Curia Notes 2010

January 19, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Kateryn is home sick. She will not be at Flesh Wound,

though Alasdair will. Next court will be May Day (May 1).

Chatelaine: Read the Tower. Need another night of photographing garb,

possibly overlapping with an A&S night, and will need models. She will

also publish what she needs when she has a list compiled. We should expect

this to be a slow process.

Exchequer: Has copies of the event report from Boar's Head, as well as the

end of year report. Our net worth has increased. We have balanced our

books. Don't forget to pick up forms (or fill out forms) for the Pick and

Save "We Care" program, which donates money to us every time someone in

our group shops.

Herald: Has inventoried the heraldic library, and a copy of the inventory

will be in the Tower and on the website. Hopes to get the OP completed by

Border Skirmish.

Minister of Children: Read the Tower. We've been contacted by Meadowbrook

Elementary School (in Waukesha) to do a demo on May 7, for 40 minutes,

between noon and 3 PM. They were hoping we would do heavy weapons. (Target

audience is 4th-6th graders.) She saw us at the Highland Games.

Web: Nothing.

Chronicler: Reports due by Sunday, Jan 24.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Deonysia is stepping down, Genvieve is

stepping up. Next meeting is February 9 at Alasdair and Kateryn's - there

will be a guest speaker to discuss documentation.

Knights Marshal: Fighters practices moving to Thursdays at the Annex. Will

keep the calendar on CAM-Heavy up to date. (Contact Valerius or Abelard to

be added.)

Seneschal: See New Business.

New Business:

Event Submission Forms: Caitlin has created a sample bid packet and is

collecting feedback. Once it's more or less compiled, she'll provide it to

the web minister to post on the website. This form is not required, but is

heavily recommended for larger events (not moots). It includes a worksheet

which ties closely to the 'end of event report' which the Exchequer must

turn in, and should help autocrats figure out pricing and other details

for an event.

Exchequer Duty Additions: Caitlin suggested a policy change, which would

make the Exchequer the pre-registration coordinator for future events.

After discussion, we decided that the pre-reg coordinator, the merchant

coordinator, and the Exchequer will work closely for future events - they

must communicate weekly to make sure that checks are deposited in a timely

manner and pre-registration goes more smoothly. The Exchequer can also

pre-address and stamp envelopes for this purpose. The Exchequer will also

write up a 'how to handle pre-reg' document (outline due by February

Curia, to be complete by March Curia).

Other suggestions which arose from this conversation: The group will put

together information packets about how to run each area of an event -

autocrat, troll, pre-reg, marshal in charge, feastocrat, etc - so that

future 'crats will have information at their fingertips. This information

will expand the Event Steward Handbook and will live on the website.

Please get this information to Alasdair.

March Moot: Deonysia is in charge. The Marquette group has requested a

Collegium on March 27. Garb will be optional (don't want to scare people

away, but want to draw people who will be drawn by the garb). Event will

be free, accepting donations. Open call for teachers - no time limit on

classes. Event may include a white-glove walkthrough of the Haggerty Museum's collection of Medieval Manuscripts, and also might include a ball

of some sort at the Haggerty. This will not be on the Northshield


Old Business:

Coronation: Menu is just about set. There is a meeting on Sunday, Jan 24.

Border Skirmish: We are responsible for site this year. There was a

meeting at TGS 12th Night. There will be some changes in site layout this

year - merchants which were previously at the bottom of the hill will be

at the top of the hill, among other things. There will be more formal

tours this year, with actual tour guides and pre-determined routes

beginning at Chatelaine Point. There will be Artisans Row added to the

Merchant area. The general public will not be amongst the private camping

areas. Recommend that people erect sheet walls to delineate edges of their


Regional Fighter's Practice: We are reserving the Activity Room in Frame

Park in Waukesha for regional fighter's practice on Sunday, February 7

from 1-6 PM.

Baronial Bus to Cecil's Siege: This event may not happen. More information

coming later.

