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Curia Notes 2012


Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Had some people ask about starting dancing again - how do we restart it again and make it fun? And not too stuffy? We need a space and someone who can teach it. We've been getting more award recommendations - thank you! Keep your eyes open for new sites. Regular practices at the colleges will be starting soon, which is a good chance to broaden our horizons and recruit new folks. Flesh Wound is coming soon, and we'd like to make a good showing. (It's on our lands and we've never seen any compensation for it.) Also, we would like to request some support for awards - largesse and tokens would be most welcome. (Scroll blanks, trinkets, whatever would be cool.)

Webminister: Not much is different from last month. Read the Tower!

Chatelaine: Nothing to report.

Exchequer: Boar's Head report is done. We still have money. Will be stepping down in April - please send letters of intent to Baron, Baroness, Seneschal, and Exchequer.

QuarterMaster: Will be stepping down in April.

Herald: Had three people approach me with devices (two) and names (one) which had been rejected, and they want to re-submit. Anbjorn has been transferring things to me (like the library), but he will be running the Heraldic Day Moot in February. If anyone wants to work on names, devices, or whatever, talk to Kateryn.

Chronicler: Handing office over to Tatiana. Send articles and reports by Jan 22.

Knights Marshal: Akira is the new Knights Marshal. Practices at Stritch, Sundays 1-4. Monday 1/23 at Bucketworks, 6:30-9:30. Marquette starts again 1/30, 7-9.

Archery: Monday nights at West Town. Come shoot!

Seneschal: Read the Tower.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Astrid is meeting with Ravenslake regarding offices and positions and locking in prices for things like portapotties. We have signed the contract with Walworth County Fairgrounds.

New Business:

Heraldic Project Day: This is to encourage more usage and display of heraldic materials - banners, devices, crests, etc. It's February 18 from 11-6 at Cardinal Stritch. We'll have classes about silk banners, the submission process, conflicts, and the heraldic library. If you want to see or learn anything specific, please ask Arnbjorn and he'll arrange it. Come play!

Heritage Weekend Demo: Lisbon (near Murton) has a living history weekend, which draws re-enactors from a really wide variety of living history groups (from the Romans to Vietnam). Are we interested in joining them for a demo weekend? Aug 11-12 (the last weekend of Pennsic). Camping is allowed, but encampments must be period during 'public' hours (8:30-4:30). Period dress only during that time - nothing non-period can be visible. This is open to any living history group.

Yule Moot: Let's move it to January. Katarina will be the moot steward. Location is TBD.

Metal Working Moot/"Bring Your Own Fire Moot": Sometime in Spring or Summer. A chance to work with smithing, forging, pewter casting, glass work, lampwork, etc. Need a location, which should be outside (though we need cover for some demonstrations). Possible locations - Little Aaron has a shop with a forge and plenty of outdoor space. Maybe the local colleges have space? What about Bucketworks?

African Dance: Nikea is offering a class starting in late February which will meet twice a month.

A&S 50 Challenge: There's an A&S 50 Challenge, to celebrate the SCA's 50th anniversary. People are encouraged to learn or do 50 new things, do 50 of the same thing, or do 50 things your persona would do. We should participate and keep a record, which we could post on the website (with pictures).

Equipment needs for the Barony: Kateryn purchased some walkie-talkies for the Barony and would like to be reimbursed. Voted and approved.

Boar's Head 2012 Scheduling: Washington County only has one building available on Dec 1 (the first weekend in December), so Nikea has requested that they pencil us in for Dec 8 weekend. Also, they have raised their prices - this year cost $3850 for both buildings, next year will be $3400 for one building, plus $.50 per person, plus $100 per hour for the cherry-picker to hang banners. We should look at alternate sites - Waukesha County, for instance, which has better kitchens now. Arnbjorn will look into Waukesha County, Kateryn will look into another possibility, and they will bring their findings back to the group.

Boar's Head 2012 - Change it up!: Boar's Head is boring. What would make it more fun (for non-fighters)? Classes that are more workshoppy - look at the Northshield Artisans Database. Dancing. A pub (the Pickled Pig!) - what does a liquor license cost? Games. Taverns for lunch. What about switching the schedule around - feast and court in the beginning of the day, fighting in the afternoon? Note: TeslaCon is December 1. Should that make a difference to us? This will all be discussed more online.

Guilds and Groups:

Cooking and Herbal Guild: Nikea will come up with something in the next month or two.

Brewing and Vinting: Katarina would like to start this group again in a few months.

Marquette: Practice starts again on January 30 from 7-9. O-Fest is Thursday January 20. Four of the Marquette students are going to Gulf Wars and want someone to camp near - to whom should they speak about camping with Northshield? They will have new officers after Spring Break.

Stritch: We're back! Practice started this past Sunday and will continue to be Sundays from 1-4. They have the site for Curia reserved. Coronation at Stritch might actually cost money - apparently the school had underestimated the size of the event. Curia needs to know how much money that will be so that we can include that in the bid to the Stallari. All set for the Heraldic Moot. They also have an organization-fest kind of thing - they'll let us know when and where so that we can come play.


02/12/2012 - Emergency meeting on a Sunday to decide a special issue


This meeting was held to dicuss a Baronial payment and possible donation; read on. A couple of other unrelated topics were briefly touched on, since we happened to be together, but that was the reason for the meeting and main topic of discussion.

The following is quoted from

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