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Curia Notes 2009

January 20, 2009

Baron and Baroness: This weekend is Yule Moot. Kateryn's mom is improving.

Chatelaine: Demo coming up, first weekend in February. Deonysia is in charge. RoseMarian stepping down at Yule Moot, Deonysia stepping up.

Exchequer: Domesday is in. Overall for the year we spent a little more than we earned.

Quartermaster: Stepping down in August. Office is open.

Herald: Has renewed his office for another year. Deputy is Arnbjorn.

Minister of Children: Nobody has returned any surveys. Please do! Information is on the Minister of Children and the CAM Youth pages on the website ( Shark tournament and candle thing at the Yule Moot! We will also be having an in-house rummage sale, probably in late February.

Chronicler: Office is open. Letters of intent due by March Curia. (Stepping down in April.) Anyone can sponsor an issue of the Northwatch for $10. (So far, three people have done so.) If you sponsor it, you get your name in the issue. You can see how the Tower is put together at the Feb 15 gathering at Arnbjorn's house. Tower articles due Sunday, 1/25.

Web Minister: Nothing to report, except that there's an active Web Minister mailing list.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday (Jan 27) is A&S. Adeliz is teaching sari wrapping. It's at the Shorewood library at 6 PM. The following Tuesday is general A&S, same place and time. Valerius is going to teach shoemaking soon. A&S is meeting on the last Tuesday and first Tuesday of each month (so, two weeks on, two weeks off).

Knight's Marshal: We need a practice space. Gwyneth approached the Shorewood schools and is waiting for an answer. Rec Center has three gymnasiums, for $65 per hour. (The church was $25 per hour.) There are two other lodges, at $22 per hour. What about St. Augustine, Saint Sisters of somebody, the big church at the corner of 92 and North? Winter will talk to his roommate about the Klotsche Center at UWM. What about the Buella Brinton Center and Hide House? Maybe we can be sponsored by a student group at a school - we'd be happy to do educational things in exchange for space. We could also donate money to a student group. Remember floor coverings - fighters might want to consider buying rubber mats. And what about Frame Park ($25 per hour)? Let's get that, maybe on a Sunday...

Seneschal: Office is open in August, please apply now.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: End result, made money. Thanks to everyone. Should we stay at that location or move? This place was 24,000 square feet, and we had 488 people. Serb Hall is $3500. Geoffrey thinks we should go for Washington County on December 5, new building.

Storage Locker: Waiting for spring. (Picnic party!)

Border Skirmish: Proposal has been made for Simmons Island Park in Kenosha. Expect to hear more in the next week or two.

New Business:

Curia dates: For now we'll switch between Shorewood and Brookfield.

We're changing the date of Feb Curia to Feb 16 (Monday).

Windhaven Investiture: Investiture is February 14. (Investiture and ToC.) We need a gift basket for Grimmund.


February 17, 2009

Baron & Baroness: Nothing to report.

Chatelaine: Eva is now the Chatelaine. Would we be interested in the USM International Faire on March 10? Probably too late, and not on a weeknight. Also, a Boy Scout troop has asked for help. And Armand's daughter Katie wants to have a medieval-themed 18th birthday party. More information forthcoming.

Herald: Nothing to report, except that there are some submissions that we're waiting to hear back from.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report, but the job is open.

Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

Chronicler: Deadline for Northwatch articles is Sunday, Feb 22. The office is open, and letters of intent are due by March 7.

Webminister: Nothing to report, except that our sitename is renewed.

Knight's Marshal: We have a local fighter's practice. We want to get a .permanent one.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report.

Seneschal: Office is open. Please submit letters of intent by June Curia.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: The site contract is signed. The event is December 5. The theme is "Medieval Faire with a Roman Flair". The site will have a new layout, with the list fields (armored, unarmored, and "play") at the center with everything else around it. ("Everything else" is merchants, A&S displays, Artisans Row, raffle, and an area for performances.) Royalty will be on a raised platform or dais so that they can see everything. Please submit 'roman feast'-themed feast ideas and feast-o-crat applications by April 1. Lunch will be by Turn an dem See - we've requested a "hardy" lunch, a la carte. We need volunteers!

Storage Locker party will be when the weather gets warm. (May?)

Border Skirmish: No response from Marie, but we need to move on it.

Cedarburg Demo: About a dozen people. Much fun was had.

New Business:

Baronial Championships: Will be at the Menomonee Falls Beach House. Arnbjorn is planning to make it a camping event, from September 25-27. More information forthcoming.


March 7, 2009

Happy anniversary, Murdoch and Caitlin!

Baron & Baroness: Alasdair is sick. The bathroom is finished. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and support regarding Baroness Kateryn's mother - she's now healthier, and still getting better. Baron and Baroness will not be at WW this year.

Chatelaine: There's some new interest from various folks. Still getting stuff from the previous officer.

Exchequer: in Antartica. Nothing to report.

