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Curia Notes 2010

January 19, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Kateryn is home sick. She will not be at Flesh Wound,

though Alasdair will. Next court will be May Day (May 1).

Chatelaine: Read the Tower. Need another night of photographing garb,

possibly overlapping with an A&S night, and will need models. She will

also publish what she needs when she has a list compiled. We should expect

this to be a slow process.

Exchequer: Has copies of the event report from Boar's Head, as well as the

end of year report. Our net worth has increased. We have balanced our

books. Don't forget to pick up forms (or fill out forms) for the Pick and

Save "We Care" program, which donates money to us every time someone in

our group shops.

Herald: Has inventoried the heraldic library, and a copy of the inventory

will be in the Tower and on the website. Hopes to get the OP completed by

Border Skirmish.

Minister of Children: Read the Tower. We've been contacted by Meadowbrook

Elementary School (in Waukesha) to do a demo on May 7, for 40 minutes,

between noon and 3 PM. They were hoping we would do heavy weapons. (Target

audience is 4th-6th graders.) She saw us at the Highland Games.

Web: Nothing.

Chronicler: Reports due by Sunday, Jan 24.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Deonysia is stepping down, Genvieve is

stepping up. Next meeting is February 9 at Alasdair and Kateryn's - there

will be a guest speaker to discuss documentation.

Knights Marshal: Fighters practices moving to Thursdays at the Annex. Will

keep the calendar on CAM-Heavy up to date. (Contact Valerius or Abelard to

be added.)

Seneschal: See New Business.

New Business:

Event Submission Forms: Caitlin has created a sample bid packet and is

collecting feedback. Once it's more or less compiled, she'll provide it to

the web minister to post on the website. This form is not required, but is

heavily recommended for larger events (not moots). It includes a worksheet

which ties closely to the 'end of event report' which the Exchequer must

turn in, and should help autocrats figure out pricing and other details

for an event.

Exchequer Duty Additions: Caitlin suggested a policy change, which would

make the Exchequer the pre-registration coordinator for future events.

After discussion, we decided that the pre-reg coordinator, the merchant

coordinator, and the Exchequer will work closely for future events - they

must communicate weekly to make sure that checks are deposited in a timely

manner and pre-registration goes more smoothly. The Exchequer can also

pre-address and stamp envelopes for this purpose. The Exchequer will also

write up a 'how to handle pre-reg' document (outline due by February

Curia, to be complete by March Curia).

Other suggestions which arose from this conversation: The group will put

together information packets about how to run each area of an event -

autocrat, troll, pre-reg, marshal in charge, feastocrat, etc - so that

future 'crats will have information at their fingertips. This information

will expand the Event Steward Handbook and will live on the website.

Please get this information to Alasdair.

March Moot: Deonysia is in charge. The Marquette group has requested a

Collegium on March 27. Garb will be optional (don't want to scare people

away, but want to draw people who will be drawn by the garb). Event will

be free, accepting donations. Open call for teachers - no time limit on

classes. Event may include a white-glove walkthrough of the Haggerty Museum's collection of Medieval Manuscripts, and also might include a ball

of some sort at the Haggerty. This will not be on the Northshield


Old Business:

Coronation: Menu is just about set. There is a meeting on Sunday, Jan 24.

Border Skirmish: We are responsible for site this year. There was a

meeting at TGS 12th Night. There will be some changes in site layout this

year - merchants which were previously at the bottom of the hill will be

at the top of the hill, among other things. There will be more formal

tours this year, with actual tour guides and pre-determined routes

beginning at Chatelaine Point. There will be Artisans Row added to the

Merchant area. The general public will not be amongst the private camping

areas. Recommend that people erect sheet walls to delineate edges of their


Regional Fighter's Practice: We are reserving the Activity Room in Frame

Park in Waukesha for regional fighter's practice on Sunday, February 7

from 1-6 PM.

Baronial Bus to Cecil's Siege: This event may not happen. More information

coming later.

Youth Event in October: Nikea visited the site and took lots of pictures.

It's very cool. Most of the activities will be outdoors, with camping

indoors (in the castle and viking ship). We can fly banners from the ship.

The castle has a moat and working drawbridge. Sleeping/camping space will

be available by pre-registration only, because they must be assigned in

advance. There is space for 95 people to sleep indoors; attendance will be

capped somewhere between 15-200 people (including people day-tripping the

event). We have until June 1 to get in the deposit. If we can't get enough

people by April Curia to justify both the castle and the ship we will drop

one or the other.

Guilds and Groups:

Cooking Group: Next meeting is February 28 at Typhaine's.


February 16, 2010

Officer Reports

B&B: We received thank-you letters from His Highness Midrealm Radagaisus, Her Excellency Castel Rouge Isobel, and Their Excellencies Nordskogen Saraidh and Ilya. 12th Night Nordskogen was fun.

Chatelaine: Still cataloging. Can I buy some bins with lids? (Answer: Yes, you have a budget of $50.)

Demo Coordinator (new office): Adelicia is our new Demo Coordinator, a position we used to have which has gone unfilled for a long time. This office is a deputy of the Chatelaine.

Exchequer: We have money. Jean is stepping down next month and Magnus is stepping up. The Troll Manual is in basic form, and the Exchequer Manual is on its way. Incidentally, the refund policy is a guiding principle and not a bylaw.

Quartermaster: Dahrien will be the new Quartermaster.

Herald: The heraldic library is catalogued in last month's Tower and on the website.

Minister of Children: Looking for a deputy.

Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due by Sunday, Feb 21.

Web Minister: Office is open in April. Please submit letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Web Minister.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday (Feb 23) there will be a Calligraphy and Illumination/Arts and Sciences gathering at Alasdair and Kateryn's house, in which we will discuss documentation.

Knight's Marshal: Weekly practice (every other week or so) at Marquette. Check the CAM and CAM-Heavy email lists. We are looking into another potential space for practices as well.

Seneschal: We've sent the money to reserve the space for Boar's Head.

New Business:

Boar's Head: Arnbjorn will be the event steward. The theme is Boar's Head: The Thistle on the Moors - a Scottish Boar's Head.

Banners: We should replace the Midrealm banners with Northshield banners. Perhaps use the swaths of black fabric we still have in the storage locker?

