Curia Notes 2013


In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Eva, Albrecht, Moira, Green Jenny, Gabrielle, Abelard, Akira, Kateryn, Hafgrimm, Alice, Myfanway, Corin

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Nordskogen 12th Night was fantastic - great turnout from the Barony. Yule Moot is coming up (Jan 19) - please submit award recommendations. The Bylaws meeting is coming up (Jan 27). The Gawain Event planning meeting is coming up (Jan 21). Jararvellir's Baronial changeover is going to happen at Flesh Wound (Jan 26) and we'd like to give them gifts - if you have gifts we can present, please get them to the Baron and Baroness or Green Jenny. We'd also like gifts and largesse so that we can give the new King and Queen something at Coronation!

Exchequer: We have money. Exchequer will now distribute actual reports at Curia meetings, which will also appear in the Tower. New checks are in. Boar's Head accounting is done, with the exception of an outstanding check. Let's continue to look at ACCEPS as an option for allowing people to pre-reg for events with a credit card.

Quartermaster: Waiting for the weather to clear up before cleaning out the storage locker.

Herald: Went to Nordskogen 12th Night and helped with court, also served as Hall Herald for the event.

Chronicler: Sent her report to the Seneschal. This month is a non-Tower month, so no reports due; however, feel free to send in reports and articles early for next month's Tower!

Webminister: Nothing's broken except the Knights Marshal page. (Abelard's note: Fixed.)

Arts & Sciences: Nothing to report.

Youth: Nothing to report.

Knights Marshal: We'll continue to use Bucketworks until the end of the month, at which point we can re-evaluate - will put out a bucket for collections starting this week to use towards a Bucketworks membership. The colleges start their practices the last week of the month.

Archery: On hiatus until public archery enthusiasm dies down. (The normal practice spaces now have 'league nights' every night except Fridays and Sunday afternoons.)

Rapier: Has been on hiatus, but will have practice this Thursday and next Thursday at a private location. Contact Green Jenny for more information if you want to join them. Will go back to Marquette when it starts again (Jan 28).

Seneschal: Nikea's sick, and Arnbjorn's filling in; nothing else to report.

Chatelaine: Office is open.

Chiurgeon: Office is open.

Old Business:

Gawain and the Green Night: General planning meeting Monday, Jan 21, at Marquette. In the Physics lab on the lower level by the North entrance.

Bylaws Planning Meeting: Sunday, Jan 27. People have asked to not meet in someone's home because it can be too distracting; let's look at possible locations. Bucketworks (would cost money)? Stritch? Anything more western? What about a restaurant's meeting room? We voted to move the meeting, location TBD. Albrecht and Eva will look into the possibility of a restaurant's meeting room and report back. (Suggested location: Edwardo's Pizza in Wauwatosa on Bluemound.)

Brewing and Vintning Practice Wrapup: It was cool. We made beers, mead, cordials, and learned a lot. The beer will be served at the Yule Moot on Jan 19.

Yule Moot: Saturday, Jan 19 at Menomonee Park Beach House from Noon until 11:30. Potluck - bring a dish to share. Lots of activities planned, see the website or Facebook page. ( Note, there is a gate fee at the park entrance of $5 per car.

Boar's Head Survey Results: General results: Don't get rid of Boar's Head. Abelard will send the results to the CAM list.

Boar's Head 2013 Location: We heard back from the Tripoli Shrine and their prices were too high for us. We should look at our backup, Washington County Fairgrounds. We voted: request contract from Washington County Fairgrounds. Also, Kateryn volunteered to head up a committee to find a new site for 2014 and onwards.

Curia Moot: Feb 17, but we need a location which isn't someone's house. What about Willoway or the building behind the archry range at Menomonee Park (where the camping moot was a few years ago)? Kateryn will look into Willoway as it is more central. Someone else will check into the other location.

New Business:

CAM list public or private: Tabled until next Curia.

Need a more permanent location: Tabled until next Curia. Note, however: Exchequer would be more comfortable paying for a 'permanent space' if it could also house the Baronial storage - that is, move the contents of the storage locker to a new 'permanent space' location and fold the costs together. Akira says that Bucketworks has lots of space available for storage, but doesn't know how much it will cost. He suggests a tour and a meeting with Tim to discuss price.

