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Curia Notes 2014


In Attendance: Cecilia, Siri, Tatiana, Teb, Julianna, Saphira, Hamish, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Nikea, Catherine, Typhaine, Kateryn, Asabella, Myfanwy, Corin, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Slightly harmed (broke her foot). Is going to Flesh Wound - travelling with Teb, who is a new fighter.

Exchequer: We have money. We're set up with the scrip program - will send in an order once we have enough requests to pay for shipping. You can see the sheets at <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>, and you can go to to see the overall list of what is available. Moira is having computer issues and will let us know when she's totally back. Did submit her Domesday.

Herald: Took a deputy (Signora Beatrice). Hoping to attend the Heraldic and Scribes event in April in Windhaven. If you need any help with researching names or creating a device/coat of arms, feel free to ask.

Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

Chronicler: Should we go back to a monthly Tower? Discussion: Hard to get people to report or write articles every month, let alone every two months. When it's every two months it's hard to remember to get it done; if it's every month it's easier to regulate. Hard to think of things to write about every month. Motion to do monthly and get reports in, voted and passed. Will check in six months to see how it's doing. Articles/Reports are due on Sunday, 1/26.

Webminister: Hafgrimm will remain in his office and intends to file an extension for another year. Otherwise, we have a website and everything's working.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Reported to Kingdom. Will be teaching at SUN. If you're working on anything related to the arts and sciences, please let her know.

Knights Marshal: Abelard looked at a possible fighting space, which we'll discuss later. Looked at the Marian Center yesterday. We set up a Facebook page (SEWAC: <a href="!/groups/719956424682003/">!/groups/719956424682003/</a>) and a google calendar (<a href=""></a>) for discussions and planning practices. Some of the more venerable fighters of the group, such as Andrew Greencloak, have joined the Facebook page. People are talking there - it seems to be a hit. We're hoping it continues to go well. We went through the storage room at Marquette and threw some things out, sorted some things, and discovered lots of good armor. We're talking to others about adding to it, as well. We'd like someone in the fiber arts community - possibly Asabella, as the Chatelaine - to go through the five bins of fabric and decide what's worth keeping and what isn't. Next month's Curia meeting is at 7 in the Physics building - let's meet at 6 to go through the storage room. By then we should be able to answer the question of 'Does this belong to the Barony or the Marquette group, since the Marquette group appears to be defunct.' Possibly some of the materiel can be auctioned, with the profits going to the Marquette group, if it still exists?

Archery: Many archery-appropriate things have been shot at, and no one has been hurt. Practice continues at Gander Mountain in Brookfield on Mondays.

Rapier: Practices continue. No-one has died. Looking forward to finding a new combined site.

Youth Combat: Nothing to report.

Chatelaine: Lots of email. Someone reported that they recently moved here from another Kingdom, attended Boar's Head and felt like an outsider. By contrast, she also received an email from another person from another Kingdom who has gushed about how welcome she feels. Please make a point to be nice to new people; if you see someone sitting alone for a long time, maybe go up and talk to them. Especially at Boar's Head, where we're the hosts. We are all Chatelaines, all of us. Hoping to set up something with the retirement community - expanding a demo or moot to include the families of that community.

Seneschal: Received two letters of intent for Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nikea and Druscilla. Next month we invite them to Curia to introduce themselves and participate in a Q&A session. Note: Nikea has now withdrawn, but we still want to have a Q&A with Druscilla.

Chiurgeon: The BOD is considering dropping the Chiurgeonate based on legal counsel - currently accepting comments at If you have comments on this, please make them known.

Old Business:

Boar's Head 2014: December 5/6 are on hold at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Border Skirmish: Keiley is the Ravenslake steward. She likes Nikea's ideas. They will meet and plan a full staff meeting. Nikea's ideas revolve around the questions Who are you, Where did you come from, and How did you get here? Cooking challenge. B&V challenge. Scribal challenge. Youth stuff. And the usual. So far we have a person in charge of pre-reg, and a person in charge of the potluck. Will post a list of open positions, so please volunteer. Remember, we are lead this year - we are primarily responsible for staffing and running the event, with supplemental help from Ravenslake. The status of the equestrian rental is still up in the air - the County Fair folks aren't sure yet if we can use the equestrian area because someone else has a prior claim for that weekend, but if we can't have it we'll be compensated some other way. (Reminder, we did a demo at their County Fair last summer in exchange for free use of the equestrian area this year.)

Zip Code update: The Stallari Council decided that the zip code 53095 should be part of the Shire of Turn an Dem See. We can write a contract to give ourselves rights to use the Washington County Fair Park for events with let or hindrance and without having to pay 'rent' to TADS. We'd like to ask an attorney to look at the language as well. Note, this has caused some tension - let's remember that we're all friends here. Additional note, this is happening in other parts of the Kingdom as well - apparently a cartography snafu has ceded zip codes to multiple groups at the same time.

Possible new fighting space: Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wisconsin and 19th, is a big church with lots of space. They have a large gymnasium/auditorium that we can rent for $25 per hour for fighter's practices on weeknights. We have their permission to fight in this space as well. No decision was made at this time.

Marian Center Walkthrough: Nikea and Dahrien both took photos and posted them. <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>. We would pay $248 per month to become members, which gets us a storage/office space (possibly on the first floor) and the ability to rent available rooms for $25 apiece. This would potentially replace the storage locker, give us a space to meet for Curia, and possibly give us a fighter's practice location; the site could also possibly be used for events such as Boar's Head. We can use the 'terrazzo' space on Thursdays and Sunday afternoons (after 3 PM) for fighter's practice, though that kind of floor is extremely slippery when wet and might not be safe. (The floors are made of small, hard clay tiles.) Available spaces are a gymnasium, auditorium, Home Ec kitchen, main kitchen, gym balcony open space, auditorium open space, Fifth floor hallway (for archery practice).The price for these rooms is $25 per location per event, except the gym (which is $100 per event) and the auditorium (which is negotiable and capped at $250 per event). Note, 'an event' could be an evening fighter's practice or a Friday (setup)/Saturday for Boar's Head. The Home Ec kitchen has six countertop stove units and one refrigerator, but we can rent additional refrigerators. Tables are available to rent at $2.50 and chairs are $.50 each. The prospect of having all of the dishes stored on-site in a vermin-free environment is very nice for the woman who washes every dish before an event. Note: They are anticipating developing this space - maybe - in 2015, and if that goes through they will convert two of the three buildings to housing. (Renters would move into the third building.) If the site goes away in a year, we would have to find a new space for storage, meetings, and fighting again, but at least it gives us a year of breathing space. We should be able to hold Boar's Head at this space for under $1000, as opposed to at Washington County for $3-4000. We ought to do a cost/benefit analysis. We will meet again to do a second walkthrough on February 1 at Noon - meet on Superior at the second entrance (not the first where the gate is). After the walkthrough we will go to the St Francis Brewery (or another location to be determined later) to discuss. We can then put the numbers in front of the Barony.

New Business:

Storage Locker: We need to pay the storage locker, which is overdue. We had been waiting to pay pending the results from the Marian Center, but we should pay for the next six months. We voted, and voted yes.

2014 Calendar: Let's plan the dates for 2014 on the CAM email list, and bring the results to February Curia.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning Guild: People are brewing and vintning.

Cooking and Herbal Guild: February 23, Corydon and Typhaine's house. Theme is Camping Food. You can arrive as early as 2 PM, we'll start cooking at 4 PM.

Calligraphy and Illumination Guild: Met, and will plan another meeting.

Clothiers Guild: February 22, Bayview Library, from 2-4:45 PM.

Dance Guild: January 23, meeting at Longstride Manor (Kateryn's house). This meeting will be a discussion about what people want to do at a dance guild practice.



In Attendance: Attendees: Kateryn, Mysie, Beatrice, Magnus, Nikea, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Karl, Rhys, Hamish, Drusilla, Paul, Eva, Katlin, Murdoch, Cecillia, Moria, Julianna, Saphira, Annetje, Hieronymus, Dahrien. Notes taken by Arnbjorn.

MOAS Q&A: (Due to Drusilla needing to leave early, the Q&A for MOAS was held first.)

Why does she want to be MOAS of CAM? I am comfortable with CAM and has considered CAM for her home group for the past two years.