March Curia: March 23 instead of March 16th, so as not to conflict with Gulf Wars.

Future Moots: We need to plan the October 30th potential moot and the Boar's Head Pre-cook Moot.

Old Business:

Regional Fighter's Practice: We have a regional fighter's practice scheduled for Sunday, Feb 28 from 1-6 PM at the Schuetze Center in Frame Park, Waukesha. ( No site fee, donations welcome.

Demo: Demo on May 7, from 1-3 PM, at the Meadowbrook Elementary School in Waukesha. Need more people.

Demo: Demo in Racine - need to get back to them about the date (March 13th or 20th). Want to discuss knights.

Coronation: Need more information in order to report.

Border Skirmish: We have official permission to use the site. A few changes from last year. There are some questions about how feast will work.

Youth Event: We need a check in order to reserve the space. (Taken care of.)

Group trip: Where can we go as a group in the September time frame? Please chat with the Baron and Baroness on the subject.

Guilds and Groups:

Marquette Group: The group is planning to attend fighter's school this weekend. The group is building up again, and would like to invite people to teach classes or lecture on things like events, politics, and people in history during the weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 in room 154 of the Marquette Physics building.

MU A&S Collegium: Will be holding an A&S Collegium on March 27th in the Physics building at Marquette. Deonysia is collecting people to teach classes, and is looking for lecture-based topics instead of crafting or 'doing' topics - for instance, relgion in medieval times. (The MU group wants to entice students with lectures for which they might get extra credit.) It will last most of the day. Deonysia is inviting people specifically to teach particular things.


March 23, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Send in award recommendations for Spring Court (May 1). Kateryn went to Gulf Wars and had lots of fun.

Exchequer: Changing officers from Jean to Magnus. Paperwork is underway. We still have money.

Quartermaster: Changing officers from Tatiana to Dahrien.

Herald: Quarterly report is in. Banners are going well.

Chronicler: Submit articles for the Tower! (Due by Mar 28)

Web Minister: See the Tower. My office expires in April, and I'm looking for a replacement - send letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and web minister.

MoAS: Won't be here for Coronation or Border Skirmish. If you need anything from her, let her know.

Seneschal: Our insurance is renewed.

Chatelaine: Still working on the photo catalog of the gold key. Can we add the garb which comes in from the 'give-away table' (see below) at Coronation to it? Theodwyn will act as Eva's second deputy.

Old Business:

Regional Fighter's Practice: Went well, though attendance was a little light (six heavy, four unarmored, three A&S). Next time we'll advertise better.

Coronation: Dress in Northshield colors! There will be fighting. There will be court. There will be feast. (3 course steak dinner! - salad, cheese fondue on bread, mac and cheese, veggies wrapped in bacon, steak, custard, and cookies.) Bring back the old school SCA, with pageantry and day camps. There will not be bleachers. We expect a bunch of Midrealmers. If someone wants dancing at the event, someone needs to volunteer to run it. There will be a number of prizes given for things like best garb, most period feast gear, and door prizes. We're splitting the merchants into two rooms to try to manage the flow of traffic. Table decorations for feast will be period-dyed eggs, which will also be used for gaming during feast. Also, there will be a 'give-away' table - people can bring SCA things that they don't need anymore and drop them off; people can also come to that table and take things from it.

Bus Report: Maybe we can take a bus to Quest for Camelot in May?

Marquette Group/Colloquium: Facebook group is up at <a href=""></a> . We have six or seven classes arranged, and there are spaces for more - we have four "smart" rooms reserved from 8 AM - 6 PM. (Smart rooms = computer and projector hookups available.) Not sure what to do about lunch. Garb is optional. First class at 9, last class tentatively at 1:30. Should also have a roundtable at the end.

Fighter's Practice at Marquette: Potentially have practice on Thursday (Mar 25) and Monday (Mar 29) at the Annex. More info to come.

New Business:

Melee in the Fort: Donald suggested that we have melees in the Fort (at Fort Atkinson) this summer. Potentially we can do it once a month on Sundays, more often if people prefer. No charge. More information to come.

Demo at Janesville Ren Faire: Arnbjorn is looking into whether we can do one there or not.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewers and Vintners: Should have another tasting soon.

Cooking: Has been happening, and people have had fun. More folks should come to eat the food being prepared.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Too busy to schedule lately.


April 20, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron & Baroness: May Moot is coming up. We need award recommendations. Also need largesse - please make or donate things (trinkets, jewelry, trim, notebooks, personalized notecards, etc) which we will then give to Their Majesties to use as largesse. Coronation was fun. We have a new King and Queen! Come to Mermaids - Baron Alasdair will be cooking feast. (Alasdair and James vs Trite and Lucretia: Best of the Wurst Throwdown!)

Chatelaine: See the Tower.

Exchequer: We have money. Working on reimbursement checks for Coronation and the first quarter report. Hasn't seen any checks for Border Skirmish yet.

Herald: Updating the Baronial OP - will have a rough draft by May Moot. Should have a PDF ready to upload to the website by June.

MOC: Doing lunch at Mermaids (Nikki's Grill). Proceeds will be split between Northshield's youth and CAM youth programs. At Border Skirmish the kids will play Capture the Queen. Nothing new to say about the youth event.

Chronicler: Tower articles are due Sunday, April 25. Please send in articles and pictures. (You don't have to be an officer to write an article.) If you send pictures, please include permission to use it and identify the people in it. If you send an article via email, please include 'Tower' in the subject line.

WebMinister: Stepping down at May Moot. The new web minister will be named soon.

MOAS: Working with Eva to comobine A&amp;S night with a night of garb repair and photographing.

Fighting: We have practice. The Marquette site is reserved for Monday nights through May 17.

Seneschal: Will purchase insurance for Border Skirmish.

Quartermaster: Dahrien is the new Quartermaster, and the office will officially change hands at May Moot.

Old Business:

Coronation: Everything seemed to go fine. Feast was a big hit and there were hardly any leftovers. The feast crew was out the door by 10 PM. We made a small profit, which we'll split with the Kingdom. We had 339 people.

Border Skirmish: It's in June. We have bathrooms and portajohns, but no showers. We still have some positions to fill. Let's get the word out. There's a walkthrough on May 15 at 11 AM. The website is up. There will be a sandcastle contest! Need to make sure that it's okay to have parties on the beach. No pets this year.

