Curia Notes 2012


Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Had some people ask about starting dancing again - how do we restart it again and make it fun? And not too stuffy? We need a space and someone who can teach it. We've been getting more award recommendations - thank you! Keep your eyes open for new sites. Regular practices at the colleges will be starting soon, which is a good chance to broaden our horizons and recruit new folks. Flesh Wound is coming soon, and we'd like to make a good showing. (It's on our lands and we've never seen any compensation for it.) Also, we would like to request some support for awards - largesse and tokens would be most welcome. (Scroll blanks, trinkets, whatever would be cool.)

Webminister: Not much is different from last month. Read the Tower!

Chatelaine: Nothing to report.

Exchequer: Boar's Head report is done. We still have money. Will be stepping down in April - please send letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Exchequer.

QuarterMaster: Will be stepping down in April.

Herald: Had three people approach me with devices (two) and names (one) which had been rejected, and they want to re-submit. Anbjorn has been transferring things to me (like the library), but he will be running the Heraldic Day Moot in February. If anyone wants to work on names, devices, or whatever, talk to Kateryn.

Chronicler: Handing office over to Tatiana. Send articles and reports by Jan 22.

Knights Marshal: Akira is the new Knights Marshal. Practices at Stritch, Sundays 1-4. Monday 1/23 at Bucketworks, 6:30-9:30. Marquette starts again 1/30, 7-9.

Archery: Monday nights at West Town. Come shoot!

Seneschal: Read the Tower.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Astrid is meeting with Ravenslake regarding offices and positions and locking in prices for things like portapotties. We have signed the contract with Walworth County Fairgrounds.

New Business:

Heraldic Project Day: This is to encourage more usage and display of heraldic materials - banners, devices, crests, etc. It's February 18 from 11-6 at Cardinal Stritch. We'll have classes about silk banners, the submission process, conflicts, and the heraldic library. If you want to see or learn anything specific, please ask Arnbjorn and he'll arrange it. Come play!

Heritage Weekend Demo: Lisbon (near Murton) has a living history weekend, which draws re-enactors from a really wide variety of living history groups (from the Romans to Vietnam). Are we interested in joining them for a demo weekend? Aug 11-12 (the last weekend of Pennsic). Camping is allowed, but encampments must be period during 'public' hours (8:30-4:30). Period dress only during that time - nothing non-period can be visible. This is open to any living history group.

Yule Moot: Let's move it to January. Katarina will be the moot steward. Location is TBD.

Metal Working Moot/"Bring Your Own Fire Moot": Sometime in Spring or Summer. A chance to work with smithing, forging, pewter casting, glass work, lampwork, etc. Need a location, which should be outside (though we need cover for some demonstrations). Possible locations - Little Aaron has a shop with a forge and plenty of outdoor space. Maybe the local colleges have space? What about Bucketworks?

African Dance: Nikea is offering a class starting in late February which will meet twice a month.

A&S 50 Challenge: There's an A&S 50 Challenge, to celebrate the SCA's 50th anniversary. People are encouraged to learn or do 50 new things, do 50 of the same thing, or do 50 things your persona would do. We should participate and keep a record, which we could post on the website (with pictures).

Equipment needs for the Barony: Kateryn purchased some walkie-talkies for the Barony and would like to be reimbursed. Voted and approved.

Boar's Head 2012 Scheduling: Washington County only has one building available on Dec 1 (the first weekend in December), so Nikea has requested that they pencil us in for Dec 8 weekend. Also, they have raised their prices - this year cost $3850 for both buildings, next year will be $3400 for one building, plus $.50 per person, plus $100 per hour for the cherry-picker to hang banners. We should look at alternate sites - Waukesha County, for instance, which has better kitchens now. Arnbjorn will look into Waukesha County, Kateryn will look into another possibility, and they will bring their findings back to the group.

Boar's Head 2012 - Change it up!: Boar's Head is boring. What would make it more fun (for non-fighters)? Classes that are more workshoppy - look at the Northshield Artisans Database. Dancing. A pub (the Pickled Pig!) - what does a liquor license cost? Games. Taverns for lunch. What about switching the schedule around - feast and court in the beginning of the day, fighting in the afternoon? Note: TeslaCon is December 1. Should that make a difference to us? This will all be discussed more online.

Guilds and Groups:

Cooking and Herbal Guild: Nikea will come up with something in the next month or two.

Brewing and Vinting: Katarina would like to start this group again in a few months.

Marquette: Practice starts again on January 30 from 7-9. O-Fest is Thursday January 20. Four of the Marquette students are going to Gulf Wars and want someone to camp near - to whom should they speak about camping with Northshield? They will have new officers after Spring Break.