What are your goals in office? To work with the other officers where duties overlap with MOAS, and find out how MOAS can help other officers.

With the hour long commute from Sheboygan, how to you plan to attend curia and other officer meetings? Possibly Skype or telephoning in when I can't come in person. Possibly use proxies. I hope to have 2-3 deputies.

What are your strengths and challenges? Strengths: Intelligence, enthusiasm, abundance of creativity. Challenges: Intelligence, enthusiasm, abundance of creativity. And being crazy.

Motion was made to abbreviate the appointment process. Motion passed.

Motion was made to approve Drusilla's appointment, effective May 2014. Motion passed.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Many hands make light work- many positions are still open for Border Skirmish. CAM is the lead group. Proposed Calendar to be discussed after Marian Center discussion.

Chancellor of Exchequer: Balance: $17,876.52. Scrip is open. Electronic withdraw for Scrip has been set-up, can get cards within a business week of order. No letters of intent submitted for CoE. Moria asked for a one-year extension. Extension approved.

Quartermaster: Office open. No letters of intent received.

Herald- Beatrice, deputy herald, serving as proxy- Abelard is working on registering CAM awards & orders. Working on establishing consultation times, possibly with C&I.

Minister of Youth: no report from Corydon. Nikea reported that Northhshield is a two month test kingdom for the YAFA program, which will gather mentors for children to work on projects. Badges will be given for completion. Mentors will not need the background check, but either the parent or someone with an active background check will need to be present.

Chronicler: Great turn-out for submissions for the February Tower. The deadline for the March Tower is 2/23/14. Read the Tower.

Web Minister: Dahrien reporting as deputy- We have a website. People can submit online CAM directory profiles at: .

MOAS: No report.

Knights Marshal: Practices are going very well at the Airsoft location, found through the efforts of Murdoch & Randall. Sir Andrew Greencloak has been coming to practices to mentor. Rhys & Karl are two of the newest armored fighters. The armored combat corps is growing. Talking with Aryeton about a joint practice near the state line. Staying with one practice per week now.

Archery Captain: Practices on Mondays at Gander Mtn. No one has died or been wounded. Holding a Winter Shoot on 3/10.

Rapier Captain: Eva reporting as proxy: Practices on Thursdays at the Glendale Synagogue. Space is too small to hold more than rapier practice. Albrecht looking into possibly moving practice to Airsoft, which as room for both practices.

Youth Combat: no report from Corydon. Hamish is looking into AC combat rules for 16-17 year olds (have two teenagers who are interested).

Chatelaine: Working on demo stuff. Contacted the Midwinter Gaming Con about having a booth there next year. Waiting to hear from them. Looking at organizing another demo at the Southshore Park Farmer's Market later this spring/summer. Katlin mentioned that the LARPers are holding an event this weekend at the Airsoft location. People are welcome to hang-out/help-out at her booth there.

Seneschal: received the 2014 general insurance certificate.

Chirurgeon: Still vacant.

Old Business:

Washington County Fair Park: Motion made and approved to hold Boar's Head 2014 at the WCFP.

Border Skirmish: Budget was approved by the Finance Committee. Full report will be in the Tower.

Open Positions: Chancellor of the Exchequer (extension approved) and Quartermaster.

Marian Center: Finance Committee recommendation: The barony should rent a 10x10 room for officer & meeting space from March 1- June 1, then transfer to a 320 sq ft room, to be used as storage and meeting space, after storage locker lease expires on July 1. If the recommendation was adopted, Moria and Tomas offered to pay the difference in rent between the 100 sq ft room and the 320 sq ft room for March-May. Cecilla offered to donate $15 per month as well. The Marian Center will guarantee the lease through 2015.

Questions and concerns included: concerns about only have the Marian Center less than 2 two years and would the 320 sq' room be big enough for storage and meeting space (this was a major point of discussion). There were also questions of access to the Marian Center. Seneschal would have a key. Barony would have to determine who else got keys.

Concerns about staying with the current storage locker included lack of lights and climate control, and possibility of pests. Pests would just as likely be problem at the Marian Center. Storage at the Marian Center would keep property in climate control lit area, making inventory easier.

Annetje made suggestion of keeping equipment used for outdoor events (such as carport, grills, etc.) in a smaller storage locker, and keep the indoor event property (mostly feast related) in the 320 sq' room.

Motion was made to adopt the Finance Committee recommendation. Motion failed.

Motion was made to refer the Marian Center back for further review. Motion passed.

New Business:

Bardic Madness: 3 bids have failed and a fourth one is opposite a Midrealm bardic event. Eva, Annteje, and Dahrien submitted a proposal for CAM to submit a bid host Bardic Madess on April 26, 2014 at the East Troy Girl Scout camp. Proposal suggests reserving the lodge and two bunk houses for $650. Reserving space for camping raises cost to around $800. With a $10 site fee and approx. attendance of 100-1500, bringing in $1000-$1500, site is more than covered. Katlin and Hamish will prepare a simple feast. Motion was made for the barony to submit a bid, pending approval of the finance committee. Motion passed.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewers & Vinters: Still drinking, still making beverages.

Cooking Group: Meeting this Sunday (2/23) at Typhaine's. Theme is camp food.

Herbal Group: on hiatus. Nikea is making herbal remedies for the family.

Calligraphy & Illumination: Meeting on Wednesday (2/19), planning on meeting 1st & 3rd Wednesdays. Looking into alternative location, other than Marquette. Airsoft is currently too dusty, but that may change in the future. Joanne Fabrics may have space available for crafting groups.

Clothier Guild: Meeting on Saturday (2/22) at Bayview Library, 2-4:45pm.

Dance Guild: Meeting on Thursday (2/27) at Longstride, 7-8:30 pm. Beatrice is teaching English Country Dance.



In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Abelard, Constans, Thamar, Cecilia, Eva, Hamish, Siri, Kateryn, Alice, Magnus, Asabella, Dahrien, Sofonisba (Remote)

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We have new people this week who moved here recently from Mistig Waetru: Constans and Thamar. Welcome!

Exchequer: We had expenditures this month, most notably reservations for Washington County (Boar's Head site), Walworth County (Border Skirmish site), and Girl Scouts of Wisconsin (Bardic Madness site). Scrip orders are always welcome - please visit the information on the website and purchase some. The financial committee met online and approved the Bardic Madness financial bid (with the addition of a youth fee). Note regarding bids: While Curia approves an event bid, the financial committee approves the financial part of a bid. This is a two-step process, and the second step is still new for us. We need to publish the signatory information in order to change the checking account, as stated here: Kingdom of Northshield Exchequer: Elizabeth Jensen; Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr Seneschal: Carol Yanke; Barony of Caer Anterth Exchequer: M. Kay Roberts; Barony of Caer Anterth Officer: Paul Knappenberger. We voted on this and it was approved.

Quartermaster: Office is open, but we have two applicants: THL Nikea and Lord Magnus. At the April Curia we will have a Q&A session for them. Note: Kateryn has done research into storage lockers in the area and has provided this information to folks at Curia.

Herald: Please contact me if you want help with your name and/or device.

Minister of Children: No report.

Chronicler: The April Tower is coming up. Submissions are due Sunday, 3/23. Two questions for the populace (which will also be posted on the email list): Would people rather receive the newsletter via email ('pushed' to them) or continue to view it on the website ('pulled')? It will still be posted on the website and Facebook in either case. Question: Would people like to have an index of articles? Eva has volunteered to scan old newsletters for archival purposes. Note, we need permission to re-print these. Eva will also start tracking people down to obtain permission.

Webminister: Make sure to tell webminister if you want information about upcoming events disseminated on the website, calendar, etc. What, where, and when. If nobody tells the webminister, there's no guarantee that the information will be posted.

MoAS: No report.

Knights Marshal: We had some information on the website which wasn't up to date, and that was as much the officer's fault as the webminister. All officers, please make a note to look at your pages and make sure your information is up to date. Social media is helping us - if you want access to our heavy weapons page on Facebook, let Hamish know. We had 23 people at practice a couple weeks ago, more than half of whom were in armor. We have seven new fighters, most wearing Baronial loaner armor. Will add a second, maybe a third, weekly practice when the weather gets nice.

Archery: Planning the archery portion of Border Skirmish, working with HRH Elizabeth's people to have a Royal Champion shoot. Arnbjorn will be MIC. Looking forward to practicing outdoors again.