Herald: People are working on device and name submissions. Would like to have a banner-making party when the weather gets nice.

Minister of Children: The kids of the Barony are doing things. This summer MoC will have a rummage sale, the proceeds of which will go towards the children's fund. We may combine the rummage sale with fighter's practice. Kids should let her know if they have questions, project requests, project ideas (maybe outdoor cooking?), etc.

Chronicler: Due date for the Tower newsletter is March 22. (This is for the April Tower, which will be the April Fools Edition, so feel free to submit a real report and a humorous one.) The office is open - term expires next month. Be aware that this office only takes about 2-4 hours per month of real work. Also, Chronicler is updating the Baronial Directory.

Web Minister: Email addresses and various pages have been updated.

Minster of Arts and Sciences: The A&S nights continue. This month there are two. MoAS is looking for a deputy.

Knights Marshal: Everyone should fight. Looking for a deputy. We need to continue to look for other fighting spaces, because we only have our current indoor space confirmed through the end of Marquette's semester. Also, KM has some of the loaner armor.

Seneschal: The Senescal is in Ireland. (This meeting was run by Caitlin.) Office is open and looking for new Seneschal.

Old Business:

Storage locker party still on hold until Spring. We'll pick a date next Curia.

Border Skirmish: The event is June 12-14, at Menomonee Park (same place as last year). HRH Northshield received a phone call from HRH Midrealm because he can't make it to the event this year, but he expects to send 75-100 Midrealm fighters to the event this year. Ravenslake is hooking up online prereg. Dahrien will be webminister. Marie is holding an A&S challenge to create the design for the t-shirt and logo for the event - Lindesfarne Strikes Back. There is a meeting on Tuesday, March 10. Will post a list of open staff positions on the CAM list.

Baronial Champions: The event is Sept 25-27, at Menomonee Park. There will be camping at the beachhouse enclosure, as there was ten years ago. It's on the Kingdom calendar and will be in the Northwatch. Waiting to get the event agreement from Seneschal.

Boy Scout Demo: March 29th (Sunday) at St. Gregory at Oklahoma & 60th, beginning sometime between 1 and 2 PM.

Black Fabric: We have 4 bolts. Curia voted to donate 2 bolts towards projects for the King and Queen.

Boar's Head 2009: We have the site secured (Washington County Expo Center). Waiting for the Baron to send the dimensions for the hall. Side note: Baroness will send the event steward handbook to be posted on the website. We still need volunteers for staff positions for the event. Final bids for the feastocrat position are due by April 1, and the feastocrat will be chosen by mid-April.

New Business:

Gaming Demo: March 21-22 at UWM.

Guilds & Groups:

C&I: Please let Mysie know when people are available to meet.

Marquette Group: They would like to do some non-fighting things, perhaps a medieval bookclub. General feeling is that someone should talk to them and find out what they want, and we'll figure out how to make it happen.


April 21, 2009

Baron and Baroness: Spring Court is May 2! Please submit award recommendations!

Exchequer: Time to change banks, because ours wants to charge a fee. Will do research and wrap this up via a phone Curia before the end of the month.

Herald: Lots of things going on in the background. Arnbjorn is the new Deputy Herald.

Minister of Children: Needs to talk to Albrecht about Border Skirmish. (See "Border Skirmish", later on this page.) There will be childrens' activities at May Moot - rhyming contest, candle making, etc. Note from Seneschal: Need to make totally sure that we're set up for having kids on site at events, to avoid potential problems down the line.

Chronicler: This is Arnbjorn's last Tower - the new Chronicler will be Geffroi. Send articles by April 26. Arnbjorn is also making changes to the Baronial Directory - hopes to have it completed by June or July.

Web Minister: Working on the Baronial Resources area of the site. Please send me information about local resources: fabric stores and restaurants have been covered, but we also want brewing and vintning supply stores, embroidery supplies, leatherworking, pottery, glass, etc. Any craft which requires shopping, we'd like to know where to shop for it.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S night next Tuesday (April 28), 6 PM, Shorewood library. Might have a movie for people to watch. There will be an A&S competition at Baronial Championships.

Knights Marshal: We continue to have fighting. Need to have an outdoor place as well - this week's practice will be at Kinnicinnic River Parkway at 6 PM. Note also that we're about to change Kingdom Earl Marshals (from Sir Tristan to Sir Gunther Kegslayer). Check out the new thrusting tip rules.

Seneschal: Office is open. We actually have an applicant, but we can take more than one...

Old Business:

Boar's Head: We need volunteers for Troll and a few other positions (Rapier MIC, Herald, Cleanup Coordinator...). Meetings will start after Border Skirmish.

Storage Locker Party: Monday, June 8, 5 PM - and don't be afraid to arrive late. Actual location forthcoming.

