Curia Notes - 2016


In Attendance:Abelard, Beatrice, Albrecht, Eva, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Karl, Corin, Fancy, Dahrien, Idonia, Kateryn, Magnus

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Yule Court is this weekend. If you haven't gotten in your award recommendations, you're late - but you can put them in for Border Skirmish. We will have court at Yule Court, and there are a number of awards and backlogs. Come to court! Also, Hamish will be elevated to the Pelican at ToC in Tomah. Everyone should come to that!

Chronicler: Song of the Tower articles are due by February 5. Make sure the subject line is 'Song of the Tower', and the article includes your signature as you wish it to appear. Working on the January Tower now.

Webminister: Everything is status quo.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Out sick tonight. If you're teaching a class for SUN, please send handouts to Katerina - handouts are being posted on the Northshield website under 'Class Resources'.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue. The Society Earl Marshal is releasing new handbooks for most of the martial disciplines. Remember, SCA rules trump Northshield rules.

Archery: Mondays at Gander Mountain. Archery Challenge begins next week, 1/25.

Rapier: Practices. New people. Yay!

Chatelaine: Receiving garb donations from Armond and Sofonisba, Dahrien and Mysie, Bardolph, others. Making new contacts, getting new people.

Exchequer: Boar's Head made a profit. Domesday is almost ready (not due until the end of the month).

Quartermaster: Needs to send in warrant stuff.

Herald: Nothing to report here - read the Tower.

Seneschal: We had a demo! Things seem to be going smoothly.

Old Business:

Midwinter Gaming Demo: Had about 15 SCA folks. Some old SCA people turned up as well. Ivar will be in charge next year and has already established contact with the person in charge. He's working on getting a nice room with plenty of floor and ceiling space. We had a bad time slot this year because of the delay in signing up, but still got some interest. Suggestion: We should get our folks to walk around as well as hang out in the room, because people will follow us back to the demo room. Maybe we can work with the masquerade to be the half-time show.

Yule Moot: Saturday 1/23 at the Muskego Beach House. People will be on site by noon, though the moot doesn't begin until 3. Court at 4. Potluck at 5. Gift exchange afterwards. Will bring extra gifts so that everyone can participate.

Border Skirmish: Arnbjorn emailed finance committee the bid for Boar's Head for review. Used last year's numbers as a base. Spoke with equestrian in Midrealm and Northshield and they will be attending SCA 50, so we don't need the arena this year. This means that we don't need as much hay, either. These numbers change the bid slightly. Marie is the Ravenslake autocrat. Arthur Angus volunteered to be CAM Longshoreman. Got interest from some vendors at the demo.

Open Practice: January's was great. February's is sponsored by Jean and Katerina. March will be sponsored by Beatrice, Asabella, and Typhaine. Randall has expressed interest in sponsoring April.

New Business:

Boar's Head bids due tonight. We don't have a bid, but do have a proposal of interest. Voted to accept Idonia and Albrecht's proposal to steward with a pending bid, accepted.

Finance Committee will meet to discuss Border Skirmish bid.

Next month's meeting is February 16 at Brookfield. (Arnbjorn's birthday!)

Guilds and Groups:

Herbal: We have interest from some new people in bringing this guild out of hiatus. Kateryn will look into it.

Dance: Expect two dance practices per month except February which will only have one.

UWM: Considering putting in a bid for Officer's Day, SUN, a Collegium of some sort, or maybe Bardic Madness. More information to come.

Meeting suspended so that the Finance Committee could meet.

Meeting resumed. Finance Committee presented the Border Skirmish bid for a populace vote. It was approved.



In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Alice, Magnus, Karl, Katerina, Jean, Idonia, Kateryn, Cecilia, Dahrien

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Went to an event in Minnesota, came back in the snow. The Northshield Kingdom Arts and Sciences Open Division and Triathalon Tournament was great, and a few people from CAM made it out there. We have no letters of intent for the open offices yet, although they were due today, but we'll get to that.

Exchequer: Report is available. Year-end reports were turned in on time. Cash handling for the fighter's fund needs to be handled differently - the exchequer needs to deposit funds within two weeks of receipt instead of four weeks. We'll work out how to handle it. What we submitted in the report is good. Need to renew the license for Excel by Saturday - can investigate Open Office and other options, but just in case we'd like to be able to buy it. There was a motion to allow a purchase of $70 to renew the license by Saturday if it's needed. We voted and passed this motion.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. Magnus is not planning to apply for an extension to his time in this office. We voted to extend the deadline for letters of intent to March Curia, and that passed.

Herald: See the Tower for report.

Chronicler: Missed the January Tower, so will add those articles to the February Tower. Articles due Friday 2/19. Please send articles to with the subject line of 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please sign your messages as you wish the article to be signed.

Webminister: Will turn in a quarterly report by the deadline (end of February). Working with Raven to set up a heraldic achievement for the Barony.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Out sick. People did stuff, nobody died. Druscilla is not planning to apply for an extension to her time in this office. We voted to extend the deadline for letters of intent to March Curia, and that passed.