Party bus: Do people still want a bus for Quest in May of 2011? Dahrien will look into the cost of a 30-person and a 50-person bus and get back to us with numbers.

Marquette Colloqium: Anna thinks that hands-on classes are a good idea for next time. We need more advertising, more classes, more lead time, and better timing. Can we do one in the fall, advertised at O-fest? Anna will come to the June Curia/planning meeting to discuss.

May Moot: May 1, Rock River Park in Fort Atkinson. 11 AM. We'll have indoor games, space for fighting and archery outdoors. We need award recommendations. The building is not heated, so dress accordingly. Will get the signs and put them up. Also, the Orders will meet.

There is a demo on Friday, May 7 at the Meadowbrook schools. We'll have three 45-minute blocks, between 1-3 PM.

New Business:

Sites: We should expand our search for a new site, because people are avoiding CAM events because of the locations we choose. (Both the Expo Center and the County Fairgrounds prevent people from bringing in food from outside, and our general public wants to bring food in.) Maybe we can look at places that aren't as large.

Turn An Dem See has generic SCA signs available to loan.

Fundraiser idea: A person in Windhaven is putting together a fundraiser to sell ceramic Northshield amulets. (~$2 to make them, sell them for ~$5-6.) Windhaven is contributing money to this cause. Do we want to do so as well? Curia decided that we need more information.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vinting: B&V will hold a tasting at the Legends Moot.

C&I: Will meet again. They have a new project to create some scroll blanks. All are welcome to help!

Cooking: Next meeting in June.

Marquette Student Group: They used the treb on Sunday to great success. A person in Mequon has invited them and the SCA group to her home for a 'fling'. Mysie will figure out when to do this.


May 18, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron & Baroness: Their Excellencies' divorce will not affect their standing as Baron and Baroness. Please send them award recommendations. They will be attending Mermaids and Border Skirmish.

Minister of Children: Nikea is doing lunch for Mermaids and cooking all day with the kids. That night there will be a teen/youth encampment, including a campfire. (The older kids will help with the fire, the rules, and so on.) At Border Skirmish she's teaching a class, and also running Capture the Queen in the afternoon. She's looking for a deputy, and her office is up in November. We need to move the CAM grills - Tatiana and Geoffrey will help with that.

Knights Marshal: Moving to Kinnickinnic Park on Thursdays, Sundays at Lake Park until someone comes up with a different park (with better parking).

WebMinister: Some pages have been updated, including the Baronial OP.

QuarterMaster: We found the shade fly, but are still looking for one of the orange water jugs. It's labelled 'CAM'.

Herald: The Baronial OP is on the website.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Next Tuesday, Eithni will be teaching documentation at the Shorewood library at 7 PM. Please come!

Seneschal: If we keep Curia as the third Tuesday of each month, she'll be late for the forseeable future. Can we move to another night or another location? (Genvieve will run the next Curia, June 15.)

Old Business:

May Moot: Fun! Food! Friends. There were old people who we haven't seen in awhile, and new people. And Court! Yay!

Youth Event: We need someone to organize rapier and archery activities. (Leif will handle the heavy weapons portion.) They are organizing a game which involves fighting through the woods, onto the ship, and hanging a banner. Still working out the details.

New Business:

Pelican Meeting Report: The Pelicans had a meeting. There are lots of conflicts arising between the smaller events (Moots and things). Seneschals should check with other seneschals to see what might be scheduled which isn't on the main Northshield calendar yet. And, groups should put their activities on the Northshield calendar. In addition, we might consider 'adopting' a smaller group somewhere else in the Kingdom.

Guilds and Groups:

Marquette: The Marquette group thanks everyone for their help this past school year, and will be back next school year. Also, Anna Marie will be at the June moot (which will include some planning) to discuss possible future plans.

Cooking: Cooking is cancelled this month.



Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Due to modern life needs, Their Excellencies announced that They are stepping as Baron & Baroness at Boar's Head. They are beginning the transition process, as stated in the by-laws. Letters of Intent are due to Their Excellencies and the Seneschal by July curia. More details will be posted to the baronial email lists and the Tower.

Chirurgeon: Position is vacant

Chatelaine: Things have been quiet this month.

Exchequer: The WI groups will be spun-off into the SCA, Inc- Wisconsin. This will occur on 7/31/2010, While we are waiting for the new Tax ID # for SCA-WI, groups that are holding events after 7/31/2010 are encouraged to send money to kingdom to cover the events. Separate event accounts will be set-up by kingdom to pay event expenses. After 7/31, checks to Caer Anterth will need to be made out to "SCA, Inc- Wisconsin- Caer Anterth Mawr" . Rose Marian suggested that we should buy check stamp for people filling out checks at troll, given the long name.

Quartermaster: Dahrien reported that the missing water cooler has been found.

Herald: Encouraged people to send recommendations for awards year round rather than before Boar's Head. It allows for shorter Boar's Head courts and more business at Border Skirmish and other events.

Minister of Youth: The office is open, please send letters of intent to Their Excellencies, Seneschal, and Lady Nikea. Nikea may be considering applying for a third year.

Chronicler: Could not make it to curia due to work. Submissions for the Tower are due 6/20/2010.

Web Minister: Will be upgrading the left hand menu links on the website. Any updates for the website should be emailed to webminister at caeranterth dot org.

MOAS: Please let Lady Genevieve know about what A&amp;S projects you have worked on this year for her quarterly report.

Knight's Marshall: Fighter Practice is held on Thursdays at KK River Parkway, with the archery and rapier practice. Sunday practices at Lake Park are also resuming.

Seneschal: Katlin is out of town

Old Business:

"Sister City"- Mysie suggested contacting Shattentor to see if they wish to be our sister group.

Border Skirmish Recap- Approx 383 attendees, despite weather. Approx. 200 general public took demo tours. Thanks was given to the staff and all the volunteers. Recommendation was made that a pavilion be rented from a commercial vendor rather than renting the kingdom pavilion. Concerns were expressed about the site (difficulties with the parks department, hostile general public, lack of showers, etc...) Deonysia volunteered to gather information for alternative sites.