Border Skirmish: The website is up and running. Need more volunteers - see the website for more details. The city expects us to have a window of time for the public to visit. The Northshield Pavilion will be there. We will also have a silent auction for Aesa and Wilhelm to cover their personal expenses. We will also have a children's Capture the Flag event happening. (The kids will split into teams, strategize, design their own flags, and play.) Need adults to wrangle that.

New Business:

Baronial Sunshade: Their Majesties have requested that each Barony make their own sunshade, using a simple pattern that they will provide. More details forthcoming. (Note: Check out Hamilton Dry Goods - - for inexpensive sunforger fabric.)

Taxes: We typically pay taxes at Border Skirmish. We intend to do so again.

Castle Fever: People should go to this event. May 22-25. It's also a ToC.

Highland Games: Sept 5-6 (Labor Day weekend). Should we do it as a demo again?

Spring Court/May Moot: May 2. cooking outdoors! How to put up four different styles of pavilion! Campers round table! Other stuff! Submit award recommendations!


May 19, 2009

Baron and Baroness: Went to Caravan in the Midrealm, and had a great time (though traffic was awful). Neat themed fighting, in which the fighters were divided into 'caravan' and 'bandits', and they had to escort non-combatants (designated as 'mules') from point A to point B. Their Majesties Midrealm have told their western fighters to come to Border Skirmish, so we expect a large turnout. Also, it's the end of the term - more information from Seneschal.

Chatelaine: Moot was good and had new people. The Meet and Greet was also fun and had more new people. Whee!

Exchequer: There was no fee on our April bill from the bank, so maybe we don't have to change banks ... but just in case, he's following up with other banks (Associated and USBank).

Herald: People are interested in taking on the job of Herald, so once the job is announced as open there will be letters of intent to read. Others are helping with names and devices while Albrecht focuses on court heraldry.

Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

chronicler: Articles are due Monday May 25.

Web Minister: Nothing to report.

Knight's Marshal: We've moved to outdoor practice. Lake Park has been beautiful. We'll keep Thursday nights at Kinnickinnic Parkway for now, but keep your eyes open for other parks with archery and space to fight. (We may also get space at UWM.)

Seneschal: Lub Siochail is talking about going with Turn an dem See, but we are still trying to get the Washington Country zip codes. Will send the Baronial Confidence Poll to the CAM list and then to the recipients of the (snail) mailing list. If someone has no internet access and is a paid member, please have them contact Geoffrey. Poll responses should be turned in by the end of June.

There is still wood at the rectory. Contact Murdoch about it if you want some.

Old Business:

Baronial Championships/Menomonee Park: We are still negotiating with the Waukesha County Park Systems. (They've decided that we need to put them on our waiver. Milpitas says no way.) We're waiting for some information from Corporate. So, we need to find another location for Baronial Championships. Please send ideas to the CAM list or directly to Geoffrey.

Boar's Head: Platforms are coming together, but need a way to transport them. (People are offering trailers.) Simon will be the cleanup coordinator. We still need volunteers for Troll.

Storage Locker Cleanup Party: June 8, 5 PM. Location: <a href=",,+Springdale+Rd,+Waukesha,+WI+53186&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.114675,74.707031&ie=UTF8&ll=43.067007,-88.178158&spn=0.054678,0.145912&z=13">A Just Storage: W220N515, Springdale Rd, Waukesha, WI 53186</a>. (JJ and Springdale, across from Sam's Club.)

Border Skirmish: Potluck Saturday feast. Beach house plumbing is being renovated, but should be ready for us. 6 portapotties. No food permit (so we can't sell any). Can have ground fires if we cut the sod and replace it. Need source of firewood. Limited driving on the grass. Archery range will move. The city will set up a wooden barricade (stockade style), which they also set up for the Civil War thing. Alcohol policy: BONE DRY during demo hours, discreetly damp during non-demo hours. Questions: Can we set up pavilion camping separated from modern tents? Where will get ice?

Baronial Sunshade: We still want to do this. We should use poly/cotton cloth, which isn't actually waterproof but can be treated to become so. We want these done by WW. Pictures are available online. We need someone to lead the project. What colors should we use? Do we want to make more than one? (Jara's making 2 and Nordskogen's making 5.)

New Business:

Do we want to do Friday night security at WW again? Yes. Arnbjorn will send around the sign up sheet.

Do we want to do Highland Games on Labor Day weekend? No.

Arnbjorn is almost done with the 2009 Directories. He will send email about it - please let him know if you need to update your contact information or award information. The price will increase to $2.00 per directory.

Coronets: We have the leather ones and the fluffy ones, but don't have nice shiny ones. Valerius is currently designing some, which will probably be done by Boar's Head.


June 16, 2009

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Hi! Don't forget to give us award recommendations.

Chatelaine: We had one person contact us through the normal channels, and lots of non-SCA people came through the gate at Border Skirmish (55-60). Security also handed out info to the public at the event. Also, Adelicia is the new Deputy Chatelaine.

Herald: See the Tower.

