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Curia Notes 2015


In Attendance: Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Hafgrimm, Constanz, Hamish, Magnus, Karl, Beatrice, Raven, Mathilde, Corin, Myfanway, Asabella, Kateryn, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Went to 12th Night and had a good time. A couple people were put on vigil for the Pelican. Their site tokens were fantastic - silver rings stamped with 'An Bon En' (A good year). The demo went great - we put forth a great effort. We need some officer positions filled, and need a steward for Border Skirmish. Also, read a thank you letter from Their Highnesses.

Exchequer: Absent.

Quartermaster: Our stuff is mostly good. Looking for the tub of utensils - will follow up with Rhys.

Minister of Children: Office is open.

Herald: Beatrice has a new device. (Took seven months, which is about average for Northshield.) Yay! Also, an overdue award was presented at the demo: Alexander du Vatine received a Black Flame.

Chronicler: Reports are due Monday, January 26.

Webminister: Website works. Hey, change your passwords!

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Absent.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue on Thursdays. Four new people in the process of assembling their kits and training, all of whom came from the LARP community.

Archery Marshal: Still shooting things, nobody has died yet. Next month will begin the Interkingdom Winter Shoot on Monday nights.

Rapier Marshal: Absent.

Youth Minister: Absent.

Chatelaine: Order new business cards, or wait until a successor is chosen? Will wait for successor. Letters of Intent due tonight. Has some things to change on the website. A few new people have expressed interest in a number of areas - she has directed these people to the appropriate contacts in the Barony.

Seneschal: Will be out of commission for roughly two months. Arnbjorn (deputy) will cover for her.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Continue to brew, vint, and drink.

Cooking and Herbal: Continue to cook and herbalize, otherwise on hiatus.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting first Wednesday of each month in the Student Union at UWM. (Note for all meetings at Student Union: You can park in the basement of the Union, in the lot on Kenwood south of the Union, in the lot north of the Library, or on the street.)They have been requested for a demo with a Girl Scout troop in Brookfield - the scouts are working on a calligraphy merit badge. 6:30 - 7 February 2. If interested contact Beatrice.

Clothiers Guild: Sunday January 25, 12-5 at UWM Student Union room 250.

Dance: Wednesday, January 28th at UWM Student Union room 250 from 7-8:30.

UWM Group: Welcome to Mathilde, president of the group. Group meets every Wednesday evening from 7-10 at the Student Union at UWM. Enthusiastic group. They have a Student Involvement Fair on February 11, and also a demo at Geek Week on Tuesday, February 17 from 10-3. They have a budget to do marketing and print fliers and banners, will serve hot apple cider and fruit water, possibly also marzipan and cookies. Possibly fighting demo - will let us know. Be there at 9 for the 10 AM start, stop at 3 and need to clear out by 4. They will provide tables and chairs. Roughly 50 square feet. Removable barricades to make a list field and dance space. Tables for gaming or whatever. We have signed a contract with them declaring that we are entertainers. If you can commit in advance Beatrice can get you a parking pass.

Old Business:

Green Knight Tournament: New website updates. Planning meeting Sunday January 25, 4 PM, Student Union at UWM, room 250.

Fall Coronation: No updates.

Midwinter Gaming Demo Review: Great demo. We had 27 people from CAM, Jara, Darkstone, Falcon's Keep, and other locations. Middle eastern and English Country dancing - both taught and led dancing. The fighting was awesome and hard - and we didn't wreck the room or the chandelier. Lots of people took fliers. Three people signed up to receive more information, but that's no longer an indication of interest. The people who ran the event enjoyed having us. We fit in really well. That was our demographic. Everyone afterwards was wiped out. Court went well. Photos were great. Space was less than ideal, but we survived. Could have possibly eliminated a table or two, but the room orientation was effective. Thank you to everyone. We've never tapped this community, and have just started to reach out to them in the last year; almost all of our new people have come from this avenue. We hope to have a bigger room next year, assuming we decide to go back. 15 LARP groups, many of whom don't know who we actually are. Please tag the photos and use social media to spread the word. (Want to tap the college groups in this capacity too, because they use Facebook, Instagram, and twitter more than we do.) Special thanks to Don Cy, who did a great job as emcee - he kept up a constant patter which was very repetitious to us but very informative and great for observers. Lots of the non-CAM people were there because Hamish called in favors. The fighting was definitely the biggest draw because it made noise. (Note to fighters - use shields more often at demos.) See if we can get a later start time for the actual demo. Parking cost money, which was too bad. General recommendation appears to be that we should do this at least one more year, possibly more.

New Business:

Demo: We've been asked if we will rent regalia and 'set pieces' for a father/daughter dance. We decided that we don't want to risk the ancient and honorable banners and thrones.

Border Skirmish Event Steward: Raven volunteered to be the CAM steward for the event. Kateryn will provide her with more information.

Peer moot: Sunday, Feb 8. UWM Student Union, room 240. 11-4. Free parking. Posted the details on the CAM list, as well as an essay about the concept. (This is also posted from the CAM calendar page.) Essentially, this is a chance to have the meta discussion about what the current peerages are, what does the populace expect from a peer, what do the other peers expect, what does it take to be a peer, and so on. This is an opportunity to discuss all of these questions with others in a large discussion area. Everyone is welcome.

Chatelaine Office: We had a letter of intent from Beatrice. With only one applicant, we moved and voted to abbreviate the process. We discussed the candidate and voted to make her the new Chatelaine (effective at April Curia).



In Attendance: Abelard, Albrecht, Eva, Diana, Willow, Karl, Beatrice, Mathilde, Annetje, Moira, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Corin, Myfanway, Asabella