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Curia Notes 2010

January 19, 2010

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness: Kateryn is home sick. She will not be at Flesh Wound,

though Alasdair will. Next court will be May Day (May 1).

Chatelaine: Read the Tower. Need another night of photographing garb,

possibly overlapping with an A&S night, and will need models. She will

also publish what she needs when she has a list compiled. We should expect

this to be a slow process.

Exchequer: Has copies of the event report from Boar's Head, as well as the

end of year report. Our net worth has increased. We have balanced our

books. Don't forget to pick up forms (or fill out forms) for the Pick and

Save "We Care" program, which donates money to us every time someone in

our group shops.

Herald: Has inventoried the heraldic library, and a copy of the inventory

will be in the Tower and on the website. Hopes to get the OP completed by

Border Skirmish.

Minister of Children: Read the Tower. We've been contacted by Meadowbrook

Elementary School (in Waukesha) to do a demo on May 7, for 40 minutes,

between noon and 3 PM. They were hoping we would do heavy weapons. (Target

audience is 4th-6th graders.) She saw us at the Highland Games.

Web: Nothing.

Chronicler: Reports due by Sunday, Jan 24.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Deonysia is stepping down, Genvieve is

stepping up. Next meeting is February 9 at Alasdair and Kateryn's - there

will be a guest speaker to discuss documentation.

Knights Marshal: Fighters practices moving to Thursdays at the Annex. Will

keep the calendar on CAM-Heavy up to date. (Contact Valerius or Abelard to

be added.)

Seneschal: See New Business.

New Business:

Event Submission Forms: Caitlin has created a sample bid packet and is

collecting feedback. Once it's more or less compiled, she'll provide it to

the web minister to post on the website. This form is not required, but is

heavily recommended for larger events (not moots). It includes a worksheet

which ties closely to the 'end of event report' which the Exchequer must

turn in, and should help autocrats figure out pricing and other details

for an event.

Exchequer Duty Additions: Caitlin suggested a policy change, which would

make the Exchequer the pre-registration coordinator for future events.

After discussion, we decided that the pre-reg coordinator, the merchant

coordinator, and the Exchequer will work closely for future events - they

must communicate weekly to make sure that checks are deposited in a timely

manner and pre-registration goes more smoothly. The Exchequer can also

pre-address and stamp envelopes for this purpose. The Exchequer will also

write up a 'how to handle pre-reg' document (outline due by February

Curia, to be complete by March Curia).

Other suggestions which arose from this conversation: The group will put

together information packets about how to run each area of an event -

autocrat, troll, pre-reg, marshal in charge, feastocrat, etc - so that

future 'crats will have information at their fingertips. This information

will expand the Event Steward Handbook and will live on the website.

Please get this information to Alasdair.