Minister of Children: Of the 44 kids at Border Skirmish, 22 played Capture the Queen. Leiflette and Sascha won. Jasmine (a young lady in the group) is putting together a creative writing/arts website/discussion forum specifically for kids (though adults can play too).

Chronicler: Reports are due Tuesday 6/23. The theme for this issue is SCA Networking (for instance, Legio Draconis, Armour Archives, etc.) Also, please submit photos so that he has some to use.

Exchequer: We got a letter from the bank that they'll start charging us on July 1, so we'll switch accounts at the end of June.

Web: See the Tower.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&amp;S night next Tuesday. Might be movie night - theme to be announced. MoAS reports is due, so please send her lists of projects. There will be an A&amp;S Tournament at Baronial Championships: Three projects, of which one must be in an art or science you've never done before. The theme is stars and/or towers. No more than 5-6 pages of documentation for the entire project. No performances because there's no space for it.

Knight's Marshal: KM report is due. We're still practicing Thursdays and Sundays. We beat the Midrealm in everything except for one engagement. We had a significant numerical advantage, and also had lots of fun.

Seneschal: Event report was turned in. Kaitlin will be the new Seneschal - changeover will be at Baronial Championships.

Old Business:

Storage Locker Clean-up: Things got thrown out, things got reclaimed, things got removed and repurposed. Things which were in the inventory lists were recorded as disposed of.

Baronial Poll: So far, roughly half of the Barony has responded. Geoffery will continue to gather votes.

Boars Head: Planning meeting will be June 26 at 7 PM - IHOP at 43rd and National off 41st. The exact address is 110 Miller Parkway. Lots of volunteers!

Border Skirmish: Thanks from the autocrat. People liked the site. We raised over $600 for Alice. You can send comments to Albrecht and Marie, but especially send them to RLEventSteward ~A~T~ gmail ~D~O~T~ com. Some specific comments: Those weren't mosquitos. It wasn't well-publicized in Kenosha. It was a requirement from the city that we have 'open to the public' hours. Maybe we should have a guided tour - make the public entrance near the battlefield so people have something to watch, and schedule tours to leave every twenty minutes.) Need better signage. Need more (or better marked) parking.

Baronial Sunshade: Deonysia is in charge, and plans to have it done by July 1. White, blue and green, and made out of trigger. Waiting to hear back from Corin and Fancy about using their big sewing machine. Waiting to hear back from Danr about stakes (or maybe we can make our own). Need rope.

WW Friday Night Security: Arnbjorn is in charge, and he will send out another request for people to work. We can still use people for all shifts.

Menomonee Falls Park: We haven't heard anything new from them. Don't plan to go back there ever again.

Baronial Directory: Directories are printed and available from Arnbjorn for $2 each.

New Business:

Border Skirmish 2010: Proposed date is June 11-13.

Ravenslake would like to invite everyone to an event soon, and will send people to our Baronial Championships.



Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Border Skirmish earned us some money, which is good. There are still comments coming in, but overall people liked the event and the site. This is also the anniversary of CAM as a group. Valerius is working on new coronets, which look spiff. Please send in award recommendations!

Seneschal: The Baron and Baroness Poll is complete - the results were overwhelmingly positive and Kateryn and Alasdair will remain Baron and Baroness. Side note: When the bylaws come up for review in September and October we should clean up the language of how the transition process works. Everything else is fine. Term ending soon...

Chatelaine: New people are still turning up. Yay!

Exchequer: We have money. We're in the process of transitioning into the new bank, and we need some signatures. Exchequer report is due at the end of the month.

Quartermaster: Position is open. Apply! Thank you to everyone who helped clean the locker - it looks great.

Herald: Deputy has been helpful. People are working on names. Term ends in December (Yule Moot), and there is an applicant for the position.

Minister of Children: An activity is planned for the Legends Moot.

Chronicler: Still some directories left! See Arnbjorn! Experimenting with Scribus for the next Tower. Articles are due by July 26. Officers, if you're not submitting an article this month please email to let him know that you're not submitting one. And thank you for the AoA.

WebMinister: New deputy (Simon)! Please let me know if you're not receiving email.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Three Stars Challenge is coming. Thank you to everyone who helped on the shade fly, which is going to Pennsic. There's no A&amp;S night next week (7/28). Report got in on time. A&amp;S Challenge for Boar's Head: Italy through all of period.

Knights Marshal: Still fighting. Adeliz is authorized. Term ends at the end of September.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: August 16: Building Party/Planning Party/Fighter's Practice/A&amp;S/Potluck at Nikea's house, August 16 at noon. (Building pillars, in case you wondered.) We'll probably use the risers from the site as the throne dais instead of building/transporting our own. We will do Toys For Tots again, and the Young Marines will probably be on hand to receive them. Merchants are registering. Still waiting to hear what the menu will be. We need volunteers for setup and takedown. Kids Activity at Boar's Head: Queen's Spy.