Rapier: Moving slowly to the Airsoft Arena on Thursday nights to have a unified practice site again.

Chatelaine: Life is busy - buying a house. Needs a deputy - please contact her if interested.

Seneschal: Went to the Border Skirmish meeting. It's moving along. Looking forward to it. Volunteer! Bardic Madness is also moving along.

Chiurgeon: We don't know the status, but today was the last day to submit feedback regarding the position in the SCA.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: They're drinking.

Cooking and Herbal: They're eating.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Moving to Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena, in the hallway (not in the fighting hall).

Clothier's Guild: Third meeting is this week at Beatrice's house, 3/29, 2-4:45 PM. This session will be a lecture on medieval undergarments, and the next meeting will focus on making medieval undergarments. The guild intends to continue this pattern (lecture, make, lecture, make...) until they assemble entire outfits from the inside out.

Dance Guild: Meeting next Thursday, 3/27, 7-8:30 PM, at Longstride Manor. Focusing on Persian women's dance. Will also be setting new dates and topics at that meeting. Also doing something at Border Skirmish.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: We're doing a little bit of everything - raffle, heavy weapons, rapier, archery, food, drink, hafla, quaveh, beanbag toss, coursing, equestrian... If you want to volunteer, speak to Nikea.

Bardic Madness: It proceeds. Hope to have nice weather so we can have a fire outdoors. Need six volunteers for kitchen staff. Looking for people or groups to provide non-feast meals - talk to Eva or Annetje. Need help at gate. Note for future events: This site has an archery range.

Marian Center: We have a letter from the Marian Center regarding what we need to provide in order to apply, and there's a bunch of information and materiel which we may not have. The question of whether or not we move there may be moot.

New Business:

Proposed amendment to bylaws: "Upon receiving a request for a budget approval, the financial committee will communicate their decision, or need for further information, to the steward(s) within two weeks. When further information is provided, the financial committee will notify the steward(s) within one week of receiving the new information." The group discussed this, and made several comments; ultimately the Curia did not vote on this question and the tone of the conversation implied that it is not needed. Some additional notes from the conversation: Financial committee meetings are not 'closed door' meetings and anyone can attend, but only the members of the committee can vote on matters. Autocrats can be invited to these meetings. Electronic meetings for simple requests are acceptable.

Directory: Arnbjorn will contact people to make changes to the directory, including removing people who may not wish to be there anymore.

Deadlines for Boar's Head bids: May Curia

Upcoming Moots: We need stewards and locations for Baronial Champions and Spring Court. Sofonisba will look into May 3 at Fort Atkinson. Please respond to Kateryn's email regarding moots.

Potential Demo: Watertown Middle School, with Jaravellier, June 4 (Wed) mid-day. Looking for people to host 'stations' featuring various A&S functions, as well as a 'half-time' heavy weapons demo. Will post it to the CAM list, will tell Jara that we're interested. This is for 375 7th graders.

Potential Demo: Janesville Ren Faire, May 17-18. Same day as Armored Combat Collegium in Jara. This probably won't work out.

Potential Demo: Walworth County Fair, Labor Day weekend. Same weekend as Known World Cooks & Bards event in Jara. This probably won't work out.

Potential Demo: Brookfield Public Library, any time. Will talk to them further - maybe sometime in fall?

General Note: New officers should be told by their predecessors what things need to be updated (including webpages and sub-pages).

Curia meetings: Booked at Brookfield Public Library every other month.

Locations: Eva may have a lead on the new Salvation Army community center in Greenfield.



In Attendance: Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Moira, Hamish, Kateryn, Nikea, Alice, Marie, Hafgrimm, Magnus, Siri, Albrecht, Corin, Myfanway, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Thank you for coming. Good to see that we have so many people interested in the business of the barony. Thank you to Moira and Thomas for opening their home. Went to Coronation - we have a new King and Queen. They were lovely. Sofbinispa is on vigil for the Laurel. Good day, lovely weather, but the weather on the drive home was lousy. The strange coronet has been identified - it was made for Alice. We'll ask the creator if it should be considered regalia or if it should go to Alice, and also see if he wants to finish it. Also, Katarina Unru is the new Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Exchequer: We made some money and we spent some money - see the Exchequer report in the Tower. Remember that we are still doing the Scrip program as a fundraiser - see explanation on the website and in the Tower, and will send out an email about it again. It takes some getting used to, but it's great once you start using it. Planning to send the order this week - please contact her if you wish to add to it. (If she places an order on Monday she should have it by Friday.) Working on first quarter report. Still working on changing over the checking account to the new signatories.

Herald: The herald and his deputy have consulted with folks about names and devices. Will add the new Known World Symposium to the library once the Baroness finishes copying it for him. Please contact the herald or his deputy with questions about names or devices, if you want to register something, or if you just want to chat in heraldese.

Minister of Children: Not present.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Not present.

Chronicler: Deadline for the May Tower is Tuesday, April 22. Read the Tower!

Webminister: The website is still up. There have been problems with the mailing list, but those are at the provider's end (Yahoo in particular) not our end. Also, heartbleed is a real thing. Change your online passwords!

Knights Marshal: We continue to have practice at the Airsoft Arena on Thursday nights. We've invited rapier fighters to join us, and they've been present for a couple weeks. We have nine new fighters working towards their initial authorizations. We're doing well with loaner armor, and have hosted an armoring day to work on the helmet tops from the storage room. We should have 6-8 new helmets soon. Recently polled the fighters regarding practice locations and times, and decided to stick with Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena for the summer but will also add outdoor spaces on Sundays. We'll probably rotate between outdoor sites - if people wish to host, please let Hamish know. Also want to organize trips to other practices.

Archery Captain: Having fun shooting. Will move outdoors in May. Will host the contest to choose Her Majesty's Archery Champion at Border Skirmish.

Rapier: Joined the armored combatants on Thursdays. Might add a quarterly additional practice with a guest teacher.

Youth Combat: Jara now has a youth combat practice on Wednesday nights.

Chatelaine: Not present, but sent a report: If anyone is free for the Jara demo at the Watertown Middle School on June 5th please go and help them out. Contact Asabella for more info. Need a few more people for gate at Bardic Madness. Help me out! (Side note, I am day-tripping Bardic, can Cecelia pick up the gate box from Moira and bring to the event? I can take it all back after. Let me know, thanks.) Come to Dance Guild on Thursday, April 17th at 7pm at Longstride Manor! And, please donate stuff for silent auction at Border Skirmish! And, maybe consider the Walworth County Fair demo over Memorial Day weekend.

Seneschal: Nothing to report.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Discussed meads.

Cooking: Will do an herbal remedy class in the fall.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Meets Thursday nights at fighter's practice in the Airsoft Arena.

Clothier's Guild: Next meeting is April 19th at the Bayview Library, constructing undergarments. Looking for more teachers. Will plan future meetings at this meeting. Side note: The place which sells lots of fabric at $6 per yard will be having another sale. We'll be informed.

Dance Guild: Thursday at Longstride Manor will be Persian, from 7-8:30. And yay for Asabella keeping the webministers up to date.

Old Business:

Bardic Madness: Lunch plan is coming. Please come join us at the event! Also, looking for people to help clean up Sunday, from about noon until 2:30. There is no pre-reg for this event. If you're interested in helping out, please contact the autocrats.

Border Skirmish: There's a lot going on. We still need a head of security and volunteers for Troll. There will be raffle prizes tied to the site token checks. Might have a rapier MIC lined up; if you know someone who wants to be the Northshield MIC for the rapier combat please let the autocrats know. If you want to volunteer for any other job or to help an existing job, please contact whomever is in charge of that job. (Staff positions are listed on the website.) Next meeting is May 4 in Fox Lake. We *are* going to be coursing the hounds; whether or not you can bring your dogs to the event to camp has not yet been decided. (Nikea needs to talk to Ravenslake.)

Boar's Head: Letters of intent/bids are due next Curia.

Baronial Directory: Has sent email, posted on Facebook, and used other methods to contact folks - if you want to be in the new edition of the Directory, contact Arnbjorn.

Meeting Spaces: We have been having problems finding locations. We currently have the Brookfield Library reserved every other month. Seneschal would like Alice to reserve it for the intermediate months as well, and we can cancel meetings if we find another place. Suggestions: Oak Creek Community Center, Oak Creek Salvation Army, Greenfield Salvation Army, Gravity Connect, North Shore Library. Also, look at warehouses for events.

