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Curia Notes 2015


In Attendance: Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Hafgrimm, Constanz, Hamish, Magnus, Karl, Beatrice, Raven, Mathilde, Corin, Myfanway, Asabella, Kateryn, Dahrien

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Went to 12th Night and had a good time. A couple people were put on vigil for the Pelican. Their site tokens were fantastic - silver rings stamped with 'An Bon En' (A good year). The demo went great - we put forth a great effort. We need some officer positions filled, and need a steward for Border Skirmish. Also, read a thank you letter from Their Highnesses.

Exchequer: Absent.

Quartermaster: Our stuff is mostly good. Looking for the tub of utensils - will follow up with Rhys.

Minister of Children: Office is open.

Herald: Beatrice has a new device. (Took seven months, which is about average for Northshield.) Yay! Also, an overdue award was presented at the demo: Alexander du Vatine received a Black Flame.

Chronicler: Reports are due Monday, January 26.

Webminister: Website works. Hey, change your passwords!

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Absent.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue on Thursdays. Four new people in the process of assembling their kits and training, all of whom came from the LARP community.

Archery Marshal: Still shooting things, nobody has died yet. Next month will begin the Interkingdom Winter Shoot on Monday nights.

Rapier Marshal: Absent.

Youth Minister: Absent.

Chatelaine: Order new business cards, or wait until a successor is chosen? Will wait for successor. Letters of Intent due tonight. Has some things to change on the website. A few new people have expressed interest in a number of areas - she has directed these people to the appropriate contacts in the Barony.

Seneschal: Will be out of commission for roughly two months. Arnbjorn (deputy) will cover for her.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Continue to brew, vint, and drink.

Cooking and Herbal: Continue to cook and herbalize, otherwise on hiatus.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting first Wednesday of each month in the Student Union at UWM. (Note for all meetings at Student Union: You can park in the basement of the Union, in the lot on Kenwood south of the Union, in the lot north of the Library, or on the street.)They have been requested for a demo with a Girl Scout troop in Brookfield - the scouts are working on a calligraphy merit badge. 6:30 - 7 February 2. If interested contact Beatrice.

Clothiers Guild: Sunday January 25, 12-5 at UWM Student Union room 250.

Dance: Wednesday, January 28th at UWM Student Union room 250 from 7-8:30.

UWM Group: Welcome to Mathilde, president of the group. Group meets every Wednesday evening from 7-10 at the Student Union at UWM. Enthusiastic group. They have a Student Involvement Fair on February 11, and also a demo at Geek Week on Tuesday, February 17 from 10-3. They have a budget to do marketing and print fliers and banners, will serve hot apple cider and fruit water, possibly also marzipan and cookies. Possibly fighting demo - will let us know. Be there at 9 for the 10 AM start, stop at 3 and need to clear out by 4. They will provide tables and chairs. Roughly 50 square feet. Removable barricades to make a list field and dance space. Tables for gaming or whatever. We have signed a contract with them declaring that we are entertainers. If you can commit in advance Beatrice can get you a parking pass.

Old Business:

Green Knight Tournament: New website updates. Planning meeting Sunday January 25, 4 PM, Student Union at UWM, room 250.

Fall Coronation: No updates.

Midwinter Gaming Demo Review: Great demo. We had 27 people from CAM, Jara, Darkstone, Falcon's Keep, and other locations. Middle eastern and English Country dancing - both taught and led dancing. The fighting was awesome and hard - and we didn't wreck the room or the chandelier. Lots of people took fliers. Three people signed up to receive more information, but that's no longer an indication of interest. The people who ran the event enjoyed having us. We fit in really well. That was our demographic. Everyone afterwards was wiped out. Court went well. Photos were great. Space was less than ideal, but we survived. Could have possibly eliminated a table or two, but the room orientation was effective. Thank you to everyone. We've never tapped this community, and have just started to reach out to them in the last year; almost all of our new people have come from this avenue. We hope to have a bigger room next year, assuming we decide to go back. 15 LARP groups, many of whom don't know who we actually are. Please tag the photos and use social media to spread the word. (Want to tap the college groups in this capacity too, because they use Facebook, Instagram, and twitter more than we do.) Special thanks to Don Cy, who did a great job as emcee - he kept up a constant patter which was very repetitious to us but very informative and great for observers. Lots of the non-CAM people were there because Hamish called in favors. The fighting was definitely the biggest draw because it made noise. (Note to fighters - use shields more often at demos.) See if we can get a later start time for the actual demo. Parking cost money, which was too bad. General recommendation appears to be that we should do this at least one more year, possibly more.

New Business:

Demo: We've been asked if we will rent regalia and 'set pieces' for a father/daughter dance. We decided that we don't want to risk the ancient and honorable banners and thrones.

Border Skirmish Event Steward: Raven volunteered to be the CAM steward for the event. Kateryn will provide her with more information.

Peer moot: Sunday, Feb 8. UWM Student Union, room 240. 11-4. Free parking. Posted the details on the CAM list, as well as an essay about the concept. (This is also posted from the CAM calendar page.) Essentially, this is a chance to have the meta discussion about what the current peerages are, what does the populace expect from a peer, what do the other peers expect, what does it take to be a peer, and so on. This is an opportunity to discuss all of these questions with others in a large discussion area. Everyone is welcome.

Chatelaine Office: We had a letter of intent from Beatrice. With only one applicant, we moved and voted to abbreviate the process. We discussed the candidate and voted to make her the new Chatelaine (effective at April Curia).



In Attendance: Abelard, Albrecht, Eva, Diana, Willow, Karl, Beatrice, Mathilde, Annetje, Moira, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Corin, Myfanway, Asabella

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We had a demo. It went really well. Others will talk more about it. Thank you to everyone who helped, either in or out of garb. This weekend is Scribin' And Imbibin' in Mount Prospect, IL (<a href=""></a>) and Haire Affair in Falcon's Keep (<a href=""></a>). The next weekend is Fighter's School in Windhaven (<a href=""></a>), featuring Deja's elevation and the first vigilant for the Order of Defense.

Chatelaine: We had a demo today. Fabulous turnout - 3 armored combatants, between 8-10 SCA folks overall, including all four student officers. Painting, shooting the mini-trebuchet, food, drink, games, books, and the geek week budget paid for it all. We also have a set of 25 tabletop pictures (two-sided sandwich board things with demo pictures on each side) to use for future demos. Lots of people took fliers, some people also signed up. We hope it pays off for the student group, and they should know more after their weekly Wednesday night meeting. Beatrice will be taking over as Chatelaine, and she will order new business cards. Need to organize another demo at the library. Also, we have interest from some new people, and a donation of some new garb.