Baronial Sunshade: Complete! And, within the cost allocated to it. Look at it sometime, because we want to use it for demos, camping events, and so on. We want to see it get used. We will store it in the storage locker.

Baronial Champions: Rock River Park, September 26, clubhouse building. Feast is likely - Barony will probably do the main dish, and everyone can bring side dishes. $3 donation recommended (per person) - $1 per decade. Need to get information to website, Northwatch, etc.

New Business

Border Skirmish 2010: June 11-13. Need autocrat, etc. Also need to contact Stallari about holding event second weekend of the month.

Officer Badges: Some are missing, some are damaged. Albrecht has volunteered to remake them. Barony will reimburse him. If you're an officer and you need one, let him know.

Bay View Bash: Sept 17-18. Need more information.

Legends Moot/Mama Kat Tourney: Aug 22, Noon, Alice's house. Court if needed. Potluck feast: Bring your legendary recipes. Kids activities, African dance class (bring your drums), B&V tasting.

C&I: On hiatus. Heralds and Scribes event has been combined with SUN.

Marquette Student Group: Some of the students will be at Pennsic.


August 18, 2009

Opening Comments: Pennsic was fun.

Baron & Baroness: Pennsic was fun. Jara and Castel Rouge Baronial changeovers are coming soon. If you have largesse - trinkets, necklaces, unscented candles, beeswax, honey, whatever - which you wish to donate, please give them to Kateryn. The Legends Moot is this weekend, and there will not be court. There will be court at Baronial Champions, and we need award recommendations. If you don't know what award to recommend a person for, just tell the Baron and Baroness what thing you saw the person doing and they'll figure it out from there.

Chatelaine: Nothing new.

Exchequer: There are still some accounts left at the old bank, but they will be closed out soon. Otherwise, we're at the new bank.

Herald: Handing off the office at Yule Moot.

Minister of Children: Nothing new.

Chronicler: Thanks for input re: layout of the Tower. Still learning and playing with the software, but I've mostly settled. The deadline for the next Tower is Sunday, August 23.

Webminister: Nothing new.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: The time to step down is approaching soon, and someone is interested. The sunshade made it to Pennsic and was set up.

Knights Marshal: Still fighting at KK Park on Thursdays. People tried a new Sunday location (Riverside Park, Oakland and Newberry) while he was at Pennsic, and they liked it. Someone needs to talk to Marquette about winter indoor practice space, unless U of M can provide one...

Seneschal: Still waiting to hear if we can possess the Washington County Expo zip code.

Old Business

Boar's Head: Met over the weekend. Built the platform. Have ideas for pillars. We have a feast menu and most of a lunch menu. We will be getting a truck. The Baronial Tournament (fighting) will be at 10 AM. (Can we get the list board from Gunther?) Fighters should bring their own heraldry. Don't forget to pre-reg! Toshi wants to build list poles - please donate one gallon paint cans to him. (You can use cat litter to dry the paint faster.) The Curia approved his request to spend money to build said list poles.

Baronial Champs: Links are up and working. Expect 150 people; plan to feed 100. Tig has a "different" tournament in mind for the fighting.

Border Skirmish: Still no autocrat. Planning to have Simmons Island Park again. Deonysia will be running the "demo"/guided tour portion of the event, and will coordinate a period encampment, A&amp;S Artisans Row, and other things to show the tours.

Baronial Badges: Arnbjorn is still working on these.

Brewing and Vintning Guild: Will be having a tasting this weekend at the Legends Moot.

Legends Moot: This weekend! Bring trinkets to play bones, but no money! Does anyone have a shaved ice machine?

C&I: Will be starting again. Want to make scroll blanks and a Baronial model book. These will be at Marquette.

New Business

Midrealm 40th Anniversary is in October, and other historical things are happening. To that end, Arnbjorn would like some money to build tri-fold exhibits of photos and other historical records. Approved.

Bayview Bash: September 19, we will have an hour of demo time on the stage. So, we need people to do an hour of stuff.

Bylaws: We will have a separate meeting to discuss bylaws in October. They will be printed in the Tower. (They are already on the website.)


September 15, 2009

Officers Reports:

Baron & Baroness: Happy 30th Anniversary to everyone - 30 years ago today (Sept 15) the first Baron and Baroness were invested and the Barony was born. We will be attending CeCil's Siege this weekend. Today is Geoffrey's last Curia. Please send in award recommendations, both for Baronial awards and for Kingdom awards. (Their Majesties and Their Excellencies will be holding Court at the 30th Anniversary/Baronial Champions Moot next weekend.) Please also consider bringing contents for gift baskets for Their Majesties.

Chatelaine: There are some new people - please keep an eye out for folks you don't recognize and greet them.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report, except that Murdoch and Caitlin will store the Baronial Carport for the winter.

Herald: A few devices are in process. The office is open, and Letters of Intent are due by next Curia.

Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

Webminister: There is a new Kingdom Webminister.

