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Curia Notes 2014


In Attendance: Cecilia, Siri, Tatiana, Teb, Julianna, Saphira, Hamish, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Nikea, Catherine, Typhaine, Kateryn, Asabella, Myfanwy, Corin, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Slightly harmed (broke her foot). Is going to Flesh Wound - travelling with Teb, who is a new fighter.

Exchequer: We have money. We're set up with the scrip program - will send in an order once we have enough requests to pay for shipping. You can see the sheets at <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>, and you can go to to see the overall list of what is available. Moira is having computer issues and will let us know when she's totally back. Did submit her Domesday.

Herald: Took a deputy (Signora Beatrice). Hoping to attend the Heraldic and Scribes event in April in Windhaven. If you need any help with researching names or creating a device/coat of arms, feel free to ask.

Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

Chronicler: Should we go back to a monthly Tower? Discussion: Hard to get people to report or write articles every month, let alone every two months. When it's every two months it's hard to remember to get it done; if it's every month it's easier to regulate. Hard to think of things to write about every month. Motion to do monthly and get reports in, voted and passed. Will check in six months to see how it's doing. Articles/Reports are due on Sunday, 1/26.

Webminister: Hafgrimm will remain in his office and intends to file an extension for another year. Otherwise, we have a website and everything's working.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Reported to Kingdom. Will be teaching at SUN. If you're working on anything related to the arts and sciences, please let her know.

Knights Marshal: Abelard looked at a possible fighting space, which we'll discuss later. Looked at the Marian Center yesterday. We set up a Facebook page (SEWAC: <a href="!/groups/719956424682003/">!/groups/719956424682003/</a>) and a google calendar (<a href=""></a>) for discussions and planning practices. Some of the more venerable fighters of the group, such as Andrew Greencloak, have joined the Facebook page. People are talking there - it seems to be a hit. We're hoping it continues to go well. We went through the storage room at Marquette and threw some things out, sorted some things, and discovered lots of good armor. We're talking to others about adding to it, as well. We'd like someone in the fiber arts community - possibly Asabella, as the Chatelaine - to go through the five bins of fabric and decide what's worth keeping and what isn't. Next month's Curia meeting is at 7 in the Physics building - let's meet at 6 to go through the storage room. By then we should be able to answer the question of 'Does this belong to the Barony or the Marquette group, since the Marquette group appears to be defunct.' Possibly some of the materiel can be auctioned, with the profits going to the Marquette group, if it still exists?

Archery: Many archery-appropriate things have been shot at, and no one has been hurt. Practice continues at Gander Mountain in Brookfield on Mondays.

Rapier: Practices continue. No-one has died. Looking forward to finding a new combined site.

Youth Combat: Nothing to report.

Chatelaine: Lots of email. Someone reported that they recently moved here from another Kingdom, attended Boar's Head and felt like an outsider. By contrast, she also received an email from another person from another Kingdom who has gushed about how welcome she feels. Please make a point to be nice to new people; if you see someone sitting alone for a long time, maybe go up and talk to them. Especially at Boar's Head, where we're the hosts. We are all Chatelaines, all of us. Hoping to set up something with the retirement community - expanding a demo or moot to include the families of that community.

Seneschal: Received two letters of intent for Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nikea and Druscilla. Next month we invite them to Curia to introduce themselves and participate in a Q&A session. Note: Nikea has now withdrawn, but we still want to have a Q&A with Druscilla.

Chiurgeon: The BOD is considering dropping the Chiurgeonate based on legal counsel - currently accepting comments at If you have comments on this, please make them known.

Old Business:

Boar's Head 2014: December 5/6 are on hold at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Border Skirmish: Keiley is the Ravenslake steward. She likes Nikea's ideas. They will meet and plan a full staff meeting. Nikea's ideas revolve around the questions Who are you, Where did you come from, and How did you get here? Cooking challenge. B&V challenge. Scribal challenge. Youth stuff. And the usual. So far we have a person in charge of pre-reg, and a person in charge of the potluck. Will post a list of open positions, so please volunteer. Remember, we are lead this year - we are primarily responsible for staffing and running the event, with supplemental help from Ravenslake. The status of the equestrian rental is still up in the air - the County Fair folks aren't sure yet if we can use the equestrian area because someone else has a prior claim for that weekend, but if we can't have it we'll be compensated some other way. (Reminder, we did a demo at their County Fair last summer in exchange for free use of the equestrian area this year.)

Zip Code update: The Stallari Council decided that the zip code 53095 should be part of the Shire of Turn an Dem See. We can write a contract to give ourselves rights to use the Washington County Fair Park for events with let or hindrance and without having to pay 'rent' to TADS. We'd like to ask an attorney to look at the language as well. Note, this has caused some tension - let's remember that we're all friends here. Additional note, this is happening in other parts of the Kingdom as well - apparently a cartography snafu has ceded zip codes to multiple groups at the same time.

Possible new fighting space: Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wisconsin and 19th, is a big church with lots of space. They have a large gymnasium/auditorium that we can rent for $25 per hour for fighter's practices on weeknights. We have their permission to fight in this space as well. No decision was made at this time.

Marian Center Walkthrough: Nikea and Dahrien both took photos and posted them. <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>. We would pay $248 per month to become members, which gets us a storage/office space (possibly on the first floor) and the ability to rent available rooms for $25 apiece. This would potentially replace the storage locker, give us a space to meet for Curia, and possibly give us a fighter's practice location; the site could also possibly be used for events such as Boar's Head. We can use the 'terrazzo' space on Thursdays and Sunday afternoons (after 3 PM) for fighter's practice, though that kind of floor is extremely slippery when wet and might not be safe. (The floors are made of small, hard clay tiles.) Available spaces are a gymnasium, auditorium, Home Ec kitchen, main kitchen, gym balcony open space, auditorium open space, Fifth floor hallway (for archery practice).The price for these rooms is $25 per location per event, except the gym (which is $100 per event) and the auditorium (which is negotiable and capped at $250 per event). Note, 'an event' could be an evening fighter's practice or a Friday (setup)/Saturday for Boar's Head. The Home Ec kitchen has six countertop stove units and one refrigerator, but we can rent additional refrigerators. Tables are available to rent at $2.50 and chairs are $.50 each. The prospect of having all of the dishes stored on-site in a vermin-free environment is very nice for the woman who washes every dish before an event. Note: They are anticipating developing this space - maybe - in 2015, and if that goes through they will convert two of the three buildings to housing. (Renters would move into the third building.) If the site goes away in a year, we would have to find a new space for storage, meetings, and fighting again, but at least it gives us a year of breathing space. We should be able to hold Boar's Head at this space for under $1000, as opposed to at Washington County for $3-4000. We ought to do a cost/benefit analysis. We will meet again to do a second walkthrough on February 1 at Noon - meet on Superior at the second entrance (not the first where the gate is). After the walkthrough we will go to the St Francis Brewery (or another location to be determined later) to discuss. We can then put the numbers in front of the Barony.

New Business:

Storage Locker: We need to pay the storage locker, which is overdue. We had been waiting to pay pending the results from the Marian Center, but we should pay for the next six months. We voted, and voted yes.

2014 Calendar: Let's plan the dates for 2014 on the CAM email list, and bring the results to February Curia.