Quartermaster: We have two candidates: THL Nikea and Lord Magnus. Q&A is scheduled for tonight.

Opening Statements. Nikea: Volunteering for quartermaster to update, itemize, upgrade, and organize the storage locker. Magnus: Ditto.

Q: What is the most important thing that needs to be done? N: Get an updated list and upload it to the website, get rid of what we don't use. M: Yes, and sort out the ownership paperwork. (Get the right person on the contract.)

Q: Since it's been impossible to talk to the storage locker office person, how are you going to do this? Alternately, what about another location? M: I hope to find another site with the help of Kateryn's list, switch to a better place. Also, need to reaquire the materiel which is in peoples' houses that should be in the storage locker. N: Ditto. Was planning to relocate. Once we know what we have and what we don't need, we might be able to get a better and smaller space.

Q: Can you move stuff? I.e., do you have a large enough vehicle to move things, and do you have any back problems? N: I have a truck. M: I have a station wagon.

Side note: We should get a new lock for the locker, and labelled keys (Seneschal, Quartermaster, etc.)

The Curia moved to bypass the requirement to wait until the next meeting and vote tonight. Voted and passed. A vote was held, and Magnus is now the new Quartermaster.

New Business:

Baronial Championships: Money is due to Rock River Parkway to secure the site. We voted and approved this location, and also voted and approved paying the deposit.

Next meeting will be May 20 at Brookfield Library.



In Attendance: Abelard, Siri, Cecilia, Asabella, Hamish, Alice, Kateryn, Beatrice, Dahrien, Magnus, Arnbjorn, Kaitlin, Myfanwy, Corin, Albrecht, Druscilla

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Please send in award recommendations for Border Skirmish. There will be a Baronial court at 3 PM Saturday.

Exchequer: Report will be in the Tower.

Quartermaster: Looking into storage unit possibilities. Typical 10'x20' units are $125 per month, but discovered that Public Storage is having a Memorial Day sale. Found three potential locations (88th and Brown Deer, 76th and Dean, 77th and Mill). He prefers 77th and Dean. Area is fenced with gate access, office hours are M-F 9-6, Saturday 9-5. Keypad access from 6-AM-9PM daily. Insurance available ($3000 insurance for $11 per month). We voted and passed the motion to allow Magnus to get this - $69 per month plus $11 insurance, plus processing fees for the first month. Also, would like $6 to repair water jug. Approved.

Herald: Abelard is on vigil for the Pelican and a little shell-shocked. His deputy reports that Katerina got a Bridget's Flame, Nikea submitted a device, and Beatrice is working on a name.

Chronicler: Articles due May 25. Thank you all for putting in effort towards articles and reports. Has been approved to become Kingdom Chronicler and will step up at Boar's Head. Office of the Chronicler is now considered open and is accepting letters of intent; he will be Baronial Chronicler until December.

Webminister: We still have a website. Yahoo will now once again allow CAM email to flow.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: We have active guilds, artisans, sciencers, and other things. People are doing stuff! Welcome to summer. Nikea is the drop-dead deputy and Annetje is research deputy.

Knights Marshal: Fourteen new fighters in various states of repair. A couple of them may be ready to authorize by Border Skirmish. Has witnessed great efforts by the fighting community to recruit and teach the new fighters. At Armored Combat Collegium Armond won the unbelted tournament and Hamish took third. Jean was a finalist in the Bring Your Best tournament. Murdoch and Jean both taught classes as well. Leif is starting Friday night practices in Kenosha this week. We'll be starting a rotating Sunday night practice, starting at Hamish and Fiona's, next Sunday. Thursday practice will be at the Airsoft Arena through the summer.

Archery: Outdoor practices have started: Monday nights rotating between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park, with Kinnickinnick Park on Wednesdays.

Rapier: Practices Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena.

Chatelaine: Might have a deputy. Don't forget the June 4 demo at Watertown school if you're available. (Moon can go but needs a ride - contact Moon or Asabella.) Still wants to try the Farmer's Market at the South Shore Market (Saturday mornings), maybe once a month in July, August, September, October. Possibly combine the farmer's market (which is 8-12) with a fighter's practice? Also, do we want to do Bayview Bash? (It's September 13th, same weekend as Coronation.)

Seneschal: Need a steward for Boar's Head. Deadline was today. We voted to extend the deadline by one month. (The vote passed.)

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: There will be a B&V Challenge at Border Skirmish.

Calligraphy and Illumination: They're painting and calliging!

Clothiers Guild: Meeting at UWM was a big success - Cecilia taught, Annetje showed hundreds of examples of brocades. Next meeting is Saturday June 21, 11-1:30, Bayview Library. Get together and make stuff.

Dance: Meeting on the 28th, Long Stride Manor, English Country Dance taught by Beatrice.

Woodworking (new): Mondays in the summer, making tables at Armond's.

Old Business:

Bardic Madness Recap: Event was great, attendance was lower than anticipated because of a death in the community. We lost about $400. We wound up not using two of the buildings we had planned on; we can have those for free if we use the site again. It's possible that we can also get a refund for those buildings. The event was absolutely stunning and amazing. The feast was fantastic. The schedule was loose. We actually got some money back from feast thanks to donations - that money went to Moira via Cecilia.

Border Skimish: It's happening. Everything's happening. Bring stuff for the silent auction. Write letters of recommendation for awards. Baronial court at 3 PM Saturday.

Baronial Directory: You have until the end of this month to get information to Arnbjorn. He should be finished with his work in June, and then will get it printed. Note: Do *not* send this information to the list.

Meeting space: This item will stay on the agenda until we have a new confirmed new location. Until then we'll be meeting at Brookfield Library.

Baronial Champs and Legends Moots: Need stewards.

Green Knight Tournament: Should have budget to submit to the financial committee by next Curia. The core group (Kaitlin, Fancy, Dahrien, Mysie, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Valerius, Eva, Albrecht) have mapped out a plan for what needs to happen and by when over the next year and a half. Over the summer we'll start building the legs for the tables. (The tables will be used for high feast and auctioned off after the event.) We're treating this like a medieval theater group. The website needs to be up by the end of July so that people can pre-reg. There will be 'dorm' space. Will be doing a live read of the story on Friday night. There will be a pas, quest pieces, both a high and low feast, and activities for kids. We can't lock in prices for the food until September. We are all over this. It's rolling. If you have any questions, ask. After Border Skirmish we'll have more regular meetings. Need to have a certain amount of people registered by Febuary. The prices are set, with the exception of feast price. Note, all spaces at this event are pre-reg only.

New Business:

Bylaws: When should we submit the bylaws for review? Does the finance committee want to review the financial components first? We should wait for the exchequer to be at the meeting before we discuss it.

Crown: Got an email from Toramassa: Do we want to host Spring Crown?

Brookfield Library: They would like us to do a Saturday demo for the kids in September.

UWM: If you know students at UWM who would be interested in re-starting a group there, please put them in touch with Beatrice. She has two students who are interested and needs two more. ("Students" are defined as paid students in the summer or fall terms.) A group there would get us free meeting space, quarter-cost printing, and more benefits. We'd like to get people in place by September so they can sign more people up.



In Attendance: Abelard, Moira, Druscilla, Hafgrimm, Julianna, Nikea, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Cecilia, Hamish, Kateryn, Alice, Dahrien, Katlin

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Border Skirmish was great. We had a hunting court - took the court out to the populace to find award recipients. I'm happy.

Exchequer: We have money. If you have a financial issue, please talk to the Exchequer who is available via email and phone if you don't see her at a meeting. We had an issue with a missing check from Border Skirmish - getting it resolved now - and received a number of receipts from the event tonight.

Quartermaster: Quartermaster acquired a new storage locker at (roughly) Brown Deer and 76th. He and Geoffrey unloaded the truck from Border Skirmish there. Will get keys and the codes to Exchequer and Seneschal. Will put out a call to move the rest of the locker's contents this weekend (June 21-22) or next weekend (June 28-29).

Minister of Children: Not present.