Knights Marshal: We have 3 practices: Monday at Marquette, Thursday at Kinnickinnic, and Sunday at Lake Park. The new potential Knights Marshal has plans for new practice formats...

Archery: We have moved to West Town Archery until next May.

Seneschal: The office will turn over at Baronial Championships. The Seneschal report has been turned in. The Seneschal boxes should probably be stored electronically.

Exchequer; The old bank account is finally closed. We have all the signatures we need for the new bank account.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: We have so many things happening that we're running out of space to put them all. Otherwise, everything's fine. Next meeting will be in October. The Young Marines will be present again - they will help with setup and takedown, and will also collect the toys during Court (with Their Majesties permission). The theme for the fighting includes gambling of some sort - Leif is having coins made for this purpose. We have the site for the entire day before the event to set things up (7 AM - 10 PM, but please let the autocrats know when you'll be there). We might allow merchants to set up the night before. All of the merchant spaces have been filled. There will also be a bones tournament of some sort. And please look at the menu for feast and lunch.

Baronial Champions: Rock River Park, next Saturday (9/26), in Fort Atkinson. Non-members and kids will still have to sign the waivers, though there is no site fee. (Though we are accepting donations.) We need at least one Baronial grill. Does anyone know if there's a microwave on site? People need to bring things other than just desserts, but we need desserts too. (Not just 'meats and sweets'.) The Baronial sunshade will make an appearance. There will also be a youth champion for the Barony, to be chosen through pan-athenic games.

Border Skirmish: Still need an autocrat.

Baronial Badges: Albrecht is still working on this.

Midrealm 40th Anniversary and CAM History display: This will be complete in time for the Champions moot next weekend. If you have photos from the last 30 years of Baronial history, please send them to Arnbjorn. Does anyone have a photo of Rissa, the first Baroness? Also, please send historical recipes to Sir Fern (or to Rose Marian, who will get them to Fern).

New Business:

Bylaws meeting: October 6. Maybe at the Shorewood Library.

Planning meeting: November 10, at Marquette.

Yule Court: December 12. Gwyneth is the autocrat.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewers and Vintners: Had fun at the moot, and will do more tastings soon.

C&I: Nothing to report yet.

Marquette Medieval Society: They would really like to get things moving again, and hope to send representatives to our events and meetings but they're still getting their feet back under them. They would also like to host some sort of Collegium again.


October 20, 2009

Officers Reports:

Baron and Baroness: We had the 30th Anniversary Moot, and it was wonderful. Everybody was there. The site was great - we couldn't hear any traffic noise or general hubbub from the pool or the football games. Arnbjorn and his staff did a great job.

Exchequer: We have money. Boars Head prereg is about as high as usual. We will make a donation to the Kingdom at Boars Head. If you submit a receipt, please put the amount of the receipt at the top to make it easier to read.

Chatelaine: We had a lot of people at Lake Park on Sunday, which drew more people. Bayview Bash also drew lots of people.

Herald: Nothing to report. Office changeover at Yule Moot.

Minister of Children: Nikea's kids went to Griffin's Needle and did great things - one spent time entertaining the Queen and the other made a name for himself ironing. Next year they will put together a team of teenage boys ("The Beasts") to compete. We may have some new youths joining us - the National Honor Society at Ronald Reagan High are interested in putting in volunteer hours at Boars Head and possibly Yule Court. Also, Nikea is planning something for WW (chariot races?). What happened to the demos we used to do at local high schools?

Webminister: We have a website. If you have problems or questions, please contact webminister.

Chronicler: Deadline for articles is Sunday, October 25. He will distribute new permissions/right to publish forms.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&amp;S on alternate Tuesdays at Shorewood Library.

Knights Marshal: Sunday fight practices still going on, while the weather holds. Marquette on Mondays. Looking for a new knights marshal. Will request letters of intent in the new Tower.

Seneschal: Doing paperwork.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Walkthrough and Planning Meeting at site on Saturday October 24 at 2 PM. Expect to have 8 royals on the dais. Court will be before feast. We will have a cookie caper this year. We will also have a 'casbah', with turkish coffee. There will be a bones tournament, so bring your bones. Autocrats will make arrangements to get things out of the storage locker on Thursday night so that they can be on site Friday morning at 7 AM.

Yule Court: Saturday, December 12, St. Ed's.

Border Skirmish: We need an autocrat, and we need one soon. Volunteer!

Officers Badges: Chronicler's badge is nearly done.

Bylaws: The changes to the bylaws were read into the meeting and accepted.

New Business:

Coronation Bid: Since three out of four royals would not have to travel far, we ought to put in a bid for Coronation. Isabella has volunteered to do the legwork - she will be the event steward, find a site, put together a staff, etc. She's already talked to a possible feast steward. Coronation would be April 10. With Border Skirmish in early June, can we do this? Curia voted yes, we will do this.