Baronial Freezer: Yes, we have a Baronial freezer. (It's a stand-up freezer.) It has been stored in Alice's garage for many years, but she is moving and can't have it in her new location. Kateryn will take it. (Alice also has a chest freezer available. Abelard might want that.)

Border Skirmish: No news.

Call for Boar's Head Proposals: Due by February Curia, March at the latest.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: A group of B&V folks went to Great Lakes Distillery and had a great time. Recommend a field trip.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Still working on getting a recurring time and location for C&I.

Cooking: Temporarily postponed.

Stritch: Fighting on Sunday afternoons (3-7) and Wednesdays (possibly as early as next week).

Marquette: Classes started on Monday. They will have fighter's practices on Mondays starting Jan 28 and their weekly meetings on Thursdays.



Present: Nikea, Eva, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Green Jenny, Moira, Akira, Jean, Kateryn, Tatiana, Abelard, Julianna, Christine, Dahrien, Ambrose, Gabrielle

Officer Reports:

Baroness: It's cold out! Albrecht is visiting Texas. We went to SUN and returned to some house troubles, but we have a great SCA contact who works for a roofing company and everything will be okay. SCA-wise it's been kind of quiet.

Exchequer: Paid bills, including the storage unit through June (pending possible move of storage location). One of the bills was the domain registration place, which costs less if we pay for more than one year at a time; would like to renew for a total of five years. Curia voted to renew for a total of five years. Re: reimbursement from legal fees, Exchequer recommended that we ask to receive as much as we can. (Kingdom has given us the choice of leaving the money in the general fund or getting the money back.) We would prefer to donate how much we want to where we want and when we want; we intend to donate money to the general fund, but not necessarily this much and not at this time. Much discussion of this topic occured, which doesn't need to be recorded here. In the end, Curia voted to request the money back.

Quartermaster: We still have a lot of stuff. We donated some to the silent auction at Boar's Head which helped, but Jean didn't go through the whole locker before the event and we still have things to donate. When the weather warms up again he'll go through the rest of it. Planning to build a rack so that we can store banners flat instead of rolled up and leaning in a corner. Will continue to investigate storage locations including Bucketworks.

Minister of Children: Everybody's sick, so nothing to report.

Herald: Names and devices for Katarina Unru and Jean du mal Chance have been approved according to the herald's office, still waiting for official notification.

Chronicler: Next Tower comes out in early March. If you have articles or reports please send them to Tatiana by March 6.

WebMinister: Digest mail may not be working - please report any issues to Also, part of the domain registration (see Exchequer) includes the option to turn on whois registration protection. If activated, this prevents people from seeing the actual name, phone number, email, and snail mail address of the registrant - whois queries will instead return the ISP. First, this contact information should be the Seneschal as the legal representative of the group. Second, we voted to spend the money to get this protection.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Sick. Will post to the CAM list.

Knights Marshal: Sunday Stritch, Monday Marquette, Wednesday Stritch, second and fourth Thursday at Bucketworks, first and third Friday at Bucketworks. Adding new training methods and drills. Akira will be MIC at Border Skirmish this year.

Archery: Still on hiatus until we can find a new indoor site or the outdoor season starts.

Rapier: Picking up momentum now that we have Marquette space again.

Youth Combat: Don't know anything yet.

Seneschal: First, welcome to new person Christine. Chiurgeon and Chatelaine offices are still open. We have lots of loaner garb (Gold Key) - Nikea has gone through it and reduced the volume from six large storage bins to four large storage bins. Even if nobody else takes the office, she needs somewhere else to store these bins. Maybe we can donate some of it to survivors of Sandy or the Hattiesburg, MS tornado? It could also be used as materials for new garb. Will bring some to Stritch Project Day on Feb 24. A woman named Amanda has contacted Nikea about a demo at a Girl Scout function this summer, for which participants may be compensated. Contact Nikea for more information. Also, please look at the moots and events calendar; if you have comments, questions, or would like to volunteer to do something please contact Nikea.

Old Business:

Green Knight: Planning meeting postponed until last week in March.

Bylaws meeting: Rescheduled for March 12 at 6:30 at Bucketworks.