Herald: The deputy and I have done some consulting. She heralded the Baronial Court at Border Skirmish and co-heralded the Royal Court. The following people received awards in court: Lothar de Croix: Baronial Brassard. Charismos of Lakadaemonias: Baronial Brassard. Serafina degli Aldobrandeschi di Firenze: Baronial Brassard. Moon: Baronial Brassard. Wolf: Baronial Brassard. Willow: Baronial Brassard. : Baronial Brassard. Katrina: Baronial Brassard. Johnathan: Baronial Brassard. Kala: Baronial Brassard. Katlin McArthur: Whistling Swan. Corydon Rathbone: Millstone. Jean du MalChance: Whistling Swan. Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr: Millstone. Randall of Caer Anterth Mawr: Flaming Heart. Karl Keller: Millstone. Fiona Kittridge: Millstone. Katerina Unru: Whistling Swan. Rhys ap Ishmael Llygad Odd: Millstone. Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli: Fortress Virtuoso. Murdoch McArthur: Castle Commander. Corin du Soleil: Castle Commander. Albrecht of Caer Anterth Mawr: Council of Ancestors. Eva of Greenfield: Council of Ancestors. Abelard die Elster: Pelican. Cecilia di Cefalu: Cygnus. Jean du MalChance: Vigil for Chivalry.

Chronicler: July Tower articles are due by Sunday, June 22. Read the Tower. Office is open - Letters of Intent due by August Curia.

Webminister: The website is working. Please remember to email calendar changes, updates, and additions to the webminister.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Quarterly report filed.

Knights Marshal: Quarterly report filed. Francis authorized at Border Skirmish. We had fighting at the event - roughly 90 fighters. We still have lots of new fighters, and still have practice on Thursdays at the Airsoft Arena.

Archery: Practice twice a week, Mondays rotate between Whitnall Park and KK Park.

Rapier: Continuing practices on Thursdays. People are working towards authorizations.

Chatelaine: Tons of new people were at Border Skirmish. Sent dates to Hamish to plan for a fighting/cooking demo at the South Shore Park farmer's market (8-12 on a Saturday). Sent dates to Alice to book the library for a demo there. Hamish will be the coordinator for a demo at the Midwinter Gaming Convention. Do we want to do the Bayview Bash (Sept 13, same weekend as Coronation)? After much discussion we decided to reserve a 10'x10' space ($70), and if more than 10 people agree to be there we'll expand to 10'x20'. If insufficient fighters for a demo, will look into a dance demo. We voted on this and it passed. Re: the Walworth County Demo (Labor Day weekend), Nikea spoke to them and told them that we don't have sufficient numbers and can't do it this year. Asabella has also been approached by some schools looking for demos; will get more information. And, there's an RPG group meeting at the library on Tuesday and Thursday nights - Mythic Adventures is a history-based, Socratic-method-based RPG set in a steam-powered Byzantium. They've got a large group of students from the local high school playing. (The person in charge said it was a sneaky way to teach them history.) Abelard will talk to him in the next few weeks to get him in touch with Asabella to possibly coordinate efforts.

Seneschal: Quarterly report has been filed. We are the only group which responds to requests from new people within 24 hours, and the Kingdom Seneschal thanked us for it. Also, Kingdom Seneschal asked everyone to make sure they request insurance paperwork at least two and a half months before an event; Cecilia will try to get it arranged even sooner than that. Seneschal of TADS has not yet signed the agreement re: the zip code; she said she'd take it to their group and discuss it.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Had a challenge at Border Skirmish.

Cooking: Had a challenge at Border Skirmish.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting at Airsoft Arena and UWM.

Clothiers Guild: Meeting Saturday June 21. Will receive a donation of fabric from the silent auction.

Dance Guild: Wednesday June 25th at KK Parkway (near archery practice), 7 PM. Nikea will teach Turkish Dance.

Old Business:

Boars Head 2014: Received a bid from Hamish and Katlin. Voted and accepted the initial bid. Financial Committee will review.

Meeting space: Looked at a potential meeting space at the North Shore Library, rejected.

Green Knight Tournament: Proposed budget. Financial committee will review.

Baronial Champions: Arnbjorn will steward.

Legends Moot: Asabella will steward.

Baronial Directory: Almost complete. Suggest ordering 75 instead of 100. Extras should go to new officers and new paid members.

New Business:

Border Skirmish: Made 330 site tokens and ran out early Saturday morning. Event well really well. Site setup was very fast, take down was also very fast. (Done by 10:30 Sunday morning; staff remained till noon to clear the stragglers off site.) Some hiccups which were taken care of. Awesome job. Suggestions to move archery closer. Silent Auction/Rummage Sale raised just under $500, half of which goes to Ravenslake.

Thrown Weapons: Nikea and Julianna are now Marshals In Training for thrown weapons. Once a week (usually Wednesdays) they will meet at KK Parkway. First meeting will be Tuesday, June 24. Currently throwing knives and axes at 10' and 20'. (No javelins yet.)

Courtesy Patrol at Warriors and Warlords XXI: We ought to volunteer for our traditional time slot, Friday night from 6:30 PM - 2:30 AM. Arnbjorn will organize this and send email to the CAM list.



In Attendance: Abelard, Hafgrimm, Hamish, Arnbjorn, Kateryn, Alice, Asabella, Cecelia, Moira, Eva, Druscilla

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We have a Barony, and we get around. Pennsic, WW, two new knights, a pelican, a laurel, a Cygnus, and more. People got recognized, and the Baroness has turned in her quarterly report so we're legal for another six months. Also we received a thank-you card from the 4th of July Parade people.

Exchequer: We earned some money from Border Skirmish and the scrip program. The financial committee met and approved the budget for Boar's Head with some tweaks; Green Knight was approved with some tweaks but then some additional questions came up which need to be resolved. (See later in these notes, but to summarize: Arnbjorn will do some more work and let the financial committee know the results.)

Quartermaster: We have stuff.

Herald: Heralded a few courts at Pennsic. Did some consulting at Pennsic and elsewhere. Deputy has also done some consulting. We will continue to do so. Also, will update the OP on the website.

Minister of Children: No report.

Chronicler: Office is open - no letters of intent yet. We voted to extend the LOI deadline until September Curia, which was approved. Results of the six month experiment: people prefer receiving a monthly Song of the Tower newsletter instead of every other month, so this will continue. The directory is ready (six pieces of paper double-sided and we want 75 copies), and Chronicler has looked into printing at a couple places, will look into a few more and report back. (Possibly can be printed by a place via a scrip purchase.) Also, reports and articles due Sunday August 24 at 7 PM.

Webminister: We have a website. Office is open. Hafgrimm offered to serve for another year. We voted to extend Hagrimm's office term by one year, and this was approved.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: See the Tower for her four page report. Summary: Lots of people did stuff, and CAM has the longest A&S report in the Kingdom.

Knights Marshal: People went to Pennsic and fought. Amadan and Dante got Nordbandrs on the heavy list field. Armond and Jean were knighted. The final battle was decided in part by the old fat men of the Barony - everybody over 40 who comes to fighter's practice were the last people on the field. Daffyd has returned. Fighting demo on September 6. Library demo (with fighting) on September 27. Baronial Champions Moot on September 20. We continue to have practices on Thursdays at the Airsoft Arena.

Archery: Look at the schedule for practices. After Labor Day will return to Gander Mountain. We lost Pennsic by a total of two archers.

Rapier: We continue to have practices on Thursdays at the Airsoft Arena. Don Toshikage has been teaching recently. Albrecht has good war stories - ask him about the field battle with the Queen.

Youth Combat: No report.

Chatelaine: Farmer's Market Demo recap was posted on the CAM list. The next one is September 6 (8-12), including breakfast and fighting. Bayview Bash September 13. We have the stage from 3-3:30. Library demo, more information later in this report. Working on a new flyer which lists regular practice times and next events. Turned in quarterly report.

Seneschal: Quarterly report is turned in. Haven't heard anything new about the zip code - has contacted the TADS Seneschal and not gotten a response, so moved up to contact Kingdom Seneschal.

Guilds and Groups:

B&V: Jean and Katerina entered and won every category in the B&V challenge at WW. Ironwood Brewing and Vintning Symposium October 3-5 at Camp Douglas. (This is on the Kingdom calendar.)

C&I: Beatrice has been leading meetings at UWM. Moved out of the Airsoft Arena because it's dusty and the lighting is bad.