Youth Event in October: Nikea visited the site and took lots of pictures.

It's very cool. Most of the activities will be outdoors, with camping

indoors (in the castle and viking ship). We can fly banners from the ship.

The castle has a moat and working drawbridge. Sleeping/camping space will

be available by pre-registration only, because they must be assigned in

advance. There is space for 95 people to sleep indoors; attendance will be

capped somewhere between 15-200 people (including people day-tripping the

event). We have until June 1 to get in the deposit. If we can't get enough

people by April Curia to justify both the castle and the ship we will drop

one or the other.

Guilds and Groups:

Cooking Group: Next meeting is February 28 at Typhaine's.


February 16, 2010

Officer Reports

B&B: We received thank-you letters from His Highness Midrealm Radagaisus, Her Excellency Castel Rouge Isobel, and Their Excellencies Nordskogen Saraidh and Ilya. 12th Night Nordskogen was fun.

Chatelaine: Still cataloging. Can I buy some bins with lids? (Answer: Yes, you have a budget of $50.)

Demo Coordinator (new office): Adelicia is our new Demo Coordinator, a position we used to have which has gone unfilled for a long time. This office is a deputy of the Chatelaine.

Exchequer: We have money. Jean is stepping down next month and Magnus is stepping up. The Troll Manual is in basic form, and the Exchequer Manual is on its way. Incidentally, the refund policy is a guiding principle and not a bylaw.

Quartermaster: Dahrien will be the new Quartermaster.

Herald: The heraldic library is catalogued in last month's Tower and on the website.

Minister of Children: Looking for a deputy.

Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due by Sunday, Feb 21.

Web Minister: Office is open in April. Please submit letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Web Minister.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday (Feb 23) there will be a Calligraphy and Illumination/Arts and Sciences gathering at Alasdair and Kateryn's house, in which we will discuss documentation.

Knight's Marshal: Weekly practice (every other week or so) at Marquette. Check the CAM and CAM-Heavy email lists. We are looking into another potential space for practices as well.

Seneschal: We've sent the money to reserve the space for Boar's Head.

New Business:

Boar's Head: Arnbjorn will be the event steward. The theme is Boar's Head: The Thistle on the Moors - a Scottish Boar's Head.

Banners: We should replace the Midrealm banners with Northshield banners. Perhaps use the swaths of black fabric we still have in the storage locker?

March Curia: March 23 instead of March 16th, so as not to conflict with Gulf Wars.

Future Moots: We need to plan the October 30th potential moot and the Boar's Head Pre-cook Moot.

Old Business:

Regional Fighter's Practice: We have a regional fighter's practice scheduled for Sunday, Feb 28 from 1-6 PM at the Schuetze Center in Frame Park, Waukesha. ( No site fee, donations welcome.

Demo: Demo on May 7, from 1-3 PM, at the Meadowbrook Elementary School in Waukesha. Need more people.

Demo: Demo in Racine - need to get back to them about the date (March 13th or 20th). Want to discuss knights.

Coronation: Need more information in order to report.

Border Skirmish: We have official permission to use the site. A few changes from last year. There are some questions about how feast will work.

Youth Event: We need a check in order to reserve the space. (Taken care of.)

Group trip: Where can we go as a group in the September time frame? Please chat with the Baron and Baroness on the subject.

Guilds and Groups:

Marquette Group: The group is planning to attend fighter's school this weekend. The group is building up again, and would like to invite people to teach classes or lecture on things like events, politics, and people in history during the weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 in room 154 of the Marquette Physics building.

MU A&S Collegium: Will be holding an A&S Collegium on March 27th in the Physics building at Marquette. Deonysia is collecting people to teach classes, and is looking for lecture-based topics instead of crafting or 'doing' topics - for instance, relgion in medieval times. (The MU group wants to entice students with lectures for which they might get extra credit.) It will last most of the day. Deonysia is inviting people specifically to teach particular things.