Boar's Head Contract: First, there are some changes to the Washington County contract. We have 'first right of refusal' for Friday before the event - we get the space for free unless someone else wants to reserve it, in which case we can rent it at half price for the day. The catering requirements have changed to include an insurance policy for the food ($150) and 20% charge if we don't use someone from their list of caterers. We also need to pay the site $1 per plate of food served at feast. In addition they want $.50 per person admission fee to the site. We need to commit by March 12 to pay the deposit. We voted to pay the deposit even though we have not yet seen an event bid and do not have an autocrat.

Border Skirmish: Annetje has asked a number of people to cover various staff positions. We still need a merchant coordinator, CAM chief Troll, and CAM setup. Note, Ravenslake is the lead this year and Marie is the autocrat from their side. Ideally we would also like a thrown weapons marshal (Green Jenny will see what she can find) and a siege weapons marshal. Quiet camping will be a little larger. We might build communal benches to put under the shade flies during fighting and around the bardic fire at night. Possibly hay bales?

Private or public CAM list: Tabled in the interest of time.

Bucketworks: Will tour after this meeting; otherwise, tabled.

Bids for Boar's Head: Postponed; due at March Curia.

Spring Moot: Jararvellir, Windhaven, and CAM are discussing a possible three-Barony May Day Moot. In theory this will replace our Spring Moot. Note date conflicts: May 4 is Midrealm Coronation in Chicago and April 27 is Bardic Madness.

Request: Julianna would like to borrow the parking garage and grills for her class reunion the weekend of Sept 15.

Baronial Champs: Bids are due in March. Arnbjorn will get us pencilled in for Rock River Parkway for September 28th. (Money won't be due until August.)

March Curia: Will be at Bucketworks.

New Business:

Request: Julianna would like to borrow the parking garage and grills for her class reunion the weekend of Sept 15.

Baronial Champs: Bids are due in March. Arnbjorn will get us pencilled in for Rock River Parkway for September 28th. (Money won't be due until August.)

March Curia: Will be at Bucketworks.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: There is an opportunity to connect with Amadon and his household, which is heavily into brewing and vintning. More information coming.

Herbal: Shooting for March for the next meeting.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Mysie's work schedule has been very difficult. Deonysia volunteered to try to set something up once a month, possibly at Bucketworks.

Stritch: Fighting on Sundays and Wednesdays. They will host a project day on Sunday, Feb 24 from 10-5 in the Blue Room (the room above the Exercise Room). They intend to have two project days per month for the rest of the semester.

Marquette: Learning things at their meetings - will try to get a list.



Present: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Albrecht, Akira, Eva, Kateryn, Mysie, Annetje, Ambrose, Gabrielle, Green Jenny, Hieronymous, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Going to Coronation, need tokens and gifts to hand out. We really mean it this time. Fabric, pouches, baskets, jewelry, cord, tokens... we can use the Project Day (Sunday, March 24) to make more things for this purpose.

Exchequer: Submitted request to get the settlement money back.

Herald: Filed quarterly report. Put a neat article in the Tower.

Minister of Children: Has a new book: Scrap Craft for Youth Groups.

Chronicler: Presumably a report will be in the Tower.

Webminister: Calendar is being updated regularly.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Filed a quarterly report.

Knights Marshal: The Bucketworks Thursday night practice is moving to Fridays as of March 29. When Marquette wraps up for the semester we'll change Bucketworks to Monday nights. Otherwise, we can have social practice once or twice a month on Fridays as well.

Archery: Still on hiatus. Might go to Jara for a Sunday afternoon practice, otherwise they'll wait until the outdoor archery season starts in mid-May.

Rapier: Submitted quarterly report. There's a new guy (Eddie). Otherwise, various rapier folks have various illnesses so practices have been fairly sedentary. But well-populated.

Seneschal: Seneschal office ends in September and Nikea does not intend to ask for an extension. Letters of Intent are due to the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness by August Curia.

Old Business:

Green Knight Tournament: Meeting next Tuesday (March 26), 7 PM, Marquette Physics Building, Lab 002 (enter through north doors).Bylaws meeting: Next meeting Thursday April 4, 6:30 PM, at Bucketworks. Notes available on the website, .

Border Skirmish: Still in search of a theme, which will probably be 'Skirmish'. Marshals are communicating and have lots of good ideas. We will have hay (or straw) bales, and marshals are putting together a plan to maximize the fighters' energy from both a physical training perspective and a fun perspective. We will have equestrian and maybe also coursing. $15 per person for the whole weekend, $10 per person for daytrip. Need 275 people to break even. There is an indoor arena - not sure if we've reserved it. Need a merchant coordinator. The site token team has been waiting for a theme. If anybody knows of any large parties which are planned (a la WW), please let Akira know so that he can plan accordingly. We should consider this site for future winter events as well.