Exchequer: Office is open. We have money. Do we want to keep doing the scrip program? (Summary: buy gift cards at face value, use them at face value, the Barony receives a percentage of the face-value price of the card.) People will have to actually use it. You do need to plan ahead, but it's a good investment. They are available for such stores as JoAnn Fabrics, Best Buy, Pick n Save, Piggly Wiggly, and Target. In short, if not this fundraiser, what should we do? Look at the list at <a href=""></a>, or our list at <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a>. Contact Moira with orders.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report.

Herald: Diana's name and device have passed!

Chronicler: Will encourage everyone to write 'small stories', such as the one someone posted about a whiteout on the way to Val Day. Deadline for articles and officer reports is Saturday, Feb 21.

Webminister: Need a bill for the website. Will move Scrip links to the front page. We need to discuss options for the CAM email list, because the current platform is going away - the webminister and his deputies will discuss options and present them via the CAM list, before April 15. (Google groups, yahoo groups, SimpleMail?)

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Health has been improving, and has been attending classes. Will make it to the March Curia meeting. Classes are coming re: making garb for 14th century.

Knights Marshal: Fighting continues on Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena.

Archery: CAM has contributed 6/29ths of the Northshield score for the Winter Shoot!

Rapier: Continue to have practice on Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena. Don Charismos is going to hold training tournaments with prizes at practice - watch the CAM list and facebook rapier group for more information.

Youth Combat: There will be youth fighting at Haire Affair and Fighter's School, including classes, authorizations, and tournaments.

Seneschal: Cecilia is pushing through her treatments, and we're all rooting for her. Send her email and positive vibes and good thoughts!

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Diana met with Michael from Ravenslake. The theme for the event this year is Norse, including Valkyries who will choose one combatant from each field to take to Valhalla. He will send a list of open positions soon, which include Chatelaine, Setup, Cleanup, and Security. They would like to use the large barbecue grills which are in our storage locker (which is fine). What did the heavy weapons folks use for hay bales last year? (I think we used hay bales.) Note, we don't get the horse barn for free this year because we didn't do the Memorial Day demo last year, which (at least last year) was a $750 deal. Who has the two-way radios? (Various people.) What big tents does the Barony have? (The carport for Troll and the Baronial Shade Fly.)

Green Knight Tournament: We had the first planning meeting. The website is up. We're in the planning stages for some project days with the Clothiers Guild. Staffing needs will be posted in the next week or so. One pre-reg so far! (<a href=""></a>)

Meeting sites: Does anyone have anything new? UWM seems nice...

Exchequer Letters of Intent: We have one applicant, Asabella. She has an accounting background and wants the job, and she gets along with Moira so the transition will be easy. We voted to abbreviate the process, as per the bylaws. We voted, and she passed. Transition will happen in April after the first quarter report is done.

Peer Moot: We had 15 people, and it went very well. Representatives from all walks of SCA life and all peerages. There were good, interesting conversations. If there is interest, Beatrice would be happy to do it again. Will send a summary of the moot to the Tower.

New Business:

Coronation Bid: We don't have the resources to put this together at this time, and Their Highnesses have other bids, so we won't put one in this time.

CAM List: See the webminister report.

Tablecloths: Juliana and Nikea would like to borrow some tablecloths for June 20th. Okay? Okay.

Order of Defense Event: Their Majesties are looking for an event on May 1-2 for an Order of Defense event. Event bids are due Friday. Kateryn believes this is a bit aggressive and that we should not do this.

Boar's Head 2015: We need a contract from Washington County Fairgrounds if we're going to use them. We need to look at what we're doing - if this is a feast event, we need a place which will allow us to cook, and if we don't have to cook then we can look at lots of other places. (The number of people attending feast has been declining for years.) We could look at UWM as an option (they have plenty of space), but the catering contract may be prohibitive. Also, we need assurances that they will still have an active group in December. We'll know more soon - they will do research. In the meanwhile, we'll ask them to pencil us in and request a contract.

New sites: Keep your eyes open for new buildings.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Contact Jean and Katerina.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Eva taught a C&I class for the UWM students about Visconti drafting and it went well. Eva has also been invited by the local High School to teach illumination: 3-4 classes with homework. Kateryn and Beatrice taught C&I to a girl scout troop which also went well. FYI, at least two teachers per ten students.

Herbal and Cooking: On hiatus.

Dance: Excellent turnout at the last dance meeting - eight dancers, who learned four dances and discussed etiquette. The UWM student union provided a sound system. Next one is Feb 25, and we know how to make more space for dancing next time.

Clothiers: Met on Jan 25. Discovered that a noon meeting on a Sunday doesn't work - church is just letting out then, and streets and subsequent parking are insane. These meetings will now be from 12:30-4:30 at the UWM Union. Next meeting is March 1 at UWM, and will not have a focus; in the future we'll work on construction of garb, and might focus on Burgundian garb.

UWM: It might be possible to secure space on a Sunday afternoon (1-4) in a high-ceilinged room for fighter's practice. Still recruiting! The middle Wednesdays of the month are lightly attended, but the first and last (C&I and Dance) are more heavily attended. The light days will get better as we add topics and interests.

Woodworking: The outdoor shop is closed for the winter. Corin will look at re-engineering the tables (for Green Knight Tournament) to increase speed of production. See the Green Knight website for more information about sponsoring or purchasing a table. (<a href=""></a>)



In Attendance: Abelard, Hafgrimm, Druscilla, Beatrice, Diana, Arnbjorn, Geoffrey, Tatiana, Magnus, Karl, Konstanz, Alice, Kateryn, Eva, Albrecht

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Is not at Gulf Wars.

Exchequer: Handing off the office to Asabella in April.

Quartermaster: We have stuff. Nikea is borrowing tablecloths.

Herald: No registrations in this month's LOAR. Expecting some next month.

Chronicler: Articles for the April Song of the Tower due Friday, March 27. Please email with a subject line which includes 'Song of the Tower' so it doesn't get lost amidst the flood of other email.

Webminister: We have a website. Working on the future CAM mailing list - currently testing google groups. We're hoping to send invitations to the current CAM list. Office is open - Letters of Intent due by May Curia. Will put this information in a letter to the Tower.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S is going well, no injuries reported. Regaining her feet after health issues, recovering. Do we want to host the SUN first weekend in November? Sadly, we expect to be too busy with Boar's Head. MOAS will respond to the question from the MOAS mailing list.

Knights Marshal: Practice continues. We have several new fighters training towards their authorizations, as well as some new transplants from other areas. In the last few weeks he has been redistributing some loaner armor with the idea that if you have authorized or have had the armor for a year it's time for other people to be able to use it. Spoke last week with the new owners of the Airsoft Arena and we will continue with the current arrangement. Amadan has agreed to become an MIT. No practice 3/19.

