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Curia Notes 2013


In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Eva, Albrecht, Moira, Green Jenny, Gabrielle, Abelard, Akira, Kateryn, Hafgrimm, Alice, Myfanway, Corin

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Nordskogen 12th Night was fantastic - great turnout from the Barony. Yule Moot is coming up (Jan 19) - please submit award recommendations. The Bylaws meeting is coming up (Jan 27). The Gawain Event planning meeting is coming up (Jan 21). Jararvellir's Baronial changeover is going to happen at Flesh Wound (Jan 26) and we'd like to give them gifts - if you have gifts we can present, please get them to the Baron and Baroness or Green Jenny. We'd also like gifts and largesse so that we can give the new King and Queen something at Coronation!

Exchequer: We have money. Exchequer will now distribute actual reports at Curia meetings, which will also appear in the Tower. New checks are in. Boar's Head accounting is done, with the exception of an outstanding check. Let's continue to look at ACCEPS as an option for allowing people to pre-reg for events with a credit card.

Quartermaster: Waiting for the weather to clear up before cleaning out the storage locker.

Herald: Went to Nordskogen 12th Night and helped with court, also served as Hall Herald for the event.

Chronicler: Sent her report to the Seneschal. This month is a non-Tower month, so no reports due; however, feel free to send in reports and articles early for next month's Tower!

Webminister: Nothing's broken except the Knights Marshal page. (Abelard's note: Fixed.)

Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.

Youth: Nothing to report.

Knights Marshal: We'll continue to use Bucketworks until the end of the month, at which point we can re-evaluate - will put out a bucket for collections starting this week to use towards a Bucketworks membership. The colleges start their practices the last week of the month.

Archery: On hiatus until public archery enthusiasm dies down. (The normal practice spaces now have 'league nights' every night except Fridays and Sunday afternoons.)

Rapier: Has been on hiatus, but will have practice this Thursday and next Thursday at a private location. Contact Green Jenny for more information if you want to join them. Will go back to Marquette when it starts again (Jan 28).

Seneschal: Nikea's sick, and Arnbjorn's filling in; nothing else to report.

Chatelaine: Office is open.

Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:

Gawain and the Green Night: General planning meeting Monday, Jan 21, at Marquette. In the Physics lab on the lower level by the North entrance.

Bylaws Planning Meeting: Sunday, Jan 27. People have asked to not meet in someone's home because it can be too distracting; let's look at possible locations. Bucketworks (would cost money)? Stritch? Anything more western? What about a restaurant's meeting room? We voted to move the meeting, location TBD. Albrecht and Eva will look into the possibility of a restaurant's meeting room and report back. (Suggested location: Edwardo's Pizza in Wauwatosa on Bluemound.)

Brewing and Vintning Practice Wrapup: It was cool. We made beers, mead, cordials, and learned a lot. The beer will be served at the Yule Moot on Jan 19.

Yule Moot: Saturday, Jan 19 at Menomonee Park Beach House from Noon until 11:30. Potluck - bring a dish to share. Lots of activities planned, see the website or Facebook page. ( Note, there is a gate fee at the park entrance of $5 per car.

Boar's Head Survey Results: General results: Don't get rid of Boar's Head. Abelard will send the results to the CAM list.

Boar's Head 2013 Location: We heard back from the Tripoli Shrine and their prices were too high for us. We should look at our backup, Washington County Fairgrounds. We voted: request contract from Washington County Fairgrounds. Also, Kateryn volunteered to head up a committee to find a new site for 2014 and onwards.

Curia Moot: Feb 17, but we need a location which isn't someone's house. What about Willoway or the building behind the archry range at Menomonee Park (where the camping moot was a few years ago)? Kateryn will look into Willoway as it is more central. Someone else will check into the other location.

New Business:

CAM list public or private: Tabled until next Curia.

Need a more permanent location: Tabled until next Curia. Note, however: Exchequer would be more comfortable paying for a 'permanent space' if it could also house the Baronial storage - that is, move the contents of the storage locker to a new 'permanent space' location and fold the costs together. Akira says that Bucketworks has lots of space available for storage, but doesn't know how much it will cost. He suggests a tour and a meeting with Tim to discuss price.

Baronial Freezer: Yes, we have a Baronial freezer. (It's a stand-up freezer.) It has been stored in Alice's garage for many years, but she is moving and can't have it in her new location. Kateryn will take it. (Alice also has a chest freezer available. Abelard might want that.)

Border Skirmish: No news.

Call for Boar's Head Proposals: Due by February Curia, March at the latest.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: A group of B&V folks went to Great Lakes Distillery and had a great time. Recommend a field trip.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Still working on getting a recurring time and location for C&I.

Cooking: Temporarily postponed.

Stritch: Fighting on Sunday afternoons (3-7) and Wednesdays (possibly as early as next week).

Marquette: Classes started on Monday. They will have fighter's practices on Mondays starting Jan 28 and their weekly meetings on Thursdays.