Stritch: We're back! Practice started this past Sunday and will continue to be Sundays from 1-4. They have the site for Curia reserved. Coronation at Stritch might actually cost money - apparently the school had underestimated the size of the event. Curia needs to know how much money that will be so that we can include that in the bid to the Stallari. All set for the Heraldic Moot. They also have an organization-fest kind of thing - they'll let us know when and where so that we can come play.


02/12/2012 - Emergency meeting on a Sunday to decide a special issue


This meeting was held to dicuss a Baronial payment and possible donation; read on. A couple of other unrelated topics were briefly touched on, since we happened to be together, but that was the reason for the meeting and main topic of discussion.

The following is quoted from

<a href=""></a> - <a href="">Google Quick View</a>


<a href=""></a> - <a href="">Google Quick View</a>:

<p style="border-style:solid;border-width:1px;">"The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) has been operating under the burden of a massive and difficult legal battle that has critically drained resources and caused significant ongoing difficulties for the organization. In October 2011, the board of the SCA and its legal counsel were finally able to resolve this issue, but not without significant financial costs."

We will not try to elaborate further in these notes, so that we can avoid accidental misinformation or misunderstanding. If you wish more information and detail, follow the links above, which take you to documents hosted on the SCA's official website.

The important thing to know for the purpose of understanding these notes and the reason for this meeting is that the SCA has financial debt which it can only meet by using money from all of its branches; money belonging to any part of the SCA does belong to the SCA. To meet their obligation, the SCA requires a fixed percentage from each branch of any level (essentially, from each SCA bank account). Each Kingdom must send the total due for itself and all of its branches, and may collect that money in any way which it sees fit. Our Kingdom, Northshield, will pay the total amount out of its coffers, and asks all of its groups to pay what it can of their own calculated debt, but not to pay more than what they can afford to spare. If a group can pay its full amount, great; if it can pay extra to help offset another group's portion, great. But we're told that no group should leave itself without enough money to conduct its business. We had this meeting for the officers and anyone else in the Barony interested in discussing our group's payment.

On the Wednesday before the meeting, our Baron and Baroness participated in a conference call with the King and Queen, Northshield's other Baronage, and the Stallari Council. If you send a personal donation to the Kingdom, it will lessen the amount the Kingdom has to pay; if you send to corporate, it will not lessen the *Kingdom* burden, but will go to help offset corporate costs. The SCA had policies with two insurance companies to cover debt of the current sort, one of which eventually paid. The SCA's lawyers are confident that we will eventually win a lawsuit to make the second insurance company pay on its policy, and if and when they do, the SCA will distribute any recovered monies back to the Kingdoms; and Northshield will make sure that local groups get their monies back before the Kingdom confers are refilled. The SCA and Northshield's leaders want to make sure that all people understand what is happening. The King and Queen prefer that you send any private donations to Northshield or your local group to help cover those expenses. [Note that the branch payments in total were calculated to pay the SCA's total remaining debt from the settlement, so "extra donations beyond the branch contributions" should not be necessary for these legal costs; thus, your donations through your local group or Kingdom will help offset their expenses -- and if moneys they donated are refunded, your money has become a donation to your group or Kingdom, rather than being distributed throughout the Society. The Board of Directors (BOD) also suggests that private donations go to Kingdoms or local groups, in <a href="">this short letter</a>.]

As the group at this meeting was talking about donating extra money to help defray costs for less-rich groups, Dahrien suggested that we should be sure to hold in reserve at least enough to cover our three upcoming events: Youth Event, Border Skirmish and Boar's Head. Exchequer Magnus said he thought that we only need to cover the first two, since those will bring in money to help with the third, and he thinks we would be okay. Boar's Head deposit is $2,000 (erring on the side of caution), and the others are about $1,000 for the Youth Event and about $3,000 for Border Skirmish. So, basically, keeping approximately $6,000 on hand would be good in the Seneschal's eyes.

The group decided to pay our own full amount and donate an additional $2,220, for a total of $6,200; the donation amount will cover payments for the next four smallest group payments not already covered by Nordskogen (plus a few cents), those being:

Group Debt

Shattered Oak $610.50

Trewint/Western Keep $609.76

Tor Aerie (Nordskogen) $570.49

Rokeclif $428.55

TOTAL: $2,219.30

Miscellaneous ...

There have been corporate charges. Youth now has its own director. They are pushing for stronger presence of youth and looking for youth officers.

President of the SCA has two directives:

#1 HAVE FUN. This is a game, have fun.

#2 Make the game fun for everyone: youth, fighters, non fighters, everyone.

All contracts have to go through the Seneschal, and the Seneschal has to go over every word, to make sure that they all fit guidelines.

Currently there are 13 subsidiaries of the SCA (Like SCA WI, Inc), and they are shooting to get 55 over the next couple of years.