Archery: Moving to outdoor practices mid-May. Shooting is good, we're having fun, nobody has died. Master Bardolph and his son are coming to practices now.

Rapier: Practice continues. Don Charismos is holding special tournaments at the last practice of each month - the last one was won by Don Dante.

Youth: Will sort out the status of youth combat.

Chatelaine: Has contacted the library twice to set up the library demo but hasn't gotten a response. Beatrice will take this office in April.

Seneschal: Coming up on six months - Office is open, Letters of Intent due at May Curia.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Theme is Viking. Lots of open offices. A&S Organizer, Boffer Marshal in Charge, Heavy Marshal in Charge, Security Chief, Waterbearer. Maybe Thrown Weapons. Note to all marshals: inspect the field a few weeks in advance to see if the site has made any modifications. Equestrian is happening and is arranged. Michael (Ravenslake) will arrange to get the grills, CAM radios, and 'the garage' to the event. Might need CAM list poles. The food tavern will be open. Make sure the ad goes into the Northwatch and Pale by April 1 to get into the May issues.

Green Knight: Will get updates to Dahrien for the website. There are open staff positions which will also be posted there. Need photos of the tables.

New Business:

BH 2015 Contract: Looks like last year's, but there are some errors which need to be corrected. Will take at least a month. Meanwhile, Beatrice is investigating UWM - they have lots of space available that weekend. We have a tentative hold on it. Hamish might have recipes to give them for catering (required if we have feast). There is a bar in the basement which might be able to provide a mobile bar. Will charge for catering, setup (if we need it), mobile bar (if it's available); site is otherwise free. Also, weapons policy prohibits carrying or wearing live steel (including rapier) between buildings; Beatrice will ask to make sure fighting (heavy and rapier) is okay in this space. Diana has also spoken with the theater which may be able to host rapier fighting. Beatrice will investigate these costs and policies.

Outdoor practices: Heavy would rather not do Wednesday nights because it conflicts with Jara and Ayreton. Maybe we can look at a joint Sunday practice again?

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: People who are interested should speak with Jean and Katerina. Also, Northern Brewers might be interested in hosting a meeting.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Eva taught "painting visconti" to the UWM group. Unthemed meeting in April. Eva is also teaching an after-school class at her high school - currently doing visconti, next will do calligraphy.

Cooking and Herbal: On hiatus. Hamish suggested possibly a themed cooking day in the future...

Dance: Met on 3/11 and had a fun and energetic meeting with 7 people in attendance. We did Heart's Ease, Jenny Pluck Pears, Rufty Tufty, and 2 Bransles. We will be finishing the chalkboard list from last week at the 3/25 meeting. The next meeting is at UWM on 3/25 at 7pm in room 250.

Clothier: Met March 1 for four hours, and the nine attendees worked on lots of projects. Still want to teach classes and hold construction days to make 14th century clothing in advance of the Green Knight Tournament. Note, they have a facebook group.

UWM: Last few meetings have been relatively well-attended. Had a transplant from another Kingdom join for dancing. Still holding C&I the first Wednesday and dance on the last Wednesday of the month, and the 'middle' Wednesdays have been lightly attended because they are not themed. Note, no meeting on 3/18 because of Spring Break. Added a couple new people, and a couple people are graduating. Might be able to get Karl's son (who is transferring in the fall) or Hafrgimm's wife to join as well. Not sure when summer space opens for reservations, so can't guarantee us meeting space yet.

Woodworking: The cusp of woodworking season is upon us, so the shops will open soon.

Next meeting: April 21 at UWM.



In Attendance: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Hamish, Michael of Ravenslake, Eva, Albrecht, Mysie, Dahrien, Diana, Kateryn, Moira, Asabella, Corin, Myfanway

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We have a new King and Queen. We're sorry to hear of the passing of the previous King and Queen. We also have a new Baron - congratulations to His Excellency Hamish. Her Majesty named some of the Barony as members of the Queen's Guard. Sir Jean has gone on a quest. The weather was beautiful. We had some excitement on the trip home - there was lumber in the road, and Her Excellency's horse threw a shoe. But everything worked out okay. And, her report has been turned in on time.

Herald: See the Northwatch. Congratulations to Her Majesty Sigrid, whose device has passed. Congratulations to Her Excellency Sofbinspa, whose device has passed. And congratulations to Hamish, who has been named a Baron of Vlad and Petranella II's court.

Chronicler: April Tower has been delayed. The May Tower deadline is Monday, April 27.

Webminister: New mailing list. If you aren't receiving email and you think you should be, please contact the webminister or his deputies (Hafgrimm, Abelard, and Dahrien). Also, office will be open soon - letters of intent are due by May Curia.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making things, people are learning things, and nobody has bled to death.

Knights Marshal: We had more authorizations at Fighters' School: Ivar (called Coasty) authorized rapier, and Rurik authorized weapon/shield. We acquitted ourselves well at Gulf Wars - received many tokens from royalty of other lands for service on the field. Began enforcing a new policy regarding loaner armor: You can use loaner armor for a year, but if you're not using it you need to return it so other people can play too. Have recovered the loaner armor from everyone who has had it for over a year, and we have three fighters currently working towards their initial authorizations. Used his stipend to buy supplies for armor and weapon repair - has re-taped and replaced all of the loaner weapons to make them serviceable. The Airsoft Arena has undergone a change in ownership, and we're working with the new owner to negotiate - so far we've asked for some improvements to the space which we're waiting for him to deliver, after which time we'll discuss changing the fees. We do have three backup plans, just in case. (The greater officers would like to know what those plans are.) Knights Marshal office letters of intent are due by June Curia.

Archery: The results of the Winter Shoot have three CAM archers in the top ten for the Kingdom: Arnbjorn holds first place, William holds fifth place, Rhys holds eighth place. Our archers are the only ones in the top ten who are not in Castel Rouge. We will change to outdoor practices on May 11, shooting on Mondays and Wednesdays. Rhys intends to apply for a third year as Archery Marshal.

Rapier: Continue to practice on Thursdays, and holding tournaments once a month at practice. This month's tournament is 'fence from the floor'.

Youth Combat: Diana is the new group marshal for youth combat.

Chatelaine: Communicating via email to various people. Is stepping down tonight. Will check with Nan about the Brookfield Library demo.

Exchequer: Stepping down tonight. Should we continue scrip? Yes. Note, new program from them: Presto Pay. (Don't need to send checks to Moira anymore, you can do it all online now.) Moira will continue to run the Scrip program for another month or two while Asabella gets up to speed. Switching to Tri-City Bank (previously voted to do so). Signatories: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Sefa. Itasca needs to cash their check. (Kateryn will talk to Mikey.) Need a check for the Expo Center.