Clothier's Guild: Met last week, next meeting in September. Will post to the CAM list.

Dance: Wednesday night at KK Parkway: African Dance. Will also choose new dates and class topics.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Their Highnesses have asked to use Boar's Head as a backup site for Crown Tournament. We received a letter from the site regarding the insurance rider, which Seneschal will follow up on; it involves catering insurance. Note that we have some licensed caterers in the Barony. Will start posting for volunteers for open positions. Moira will do pre-reg.

Meeting Space: We're still looking for a permanent space for meetings.

Green Knight Tournament: Been in touch with deKoven Center to answer questions. The website will be up soon. Question regarding overnight reservations - we will post accommodations information on the website and allow people to register directly with deKoven. That way we don't have to cover the cost of Taylor Hall (the residence space). Also need to answer the occupancy question - one of the rooms has an occupancy limit which is lower than our estimated attendance. Also, need to ask which specific staff will be present that we have to pay for; also, will we have security during bar time and will that cost extra? Is the security staff considered 'deKoven staff'? Arnbjorn will find these answers and get back to us. Event will be posted on the Kingdom Calendar on or around September 1.

GK Tables: Because deKoven is retiring their (140 year old) tables, we are planning to build our own. We need 60 tables, which cost $20 apiece in materials. Since this is not an event consumable it's not in the event budget. The exchequer said 'if you can pre-sell half of them, we'll cover the cost of the other half.' Suggestion: People can 'sponsor' a table for $20 and can 'adopt' (i.e., take home) a table for $30. Note, people have donated $40 so far. Need a photo on the website. Also, we might be able to rent them to the Chicago Swordplay Guild the previous weekend.

Baronial Champs: September 20, Rock River Parkway in Fort Atkinson. Need to give them money. (Arnbjorn is the steward and will send information to Exchequer.) We will have a potluck feast as well as court, and the heavy weapons, rapier, archery, and bardic champions will be chosen. We will also hold the Mama Kat tournament. Send award recommendations to Her Excellency for court. The current champions are designing tournaments.

New Business:

Select meeting date for next year's calendar: Tuesday, October 7, 7 PM, Brookfield Library.

Brookfield Library Demo: September 27, 1-4. Fighting, dancing, C&I, heraldry, embroidery, maybe weaving, maybe games. They will provide supplies if we need them. Maybe print some simple games on paper so the kids can take them home? Maybe a mock court? Maybe print scroll blanks so kids can color and/or illuminate them, and present them in court? Note: They have inspected our heavy weapons and declared them acceptable.

Bylaws: Will be published in the next Tower.

Distribution of agenda electronically: The Curia agenda will be emailed before the meeting. Will bring a few paper copies.

Horsemanship Workshop: Wenna's daughter Lorelei is hosting a horsemanship workshop on September 6, from 12:30-4:30. It will involve classes in safety, tools, and horse psychology. This will be at Clover Valley Farm in Random Lake, and more information has been emailed to the CAM list.



In Attendance: Abelard, Hamish, Arnbjorn, Magnus, Albrecht, Eva, Cecilia, Kateryn

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Went to Known World Cooks and Bards, which was lovely. CAM did Saturday morning breakfast which was well-received and fantastic. Everyone asked for the recipe for Fancy's scones. Also went to Coronation - if you haven't heard, we have a new King and Queen. And we've already had a banishment - SCA Time has been banished from the realm. This weekend is Baronial Champions, and Kateryn will be steward. Also, congratulations to Albrecht on his award at KWCB.

Exchequer: No report.

Quartermaster: We have stuff. If you have stuff which ought to be in the locker, please give it to Magnus. (Note: Eva has some banners and the Baronial kerosene lanterns which she'll try to get to Kateryn soon. Kateryn also has the Baronial regalia.)

Herald: Albrecht was welcomed to the Order of Brigits Flame at Known World Cooks and Bards. Hamish was welcomed to the order of the Hand of Tyr and Fiona received the Cygnus at WW, but finally received their awards at Coronation. And Abelard received the King and Queen's Cypher at Coronation. Read the Tower for more heraldic news!

Minister of Children: No report.

Chronicler: Office is open. No letters of intent, which were due by tonight's Curia. Arnbjorn moved that we extend the LOI deadline until October's Curia. (We voted and passed this motion.) The deadline for new Tower articles is Monday, September 22. Re: Baronial directories, shopped around and found that the best deal is from Office Depot. Will request a scrip card from Office Depot to pay for the directories.

Webminister: Green Knight and Boars Head websites are both up, with more information for both going up soon.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making stuff and doing stuff. Keep it up!

Knights Marshal: Practices continue, Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena. We continue to increase numbers of authorized fighters. Come fight at Baronial Champs, come fight at demos.

Archery: Practice has moved indoors: 6:30 Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Gehrke's Corners. There is an hourly or monthly fee.

Rapier: Practices continue. We have new people and dons at practice. We didn't have enough rapiers to demo at the Farmer's Market, but hope to have more at the library demo. Albrecht fought in the King's Prowess tournament at Coronation. Also, Charismos might be able to marshal at Baronial Champs.

Chatelaine: Thank you for participating in the Bayview Bash and the Farmer's Market demos - now please come to the library demo, 9/27 from 1-4. We're looking for loaner garb for larger gentlemen. Note, we do have tabards which were made a few years ago for Boar's Head which could be garb.

Seneschal: TADS zip code. Toramassa has suggested that we add a line to the agreement indicating that we acknowledge that the site is on the lands of Turn An Dem See. Kateryn made a motion to include this line in the agreement and it was voted nay. Instead the group suggested that TADS add the line and sign it, and then we can sign it (if it's acceptable). Note, there isn't actually a law about holding an event on 'someone else's lands'.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: B&V Symposium October 4 at Camp Douglass. One class in particular involves making mead and taking it home.

Cooking and Herbal: Albrecht has some lemon basil which he will bring to Baronial Champs.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting the first Wednesday of each month at UWM; let Beatrice know if you want more meetings. Will be playing with different surface mediums at future meetings.

Clothiers: Looking for projects. Perhaps making larger garb for gentlemen to fill the Baronial loaner garb, or tabards, or arming caps? Meeting at Brookfield Library Sept 27 morning (before the demo).

Dance: At Asabella's house on 9/25, African Dance.

Old Business:

Open Offices: Chronicler, Youth Minister

Boar's Head 2014: We have a website up, with more information being added soon. Will post a list of open positions in the next few days. Their Majesties Northshield will be in attendance. Still need an answer re: the catering part of the site contract - someone needs to ask them if the license requirement is for a catering license or is a servesafe license is sufficient. Cecilia will follow up.

Green Knight Tournament: Waiting to hear back from DeKoven with answers to Moira's questions. Also needs Moira's signature to finish the ACCEPS process. The website is up, with more info being added soon.

Green Knight Tables: We don't have approval to purchase ALL of the materials for the tables, but we need to get started so we'd like approval to buy 1/3 of them. Requested $400 to buy one round of tables and get them started. We voted and approved this, with the suggestion that the $400 be in the form of scrips. Arnbjorn will contact Moira.

New Business:

Meeting Space: Continue to meet at the Brookfield Library. (Kateryn will check with Alice on the remaining dates for the year, just in case.)

Baronial Champions: Saturday, Sept 20, 10 AM-10 PM. Rock River Parkway in Fort Atkinson. Potluck feast. Fun archery shoot, two armored combat tournaments, one rapier tournament (assuming we have a rapier marshal), and bardic competition. Donations welcome.

Brookfield Library demo: Saturday, September 27, 1-4, Brookfield Library.

Baronial Planning Meeting: October 7.

Bylaws Note: Bylaws were published in the Tower last month.

Bylaws change: Section IV.B.: The Bylaws will be published annually in the Baronial newsletter. (Change to:) The Bylaws will be published annually in the March issue of the Baronial newsletter.

Bylaws change: Section III.B: The Lesser Officers shall be: Chiurgeon, Archery Captain, a deputy of the Knight's Marshal, etc. (Change to:) The Lesser Officers shall be: Archery Captain, a deputy of the Knight's Marshal, etc.

Bylaws change: Section VII.A: All officers with the exception of the Baron and Baroness will hold office for a term of two years. (Change to:) All officers, with the exception of the Baron and/or Baroness, will hold office for a term of two years.