Curia Meetings Will Remain On Tuesdays


Cardinal Stritch group is moving fighting practice to Tuesdays (see Calendar). They said that they would cancel on nights that there was Curia, or schedule for later, if we wanted. They are planning longer practice hours than other weeknight practices, anyway, from 7-11pm; and Curia always ends earlier than that.

The question was asked, "Should we move Curia to a different day?" Magnus and Corin both state that there are plenty of practices, and Curia is important and needs to stay on the same night and time. Dahrien agreed, and others did as well, and it was decided that Curia will remain on Tuesdays.



Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: We had an emergency Curia meeting to discuss the settlement, and that's all taken care of. Thank you all for your support, financial and otherwise. There are lots of things coming up. Thank you, Arnbjorn, for the Heraldry Moot. Keep up the good work!

Chatelaine: Read the Tower.

Exchequer: Having paid our portion of the settlement, the checking account is too low to handle the payments we anticipate for the next year. We also have money in a money market account. Recommend moving the money from the money market account to either a Not-For-Profit Savings Account or to the primary checking account. (Interest in the money market is roughly 1.5%, interest in an NPF Savings Account would be .1%.) We voted to move the money from the money market to the primary checking account. Another thing: Should we allow electronic transfers into our checking account, for purposes of donations? Recommendation: let's look into ACCEPS (which uses), PayPal, and standard electronic transfer. Also, the Exchequer office is going to be open soon. Please send letters of intent to the Seneschal, Baron & Baroness, and Exchequer.

Herald: Had a great Heraldic Moot. Almost finished my banner! Lots of people learned about (and tried) silk painting, lots of people spent time with the book heralds, and Guinevere's class was very informative. Now we all know the difference between a tabard and a surcoat! In other news, I'm your new Herald, having received the badge of office.

Minister of Children: Has sent in the background check paperwork.

Chronicler: Deadline for new Tower submissions is next Sunday, Feb 26. Please send them in on time, with a subject line that indicates that your email is for the Tower. Anyone can write articles or submit photos or art. We want to get a count of how many people actually read the Tower online; if people aren't reading it every month maybe we don't have to publish it that often.

Web Minister: Term of office expires in May. Willing to continue if people want me to, or to step down, or to keep doing the work while someone else holds the title and attends meetings and turns in reports. Note: Web Minister does not have an active deputy. Check on the website to find out when officers' terms are expiring.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Typhaine is the new deputy. She'd like to hold another chausses/cotehardies day in March, possibly 3/10 or 3/31. Also, we'll be having a Metal Working Moot, but it won't be safe for children. It'll be the first weekend in May at a shop near Capitol and Port Washington.

Knights Marshal: Armored combat is in good health so far. We have two weekly practices hosted by the colleges, and I am continuing to work with Bucketworks to secure availability for additional practices. (We have some great talent in our area and to make the most of it lots of practice is required by those with the desire to achieve their best. It is my goal to secure 3+ slots of martial arts training to be available to local SCA martial artists. Some of the SCA 'Legends' achieved their status by being able to practice 4-5 times a week. I want that kind of opportunity for all our local fighters.) I will be meeting with the new head of Bucketworks (Tim Syth) - James (the previous head of Bucketworks) is now leading a different larger aspect of the organization. Tim likes the ideas I have brought forth to him, and later this week we will be meeting in person to go over some more options. This includes continued 'free use' of space for small groups under the Angry Young Men, Limited membership, but I will also be discussing what options would be ($) for the local fighter base to have its own membership (and its own keys, and dedicated space beyond just available open space) as well as a general fitness area in Bucketworks. While I strongly support the college practices and am grateful for them, I believe finding an indoor site that is control of the local SCA fighters year-round - either as a group of individuals (as per the old key site) or through Baronial support (which I wouldn't turn down, but neither expect) - is the best way to grow the local fighter base in both quality and quantity. Having our own keys and dedicated space would mean 24/7 access, as long as one of the two keyholders could be there. Options for additional keyholders may be possible as well.

Seneschal: See the Tower.

Old Business:

Boar's Head 2012: We had decided last year that BH2012 would be run by the officers of Curia. We have received a bid from some other interested folks (Julianna and Tatiana). The Curia voted to make them the event stewards and shelve the existing plans for the event. Note: Boar's Head will be December 8 at the Waukesha Expo Center. (Also, Nikea handed off the contract to Julianna and Tatiana, who need to sign it and put down the deposit.)

Settlement: We donated some money and covered some other groups. See the Emergency Curia Notes on the website for more details.

Heraldry Project Day: Great time. Lots of consulting and other things. Arnbjorn wants everybody to know that he actually needs three color copies of submissions, not two as previously stated. He's looking forward to lots of submissions as a result, and we're all looking forward to new banners.