Youth Event- Nikea is simplifying the "King" & "Queen" selection to a larger version of Capture the Flag.

Moots for rest of 2010- Confirmed the dates and stewards for the Day of Legends Moot (8/21 at Alice's Home, Rose Marian- Steward) and Baronial Championships (9/25 at Rock River Park, Armond & Gabrielle- stewards). Decided to not hold a changeling moot in October due to Youth Event and the Newcomer event in TADS. Rose Marian will check with Fancy to see if she wants to hold a Boar's Head pre-cook in November. Nikea volunteered to steward Yule Court on 12/11. Will check to see if St Edmund's is available.

New Business:

Boar's Head- The first BH planning meeting will be on July 18, at 1:00 pm at Greenfield Park (Lincoln Ave Pavilion).

WW Security- CAM will volunteer to provide security on Friday night at WW for the 14th year.

6/27 Fighter Practice and Treb firing- We have been invited to hold a fighter practice and trebuchet firing on the property of friends of Mysie & Dahrien, near 76th & County Line Road, starting at 1 pm.

Guilds and Groups:

B&V: Tasting at Day of Legends Moot.

C&I: Making scroll blanks for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Marquette Medieval Society- Fall fighter practice will be on Thursdays, in the Old Open Pantry. Spring is still up in the air. Their meetings are on Mondays. Will discuss when to hold another collegium and other lectures at a later date.



Officer Reports

Baron & Baroness: The Legends Moot is this weekend. Baronial Champions is next month - please submit award recommendations. This will be Alasdair and Kateryn's last court as Baron and Baroness.

Chatelaine: We should get Baronial business cards again. The Baroness will make her business card template available for use. Simon has offered to donate a print run (10,000 cards?) to the Barony for general consumption. These cards would not be personalized, but will have the website address on them.

Exchequer: Finally wrapped up the Border Skirmish paperwork, though we still need to finish a few things with Ravenslake and cut a check for the Royal Travel Fund. The 2nd Quarter Exchequer report is also complete. We are now using our new checking account, and we should get a stamp with the new name on it (Society for Creative Anachronism Wisconsin, Inc. Caer Anterth Mawr).

Quartermaster: Jean is now the Quartermaster. Nothing to report.

Herald: See the Tower.

Minister of Children: The office is open.

Chronicler: Articles are due by Sunday, August 22. Officers must submit articles.

Webminister: The candidates for the Baronial Poll should submit information to the Webminister, Dahrien Cordell, to be posted on a website so that the populace can read about them. Also, will work on the Online Directory Submission Form to make it functional. [1:25 AM 8/20/2010: This is done now.]

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Corin has volunteered.

Knights Marshal: Fighting on Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on what else is scheduled on Tuesdays) at Nikea's, more fighting on Thursdays at KK Park, more fighting on Fridays at Leif's, and even more fighting on Sundays at Lake Park. Question - should we try Kletzsch Park for a Sunday practice? What if we rotate between a central location (<a href=",+Milwaukee,+WI&gl=us&ei=nE5sTOB90o-fB96cwbIC&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBwQ8gEwAA">Lake Park in Milwaukee</a>), a northern location (<a href="">Kletzsch Park in Glendale</a>), a southern location (<a href="">Cliffside Park in Racine</a>), and a western location (<a href=",26035,26071&sugexp=ldymls&pq=cliffside+park+racine+wi&q=frame+park+waukesha+wi&cp=11&hl=en&wrapid=tljp1282220980104110&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Frame+Park,+Waukesha,+WI+53186&gl=us&ei=uyNtTOfTJIXXngeG36jtBw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA">Frame Park in Waukesha</a>) for Sunday practices?

Old Business:

Legends Moot: Among the other planned activities, we should have a Meet and Greet for the polling candidates. We'll have a panel discussion from 3-4 and 'private time' from 4-5, during which the candidates can each find a place to sit down and be approached for more questions. Also, after the tournaments Alice would like us to have a fighter's practice until we're all too tired.

Youth Event: Just sent in the Northwatch ad for September. If we don't have enough people preregistered by her date in September, Nikea will cancel the Ship campground and just use the Castle. We need more black fabric to make adult-sized cloaks and favors. If anyone has some time to volunteer to help make the cloaks, favors, and other things, please contact Nikea. We have time slots for classes, if anyone wants to teach any. We will also have combat, a coronation, feast, a campfire, breakfast, and other activities.

Boar's Head: Drafting the ad for the Northwatch and the Pale. Will find out when we need to do the insurance certificate. Will post the staff list soon. Next planning meeting in September.

Baronial Changeover: Polls will be sent out on August 24. Please meet the polling candidates and ask them questions. We (the populace) are providing our opinions to Their Majesties, who actually make the final decision; the comments that people write are often as important as how they rank the candidates. Note, only the TANG and King and Queen will see these results. Also note, the polls are not due until after Coronation - Siri and Tom will not see these, Anne and Hrodir will.

New Business:

Demos and Fairs: How about we enter the Arts competitions at State Fair and other smaller fairs? Some of them will allow a group's entries to be presented together. We should, as a whole, do more demos. There are opportunities out there, such as Bayview Bash, Chill on the Hill, parades, etc. We should also script out a demo, more than just hitting each others' shields with sticks. We should really have a demo coordinator. Tatiana offered to make a display for use at demos or fairs. Julianna offered to be part of a group to investigate and organize demos, in lieu of a single point person.

Her Excellency purchased a Baronial Hatbox to pass along to the new Baron and Baroness. The Curia approved a reimbursement for it.

Border Skirmish site report: Still looking around.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: There will be a tasting at Legends Moot.

C&I: Nothing to report.

Cooking: Still planning to reschedule.

Marquette: Would like to have another Collegium in October. Perhaps 10/30? Also would like to invite people to teach classes. AnnaMarie will send an email to CAM with more information. O-Fest will be September 2.


July 20, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Stepping down at Boar's Head. Please come to Day of Legends!

Chatelaine: Please see the Tower.

Herald: Please see the Tower.

Chronicler: Please see the Tower. Reports and articles due by July 25 (Sunday). Remember, all officers should submit a letter every month.

Webminister: A change is coming to the web site soon. Otherwise, please see the Tower.

MoAS: Needs to step down very soon. (She'll explain why in a week or so.) Please submit letters of intent by August Curia.