March 23, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Send in award recommendations for Spring Court (May 1). Kateryn went to Gulf Wars and had lots of fun.

Exchequer: Changing officers from Jean to Magnus. Paperwork is underway. We still have money.

Quartermaster: Changing officers from Tatiana to Dahrien.

Herald: Quarterly report is in. Banners are going well.

Chronicler: Submit articles for the Tower! (Due by Mar 28)

Web Minister: See the Tower. My office expires in April, and I'm looking for a replacement - send letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and web minister.

MoAS: Won't be here for Coronation or Border Skirmish. If you need anything from her, let her know.

Seneschal: Our insurance is renewed.

Chatelaine: Still working on the photo catalog of the gold key. Can we add the garb which comes in from the 'give-away table' (see below) at Coronation to it? Theodwyn will act as Eva's second deputy.

Old Business:

Regional Fighter's Practice: Went well, though attendance was a little light (six heavy, four unarmored, three A&S). Next time we'll advertise better.

Coronation: Dress in Northshield colors! There will be fighting. There will be court. There will be feast. (3 course steak dinner! - salad, cheese fondue on bread, mac and cheese, veggies wrapped in bacon, steak, custard, and cookies.) Bring back the old school SCA, with pageantry and day camps. There will not be bleachers. We expect a bunch of Midrealmers. If someone wants dancing at the event, someone needs to volunteer to run it. There will be a number of prizes given for things like best garb, most period feast gear, and door prizes. We're splitting the merchants into two rooms to try to manage the flow of traffic. Table decorations for feast will be period-dyed eggs, which will also be used for gaming during feast. Also, there will be a 'give-away' table - people can bring SCA things that they don't need anymore and drop them off; people can also come to that table and take things from it.

Bus Report: Maybe we can take a bus to Quest for Camelot in May?

Marquette Group/Colloquium: Facebook group is up at <a href=""></a> . We have six or seven classes arranged, and there are spaces for more - we have four "smart" rooms reserved from 8 AM - 6 PM. (Smart rooms = computer and projector hookups available.) Not sure what to do about lunch. Garb is optional. First class at 9, last class tentatively at 1:30. Should also have a roundtable at the end.

Fighter's Practice at Marquette: Potentially have practice on Thursday (Mar 25) and Monday (Mar 29) at the Annex. More info to come.

New Business:

Melee in the Fort: Donald suggested that we have melees in the Fort (at Fort Atkinson) this summer. Potentially we can do it once a month on Sundays, more often if people prefer. No charge. More information to come.

Demo at Janesville Ren Faire: Arnbjorn is looking into whether we can do one there or not.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewers and Vintners: Should have another tasting soon.

Cooking: Has been happening, and people have had fun. More folks should come to eat the food being prepared.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Too busy to schedule lately.


April 20, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron & Baroness: May Moot is coming up. We need award recommendations. Also need largesse - please make or donate things (trinkets, jewelry, trim, notebooks, personalized notecards, etc) which we will then give to Their Majesties to use as largesse. Coronation was fun. We have a new King and Queen! Come to Mermaids - Baron Alasdair will be cooking feast. (Alasdair and James vs Trite and Lucretia: Best of the Wurst Throwdown!)

Chatelaine: See the Tower.

Exchequer: We have money. Working on reimbursement checks for Coronation and the first quarter report. Hasn't seen any checks for Border Skirmish yet.

Herald: Updating the Baronial OP - will have a rough draft by May Moot. Should have a PDF ready to upload to the website by June.

MOC: Doing lunch at Mermaids (Nikki's Grill). Proceeds will be split between Northshield's youth and CAM youth programs. At Border Skirmish the kids will play Capture the Queen. Nothing new to say about the youth event.

Chronicler: Tower articles are due Sunday, April 25. Please send in articles and pictures. (You don't have to be an officer to write an article.) If you send pictures, please include permission to use it and identify the people in it. If you send an article via email, please include 'Tower' in the subject line.