Quartermaster: Need to get stuff from the storage locker for Border Skirmish.

Seneschal: Letters of intent due by May Curia.

Minister of Youth: Office is open.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Michael is here. Still need: A&S Coordinator, Waterbearing Coordinator, Security Chief. We have a heavy MIC. Need to send in ads for the Northwatch and Pale. Equestrian will happen, but the details haven't been hammered out yet. Baron Ayreton and Baroness CAM are hosting a brewing & vintning competition / party. Also need a royalty liaison from CAM - Kateryn has volunteered, and if she is Princess then Abelard will do it. We will have CAM court before Royal court. Norse theme. Fighting will be overseen by six valkyries (per field) who will each select one slain warrior; the six slain warriors from each field will compete for a prize. No fundraising is currently planned, but there are rumors of a tournament for breast cancer. Meeting May 17 at the Perkins in Kenosha, time TBD.

Green Knight: Updates on the website. No more ACCEPS. Tuesday April 28 is a script meeting. Sunday May 3 the Clothiers Guild meeting will focus on an overview of 14th century clothing.

CAM List: Has been migrated to google groups. If you are on it but aren't seeing any traffic, please contact the webminister.

Boar's Head 2015 Contract: The Expo Center needed an answer about the site, so we had an emergency phone Curia and the officers voted to have Boar's Head at the Expo Center. Beatrice will release the reservation for UWM.

New Business:

Boar's Head 2014 Additional: We need an event and feast steward. Please submit bids by June Curia.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Her Excellency Kateryn and His Excellency Henry have each issued challenges to their populace to bring the results of their best brewing and vintning projects to participate in a bean count challenge on Saturday night at Border Skirmish. (Populace will be carded.)

Calligraphy & Illumination: Meeting May 6, UWM.

Herbal: On hiatus.

Dance: April 29, UWM. English Country Dance. Some of the guild members went to Jara's dance practice and had a great time.

Clothier's Guild: Meeting Sunday, May 3, UWM. Theme: Overview of 14th Century Attire.

UWM: They can't schedule any new meetings until May 1. They are not currently planning to meet on 'middle' weekends, but intend to still have C&I the first Wednesday and dance the last Wednesday of each month.

Woodworking: The season has come and gone and will come again.



In Attendance: Hamish, Magnus, Abelard, Arnbjorn, Karl, Druscilla, Jeri/Rowan, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Hafgrimm, Kateryn, Asabella, Eva, Albrecht

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Please fill out award recommendations - I have scroll blanks already waiting for calligraphy, just tell me who to give them to. There will be a Baronial Court at Border Skirmish - if it's not raining, court will be outdoors. Their Majesties Northshield are coming, Their Highnesses Northshield are not, His Majesty Midrealm is coming and Their Highnesses Midrealm don't exist yet so we don't know if they're coming or not. In addition, we need a steward for the Legends Moot.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report. Will meet with Nikea to give her some tablecloths when we load up for Border Skirmish. Also, we need to bring the second Baronial chair, torches (Magnus's torches, not the Barony's) for the torchlight tournament and the B&V challenge, signs, corners, garage, barriers, Baronial shadefly. Need to check with the storage locker place just in case they've sent us a bill that we haven't seen, because there may or may not be problems with the Exchequer email.

Chronicler: We'll get the Tower out on time this time. Articles are due on May 29. Please put 'Song of the Tower' in the email subject line.

Webminister: We have a website. It's not broken. Letters of intent are due today. With one Letter of Intent, the Curia voted to shorten the election process and vote tonight. This vote passed. The group voted to make Dahrien the new webminister in September when Hafrgimm's term of office ends. This vote passed.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Stuff has been happening. The Clothier's Guild met to design and build 14th century clothing to help promote the Green Knight Tournament. Lamb to Loom was a good event, and Dru taught classes - people learned things and made messes.

Knights Marshal: Is now the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal. (The previous KACM's term ended, along with a number of other marshallate positions.) The Crown says that he can hold both offices concurrently - he's not technically his own boss, he's his boss's boss. At practice we've begun a 'weapons style of the month' focus. This month is single-handed mass weapon, and on the 28th we'll have a mass weapon tournament. There is a prize. The next weapon form (next month) will be spear. We've had some heated discussions in the Kingdom lately regarding calibration and there will be more information about that in the Northwatch.

Archery: Started shooting outdoors this week. Mondays will switch between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park, Wednesdays at Kinnickinnic River Parkway. Fun times have been had and nobody has died. Rhys intends to apply for an extension to his term.

Rapier: Practice continues on Thursday nights at the Airsoft Arena. At the end of each month lately we're having featured weapon style tournaments, and there are prizes.

Youth Combat: New handbook. Diana is preparing for youth practices.

Chatelaine: Reports turned in. Beatrice is the site chatelaine for Border Skirmish. Please let her know if you need any loaner garb. She is also teaching classes about SCA 101 and Award Recommendations.

Exchequer: We have a new account at TriCity. Signatories are done except for Kingdom. We are flagged with the bank as needing two signatories. We have starter checks, but need to order actual checks. Exchequer provided prices at the bank as well as three offline choices. We elected to go with Checks In the Mail but need to check with Kingdom to make sure that our payment method is acceptable. Will also find out if we can get priority processing/shipping on that order, as long as it's not more than $30. We voted yes to this suggestion. Exchequer would like some computer assistance to remove previous officer's personal information from the laptop - she will bring it to Kateryn first. Moira will continue to run the Scrip program until we decide we're done with it. We only have one outstanding check, and then can close the old checking account. Also, will report actual dollar amounts in Tower report.

Herald: Please remember to turn in award recommendations, both for Kingdom and Baronial awards. Read the Tower!

Seneschal: Office is open. Letters of intent are due today. With one Letter of Intent, the Curia voted to shorten the election process and vote tonight. This vote passed. The group voted to make Eva the new Seneschal when Cecilia's term ends; she will serve as deputy until that time.

Minister of Youth: Vacant.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Had a meeting. Come down on Friday (June 12) for setup. All kinds of stuff to do. The tavern will have pre-purchased dinner Friday available ($9, ~7 PM), as well as Saturday meals as usual. See the website for more information.

Green Knight: Had a good presentation about clothes. Next meeting June 2, location to be determined. Website is up. Urien's wife has posted a challenge regarding the Pas at the event. Updates and details will come after the meeting.

Boar's Head: Bids are due next Curia.

New Business:

New business rolled into other reports.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Drinking! We're involved in a challenge at Border Skirmish to determine who has the best brewers and vintners - come compete!

