.

Next meeting: September at UWM, November at Brookfield.

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