Knights Marshal: Fighting at least twice a week (or up to five times a week, depending on how you read the schedule.)

Seneschal: Will step aside for all functions regarding Baronial Transition. Valerius will be in charge of the Transition process from a CAM perspective.

Old Business:

Youth Event: Event is still on. Still need volunteers. Construction this weekend at Tatiana's and ongoing. Do we want the treb at the event?

New sites: A new restaurant has opened near the airport called Stone Sword, which we'll pay attention to. Also, a new place will be opening sometime soon called the Uberdork Cafe. Either of these might be good places for meetings, though probably not for events.

Fundraiser: We have 100 medallions so far. We've sold 55 of them. Contact Tatiana for more information. Also, you can order mugs from Elspeth.

Boar's Head: Had a meeting on Sunday the 18th. Will be going to site next Tuesday to get measurements. We will be using the pavilion building for indoor archery. There are still jobs available for anyone who wants to volunteer - talk to Arnbjorn. Also, Arnbjorn might have a replacement idea for flowers in the flower tourney - pipe cleaner flowers. Pre-cook to be rescheduled.

Legends Moot: August 21, at Alice's house. After the Mama Kat Tourney, we will have a 3-person team melee in Price's honor. We'll also have a 'dress up your favorite animal as a legendary person from CAM history' contest. There will be a B&V tasting. There will be a costume contest: How would you dress if you were a CAM legend? We will have a potluck dinner.

Guilds and Groups:

Cooking: Next meeting will be at RoseMarian's house, more information will come through the mailing list.

C&I: Please get scrolls to Gwyneth for the 'let's make scrolls for Pennsic' challenge.

Marquette: They propose the following dates for classes. Please volunteer to teach on one of these days. Sept 13, Oct 4, Oct 25, Nov 15, Dec 6. They would also like to do another Collegium, and we'll start planning it in August. Fighting will be Thursdays starting Sept 2, from 7-9 in the 'old' practice space.

New Business:

We've been asked to put in a bid for the 2012 Known World's Heralds and Scribes Symposium. More information forthcoming.

Baronial Transition: Valerius is the local contact person for the process, and will run all aspects of the process instead of Katlin. Elspeth is the Northshield TANG. Candidates: Geoffrey and Tatiana, Nikea, Murdoch and Katlin, Albrecht and Eva, and Dahrien and Guinievre. We will have a 'Meet and Greet' opportunity at the Legends Moot (August 21). Anyone can write a letter to the King and Queen to advise Them or make comments about the candidates, but only Baronial members will be polled. If you think that there is a chance you will not receive a poll, please contact Elspeth (TANG ~A~T~ northshield ~D~O~T~ org) or Valerius. The polls will be mailed to all paid SCA members who live in the zip codes which are designated as the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr. Poll will go out on August 23. There will be a definite deadline by which everyone must return their polls to be considered. Changeover will happen at Boar's Head. Dahrien will post bios and other information on the website.



Officer Reports

B&B: Good turnout at the Bayview Bash.

Chatelaine: We got 13 email addresses at the Bash. We're having a newcomer's meeting next Tuesday (9/28) at <a href="">Anodyne Cafe</a> in Bayview.

Exchequer: We still have money.

Herald: Added some books to the library. We'll have heraldic consulting available on Thursday nights (at fighter's practice).

Minister of Children: Office is open. Will be stepping down in October/November. We've added a new kid to the Barony!

Chronicler: Tower articles due Friday, 9/26.

Webminister: We have a website. We need to remove (or mark inactive) some guilds and groups - please contact webminister to tell him what you want removed.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: We will set up an evening to figure out/learn how to drape chausses.

Knights Marshal: Still have Thursday night practices at Marquette, Sunday afternoons at Lake Park until it gets too cold. Please come, even if you can't fight; we're doing both in-armor and out-of-armor practice.

Archery Marshal: Archery has moved to Monday nights at West Town Archery until May.

Old Business:

Baronial Transition: Send in your poll. Really. Right now. (Contact Elspeth - the TANG - if you have not sent yours in and still want to.) As of Curia, roughly half of the polls had been sent in.

Bayview Bash Wrap-up: Curia voted to reimburse Julianna for bagels and pizza which she provided. The Bash was a blast. We had a fighting demo and a fashion show, as well as 16 people or so (at various times) at the booth talking about garb and costuming, armor and weapons, heraldic things, food, and many other things. Both kids and adults tried on armor and took pictures, Rose Marian and Baroness Kateryn callig'd people's names for them, and everyone had fun. This should be an annual thing. Next year we should strike sooner - this year the drunks turned up around dark, just as we were starting to clean up.

Baronial Champs: This Saturday (9/25), 10 AM - 10 PM. Event Stewards are Gabrielle and Armond. We will provide lunch and the main course of feast, please bring other food for potluck feast. There will be a heavy weapons championship at the barrier.

Kid's Event: We did not cancel the second building (the ship) because we had a big response, though we don't have a lot of pre-registrations yet. Plenty of activities including a quest and a subtlety class, as well as the main event. There may be archery and rapier, if marshals are forthcoming. We're behind on making things for the event. If you pre-register, you must include the waivers - Boy Scout rules. (The site is a Boy Scout camp.)

Boar's Head: Planning meeting this past weekend. The website will be up shortly. Volunteer! We need someone to run troll. We'll talk to Balthazar about the pre-cook.

Marquette Collegium: Rather than a formal, class-based Collegium, MMS will host a Project Day on October 30.

Marquette Classes: Next class will be October 4. Kateryn will teach making basic jewelry. (Estimated 8-10 students.)

New Business:

German Demo: There's a potential demo approaching at a Milwaukee German Immersion school, Dec 11. $30 for a space.

Demo Notes: We should build a demo kit: 2 tables and tableclothes that go to the floor, a tote with flyers, cards, photocopied/laminated scrolls, maybe feast gear, maybe spare armor. We aren't supposed to provide food for the general public to consume, unless it's pre-packaged and/or we have advance permission. We shouldn't have live steel available unless it's somehow fastened down. (When the drunks get hold of it, it can be dangerous.) We need a banner which says 'SCA', like the one we borrowed from Turn an dem See.