Knights Marshal: Fighting still happens once a week (Redeemer Lutheran Church, Thursdays, 7-10 PM). We still have a site. We need more people.

Rapier: Fencing continues, despite fact that I cannot always be there due to Eva's medical situation. Don Dante has run the last two practices. When I cannot be there, I will do what I can to ensure a warranted Marshal is there.

Archery: Monday nights at Gander Mountain. This month we're shooting Their Majesty's Archery Challenge.

Youth: There will be a youth combat track at Fighter's School: Intro to fighting, How to fight like a girl / how to fight a girl, How to fight a giant, Fighting with two weapons, Fighting with great weapons.

Chatelaine: Quarterly Chatelaine report has been filed on time.

Seneschal: Eva is recuperating, expects to be back next month.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Arnbjorn met with Marie. This is the 13th Border Skirmish, so we might have the theme of 'luck'; for instance, tournaments of luck or lucky charms for site tokens. Filling in staff positions. Dahrien's putting the website together. Jean is MIC, and is contacting Their Majesties Northshield and Midrealm to find out if they have any scenario preferences. (If he can't get hold of Them, he will contact the chivalry of both Kingdoms, and so on.)

Winter Court Moot: Was great. Weather was great. Attendance was great. The food was great. Court was great. Thank you for the donations.

Boar's Head: Idonia has the contract for the Washington County Fairgrounds and will send it to the officers. Will need to pay half up front. A potential feast steward suggested the theme of Silk Road. There was a motion to sign the contract and pay the money. We voted and this passed.

New Business:

Lisbon Heritage Festival: August 13-14 (closing weekend for Pennsic) in Waukesha. The festival covers periods from Ancient Greece through WW2, so we could fit in. After discussion we decided that Arnbjorn should pass this along to Beatrice.

Baronial Regalia: The Baronial seats have suffered wear and tear over the last nine or ten years and need repairs or replacement. The Baronial 40th Anniversary is coming up in a few years. Maybe we should look at all the rest of the regalia as well. In fact, there's a missing pin in one of the metal coronets and the leather isn't really clean on the leather coronets. Magnus will look at the coronets.

Future Moots? We should have them. Camping? Brewing? Overnights?

Guilds and Groups:

B&V: Investigating the possibility of another brewing moot. There is a Facebook group for Northshield Brewers.

Herbal: Alice is growing an herb garden. Renewed interest. Should have something scheduled by next month.

Dance: 3rd Wednesday of the month at UWM, second Thursday of the month at Fighter's Practice.

C&I: First Wednesday of the month.

Clothier's Guild: Guild meeting at Beatrice's on Sunday, February 28th, for garb construction for those who need first/early garb for themselves. Anyone is welcome to come and bring any project they want to work on.

UWM: Recruiting activities continue at UWM--we had new members at the last meeting, and the next meeting will be tomorrow, followed by Baronial dance practice.

Woodworkers: Hiatus


Please participate in the Northshield auction on Facebook.

The March free fighter's practice will be sponsored by Beatrice, Asabella, and Typhaine.



In Attendance:Abelard, Kateryn, Sofonisba, Katriona, Raven, Beatrice, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Eva, Albrecht, Mysie, Dahrien, Bardolph, Asabella

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Those of you who haven't should meet Raven and Katriona, who have been in the group for years but whom many of you have never met. He will talk later.

Chronicler: Deadline for Song of the Tower articles is March 27. Please send articles to with the subject line of 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please sign your messages as you wish the article to be signed.

Webminister: Still have a website. Send me information when you want something posted.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Unable to attend due to illness in the family. Nobody has died or been maimed performing A&S activities in the past month, though Randall still hosts armoring night on Tuesdays so who knows how long this trend will continue. See later in these notes re: MOAS applicants.

Knights Marshal: We still have practice, though heavy fighter attendance has been low. Come fight!

Archery: Practices continue, Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Brookfield. Moving to outdoor practices mid-May. We have loaner gear - come shoot!

Rapier: Practices are concurrent with heavy practice (Thursday nights), and rapier attendance is growing. We have loaner gear - come fight!

Youth Combat: Not present.

Chatelaine: Newcomers come in through the student group and other avenues. A member recently donated a large quantity of garb!

Exchequer: See written report. Nothing additional to report.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. It's locked up. See later in these notes re: Quartermaster applicants.

Herald: Looking for the Japanese heraldry book (NCMJ) which the online listing states is in the Baronial heraldry library - it's not actually in there. Herald will buy a new copy. Also, Raven presented Dughall's achievement of arms (printed out and pretty) to Idonia.

Seneschal: Needs to step down due to health reasons - trying to remove as much stress as possible. Will put her announcement in all the appropriate places. We have a motion to shorten the process from six months to one month, which is passed. Letters of Intent are due one week before April Curia, so that discussions and potentially decisions can be made at April Curia. Thank you all for the amazing support. More information will be forthcoming, or ask Mistress Eva yourself.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Planning progresses. Need a day-of gate coordinator and a class coordinator. Will get information to Dahrien for the website. Need to coordinate with Marie in Ravenslake to set up a staff meeting. (Mysie has volunteered to be class coordinator, MSOE students might be able to do gate.) Created a 'how to be a longshoreman' document - will post it with the other 'how to' documents on the website.