Yule Court Date: Will be discussed at Baronial Planning Meeting.

Border Skirmish Date: Need to pick a date and put it on the NS calendar.

Note: Officers are required to either attend Curia or send a representative/proxy.



In Attendance: Abelard, Hamish, Siri, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Cecilia, Catherine, Kateryn, Karl, Beatrice, Kaitlin, Eva, Magnus, Myfanway, Corin, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We have a new Prince and Princess. We have asked for permission from them to hold Border Skirmish the second weekend in June. We plan to put in bids to host either Crown or Coronation (or both), depending on the needs of the Crown. Please put in award recommendations for Boar's Head and Yule Court, both at the Baronial and Kingdom levels.

Exchequer: We have money, and we made a profit from the Scrip program - see the report in the Tower for details. We're having problems with the bank: they are not checking to make sure that our checks (which require two signatories) are actually being signed by two people. Also, they're being difficult about changing signatories again, and we need to update those, a process which will take a few weeks and we will be unable to write new checks in that period. Exchequer recommends changing banks. She has done research and determined that we should use Tri-City Bank, which does not have fees for Not For Profits. It has locations around the greater Milwaukee area. We discussed it and voted that Moira will find the bank's policies on having two signatories and enforcement thereof, on change-of-signatories policies, and all the costs and fees for accounts at each bank and present them at (or before) next Curia and discuss/vote on it then.

Quartermaster: We have stuff. Will provide an inventory list within the next month, and then will organize an opportunity for people who know what everything is (for instance, cooks can look at cooking equipment) to determine what we ought to have. Maybe November 8.

Herald: A couple devices have been submitted, and four people received awards. More information in the Tower.

Minister of Children: Absent.

Chronicler: Directory is finished. Copies cost $1.50 - see Arnbjorn for copies. Note, on time and under budget. We used Scrip! Deadline for Tower is Monday, October 27. Please submit attachments as .DOC files, not .DOCX. Lord Karl put in a statement of intent for the office. The Curia voted to employ the bylaws to accept an application if there is a single applicant, and also to bypass the Q&A session, extended time period, and secret ballot. We voted and decided that Karl will be the new Chronicler, and will step up at Boar's Head when Arnbjorn steps down.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Please let her know what you're working on.

Knights Marshal: We continue to fight on Thursday nights, combined with rapier. We also continue to see interest from new and returning fighters.

Archery: The champions shoot was lots of fun. Archery continues on Monday nights at Gander Mountain. Note, Gander Mountain has offered us a special monthly rate beyond the usual $30 one - talk to Karl for more information.

Rapier: Continues on Thursday nights. See the Tower for more information.

Youth Combat: We now have a Youth Marshal at the Kingdom level. Youth Marshal training will be available at Officer's Day and Fighter's School and other places. Stay tuned for more information.

Chatelaine: Library demo went great, and they loved us, and they'd be happy to have us back. Over 100 people came. Next demo is in January - the Midwinter Gaming Convention, January 17th from 9-3. Would like to set up small demo 'stations' around the room to demonstrate the width and breadth of our activities - we're not just fighters. Guilds and groups can show off their crafts, for instance. (Note: not sure yet if we can bring in food and drink.) People who are there for the demo will get day passes to the convention. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Seneschal: Boar's Head insurance will be mailed tonight.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Ironwood's event wasn't as well attended as they had hoped, but was still good - people ate, drank, and learned.

Cooking and Herbal: Temporarily on hold.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Two successful meetings this month at UWM - a surface demo (people tried out different surfaces) and a second one. Three new people. First Wednesday of each month at Golda Meir Library at UWM, more if there's interest. Will make some new scroll blanks for the Barony.

Clothier's Guild: Met last weekend - people came and made patterns. Karl notes that he still has piles of fabric. Magnus suggested a book of fabrics and/or swatches to help less-experienced shoppers look for fabrics. ("I know I want linen, but don't know what weight of linen I want.")

Dance Guild: English Country Dance, Thursday 10/23, Asabella's house. November 1, Masked Ball at Jaravellir.

Old Business:

Open Offices: Youth Minister

Boar's Head: Website is up. Sent an ad to the Northwatch and (as of today) to the Pale. Need to check back with the site re: catering question - they haven't returned Hamish's call. Deonysia requested advance funds for feast.

Meeting locations: Remain in Brookfield, which is booked through June. Note, Beatrice has found a fourth student and can get the UWM group off the ground; next step would be a demo on campus. (They can have a demo table two per week.) Should have more information by next Curia.

Green Knight Tournament: DeKoven Center has become difficult. We had planned to do setup in the Great Hall on Friday night, but DeKoven has now booked a wedding there until midnight. This may violate our contract with them. Also, they are hosting a retreat on campus the weekend of our event which will fill the parking lot and residence hall. The event organizers have begun looking at alternate sites, and have focused on Ledge Park in Horicon. We'll know if we can use it after November 4. We can still do camping, with a focus on period encampment. The geography is reminiscent of the place the poem was written. Can we break the contract with DeKoven and will we lose the $500 deposit? Will we have exclusive use of the park? No, but we couldn't guarantee exclusive access to DeKoven either. We can reserve the entire camping area. No parking or entrance fees at the park. Moving from 'the castle' to 'the green knight tournament' in the setting of the poem. We don't need a cap of 250 people, which was in place because of restrictions at DeKoven. We can split feast fees from site fees. We can allow daytripping. If everyone camps, that income will cover the site fee. Will bring more information to next month's Curia.

Baronial Champs: At the planning meeting the group decided to change the format for Champions. This summer we'll announce that the Baroness will attend three practices (one for archery, one for heavy and one for rapier) at which interested parties will fight a tournament. The winners will be invested at Legends Moot, at which the Bardic Champion will also be determined.

Yule Moot: Alice's health issues have precluded the use of her nursing home as a location for Yule Moot. We are looking into the Beach House at Menomonee Park instead.

New Business:

Armor nights: Randall might move armor nights to Mondays.

Visit Alice! She is at CareAge on Barker.



In Attendance: Magnus, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Hamish, Moira, Cecilia, Asabella, Kateryn, Grimm, Caitlin, Catherine

Officer Reports:

Baroness: As of Boar's Head I will have only two more years in the Baronial seat. Only three people have submitted awards for Yule Court.

Exchequer: Neither bank will give us anything in writing, and Moira wants to change banks. No-one had objections, so she's going to do it. Six months until office is open.

Quartermaster: Regarding the storage unit, the inventory list is almost complete. A group went to the locker last weekend and cleaned it out - got rid of some stuff, though not tons of stuff. Sorted the linens into 'good' and 'not so good'. A few things were missing, and Fancy and Kateryn requested permission to go shopping to replace them. Motion to purchase two 16 quart and one 24 quart cooking pots, eight half-sheet pans, four 13 quart mixing bowls, for a total of $185.95 ($176.09 plus tax). Question: Should we buy commercial grade supplies instead? Answer: CostCo products are commercial grade. We voted to give Fancy $200 to go shopping.

Herald: The stars on our device have crept up over time, which changes our blazon heraldically-speaking. (The height of the stars in relation to the tower could be caused by many things: the posture of the observer, the time of night, the curvature of the earth, the height of the hills, the settling of the tower into the hill...) Deputy Beatrice has asked that we look at the banners and badges at Boar's Head to determine how serious this problem is. Also, Nikea's device is now official.

Minister of Children: Office is open.

Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions is 11/24. Will work with Karl (the incoming Chronicler) to create the next one. Will have directories for sale at Boar's Head.

Webminister: Worked with Midrealm webminister to get the date for Boar's Head on their calendar fixed.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Druscilla is still sick, Nikea is her backup, and they have nothing to report.

Knights Marshal: We continue to have practices Thursday nights and armor-building Tuesday nights. We've been using Facebook to promote practices and gatherings. One such method is the creation of the "Authorize by Boar's Head' page, which has caught on as a motivational tool. People have been using it as a forum for Q&A as well as a way to poke people both in and out of the Barony to get to practice. We've also been recruiting through the LARP folks, which is helping us learn where young people are going these days - why they're playing elsewhere, and what to focus on to guide them in our direction. For instance, LARP doesn't have a focus on period fighting techniques and doesn't have a strong focus on fiber, cooking, or C&I.

