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Curia Notes 2009

January 20, 2009

Baron and Baroness: This weekend is Yule Moot. Kateryn's mom is improving.

Chatelaine: Demo coming up, first weekend in February. Deonysia is in charge. RoseMarian stepping down at Yule Moot, Deonysia stepping up.

Exchequer: Domesday is in. Overall for the year we spent a little more than we earned.

Quartermaster: Stepping down in August. Office is open.

Herald: Has renewed his office for another year. Deputy is Arnbjorn.

Minister of Children: Nobody has returned any surveys. Please do! Information is on the Minister of Children and the CAM Youth pages on the website ( Shark tournament and candle thing at the Yule Moot! We will also be having an in-house rummage sale, probably in late February.

Chronicler: Office is open. Letters of intent due by March Curia. (Stepping down in April.) Anyone can sponsor an issue of the Northwatch for $10. (So far, three people have done so.) If you sponsor it, you get your name in the issue. You can see how the Tower is put together at the Feb 15 gathering at Arnbjorn's house. Tower articles due Sunday, 1/25.

Web Minister: Nothing to report, except that there's an active Web Minister mailing list.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday (Jan 27) is A&S. Adeliz is teaching sari wrapping. It's at the Shorewood library at 6 PM. The following Tuesday is general A&S, same place and time. Valerius is going to teach shoemaking soon. A&S is meeting on the last Tuesday and first Tuesday of each month (so, two weeks on, two weeks off).

Knight's Marshal: We need a practice space. Gwyneth approached the Shorewood schools and is waiting for an answer. Rec Center has three gymnasiums, for $65 per hour. (The church was $25 per hour.) There are two other lodges, at $22 per hour. What about St. Augustine, Saint Sisters of somebody, the big church at the corner of 92 and North? Winter will talk to his roommate about the Klotsche Center at UWM. What about the Buella Brinton Center and Hide House? Maybe we can be sponsored by a student group at a school - we'd be happy to do educational things in exchange for space. We could also donate money to a student group. Remember floor coverings - fighters might want to consider buying rubber mats. And what about Frame Park ($25 per hour)? Let's get that, maybe on a Sunday...

Seneschal: Office is open in August, please apply now.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: End result, made money. Thanks to everyone. Should we stay at that location or move? This place was 24,000 square feet, and we had 488 people. Serb Hall is $3500. Geoffrey thinks we should go for Washington County on December 5, new building.

Storage Locker: Waiting for spring. (Picnic party!)

Border Skirmish: Proposal has been made for Simmons Island Park in Kenosha. Expect to hear more in the next week or two.

New Business:

Curia dates: For now we'll switch between Shorewood and Brookfield.

We're changing the date of Feb Curia to Feb 16 (Monday).

Windhaven Investiture: Investiture is February 14. (Investiture and ToC.) We need a gift basket for Grimmund.


February 17, 2009

Baron & Baroness: Nothing to report.

Chatelaine: Eva is now the Chatelaine. Would we be interested in the USM International Faire on March 10? Probably too late, and not on a weeknight. Also, a Boy Scout troop has asked for help. And Armand's daughter Katie wants to have a medieval-themed 18th birthday party. More information forthcoming.

Herald: Nothing to report, except that there are some submissions that we're waiting to hear back from.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report, but the job is open.

Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

Chronicler: Deadline for Northwatch articles is Sunday, Feb 22. The office is open, and letters of intent are due by March 7.

Webminister: Nothing to report, except that our sitename is renewed.

Knight's Marshal: We have a local fighter's practice. We want to get a .permanent one.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing to report.

Seneschal: Office is open. Please submit letters of intent by June Curia.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: The site contract is signed. The event is December 5. The theme is "Medieval Faire with a Roman Flair". The site will have a new layout, with the list fields (armored, unarmored, and "play") at the center with everything else around it. ("Everything else" is merchants, A&S displays, Artisans Row, raffle, and an area for performances.) Royalty will be on a raised platform or dais so that they can see everything. Please submit 'roman feast'-themed feast ideas and feast-o-crat applications by April 1. Lunch will be by Turn an dem See - we've requested a "hardy" lunch, a la carte. We need volunteers!

Storage Locker party will be when the weather gets warm. (May?)

Border Skirmish: No response from Marie, but we need to move on it.

Cedarburg Demo: About a dozen people. Much fun was had.

New Business:

Baronial Championships: Will be at the Menomonee Falls Beach House. Arnbjorn is planning to make it a camping event, from September 25-27. More information forthcoming.


March 7, 2009

Happy anniversary, Murdoch and Caitlin!

Baron & Baroness: Alasdair is sick. The bathroom is finished. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and support regarding Baroness Kateryn's mother - she's now healthier, and still getting better. Baron and Baroness will