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Curia Meeting Notes - June 21, 2022

In virtual attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Randall, Beatriz, Katie, Kale, Arnbjorn, Albrecht, Tatiana, Arthur, Geoffrey, Magnus, Asabella, Sofonisba, Octavian, Rhys.

*Officer Reports:

*Baron/Baroness: Lots of things happening. Edmund and Rosamund of Newenham are moving to Aethelmarc and we will miss them, but we look forward to hearing what new shenanigans they get up to.

*Seneschal: Magnus will talk about the storage unit - we have it. Reports were sent in. At Their Excellencies' request, Randall will ask for a year extension. There WILL be a Curia meeting in July.

*Chatelaine: Not a lot to report about Chatelaine things. Tried to upload some files to the image storage and the link isn't working right. Randy will fix that and then we can upload the files.

*Chronicler: Articles for The Tower due Saturday, June 25. The Tower was nominated for three categories for AS 55 William Blackfox awards - best overall newsletter, best regular feature, best layout and design. Office is open.

*Exchequer: We have money. We have outstanding outgoing checks. We need to pay the new storage locker place - we should probably pay for a year. They take checks and not credit cards.

*Quartermaster: We have to give the storage locker three days notice to get out, so we need to get out before next weekend. We expected to have the contract today but it hasn't arrived yet. We can move in whenever, but we _should_ have the contract first. Randy will call them tomorrow. Let's try moving Saturday; failing that, Monday or Tuesday of next weekend. Randall has a lock he will donate to this effort.

*Herald: No news. Position is open, but Katie will put in for one more year.

*Knights Marshal: Position is open in about six months, and has had three years already. Job is officially open - send in letters of intent.

*Archery Captain: Archery practice continues to be Wednesdays (Kinnickinnic River Parkway and Sundays (Menomonee River Park). We have loaner gear. CAM was well represented at Schutzenfest and Arnbjorn almost won the Crossbow Schuetzenkonig. Lord Elis won the Friday night shoot there, too.

*Thrown Weapons: Every other Thursday night at Redeemer, including this week the 23rd. We have loaner gear.

*Rapier Marshal: Congratulations to August, newest authorized rapier fighter! Practices continue. Princess Sleeve is this weekend.

*Youth Combat: We had a youth combatant last week and will have him again this week, then not again for a few months.

*MOAS: Will ask for updates monthly. There's a lot going on in the areas of armoring, heraldry, woodworking, leatherworking, fiber arts, etc. Read the Tower!

*Signet: If any scribes have any work they would like recognized, please let Kale know. Kale has increased the signet stash for the barony - let her know if you need to partake.

*Social Media Officer: Submitted quarterly report. Office is open - it's largely sending a quarterly report.

*Web Minister: We have a website and it works. Made an event page for Crown and sent it to Rhys and Arnbjorn for review. Make sure people use the correct URL.

Old Business:

*Fall Crown '22: Sent the information to webminster to start putting the website together. Sent contract to Seneschal to sign and mail back. Met with the food services person and should have menu options next week so we can work out the price of feast and add that to the website. Once we have that, will contact the paypal deputy. We are officially on the Kingdom calendar. Looking for a pre-reg and/or gate coordinator. Arthur will volunteer for pre-reg coordinator. (Pre-reg person needs to coordinate with paypal deputy.) Asabella will volunteer to be gate coordinator.

*Turm an dem See: Zip codes sent for Washington co and areas to make contiguous area.

*Demos?: Aug 4, 2022 - National Night Out Family Fun Night with Milwaukee Police Department - District 6 - 2200 W Kinnickinnic River Pkwy, Milwaukee, WI 53215. Wawatosa Night Out: August 3. Greendale Village Days 2022 Thu, Aug 11 (2022), 11 AM – Sat, Aug 13 (2022), 11 PM. Greendale Gazebo - 5798 Broad St, Greendale, WI.

*Scotish Games Demo: September 3, 4 (Labor Day Weekend). Fighting demo and encampment? A&S demonstrations?

*Baronial Champs: September 18, 2022 Sunday. Moved and voted to approve deposit of $90. (Total fee will be $236.)

*Storage Unit: Moving to Space Place - see Quartermaster Report above.

*Boar's Head: Looking at the bid from Beatriz and Rachel and Asabella. They have us already reserved for Dec 3. Site rental would be the same as last year. Worked out most of the numbers except feast. Royalty Room: Deonysia. Asabella: Gate. Arthur: Pre-reg. Deposit would normally have been due by June 4, but we have an extension in place. Need to pay the deposit of $1493.25 - moved, approved. Bid review: Motion to approve the bid and have the event, moved and approved.

*Known World Heralds and Scribes: Beatrice is still trying to get hold of conference services at Marquette.

New Business:

*Baronial Transition: Vote of confidence, passed. Sofonisba will bring this information to Their Majesties and Kingdom Seneschal.

*Baronial Event: June 16-18, 2023 at Camp Sinawa. Sent a deposit. Reviewing a bid from Sofonisba and Tatiana. Randall made some suggestions for tweaks, and nobody has negative opinions to express here.

*List Poles: Would like to borrow six list poles for Thatsa Mare. Moved, approved, voted, passed.

*Ravenslake Demo: Request for help with their Bannockburn Demo: September 11, noon-5, Bannockburn IL. Looking for Heavy and Rapier fighters, Artisans, Merchants are welcome, Musicians and Bards, Dancing, Pageantry - would love to have royals (similar to what was Jubliee Olde English Faire). All demo participants will be fed and watered by the Village of Bannockburn.

Guilds and Groups

*A&S West Group: On hiatus.

*C&I East Group: On hiatus.

*Brewing Guild: On hiatus.

*Cooking Guild: On hiatus.

*Dance Guild: On hiatus.

*Fight Practice: Thursday nights.

*Shop Night: People are arriving on Tuesdays.

*Student Group: On hiatus.

*Woodworking: By appointment.

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