Archery: Archery continues Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Gehrke's Corners.

Rapier: Practice continues on Thursday nights. There's a big event Saturday in Green Bay.

Youth Combat: Holding a 'coming out party' at Boar's Head, to show off the new rules and new marshallate. Her Excellency will have special tokens for them.

Chatelaine: Been working on Boar's Head, and after that will work on the Midwinter Gaming Convention. If you're going to be there all day please let Asabella know. Two Girl Scout troops want help with their scribal merit badges - will be working with Kateryn and Beatrice. Six months until office is open.

Seneschal: Nothing from TADS regarding zip codes. Lately there's been a trend of lots of our people receiving awards at major events. Keep up the good work! Also, Domesday is in ahead of schedule.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Busy brewing and vintning.

Cooking and Herbal: On hiatus.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Monthly meetings continue. Working on scroll blanks for Her Excellency.

Clothiers Guild: No meeting this month.

Dance Guild: Field trip to International Folk Fair this month. Everyone should totally go. Costumes, dancing, and food from around the world. Check the CAM list for more information.

Old Business:

Boar's Head 2014: Pre-reg is on the website. The schedule will be up soon. Hamish has been working with TRM and TRH to solidify the schedules and other details. Merchant pre-reg is filling up - so far we have at least as many as last year. We are hosting the premiere of the new rules and marshallate for Youth Combat. We also have a rapier marshal lined up. Her Excellency suggested that we pay $250 in taxes to the general fund - we voted and approved this. We also have fundraisers: Toys for tots, the cookie caper, and lunch. The health department issues are sorted out re: having licensed staff in the kitchen. Friday setup from 8-5. Make sure we have the chiurgeonate paperwork in case we need it.

Green Knight Tournament: Went to the Dodge County Parks meeting and secured approval to have the event in Ledge Park if we want to. Waiting for final numbers from there to assemble a new budget for the financial committee. (Might not need to submit it to the financial committee.) Anticipate a price tag of $1600 rather than $3000. Benefits of moving: plenty of parking, alcohol okay. Feast for 150 cooked outside (a meat feast). Exchequer suggested that we write off the $500 deposit for deKoven and replace it with the cost of the tables, assuming we change event sites. Should have all of the numbers and everything figured out by the end of the year. We will need a deposit for Ledge Park as well. Will have a planning meeting Januaryish.

Yule Moot: Menomonee Park Beach House, December 13, has been booked. Setup will be that morning at 11:30. Dancing after the gift exchange. No site fee, but parking fee. Donations welcome.

Fall Coronation: Their Highnesses asked us to consider submitting a bid to host a Crown or Coronation in the near future. Spring Crown, Spring Coronation, and Fall Crown have now been secured, but we'd like to look at Fall Coronation. We should put in a bid. Expect 300 people. Find a site!

Meeting Sites: We continue to meet at the library.

New Business:

First Aid Kit: The old one was found in the storage locker during the cleanup and wasn't in great shape. Now that the expired contents have been disposed of, Her Excellency would like $50 to re-stock it before Boar's Head with new contents - and buy a new box, while she's at it. We voted and approved this.

Banners: Looking for two missing Northshield banners which seem to have vanished around Cooks and Bards. Kateryn will email Shava.

Exchequer Note: Land line phone number is no longer in service. Please use her cell phone number.



In Attendance: Abelard, Magnus, Hamish, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Caitlin, Beatrice, Siri, Rhys, Cecilia, Moira

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Boar's Head Yay, Yule Court Yay, Stuff Yay!

Exchequer: End of term is April, will be stepping down. People should apply. The deadline for Boar's Head receipts is tonight.

Quartermaster: Stuff got to Boar's Head and back again. Yay!

Herald: Yule Court happened. Awards: Saphira received an AoA, Constans and Thamar received Baronial Brassards, Nikea received a Whistling Swan, Diana received an AoA, Michael received a Rising Star, Hamish received a Millstone, Deonysia received a Domestic Goddess. There was also court at Boar's Head: Charismos received a Black Flame, Asabella received a Black Flame, Beatrice received a Cygnus, Rhys received a Cygnus, and Albrecht received a Glove. The heralds are consulting with people about their devices and names. Yay!

Chronicler: Articles for the Tower due next Monday (December 22)

Webminister: Nothing to report.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lots of arts and sciences happening!

Knights Marshal: We continue to have practices on Thursdays.

Archery: We continue to have practices on Mondays, and nobody has died.

Rapier: We continue to have practices on Thursdays.

Youth Minister: Currently vacant

Chatelaine: End of term is April. If you wish to be the new Chatelaine, please send letters of intent. New people came to Boar's Head. Picked up items from an old SCA person who has moved away and will distribute them. Talking to the library about another demo in April (or sometime in the Spring).

Seneschal: Thanks to everyone who stepped in for me at Yule Moot. Haven't heard anything from TADS regarding the zip code issue - as far as we're concerned, this is over and done with. Eva and Arnbjorn have agreed to be emergency Seneschals in case of medical necessity.

Guilds and Groups:

Dance: Want to meet in January on a Wednesday at UWM. Will set a date.

C&I: Has been happening, made three scroll blanks for Yule Moot. Eva will teach drafting the first Wednesday of February.

Clothier's Guild: Will pick a date for January.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Gate count was 371, and the gate count balanced to the penny. We sold 53 full-price feast tickets at gate, 4 after gate closed, and 9 student tickets, and collected 75 tickets at feast. Pre-reg and merchant pre-reg letters are still arriving via US Mail, so we should move the pre-reg deadline earlier. A few hiccups, which were all handled and were invisible to the typical attendee. People liked the buffet feast - His Majesty declared that it was his favorite feast of the reign. We didn't have the pre-reg stuff, but were able to get the information before gate opened. Depending on what site we use, we need to make sure they know who the event steward is in advance - the site kept sending email and phone calls to the seneschal because it was her name on the contract, and she didn't have the answers. (We should put that on the contract if we can.) We got some media coverage - West Bend Daily News (which is a subscription site, so we haven't seen it). Had a problem with people bringing in food and drink. This may not be the ideal site for BH because it's so far away from where anybody lives (so if people forget stuff at home, there's no time to go get it) and because the attendance continues to decline. But with declining population we had plenty of populace space and space for fighters' stuff! The youth combatants had a great time and were well showcased. If we do Artisans Row in the hallway again it can't also be class space - too loud, too crowded, can't teach effectively. (Can still do demonstrations, just not classes - it works if you have a hands-on thing to do, but not for a lecture.) We had an issue with the bartender, who was not following the rules in the contract and Hamish will follow up with Sandy (at the site) and take it up with her. The website was not updated in a timely fashion. For each event going forward, we really need to try to make troll and pre-reg coordinator be the same person to avoid the snafu we ran into this time.

Green Knight Tournament: We got a refund from DeKoven including the deposit. Received an invoice from Dodge Park for half the fee. Will hit the ground running next month with planning meetings and the website.

Yule Moot: We had food. We built furniture. We painted a castle. We had a scribal table. We had a gaming table. We had court. We had presents. We had a fire. (Awards in the Herald report.)

Fall Coronation 2015: We have a couple ideas for sites. Kateryn will contact Kingdom Seneschal.

Midwinter Gaming Demo: Sent a proposed schedule to a few key people. Will have rapier, armored, dance, and court in 20 minute demo slots. The outside edges of the room will be 'static' demos - gaming, A&S, C&I, etc. One of the other groups at the event is a full immersion LARP, and we should strive to out-do them with authenticity. (Spiff up your kit!)

Meeting Spaces: There is space at UWM. Would like to suggest changing back to an East/West Curia schedule (between UWM and Brookfield Library. We decided to try this in February and April.

New Business:

UWM: The president of their group should be at January Curia. They're having weekly meetings on Wednesdays, with the first Wednesday of the month featuring C&I. Other meetings will focus on dance and other arts and sciences or classes. The group looks strong and should be able to continue next year; elections are in April. If anyone wants to teach a class, please contact Beatrice. Hey, remember this? <a href=""></a>

UWM Geek Week Demo: UWM would like to invite the SCA for a demo during Geek Week, specifically on Tuesday, Feb 17 from 10-3 in the Concourse. Will find out if fighting is okay in the building, or in the square outside the building, or at all. Otherwise, demo just like the one at the library a few months ago.

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