Guilds and Groups:

Marquette Group: MMS has 6 new people. Yay! The group will be focusing on what the new folks want to do. They will attend Novices, Neophytes and Knaves on October 2. Project Day on October 30 at the Marquette Physics building - bring your projects and work on them!

Cooking Group: Next meeting will be at Katlin's house, date and theme to be announced.



Officer Reports

B&B: No update from Their Majesties regarding the Baronial transition. We have some new people tonight from Cardinal Stritch University (more on that later), and Andy, who has been a member for a few years but has been working nights and hasn't been able to attend events or meetings. Also, the youth event was great.

Herald: Boar's Head is in six weeks. Please send in award recommendations.

Heraldic Consulting office hours are during Thursday night fighter's practices at Marquette. If you're interested in being a deputy herald, please contact Arnbjorn. Read the Tower!

Arts and Sciences: Cotehardies on Saturday Oct 23, for the ladies, cotehardies and chausses on Sunday Oct 24 for the men. This weekend is also the Midrealm Cooks Symposium (in the Chicago suburbs). Project Day on Oct 30 at Marquette. SUN is November 13 in Nordskogen (Minneapolis), RUM is November 20 in the Midrealm (Chicago).

Youth: We had an event. More information below. Nikea will serve another year as Youth Minister.

Webminister: We still have a website. Please give Dahrien any borders or artwork which you would like to see on the website. Also, please let him know if you're doing things so that he can put it on the website.

Chatelaine: New people! Also, read the Tower. We've gotten large donations of fabric, so we should be able to garb anybody who wants it.

Knights Marshal: Fighters practice on Thursdays at Marquette, Sundays at Lake Park, and Fiore practice on Monday nights. Read the Tower.

Exchequer: We're still solvent. Curia voted to not purchase another CD at this time. Working on the third quarter report.

Chronicler: Articles are due on Sunday, Oct 24. You're officers, send in reports!

Seneschal: The youth event was awesome.

Old Business:

Youth Event: It was fantastic. Kids and adults were exhausted. We had 59 people, 16 of which were kids. We did not break even, but the event was a success in many other regards. The site was amazing, and period-looking - there is no modern architecture in sight from the castle. There are many huge fire pits around the area. The site also includes a 'viking' fort with battlements suitable for fighting on. Katlin wants to reserve the castle campsite for next year for another event. The Northshield Kingdom Youth Minister has requested that this event become annual, but rotate between multiple locations - Nordskogen and Silfren Mere have a castle campground available to them as well, and are in the process of reserving it for the event for next year. The Boy Scouts (who own the site) would like us to return to this site in August for a demo. There's plenty of parking available (parking was a problem initially because there was training as well as other camping, but they have a second parking lot which wasn't utilized), and the owners are flexible about parking. These buildings are furnished with donations, so perhaps we could donate a trestle table and benches or similar period furniture. Note: Between October and Springtime, campers are responsible for their own garbage removal because the garbage trucks can't get to the bins. Testimony from kids and adults included some folks who had stopped playing years ago because they had kids and stopped attending events which didn't have kids activities, and this was the event that brought them back. Overall, a great site, a great event, and many thanks to Nikea for it.

Boar's Head: 3 merchants are reserved. All Northshield Royalty will be in attendance. Midrealm King and Queen can't make it, but we don't know who the Prince and Princess are yet. Next planning meeting 10/28 at fighter's practice at Marquette. We still need someone to organize youth activities. More information the planning meeting. There will not be a pre-cook, but the cooks/feastocrats request lots of people to help chopping and prepping the food on Friday (12/3) at the site.

Demos and Faires: Kenosha Harbor Market is an indoor/outdoor (depending on the season) market, close to the place we had Border Skirmish the last couple years. Lots of people attend. Do we want to have a booth there? More information forthcoming. ( Also, the VA Medical Center has an event each year called 'Reclaiming Our Heritage', which features war reenactors from various American historical battles (beginning with Jamestown). We are obviously outside their period, but perhaps we can work something out. (Website at And, the potential demo at the German Immersion Camp has fallen through - it's the same day as Yule Court, so we won't be doing it. Also, we could use an official demo coordinator...

New Business:

Baronial Planning Meeting: November 9, 7 PM, Wehr Physics Building at Marquette.

Cardinal Stritch University Group: A group has spontaneously formed at CSU, and they would like to petition CAM to become a Shire of our group. The Baron and Baroness suggested that they formally make a request at Boar's Head.

2012 Heraldic Symposium: Do we want to host the 2012 Heraldic Symposium? Need more information, but generally yes as long as it's not in June. (Because then it could conflict with Border Skirmish.)

Guilds and Groups:

C&I: Mysie will take over C&I, since Genvieve is moving, and will hold it at Marquette. More information forthcoming. Jara has presented a challenge to create scroll blanks and present them at Boar's Head.

Cooking: Next cooking night will be Novemeber 21 at Katlin's house. Theme will be pumpkins.

Marquette: Project Day, October 30 from 10-5. We have the site from 8-6, so people can arrive early if they wish. Marquette has asked specifically for garb projects, as well as armoring. Please also bring personal projects - needlework, leatherwork, woodwork, whatever - but be aware that other people might see what you're doing and ask you to teach them something.

Herbal Group: Meeting on October 26 at Arnbjorn's at 6:30. The herb will be basil.



Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: This is our last Curia. Thank you all. Please send award recommendations to the King and Queen for Kingdom-level awards. Please send recommendations for Yule Court to the Baron and Baroness (you can use the form on the website), and please send them in writing or electronically because we don't want to lose or forget them. Please give the Baron and Baroness largesse and/or tokens, which they can use as gifts and rewards. CAM will have a new Bardic Champion, to be decided at Yule Court. We're also having a long-term planning meeting in January, and it would be great to see people there to help plan. Note: This is to plan the long-term goals ("Where does the Barony want to be in three years? In five years? How can we get there?"), not just for the rest of the year. (More information about that below.)

Chatelaine: The office is open - if you're interested, please send letters of intent to the current Chatelaine, Baron, Baroness, and Seneschal. Got some interesting email from people who are moving into the Kingdom from another Kingdom - they would like to know where there isn't more A&amp;S on our calendar. Since people do A&amp;S every week at fighter's practice, maybe we shouldn't call it "fighter's practice" anymore. Let's rename it...