Calligraphy & Illumination: Waiting to reserve rooms at UWM.

Dance: Waiting to reserve rooms at UWM, but next meeting will be May 27th (location TBD). Oh, and the Jara dance practice was fun - the guild intends to go back.

Cooking and Herbal: On hiatus until after June 20.

Clothiers: Did a class on 14th century clothes. Next meeting TBD.

UWM: On hiatus for the summer.

Woodworking: Season has come and gone, come and gone again, and come and gone again. Working on Green Knights tables. Moira and Kateryn have lumber (trees) available, but people will need to pick it up themselves.



In Attendance: Kateryn (Asabella's proxy), Arnbjorn, Alice, Diana, Druscilla, Beatrice, Hamish (Albrecht's proxy), Geoffrey. Notes taken by: The Honorable Lord Arnbjorn Karlsson

Due to a scheduling conflict, curia opened with reviewing the sole Boar's Head bid:

* Proposed Steward: Baron Geoffrey de la Brugge, Deputy: Lady Asabella of Caer Anterth Mawr

* Proposed Feast Stewards: Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville &amp; THL Elspeth O'Leary

Curia approved the bid, revised to remove "Royalty food will come from feast proceeds." Society prohibits SCA funds being used for royal room food. A proposed budget will be forwarded to the finance committee.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Border Skirmish had rain and fun. Baronial Court was held. Her Excellency needs more award recommendations.

Chronicler: not present: Deadline for the July Tower: Friday 6/26/15. Use "Song of the Tower" in the subject line when e-mailing about the newsletter.

Herald: not present: There was a baronial court, including a presentation hunt. Much heraldry was at BS XII.

Web Minister: Not Present: we have a website.

MOAS: We have had Arts &amp; Sciences and no fatalities.

Knight's Marshal: Office is open. No Letters of Intent by the deadline. With his duties as KACM and relocating out of the barony, a successor needs to be found ASAP. Loaner armor care needs to be improved. Borrowers of the loaner armor will now sign an agreement that they are financially response for the armor. Airsoft is no longer a viable practice site. The ownership has changed, and the city has closed the annex that CAM was using. Practice will move to Redeemer Lutheran Church (631 N 19th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233) in the near future. Funds from the baronial fighter fund will cover the $75 per 3 hour practice, with $5 per attendee to replenish the fund.

Archery Captain: A third year extension has been approved for Lord Rhys. Practices continue twice a week. Over two dozen archers participated at Border Skirmish. CAM won 2 out of the 3 shoots.

Rapier Captain: Rapier practice will move with armored combat practice. CAM had 6 rapier fighters at BS XII. Baron Charimmos continues to hold "weapon style of the month" tournies.

Youth Combat: Diana is going through the loaner gear. Several items are not up to current standards. She will look into getting more loaner gear made.

Thrown Weapons: Toussaint and Jois gave two TW target stands to CAM at Border Skirmish.

Chatelaine: 2 UWM students attended BS XII and are very excited about Green Knight and Boar's Head. Met with Karl's son Michael, one is relocating to CAM. No other inquiries. Is going to be inventorying the loaner garb closet.

Exchequer: Curia approved spending $1224 for lump sum storage locker rental, rather than $102 monthly rent payment. Is working on second quarter report with Moria. See Exchequer's report for more details. Society has put new financial policies into effect. See exchequer or Northwatch for details.

Seneschal: no report

Old Business:

Border Skirmish Wrap-Up: Despite the rain, the event went well. No final figures available yet. A couple of issues: more information on the specs and range of the radios needs to be collected. Diana is taking care of that. There was a miscommunication on having the grills ready for after court. Abelard was awesome at longshoreman. Most people were off-site by noon.

Green Knight: Planning meeting was held on 6/9. Has a list of projects that need to be completed. Arnbjorn holding off until BS XII is in the books.

New Business:

Day of Legends Moot - Alice will check to see if her residence is available on 08/30/15, 1-5 pm.

CAM invited to march in 4th of July parade, but given less than 4 weeks notice; CAM will pass this year.

Brookfield Library Demo: have not heard anything from them regarding a demo this summer or fall.

WI Highland Games: invited to hold a demo. With Green Knight coming up that month, will pass this year.

Bayview Bash: General feeling is that the Bash is not the best venue for our organization. The space is not enough for hands-on demonstrations and the general atmosphere is not geared toward educational activities. We will pass this year.

Border Skirmish 2016 - Should we move or postpone Border Skirmish next year? Event would be the week before SCA 50th Anniversary Event (June 17-26, 2016). Arnbjorn will post the question on the CAM list and CAM FB group and gather the feedback.

Guilds &amp; Groups:

B&amp;V Guild - Challenge at Border Skirmish ended in a tie

C&amp;I Group - Hiatus until UWM becomes available

Herbal &amp; Cooking Group - on hiatus. Alice has an herbal garden. Turkeys are getting into it.

Dance Guild - to be scheduled.

UWM SCA - Awesome updated- has 4 solid officers for the whole school year. Will be able to have presence during Fall Welcome for recruitment. Will look into options to allow prospective members to attend fighter practice, with the barony, or others, covering cost of attendees (voucher?)

Woodworking- Resuming at Armond's home on Mondays.



In Attendance: Abelard, Albrecht, Arnbjorn, Alice, Asabella, Beatrice, Kateryn, Eva, Karl, Druscilla, Rhys

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: To save time at this meeting, please only report on things which require discussion or voting. Report everything else in the Tower.

Baroness: Legends Moot is coming up on Sunday, August 30. Please submit award recommendations. There will be a surprise for everyone there.

Chronicler: Tower articles due by 8/25. Put 'Song of the Tower' in the email header. We skipped the August Tower.

Webminister: We have a website. Chiurgeon information removed as per Kingdom requirement.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S prep and class schedule ready for Boar's Head. Nobody has died.

Knights Marshal: Practice continues on Thursdays. We need a new Knights Marshal. We have two applicants: Jean and Lothar. Motion to have a Q&A session at the Legends Moot, and vote at September Curia. Motion carried, voted, approved. We will have a championship tournament on Thursday, August 27 at fighter's practice.

Archery Marshal: We chose a new champion. Practice continues to be outdoors and will do so until it's too dark.

Rapier Marshal: Practice continues on Thursdays. We held the champions tournament at practice and selected a new champion. Albrecht offered to extend his office by a year. Motion made to accept this term extension, motion carried, voted, approved.

Chatelaine: We have interest from newcomers, and Chatelaine will stay in contact. We had some new people at practice last week.

Exchequer: Financial report will be printed in the Tower. We have new rules re: exchequers signing reimbursement checks for themselves.