Trailer: What about a trailer instead of a storage locker? Discuss. (Do we have to license it? What about insurance? How big does it need to be? We

need to have big trucks to haul a big trailer. The storage locker is ~$800 per year. How many years will a trailer last? And does that make sense financially? (How much does a trailer cost?) Where do we park it? If the huge trailer isn't a good option, what about a small one for hauling things?)

Guilds and Groups:

C&I: Genvieve is taking over C&I.

MMS: Full moon party was fun. They'll have another one in November. They'd also like to do games night once per month, on a Thursday.

Don't forget: Planning Meeting is November 10 at Marquette.


Baronial Planning Meeting

Dec 2009

5 Boar's Head

12 Yule Court

15 Curia - Shorewood

Jan 2010

Too many events so no special items for CAM this month

19 Curia - Brookfield

Feb 2010

7 Regional Fighter Practice, need a steward, tentative location: Frame Park

16 Curia - Shorwood - At this Curia - Boars Head Bids are due to us to be voted on

Too many events so no special moots

Mar 2010

16 Curia - Brookfield

Gulf Wars is this month

27 - Moot - Steward gets to suggest theme & location (we need all 3)

April 2010

10 Spring Coronation

20 Curia - Shorewood

Since we might be doing Coronation - no moot is scheduled

May 2010

1 May Day Moot & Spring Court, Steward: Arnbjorn, tentative location: Rock River Park

18 Curia - Brookfield

June 2010

12 Border Skirmish

22 Curia - Shorwood - at this Curia - we will Discuss the Changeling Moot and the BH precook Moot ideas

July 2010

20 Curia - Brookfield

Aug 2010

17 Curia - Shorwood

21 Day of Legends Moot, Steward: Rose Marian, Location: TBA

Sep 2010

18 Cecil Siege - possible Group Trip - chartering a bus and all go together

21 Curia - Brookfield

25 Baronial Championships, Steward: TBA, tentative location: Rock River Park

Oct 2010

16 Possible Youth Event - voting on at Nov 09 Curia

19 Curia - Shorwood

30 Changeling Moot possibly

Nov 2010

9 Planning Meeting for 2011

16 Curia - Brookfield

27 Possible Pre-cook for Boar's Head

Dec 2010

4 Boars Head

11 Yule Court Moot, Steward & Location: TBA

14 Curia - Shorewood - this moved up to the 2nd Tuesday because the 3rd Tuesday is too close to Christmas.

Possible moots to be reviewed in June: 10/30/10- Changeling Moot, 11/27/10- Boar's Head Pre Cook & Dance Moot


November 17, 2009

Officers Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Submit award recommendations for Boar's Head and Yule Moot! We need to collect items for royalty baskets for Boar's Head (there are seven Royals coming - King, Queen, Prince, and Princess Northshield, King, Queen, Prince Midrealm). Alice is embroidering napkins. Donate stuff! Also, the planning meeting has happened. More planning will happen in June.

Chatelaine: The Marquette group would really like a demo to drum up interest on their campus. We should look for a demo coordinator...

Exchequer: Give me receipts for Boar's Head in advance, if you can. Deadline will be Yule Moot. We have no outstanding debts. Officially looking for a replacement - stepping down in March/April. We need to pay taxes at Boar's Head - will do the usual ($250, half to travel fund, half to general fund).

Quartermaster: If you need anything out of the storage locker for Boar's Head, let me know by November 20th (Friday). I'll go this weekend to pull everything we need off the shelves and put it all in a pile so that the Boar's Head autocrats can load the truck faster.

Herald: Still herald. Today is the deadline for letters of intent - and the new Herald will be Arnbjorn, as of Yule Court.

Minister of Children: We'll have stuff for Yule Court. Local kids aren't doing anything special right now.

Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions will be December 8, to include Boar's Head stuff.

Web Minister: Will post the Yule Court stuff with the Curia notes, and try to post the new Resources information this weekend.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing new.

Knights Marshal: The office is officially open. Only one person has expressed interest, but has not yet put in a letter. We still have practices at Marquette, but the weather is getting cold for Lake Park.

Archery Marshal: No archery practice November 23rd because of hunting season.

Seneschal: Out sick. Thanks to Gwyneth for filling in!

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Website continues to be updated. Scheduling has shifted slightly to add a 10 AM morning court, which moves afternoon court to 4:30 and feast to 6:30. Bar opens at 11. All tournaments will immediately follow morning court. Send Nikea stuff for the booklet. There won't be a dais, but will be a raised platform for the royalty. The autocrats have a plan to get stuff in place early. Re: the Cookie Caper, we may have Princess Bride cookies. Bring containers! There will be a notice stating that no care will be taken to keep the cookies separated (that is, people who are allergic to nuts should avoid the cookies). We have filled all of the merchant slots and have an overflow list. People can get in to site to set up between 7:30 AM and 10 PM.

Border Skirmish: Today was the deadline for bids. An announcement will occur soon.

Officer Badges: Two of them are complete.