Exchequer: Has some checks to hand out, and some reports to correct. Finished the event report for the Youth Event, which was great in every respect except financially. Talked to the bank about new rubber stamps for checks (for deposits and for Troll), and with OfficeMax, and would like some money to spend towards acquiring them. Seneschal gave permission to use her funds to do so, since the yearly Exchequer funds have already been spent. We also need to address the storage locker bill someday, which is currently being sent to the previous seneschal instead of the current one. Merchant Coordinator and Pre-Reg Coordinator are sending checks to Exchequer weekly - Seneschal wants to be cc:'d on those communications.

Herald: Looking for a deputy. Will step down at Yule Court 2011 (just over a year from now).

Chronicler: Please submit Tower articles by Sunday 11/21/10.

Webminister: Nothing new. You can submit award recommendations via the website, as well as suggestions.

MoAS: Chausses and Cotehardies Weekend went well, and we should do it again. Project Day was also a great success. SUN was last weekend, and it was great (except for the weather). RUM is this weekend in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We currently have three classes per hour for Boar's Head.

Knights Marshal: We have fighting on Thursdays at Marquette (but not on Thanksgiving). Fiore on Mondays. Cardinal Stritch has gotten permission to hold a Sunday practice, 12-4:30. More information coming.

Seneschal: Has things to say, which will wrap into both Old and New Business.

Old Business:

Heraldic Symposium: Need to take an official vote about whether or not we want to put in a bid for this event. (At last Curia we decided that we needed more information - essentially, needed to make sure we could do it and not conflict with Border Skirmish.) The current proposed date is Labor Day weekend (September). Curia voted yes. People who are interested in putting out a bid should submit proposals by January Curia.

Boar's Head: The event is in a few weeks. Merchant spaces are sold out. Pre-registrations are coming in. There are volunteer sheets on the website. Their Majesties and Their Highnesses Northshield will be in attendance, but no royalty from Midrealm. Rowan and Johan are running Troll. The deadline for pre-registration is next week. Don't forget that we'll have archery! The next Planning Meeting is this Saturday at 1 PM at Payne and Sigrid's house.

Long-Term Planning Meeting: January 22, probably from 1-9 at St Ed's. (This needs to be confirmed.) If you have ideas for things to do, please post them to the CAM list. This is not just a "plan the year" meeting, it's a meeting to plan the next five years - to look at the big picture of where the Barony wants to go or be. How do we support the Barony, what can we do to help the college groups, what demos do we want to create or repeat? Suggestion: Read Guinevre's email about recruiting.

Border Skirmish: The date we wanted for Border Skirmish (June 10-12) conflicts with a Midrealm event. Kateryn suggested that the best weekend is probably June 24-26. She talked to Alexander de Seton (current Ravenslake seneschal) about it, and Ravenslake's officer group needs to discuss and vote. We discussed and voted that June 24-26 looks like the best weekend. We should pick a 2012 event date at March Curia.

New Business:

Handbooks: Officers should create handbooks for their offices. The Seneschal proposed that the current officer in each office should create a CAM-specific handbook or guidelines, which will supplement the Kingdom handbooks. If you have served in an office and have suggestions, please contact the current person in that office with them. (This is not restricted to Baronial officers - we also want event staff.) The Baroness proposed a motion: Each officer in CAM be responsible for creating a draft copy of the handbook for their office, by January Curia 2012. Motion carried. Note: The individual officer should be responsible for seeing that the draft be created, he or she doesn't necessarily have to do it himself or herself.

Changes to Bylaws: Seneschal proposed that we add an amendment to cover Bids/Proposals for Events: Seneschal would like to make a suggestion that from now on a person who wants to run an event should put together an event bid - that is, the collection of information assembled by a potential seneschal which states 'I want to run an event, and here's the theme, the menu, the schedule, etc'. Event bids should be submitted to Curia by a particular deadline. Curia will then vote on which event bid they want to use for that event. Designate a difference between different kinds of event bids: Moots (small, local events), big events (large events hosted by CAM), Kingdom level events, Known World Events. Each level of event ought to have different requirements. For larger events, bids should be submitted to the Curia to vote on, and then the bid becomes the proposal which we send to Kingdom or Known world. On the flipside, a short description is probably sufficient for a moot. A bid needs to be a complete bid. It was suggested that instead of making this an amendment to the bylaws, we instead make up a list of 'Guidelines and Traditions'. Quote: "We don't want to legislate our culture." In the end, we ran out of time and will table this conversation until the next Curia.

Guilds and Groups:

Cooking: Cooking Guild Sunday at 4, Katlin's House, Theme is Pumpkins.

Marquette: They've elected new officers: Amanda is president, Cameron is vice-president.

Cardinal Stritch: They have a meeting on Wed 11/17 at 6:30. They have secured fighter's practice space: Sundays from 12-4:30. More information to come.



Officer Reports

* Baron and Baroness: Boar's Head went great. Arnbjorn makes running an event look easy! The Moot was also great. Thank you all!

* Chatelaine: Office is open.

* Exchequer: Gate from Boar's Head is settled, but we aren't finished reimbursing people yet. Looks like we're in the black. Also, we've received a donation from the old keyholder's site which will be devoted to martial activities (renting a space for a regional fighter's practice, hiring an instructor, purchasing rattan, etc.).

* Herald: Read the Tower.

* Minister of Children: Was not present, but did a great job with the Yule Moot.

* Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due Sunday, 12/19/10. Remember, Officers, you need to submit articles.

* Webminister: Working on a handbook for the office. We're in compliance with the newest webminister rules. Yay!

* Knight's Marshal: This week is the last Thursday practice of the year. Sundays are also finished until next year. Fiore practice is still on Mondays.

* Seneschal: Someone has put in a letter to become the new deputy; will decide soon about the applicant.