Quartermaster: Contact him if you need things from the storage locker for Green Knight. If you need to return things, contact him for that too.

Herald: Congratulations to Beatrice on being added to the Order of the Hand of Tyr. LOI due today. Made motion to extend deadline for LOI until September Curia. Motion carried, voted, approved.

Seneschal: We no longer have chiurgeons. Will have the office removed from the bylaws. (We don't have to vote on this.) Note, we should keep track of who previous chiurgeons were so that we can recognize their service.

Old Business:

Green Knight Tournament: With the change of venue and life changes affecting the staff, we've shifted this from an immersion event to a 40th Anniversary event. (Theme is still Green Knight.) We have added a rapier championship. Will be borrowing benches from Jaravellir and hopefully Nordskogen following the Glass and Metalworking event. Will announce the event at the Pas. Posted about tables and got some interest. The event is a little more than a month away and we still need staff - will post which specific positions, but it includes gate and event setup.

Boar's Head: We're doing well. Theme is Traditional Yule. Most of the key staff positions are filled, but we need Gate, Lunch, Royalty Liaison, and a Youth Marshal. The website is up with a tentative schedule and pre-registration. We will have a Peppermint Tournament in place of the Flower Tournament. Would like to have a fundraiser other than the cookie caper - to be discussed later.

Legends Moot: Be there and bring food. Send in award recommendations.

New Business:

October Archery Event: Hoping to meet with the owner of Buckrub and some other places regarding a location and prizes. Want to invite archers from other groups in the area. Will send to Aquila and other archery lists. Maybe a cookout as well. More information to come. Will be October 3.

Next meeting: September 22 at Brookfield Library. Will reserve UWM for October, November, January, March, and May. Will reserve the library for December, February, April, June, etc.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Everybody drink!

UWM: UWM has started talking about getting going for the new school year. We have enough students to keep the group alive. Will continue to host C&I and dancing. Will participate in the 'Involvement Fair' on September 9. Hoping to do a big recruitment drive this year.

C&I: Should be starting with the new school year, hosted at UWM.

Dance: Should be starting with the new school year, hosted at UWM. Beatrice is ready to teach 15th and 16th century Italian dance as well as English Country Dance.

Herbal/Cooking: On hiatus.

Clothier's Guild: Will look at UWM for space. Will push to get people dressed by Green Knight.

Woodworking: Monday nights at Armond's. Working on tables for Green Knight. Contact Armond if you're planning to come out - sometimes he has to cancel.



In Attendance: Abelard, Geoffrey, Druscilla, Asabella, Eva, Kateryn, Albrecht, Idonia, Arnbjorn, Siri, Jean, Dahrien, Mysie

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: There's an event this weekend. Everybody should go to it! There's a new King and Queen. Vivat!

Chronicler: Make sure the subject line for all Tower articles is 'Song of the Tower'. No 're', no 'fwd', just 'Song of the Tower'. Articles due Tuesday, 9/29/15.

Webminister: Nothing significant to report.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Presented list of Boar's Head classes, which will also be in the Tower.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue at Redeemer. Motion made to shorten the candidate selection process for the new Knights Marshal. Passed. Voted to accept Syr Jean du MalChance as the new Knights Marshal. Passed. Vivant to Syr Jean, new Knights Marshal! Thank you to His Excellency Hamish for his service.

Archery: Moved indoors this week. Regional Archery Practice/Moot October 3 at Menomonee Park from 10-4. Information on the website.

Rapier: Practices going well. Tournament at practice this week.

Minister of Children: No report.

Chatelaine: Report will be in the Tower.

Exchequer: Written report presented. Trying to close the Associated Bank account, which should happen this week. Note: Dru can do photocopying and binding at work for less than a copy center. Need two weeks lead time, and need to be able to accept a hand-written receipt.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff.

Herald: Nothing to report, but office is open. We have an applicant. Motion was made to shorten the candidate selection process for new Herald. Passed. Voted to accept Mistress Idonia as new Herald. Passed. She will step up in December when Abelard's term ends.

Seneschal: Report will be in the Tower.

Old Business:

Green Knight Tournament: Be there this weekend, Ledge Park by Horycon Marsh. Truck is reserved. Will get stuff from the storage locker and Marquette on Friday morning. Setup at 1 PM, troll opens at 5 PM. Website is up. Volunteers needed for Troll. Will be picking up list poles, benches, sheet walls, carport, shadefly, three tents, and other things. We have all the campsites reserved. Need to arrange for gate money. FYI, Baroness won't be there on Friday night but will be there on Saturday. Group reading starts at 7 PM (or when critical mass is achieved) – come participate!

Boar's Head: Still planning. Meeting this week (9/24) at fighter's practice, 7 PM, Redeemer. (We'll have more meetings in October.) Need lunch people or else we'll ask site to provide a caterer. Think about Boar's head 2016 - deadline for bids in January.

New Business:

Proposal: Having a paid site for fighter's practice can be a hassle. How about people sponsor nights, maybe once a month, so folks can attend without having to pay? Interested parties can sponsor a night for $75 and everybody can attend. Can still have fighting, and the non-fighting area can be used for dancing, A&S, C&I, hanging out, whatever. This will be a private donation. Eva and Albrecht volunteered to sponsor the second Thursday in October (10/8). Dahrien and Mysie volunteered to sponsor the second Thursday in November (11/12). Siri volunteered to sponsor the second weekend in December (12/10).

Tower articles due September 29 by 7 PM. Subject line *must be* ONLY 'Song of the Tower', nothing else, no 're' or 'fwd'.

Next meeting at UWM, October 20.

Border Skirmish: Need to ask royal permission for the second weekend in June. We traditionally wait until we have heirs, but we run this event jointly with the Midrealm and they have already chosen this weekend. Note, we expect numbers to be down this year because the SCA 50 event is the following weekend. We still need a steward for this event - we are lead this year. Deadline for bids is November Curia.

Planning meeting: Sometime in November. We'll try for November 10 at UWM.

Yule Court: Need a steward and a site. Proposals are due by October Curia.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Nothing new to report.

Calligraphy and Illumination: Meeting the first Wednesday of each month at UWM.

Herbs and Cooking: On hiatus.

Dance Guild: Meeting the third Wednesday of each month at UWM.

Clothiers Guild: Keep talking about meeting. Maybe the Vogue Warehouse Sale in Evanston, third weekend in November.

UWM: Report will be in the Tower.

Woodworking: Making tables. $35 to buy, $20 to sponsor.