Open Practice: Sigrid has offered to sponsor April's practice. Armond and Sofonisba will sponsor May. March practice was a little light due to Gulf Wars and illness. Going to be using a wireless doorbell outside the church so that someone doesn't have to wait in the vestibule for late arrivals.

Boar's Head: One person has submitted a feast bid. No theme yet - maybe next month. The deposit is in and contract has been received. It's on the Northshield Kingdom calendar - need to put it on the Midrealm Calendar.

New Lisbon Heritage Weekend: August 13-14. Overlaps with Pennsic. Response has been light - Arnbjorn will ask one more time.

New Business:

Applicants for Minister of Arts and Sciences: Received one letter of intent from Sofonisba. Made a motion to shorten the process, which passed. Moved to vote on applicant, which passed. Voted. Results: Yes. Office changes in May.

Applicants for Quartermaster: Received one letter of intent from Armond. Made a motion to shorten the process, which passed. Moved to vote on applicant, which passed. Voted. Results: Yes. Office changes in May.

Commemorative Booklet 50th Anniversary: We received an invitation to participate in the 128 page 50th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet by donating $300 to sponsor a page in the book. (This will also result in five copies of the book for the Barony.) They would also need the content of our page by March 31, which will be printed in black and white. We voted to do this. Idonia will put it all together.

Achievement: Raven is the herald who got the group's arms registered in 1980, and he has been working on an achievement for them. In his words: "Hello, I'm Raven. As the Barony's former herald who originally got its arms registered (we were able to get a special exception for our green triple-mount on a blue field because of what the Laurel called "excellent documentation"), I wanted to offer some enhancements for its display. On this page, you'll find a file with blue-and-white mantling, and new compound mural & baronial crowns designed in cooperation with Deputy Pursuivant Signora Beatrice de la Campana. Also, there's a proposed design with dragon-and-griffin supporters; I hope there will be some opportunity to voice opinions for and against this design at some moot and on the CAM List, so it can be clearly either accepted or rejected." The artwork is visible on the website at Raven suggested that, if it meets the approval of the group, we make or commission a banner to hang behind the Baronial seat displaying the full achievement. We had a motion to discuss the adoption of this achievement by the Curia, which was then amended to include the possibility of making tweaks and modifications as we see fit or to fit particular situations (for instance, for Boar's Head we might add a boar instead of a dragon, might flip the dragon and griffin, or might replace the toasting goblets with tongs). The motion and proposal both passed, and much conversation ensued. It is important to note also that in Northshield achievements are not registered with the College of Heralds, so an achievement can be adopted by a group but changing it is not a violation of any Heraldic law. The end result of the conversation was a vote to accept the achievement, with potential tweaks as desired. Ultimately we will develop a library starting with the achievement as presented, and Raven will also provide components and variations. This is now in the herald's lap - she will choose what is displayed on the website and host further discussions. In addition, Raven has donated some poster-sized calendars to the Barony, at a recommended $3 per calendar, which includes AS51.

Next meeting: April 19th in Brookfield.

Guilds and Groups:

Dance: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.

C&I: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.

UWM: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.



In Attendance:Geoffrey, Abelard, Idonia, Karl, Dahrien, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Beatrice, Cecilia, Asabella, Sofonisba

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Working on world domination. We have the best people in the Barony, so we're taking over. Why? Because I'm evil. First the world, then the galaxy, then the universe. Also, we need a seneschal. A number of people have expressed interest, and we have two letters of intent, and one of them is from a greater officer who has withdrawn. More on this later.

Chronicler: Articles due Friday, 4/22. - please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. This issue will be March, April, and May. Hope to get back on schedule. Working with the webminister to get email working correctly.

Webminister: Helping the Chronicler with email stuff. Please use the email addresses to reach the officers.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are still doing stuff. Transferring the office at the end of the month.

Knights Marshal: Still holding practices. Next sponsored practice will be in May, sponsored by Armond and Sofonisba. Some interest in outdoor practices on either Mondays or Wednesdays, also looking at weekend practices.

Chatelaine: Received email about donations, which she'll sort through and distribute to students and gold key. New students and new interest from new people.

Archery: No one has died. Practices on Monday nights at Gander Mountain. Starting outdoor practice May 16. Working with armored and rapier to set up joint practices again, on either Mondays or Wednesday nights. Sponsoring a shoot at Schutzenfest - Norse Skein Shoot. First weekend in May.

Rapier: Practices continue. Have received some new masks to be loaner gear.

Youth: Closest practice is Jara, but has some local interest.

Exchequer: Need some checks signed. We have a new Kingdom Exchequer.

Herald: New book about Japanese names! Beatrice already has it.

Seneschal: We have a Barony. Information for Baron Dughall's memorial service are on the email list.

Old Business:

Seneschal: We have a letter of intent from Geoffrey de la Brugge. We had a motion to vote on him, which passed. We voted, and he won. Geoffrey will be the new Seneschal, pending approval from Kingdom.

Border Skirmish: P