Old Business

* Boar's Head Recap: Roughly 360 people. Feast was great! The event went very well - the only hiccups were a merchant who cut himself and had to be rushed to the ER (he's fine, and many people helped take his booth apart for him) and an incident with the children using the classroom unsupervised during feast. Weather was bad and affected attendance (a storm effectively shut down travel west of Madison for most people). The Fair Park is willing to waive the fee for lunch catering (they currently take a %20 cut from lunch) in favor of a $1 fee per attendee, in return for which they would allow people to bring in food. This would open the opportunity of an off-board feast. The exchequer requested that a space be set aside for troll/gate reconciliation at future events. We also need a stronger volunteer base, because cleanup is taking longer and longer - perhaps people who sign up in advance to volunteer to clean up after feast could be comped for feast? Maybe we can hire professional dishwashers? Do we need an explanation of the Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) on the website? We'll look to see if it's explained anywhere else, but the webminister was not able to find it so he included it here. The Exchequer also raised the question of multiple fee levels for the event, which makes bookkeeping difficult. The group decided that we could probably cancel the 'pre-reg discount' option for the future, which makes it easier. Perhaps we can also figure out a way to make the troll/gate/check-in process easier (which would also make reconciliation easier) - the Kingdom SUN event registration was not the 'standard' form, but a 6-column sheet listing Member/Non-Member/Feast/No Feast/(two others I didn't get). People showed their membership card to the gate staff, who marked the appropriate columns and quoted a price accordingly. Names and card numbers of attendees were not recorded (except for non-members, who had to sign the waiver) which made the overall process easier. Someone will check with them about this, and can check the rules about what's required...

* We should reconsider the DeKoven Center in Racine as an event site - it has been re-wired and refurbished, and in the process of doing the work they've 'found' another Great Hall. Fancy will organize a trip to see the space.

* Long-Term Planning Meeting/Strategic Planning Meeting: January 22 at St. Ed's. Meeting will start at 1, then a 'tavern moot'/potluck/project day. Where do you see the Barony in a year? In three years? In five years?

* Border Skirmish: June 24-26. Caly is the autocrat from Ravenslake, and we need an autocrat from CAM. (Kateryn can't do it.) People remembered that Simon said something in an email...

* Heraldic Symposium: If you have an event bid, please submit it by January Curia (1/18/11, Brookfield).

* Bylaw Review: Please review the bylaws on your own, which are online ( If you have suggested changes, send them to the Seneschal, the Baron, and the Baroness. See the end of this message for a proposed change to the bylaws - the Seneschal is looking for commentary and response to this suggestion.

* Officer's Handbooks: The officers should be working on handbooks/guidebooks/guidelines documents. These won't be full-on handbooks, but addendum to the Officer Handbooks (available on the Northshield website) detailing some of the nuances of the local office.

New Business

* Northwatch Cover: One of the fundraisers from Boar's Head raised money for the Northwatch. Shava asked if she might use the money to commission and print a 4-color cover. The Curia decided that they would rather that the funds go towards general operating costs, but suggested that a color cover be created and loaded onto the website; a black-and-white version could be used for the printed cover, with a note that the full cover can be viewed/downloaded from the web.

* Boar's Head 2011: We are officially accepting bids for Boar's Head 2011.

Guilds and Groups

* Cooking Group: Will meet sometime toward the end of January. No theme yet. For the February meeting, Gwyneth would like to plan an actual meal... more information to come.

* Stritch: Stritch is on break.

* Marquette: Aine sent this letter to Curia: To my friends of the Barony, It's been an amazing semester here at Marquette. Thank you for your help, your support, and your friendship. Whether it's been teaching a class or showing some of our new fighters the ropes, we have had new interest sparked and the club has been reborn in all of the new people who have joined our ranks. I hope you understand how far reaching my gratitude is. The organization that became a family for me my freshmen year has resulted in far more than I ever imagined in friendships and opportunities. Again, thank you on behalf of my student group and myself. As for Fighter's Practice, we will have one more this Thursday, December 16 at 7 pm until 9 pm or so at Practice Space East. Practice for next year will resume on Monday, January 24 at 7 pm at the Annex and continue on Mondays in the Annex until they kick us out like they did last year in March due to March Madness (they like doing this apparently). However, from then on Practice in March through May will be on Thursdays at Practice Space East again at 7 to 9 pm. I know it's confusing and I apologize for the way it ended up, but I may have a surprise for April and May (as in maybe more practice time). I will have to talk to the club about this though since our regular meetings are going to be on the opposite days of Fighter's Practice (ie. Thursdays in the beginning and then Mondays in March through May). As well, it may help if you also realize that my reign of Terror will be over in March. As in, when we switch in March to Practice Space East, new people are in charge of Marquette's group for the rest of that year. Amanda Skowronski aka Alys aka My Scribe aka My Left Hand aka The Faithful One will be taking over for the rest of the semester then as club president. Well, I hope this updates you all well enough on Fighters' Practice and the like. I do plan on being at Curia in January so you will hear all of this again. Love to you all from Marquette and Blessed Holidays... (Signed) Aine of Caer Anterth Mawr

Bylaws Suggestion

* The Seneschal has proposed the following change/addition to the Bylaws:

*Seneschal would like to make a suggestion that from now on a person who wants to run an event should put together an event bid - that is, the collection of information assembled by a potential autocrat which states 'I want to run an event, and here's the theme, the menu, the schedule, etc'.

*Event bids should be submitted to Curia by a particular deadline.

*Curia will then vote on which event bid they want to use for that event. (This will no longer be determined only by the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness.)

*Designate a difference between different kinds of event bids:

*Moots (small, local events),

*Big events (large events hosted by CAM),

*Kingdom level events,

*Known World Events.

*Each level of event ought to have different requirements. For larger events, bids should be submitted to the Curia to vote on, and then the bid becomes the proposal which we send to Kingdom or Known world. On the flipside, a short description is probably sufficient for a moot.

*A bid needs to be a complete bid. If one wishes to do a feast, then can announce this on the CAM list to drump up interest in doing the event.

The Seneschal feels strongly that this should be a bylaw change, not a guideline. These are simple statements of fact, no opinion is involved in them.

The manner in which one wishes to submit their bid is entirely up to that person or group. They can make it as elaborate or as simple as they wish, as long as they have the required information included:

*Date, Time, and Address of the site

*Estimated costs for site as well as any other funds that will come out of the Baronial coffers for the event.

*Cost to the populace for attending the event

*List the names of the people in key positions (if they are known at the time): Event Steward and Feast Steward are the only two required

*State if the site requires a certificate of insurance with their name on it.

These will be discussed again at the Planning Meeting in January.

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