In Attendance: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Fancy, Corin, Eva, Kateryn, Magnus, Kyriel, Karl, Alexander, Asabella, Beatrice

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We had an event! It was lovely - the site was lovely, the feast was lovely, the people were lovely. It's also a lovely site for camping. Thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who attended - sorry that more people couldn't make it. We have a new Prince and Princess! Congratulations to them, and to the fighters from CAM who fought in Crown. Please submit award recommendations for Boar's Head and SUN, both coming soon.

Chronicler: Articles due October 29. Subject line must be 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please put your name at the bottom in the format you'd like it to appear (that is, sign it with your SCA name). Need to publish the bylaws in November or December Tower.

Webminister: Nothing significant to report.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: SUN and Known World Costume & Rapier coming soon! (KWC&R is just across the Midrealm border in Mundelein, IL.) Lots of classes at both! People should go! Dahrien split his pants, no one died.

Knights Marshal: Still have practices on Thursdays at the church. Will have more 'Open Practice' nights - see below.

Archery: Mondays at Gander Mountain. $8 an hour, monthly and annual passes available. (An annual pass costs the same as four monthly passes.)

Rapier: Still have practices on Thursdays at the church. This week is a rapier tournament with a prize!

Youth: Not present.

Chatelaine: Actively recruiting - a few students, a guy who's been out of the country, and others.

Exchequer: Will submit report to the Tower. Added Eva to the bank account, collected signatures for the signatory sheet. Missing a cashbox (just the box).

Quartermaster: We have stuff. Need to check inventory and drop some things off at the storage locker. The benches borrowed for Green Knight have been returned to their owners. It is possible to switch the 'owner' of the locker if both people are there.

Herald: Nothing significant to report.

Seneschal: Zip codes are an issue again - the TADS Seneschal questioned our use of the Washington County Fairgrounds. Emailed them and asked how they would like to handle it. (Reminder: This has been going on for a few years.) Kingdom Seneschal is aware of the situation.

Old Business:

Green Knight: Great site. Feast and tables made a profit, overall lost money. Thanks to everyone who came. Attendance was light. We can use this site again in the future. It was a little chilly in the evening and at night, but that's just an excuse for winter garb, campfires, and sheepskins.

Archery Moot: 12 archers and Her Excellency, mostly from Jara and CAM. Everybody liked the site - we hope to do it again next year. Jara's fletching guild gifted CAM with a quiver and some arrows which will be added to the Archery Champion Regalia.

Boar's Head: Going well. Planning meeting Sunday at 2 PM at Geoffrey and Tatiana's in Waukesha. So far we're planning to have a caterer for lunch. Need a youth coordinator for both youth activities and/or youth combat. Large class schedule. Minister of Arts and Sciences requests that lunch start by 11 AM so the teachers can all eat. TRM and TRH will attend. (Her Highness is teaching a class.) We will host the Princess' Sleeve Rapier Tournament. Check the website for more information ongoing. Also, will have a silent auction.

Open Practice went well. Next one will be November 12, sponsored by Dahrien and Mysie. Sigrid has also sponsored December 10.

Planning Meeting: November 10, UWM 183.

New Business:

Yule Moot: Bids due by November Curia. Think about that! Maybe have it in January.

Tower Articles Reminder: October 29, subject: Song of the Tower.

Next meeting November 17, UWM, room 183. December in Brookfield?

Please make donations to the Kingdom Travel Fund.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Same old, same old.

Calligraphy & Illumination: First Wednesday of every month, preceded by UWM student meeting. Had a class about pigments. Will have blanks to color. Her Excellency is teaching 'Illumination for People Who Can't Draw' at Boar's Head.

Herbal & Cooking/Eating: Maybe Asabella will host one. Eating guild is looking forward to a chance to reconvene.

Dance Guild: Third Wednesday of each month at UWM. Beatrice will be the new coordinator. Primary focus on French Continental and English Country Dancing. Need locations for November and December meetings - maybe a different night.

Clothier's Guild: Been quiet. If anyone wants to go to the Vogue warehouse in Evanston (third weekend in November) contact Druscilla. Karl still has fabric to donate for student garb.

UWM: Continue to have new members. Taking students to SUN, but might need more people to drive. If you can take a student to SUN, please let Beatrice know. UWM might want to host a SUN or Coronation or something colligeumish. Will discuss at Baronial Planning Meeting. Lots of rooms, free AV, large spaces...

Woodworking Guild: Too cold to work outside.



In Attendance: Abelard, Alexis, Kayleigh, Beatrice, Albrecht, Eva, Karl, Kateryn, Corin, Fancy, Dahrien, Asabella, Magnus, Druscilla

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Has received the gift of salt as black as her heart, and is well pleased. Distributed cookies as a sign of her graciousness. Submit award recommendations for Boar's Head now - scribes are being assigned! Might be a long court. If you have not yet volunteered for a job at Boar's Head, please do. (Washing dishes counts as a job.) If Their Majesties give Her Excellency time in court, we will do officer changeovers for webminister and herald.

Chronicler: Articles due November 25. Make sure to put 'Song of the Tower' in the subject line with no other content, and make sure to indicate the name with which you want the article signed.

Webminister: Nothing to report, except that he came up with a new combat scenario.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Classes and heraldic consultation and demos and scribal play area at Boar's Head. 22 hours of class. We also filled eight class slots at SUN with instructors from CAM. And, bake cookies for the cookie caper at Boar's Head!

Knights Marshal: Practices continue, Thursday nights at the church.

Archery: Monday nights. Got new arrows from China! Also, read 'Agincourt' by Bernard Cornwall.

Rapier: KWAR was spectacular. Practices continue. Would like permission to scrap some broken loaner gear - permission is not necessary, so will do so.

Minister of Youth: Absent.

Chatelaine: Awesome turnout at SUN, where she taught two classes (Intro to SCA and Mock Court). Took 12 folks in 3 cars from UWM. The students received tokens and rings. Planning for Boar's Head. Will have a Buddy Bench. Also, sponsoring a contest at feast.

Exchequer: Had a review done at SUN. It went pretty well - only four action items - and learned other things that we should be doing during the class sessions taught by the Kingdom Exchequer. Needs to replace the (currently electronic) records from 2012 and 2013 with paper copies which were lost or destroyed, print the meeting minutes, identify our general funds, and get the deputy warranted, all by December 31. We also need to include inventory with the Domesday report.

Quartermaster: 'Change of owner' process for the storage locker can happen online. Helping the exchequer with reports. Beatrice has the radios from Green Knight and will return them to QM.

Herald: This is my last Curia as Herald - will hand off stuff at fighter's practice and the office at Boar's Head. Otherwise, article in the Tower.

Seneschal: Haven't heard from TADS re: zip codes, so this is presumed a non-issue. Every office needs deputies!