Yule Court: See the website at Info went out to the email list. It's the weekend after Boar's Head, at St. Ed's, and setup is at 3:30. There will be a potluck feast and things to do.

Coronation Bid: Waiting for Mistress Isabella to complete the bid and submit it.

New Business:

Youth Event: Looking at the Bay-Lakes Council Boy Scout camp "Kohler Castle" (and possibly the Gunderson Viking Baten) as a location for a youth event October 15-17, 2010. Can rent just the castle or also the viking ship. Can also camp on the grounds. CAM voted and approved the event. Site information at:

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Bring stuff to Yule Moot for drinking and tasting.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Will begin again right after Boar's Head.

Marquette group: Fighting site moving to the Annex for next semester. Practice will be Thursdays from January through March, then Mondays in April and May.

Cooking: Maybe November 29. Definitely January 17.


December 15, 2009

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Thank you to Gwyneth, who was the steward at Yule Court, and for all the people who made it so much fun. Had a great time. Boar's Head was also great, and thank you to everyone for that. Send in award recommendations to the Baron and Baroness, as well as to Their Majesties.

Chatelaine: There are new people (Emily and Casey) at Curia! Some of the gold key garb (the loaner garb) is not fit to be worn. In keeping with the office's mandates, it will be maintained accordingly. The chatelaine will also go through all of the available loaner garb and inventory it, including photos, in part so that people know what we have, but also so that people know what we don't have. (For instance, we have some women's garb which requires an underskirt, but no underskirt.) For these photos, she would like people to model the garb. (Perhaps we can have a Baronial loaner garb fashion show.) And, as you go through your old garb, please consider donating it to the Barony. We should also have an A&amp;S day focused on making garb.

Exchequer: Working through the numbers on Boar's Head. It looks like we made money. Will be stepping down in March or April, so LOI are due.

Herald: Going through the library. We need name source books. He will put together a list of books to look for, which we can put on the website. We also need the Baronial OP (the website version is broken), to post on the web by the summer.

Chronicler: Waited to run the Tower until after Boar's Head, but didn't get enough articles. Will cancel the December issue and run January instead. Articles are due by December 20.

Web Minister: The 2010 calendar is posted. Will remove C&I from the schedule page until the times are established. The new resources are posted in a hidden location. Will fix the OP/address book when he has a few free days.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Letters of Intent are due - the office officially ended in November, so she's on extended time. Please tell her what projects people have been working on since July 15 for her Domesday report. She hopes to still have A&amp;S nights once a month at the library.

Knights Marshal: Valerius was approved as the new Knights Marshal.

Seneschal: Please make sure you turn in copies of Domesday reports to Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness. Will call Washington Country Fairgrounds about Boar's Head 2010 contract.

Old Business:

Boar's Head report: 545 people were at Boar's Head. Exchequer is working through the financial numbers - the different prices for different registration times for different people has made it complicated, but not impossible. Next year Jean would like to run troll to try to minimize potential accounting snafus. We also should establish the rates as early as possible. Overall, the event was a great success - longer report next time. (The autocrats were not at Curia due to illness.) The autocrats still have the Lost and Found, and will re-post after the holidays.

Border Skirmish: Deonysia and Sigrid are the autocrats. There will be a meeting in January, possible at Tree Girt Sea 12th Night on Jan 16.

Youth Event: We have until June to turn in the reservations. Nikea will collect numbers to find out if it's feasible to rent both the castle and the viking ship, and will cancel the ship if numbers are not high enough. The event will be October 15-17. She has approval from Turn An Dem See to use their lands.

Officer Badges: Two are complete.

Trailer: What if we get a trailer and park it in the storage locker? A three-day rental of a truck or trailer (to haul things for Boar's Head or Border Skirmish) costs money, but the money is currently budgeted for in the event funds. As long as the driver of the vehicle hauling the trailer is a paid member of the SCA, they are covered under Corporate insurance. The size of trailer we will need may require license plates - in whose name would they be registered? Do we need a trailer for everything in the storage locker, or just for everything we need for Boar's Head? More investigation required.

Coronation Bid: We don't have answers yet from Isabella. Kaitlin will try to get a deadline from David de Bohun about when the bid is due, Geoffroi will investigate the use of the Scottish Rite Mason Hall on Van Buren, and Kateryn will investigate the use of Frane Park in Waukesha.

New Business:

September Trip to Cecil's Siege: Dahrien will look into getting a bus for the trip.

Boar's Head 2010: Bids are due 2/16/10. Feast and event bids can be combined or separate.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewers: There was a tasting at the Yule Moot. Jean's stout was great.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Starting up again.

Marquette: They would like to hold a colligeum in April, with classes during the day and a ball in the evening. Perhaps it can be combined with the March Moot?

Cooking Group: Will meet again January 17 at Countess Gwyneth's house. The theme is almonds - everyone bring your favorite almond dish. There will be prizes for the best period almond dish!

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