Border Skirmish 2012: Since it's CAM's year to host Border Skirmish, Astrid is hoping to get the members of Curia to head up their areas in wrangling folks to be in charge of those activities. If not, we're asking for assistance in directing us to people who we can contact to cover those areas. We will need all areas covered, including children's activities and boffer fighting. Areas of interest we need filled are: Troll (Astrid will handle pre-reg), Heavy Weapons, Rapier, Archery/Thrown Weapons, A&S, Class Coordinator, Herald, Children's Activities, Security, Bardic, Games. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in making this year's Border Skirmish the bestest evah! Side note: The theme this year is 'It's Only A Game'.

New Business:

MOAS: The office of Minister of Arts and Sciences is open a little early. Please submit letters of intent to the Seneschal and Baron and Baroness. We'll make a decision by April Curia.

Spring Court Moot: Tatiana has been looking for a site, and would like to reserve the Schutz Recreation Center Activities Room (in Waukesha) for April 28th. Will cost $180 - requires a deposit of $400, but we get the extra back. We voted to do this. Event will either be 2-8 or 1:30-7:30, and we have to clean up afterwards.

Legends Moot: Will include beadwork/lampwork/glass and brewing beer. More information to come.

Yule Moot: Katerina has reserved the Waukesha County Beachhouse for December 12 (12/15/12) as a fallback location and date because she has to wait until October to reserve it for the date she really wants, which is January 19 (1/19/13). We are allowed to rent this space for any non-martial activities. The theme will be 'Winter Games', and the event will include using a trebuchet to throw snowballs into the lake. (Not at each other, because that would be a martial activity.)

CAM 40th Anniversary: We looked at an event proposal from Valerius and Arnbjorn to hold the CAM 40th Anniversary at the DeKoven Center in Racine on

September 26, 2015 (9/26/15). The theme will be Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Katlin would be the feast steward. From the proposal: "The concept for the event is a full-immersion experience based on the 14th century poem 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'. The basic synopsis is: At Arthur's Yule Court a Mysterious Knight, all in green (with green skin and hair, and a green horse) arrives and challenges the knights to a wager. Gawain accepts and beheads the knight, who picks up his head and orders Gawain to meet him at the Green Chapel in one year's time to accept the return blow. Gawain goes through various trials before meeting the Green Knight and earning his respect." This event will recreate the poem's 14th century minuet, with a higher-than-usual expectation of period authenticity. The event's activities will be bease on the 3-4 scenarios depicted in the poem, including various Arthurian elements such as the quest. Prior to the event CAM will have book club nights to read and discuss the poem (possibly including different variations of the tale), and clothes-making days to help those who wish to make 14th century attire. Regarding the feast, Katlin has suggested a dayboard for lunch and an evening high feast and low feast, recreating the feast as described in the book. The event will be advertised as 'full immersion', meaning that nothing modern is visible and people will be expected to be in 'full high persona'. ("Bring your A Game.") We will have fighting in the form of a Pas (as described in the poem), with a gallery to determine the winners. Period entertainment for the kids, such as puppet shows. Assume no merchants. Note: we may have to cap attendance at 250 people based on occupancy restrictions. We then discussed the proposed pricing ($25 per person, plus feast). Some people think it's too much money for an event, others think it will be fine because we have plenty of time to build hype and getting people excited. Would like a $500 deposit to reserve the DeKoven Center for September 26, 2015 (9/26/15). We need to know the cancellation and refund policy before we approve this - tabled until March.

Guilds and Groups:

Herbal Cooking Guild: Hope to meet in March, or else April; more details as they become available.

Brewing and Vintning: Geoffrey will teach a class about garlic wine once he's healed enough. Might make beer at the Legends Moot, the grains from which will then be used to make bread. Katerina is still cleaning the house to prepare for meetings there, and is trying to get information and the charter from the previous head of the guild.

A&S 50: The first project is done (silk banner making)! Plan to do an embroidery class, taught by Lewina, at her home or the library. Intend also to do something at the Metal Moot, and to do wood carving. African Dance will meet Sunday (2/26) at 2 at Longstrider Manor. Dahrien will add an A&S 50 Projects section to the website and the calendar.

C&I: Eva is trying to get C&I started again. It will probably be Sunday afternoons, once or twice a month, including field trips to Fort Atkinson and Kenosha to learn from people who live there. Working on dates now.

Marquette: Temporary hold on loaning out the armor while they categorize/list it all. Held a puppy chow sale to raise money. They need an adult sponsor (someone older than 21) for Gulf Wars - please contact Amanda. Thursday night meetings will feature movie night once a month, as well as classes (they will get us a list of what they'd like to learn) and projects.