Should the CAM list be public or private? Comments: Let's leave it public. Every few years we have dustups but things have quieted down again. Depending on the service we choose, a private system might give other benefits as well such as an online directory and contact list. There is value to knowing that your communications are public - people are more likely to be courteous. Important things can be discussed at Curia or on the private Officer's list. At the least, we'll have the same problems whether the list is public or private. If we go private, we need to privatize the archives as well. If we go private, we need to decide when we kick people out. (When they move? A month later? Six months later? When are they no longer part of the social group we consider to be 'the Barony'?) We voted to leave it public. Note: if you do have something urgent or critical to discuss, bring it up to an officer because they have other avenues of communication. Additional note: We will investigate the option of 'skype-ing' into the meeting so that people who can't be physically present can at least have some kind of presence.

Bids for Boar's Head: Arnbjorn, Mysie, and Fiona have submitted a bid (Fiesta de Cabeza de Toro). The group discussed it and voted to accept the bid.

Spring Moot: Jara isn't available to run the Tri-Barony event any more. We need a volunteer to run the moot and a location. We will discuss it at next Curia. If we don't have any offers/bids, we won't have the Spring Moot this year. If you want to be the steward, please email the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness. Note, the date is somewhat flexible.

New Business:

April Curia Location (4/16): Decided to ask Alice to reserve Brookfield Library. Fallback position, Bucketworks.

Bids for Baronial Champions Moot: Arnbjorn made a bid for Baronial Champions Moot. September 28, Rock River clubhouse (we're already pencilled in). Fee is $110 plus $50 refundable deposit. We voted yes.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Need to communicate with Amadan and Iron Wood for future plans.

Cooking and Herbal: No news.

Calligraphy & Illumination / A&S: No news.

Stritch: Practices Wednesdays and Sundays. This Sunday (March 24), Project Day starting at noon. Armoring will take place in the Excercise Room, fighting starts at 4. Other crafts in the same room as before. There will be signs posted. Last day of classes is May 17.

Marquette: Monday practices, Thursday meetings. Mysie will be teaching a class about navigating with sunstones. Last day of classes is May 10.



In Attendance: Hafgrimm, Albrecht, Eva, Ambrose, Gabrielle, Akira, Abelard, Carol, Nikea, Moira, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Siri, Green Jenny, Kateryn, Julianna, Corydon, Typhaine, Alice, Mysie

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: We have a new King and Queen. They are really pumping up Border Skirmish. His Majesty is calling the muster - He wants to clear the borders of the Midrealmers. They're very excited about the opportunity for equestrian activities at the event, too. Border Skirmish will be the Midrealm's first war practice of the season, and we all want it to be a big event.

Exchequer: We have money. (Actual numbers will be listed in the Tower but aren't reported in this notes.) We received our reimbursement from Kingdom.

Quartermaster: No report.

Herald: Nothing to report.

Minister of Children: There's a new plan for children in the future, see YAFA later in these notes.

Chronicler: Next Tower deadline is May 1. We really want to see something from all of our officers, greater and lesser. If a person wants to look at the Tower, they want to see content. So get us some content! May 1 is the deadline, and the issue should be done the following week.

Webminister: Nothing to report. Please make sure to cc: the web minister on upcoming events and meetings. Please check the site to make sure that *your* meeting is listed there correctly. It's up to all of us to make sure that the website is current.

Knights Marshal: We have practice at Stritch on Wednesdays and Sundays, Marquette on Mondays, and Bucketworks on Fridays. Randall is having a practice on Tuesday and Thursday this week as well. When summer arrives (in 6 weeks or so) we'll have Thursday nights at KK Parkway. When Marquette closes for the semester we'll also have Bucketworks on Mondays. Working on Border Skirmish plans. Will be leaving promotional materials in various places like Bucketworks.

Archery: Archery will start on Monday at Gander Mountain on Moreland in Goerke's Corners. Sign the waiver there, pay $5, come shoot.

Rapier: Two new rapier people, and Don Charismos is moving to the Barony.

Youth Marshal: No progress, so nothing to report.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Survived the plague. Reports are in!