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Will be awesome. Everybody's coming. Everything's coming along. Light pre-reg, but that seems to be the norm these days. (Presumably nobody uses checks anymore, and that's why.) Lunch is being catered. *Don't bring outside food.* There will be a bar, opens at 11. Jack Flanders has volunteered to run youth combat. We will have a Boar's Head tournament - off-hand ("Sinister") single-sword - and a peppermint stick tournament. We will have the Princess' Sleeve tournament. We will have a "new scribes playspace" at which new scribes can learn and practice with materials under the supervision of more experienced scribes and illuminators. There will be a buddy bench. Give web updates to Dahrien. We need to pay our taxes: we voted to provide $250 for the general fund. Vote passed, approved. Also, bring donations for the silent auction, cookies for the caper. Site opens to staff, royalty, and merchants at 8 and to the public at 9. We can get in Friday until 5 for setup if needed. And, Pete needs a ride - if anyone is coming from the vicinity of UWM and can provide one to her, please let her know. (She's on the CAM email list.)

Open Practice: November's open practice went well. December's open practice is December 10, sponsored by Sigrid. Magnus is sponsoring January. Combining this with dance practice was a nice touch - we had eight people dancing while people fought.

Planning meeting: The dates are posted. Think about moots, stewarding, and locations for the same. We *really* need a steward for Border Skirmish.

New Business:

Yule Moot: The beach house at Waukesha is not available Jan 16, Jan 17, Jan 23, or Jan 24, but the one in Muskego is. We discussed renting Muskego on Jan 23 ($114 to rent plus three cords of firewood = $135), voted, and approved. Need to find a steward for this moot. Expect gift exchange, potluck, and court.

Next meeting is December 15th at Brookfield unless otherwise announced.

Gold Key Garb: All of the garb is between size XL and 'Tent' (either really small or really huge) Need some medium-sized garb. Please donate garb and/or fabric and consider donating time to convert fabric into garb.

Guilds and Groups:

UWM: Would like permission to register a fieldless badge for their use, which will be a Baronial badge: An English panther. We voted and approved. Beatrice will pursue this. Also, is looking into hosting an Officer's Day. Will do more research and put in a bid.

Clothier's Guild: November 21 at Beatrice's to finish some garb. Maybe also the 28th or 29th.

Dance Guild: Meeting twice a month: The normal Wednesday meeting at UWM, and also at the free practice night.



In Attendance: Abelard, Magnus, Eva, Kateryn, Asabella, Geoffrey, Arnbjorn, Alice, Albrecht, Idonia, Dahrien, Santa

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: We had an event, and it went really well. Everyone worked hard. Great work to feast stewards, great work to event staff, great work to everyone. Yule Moot is coming up, and we need Baronial award recommendations. Officers, turn in your end of year (domesday) reports.

Chronicler: Reports due Sunday, December 20. Make the subject line 'Song of the Tower' and please list your name as you would like it to appear.

Webminister: We have a website. Making changes to the Artisan Library page ( New Baronial arms have been posted, some with QR codes.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nobody died. People loved the classes at Boar's Head. (179 people attended classes.)

Knights Marshal: Practice this week is the last of the year (12/17). No practice on 12/24 or 12/31.

Archery: Practices continue to be Mondays at Gander Mountain. Probably doing the winter shoot competition in the new year.

Rapier: New people, returning people.

Youth: We are receiving a donation of some youth combat gear from Asny and Ansilla. Youth was very popular at Boar's Head.

Chatelaine: Clothed at least ten people at Boar's Head. Lots of new people.

Exchequer: Lots of checks. Paid taxes. Need to get payment worked out with our ISP. From our review, we needed to have two things done by the end of November and those things are done. We have two other things which need to be done by the end of December, and they will be.

Quartermaster: Got stuff out for Boar's Head, and put it all back. Kateryn took some photos of regalia for our records.

Herald: Read the report in the Tower.

Seneschal: Boar's Head happened!

Old Business:

Boar's Head Followup: Final headcount: 421 (401 paid). 33 people at the Princess' Sleeve Tournament. Lots of help on the rapier list. About 50 heavy fighters. This site will let us fight outdoors, but note: need your own marshal outside. Also, this is assuming that next year they don't have an outdoor Christmas light display as they have in some previous years. We were pleasantly surprised to host the Prince of Calontir, especially since we had no Midrealm royalty. Note: don't schedule this event opposite a Midrealm event next year if we can avoid it. More merchants than last year. Cookie caper (which was a private fundraiser) made over $1K. Silent Auction made over $1 and had lots of interest, highest quality silent auction ever. No complaints that we've heard. Everybody had fun. This year will be a tough act to follow. Everyone has turned in expenses and checks will go out soon. Final numbers once the final bill is received.

New Business:

Yule Moot: Steward - Arnbjorn. January 23. 3-10 pm, Muskego Beach House. Kitchen on site. Free beer and wine license. No fireplace at this location. Potluck feast. Master Solomon storytelling contest during feast. White elephant gift exchange at the end of the night. There's a website page and a facebook page for this event. (

Midwinter Gaming Convention: Last year Hamish and Asabella were in charge. This year Beatrice? Randall talked to Ryan (from Lost Hope LARP) who said that Anne (the con organizer) would like us to contact her. Demo is the same day as Tree Girt Sea 12th Night (January 16). Fighting and dancing. We should do this if we can - last year it was a big draw, and we've had interest from other groups (Jara, specifically) in participating.

Border Skirmish 2016: We are lead this year. Call for bids. Arnbjorn has submitted a letter of intent pre-bid. We voted and decided to accept his pre-bid. He will write up a formal bid with budget.

Boar's Head 2016: Please submit bids - some people have expressed interest in co-autocratting, but don't want to discourage others.

Fall Coronation 2016: September 10. Need an autocrat. Possible event sites: Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Ozaukee County Fairgrounds, Easter Seals Building, Urban Ecology Centers... need to research and determine if we can do it, and put in a bid if we're interested.

Next meeting: January 19 at UWM.

Cashbox: Does anyone have one to donate? (Eva and Albrecht might.)

Albrecht would like to buy some fencing masks, which cost more than his $50 rapier allotment. Would also like to set up a 'sewing day' for people to sew rapier fighting garb/armor. Fighters, we will discuss this on Thursday - can we give him some money from the fighter's fund?

Remember, officers have $50 per year to spend on their offices.

Guilds and Groups:

UWM: Will report next time.

C&I : First Wednesday of the month.

Dance: Third Wednesday of the month.

Clothier’s Guild: There was something, but nobody can remember what. This space intentionally left blank.

Brewers and Vintner's Guild: Drinking!

Eaters and Drinkers Guild: Staying in practice!

Herbal/Cooking Group: On hiatus.

Woodworking Group: On hiatus.

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