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Curia Notes - 2016


In Attendance:Abelard, Beatrice, Albrecht, Eva, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Karl, Corin, Fancy, Dahrien, Idonia, Kateryn, Magnus

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Yule Court is this weekend. If you haven't gotten in your award recommendations, you're late - but you can put them in for Border Skirmish. We will have court at Yule Court, and there are a number of awards and backlogs. Come to court! Also, Hamish will be elevated to the Pelican at ToC in Tomah. Everyone should come to that!

Chronicler: Song of the Tower articles are due by February 5. Make sure the subject line is 'Song of the Tower', and the article includes your signature as you wish it to appear. Working on the January Tower now.

Webminister: Everything is status quo.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Out sick tonight. If you're teaching a class for SUN, please send handouts to Katerina - handouts are being posted on the Northshield website under 'Class Resources'.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue. The Society Earl Marshal is releasing new handbooks for most of the martial disciplines. Remember, SCA rules trump Northshield rules.

Archery: Mondays at Gander Mountain. Archery Challenge begins next week, 1/25.

Rapier: Practices. New people. Yay!

Chatelaine: Receiving garb donations from Armond and Sofonisba, Dahrien and Mysie, Bardolph, others. Making new contacts, getting new people.

Exchequer: Boar's Head made a profit. Domesday is almost ready (not due until the end of the month).

Quartermaster: Needs to send in warrant stuff.

Herald: Nothing to report here - read the Tower.

Seneschal: We had a demo! Things seem to be going smoothly.

Old Business:

Midwinter Gaming Demo: Had about 15 SCA folks. Some old SCA people turned up as well. Ivar will be in charge next year and has already established contact with the person in charge. He's working on getting a nice room with plenty of floor and ceiling space. We had a bad time slot this year because of the delay in signing up, but still got some interest. Suggestion: We should get our folks to walk around as well as hang out in the room, because people will follow us back to the demo room. Maybe we can work with the masquerade to be the half-time show.

Yule Moot: Saturday 1/23 at the Muskego Beach House. People will be on site by noon, though the moot doesn't begin until 3. Court at 4. Potluck at 5. Gift exchange afterwards. Will bring extra gifts so that everyone can participate.

Border Skirmish: Arnbjorn emailed finance committee the bid for Boar's Head for review. Used last year's numbers as a base. Spoke with equestrian in Midrealm and Northshield and they will be attending SCA 50, so we don't need the arena this year. This means that we don't need as much hay, either. These numbers change the bid slightly. Marie is the Ravenslake autocrat. Arthur Angus volunteered to be CAM Longshoreman. Got interest from some vendors at the demo.

Open Practice: January's was great. February's is sponsored by Jean and Katerina. March will be sponsored by Beatrice, Asabella, and Typhaine. Randall has expressed interest in sponsoring April.

New Business:

Boar's Head bids due tonight. We don't have a bid, but do have a proposal of interest. Voted to accept Idonia and Albrecht's proposal to steward with a pending bid, accepted.

Finance Committee will meet to discuss Border Skirmish bid.

Next month's meeting is February 16 at Brookfield. (Arnbjorn's birthday!)

Guilds and Groups:

Herbal: We have interest from some new people in bringing this guild out of hiatus. Kateryn will look into it.

Dance: Expect two dance practices per month except February which will only have one.

UWM: Considering putting in a bid for Officer's Day, SUN, a Collegium of some sort, or maybe Bardic Madness. More information to come.

Meeting suspended so that the Finance Committee could meet.

Meeting resumed. Finance Committee presented the Border Skirmish bid for a populace vote. It was approved.



In Attendance:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Alice, Magnus, Karl, Katerina, Jean, Idonia, Kateryn, Cecilia, Dahrien

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Went to an event in Minnesota, came back in the snow. The Northshield Kingdom Arts and Sciences Open Division and Triathalon Tournament was great, and a few people from CAM made it out there. We have no letters of intent for the open offices yet, although they were due today, but we'll get to that.

Exchequer: Report is available. Year-end reports were turned in on time. Cash handling for the fighter's fund needs to be handled differently - the exchequer needs to deposit funds within two weeks of receipt instead of four weeks. We'll work out how to handle it. What we submitted in the report is good. Need to renew the license for Excel by Saturday - can investigate Open Office and other options, but just in case we'd like to be able to buy it. There was a motion to allow a purchase of $70 to renew the license by Saturday if it's needed. We voted and passed this motion.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. Magnus is not planning to apply for an extension to his time in this office. We voted to extend the deadline for letters of intent to March Curia, and that passed.

Herald: See the Tower for report.

Chronicler: Missed the January Tower, so will add those articles to the February Tower. Articles due Friday 2/19. Please send articles to with the subject line of 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please sign your messages as you wish the article to be signed.

Webminister: Will turn in a quarterly report by the deadline (end of February). Working with Raven to set up a heraldic achievement for the Barony.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Out sick. People did stuff, nobody died. Druscilla is not planning to apply for an extension to her time in this office. We voted to extend the deadline for letters of intent to March Curia, and that passed.

Knights Marshal: Fighting still happens once a week (Redeemer Lutheran Church, Thursdays, 7-10 PM). We still have a site. We need more people.

Rapier: Fencing continues, despite fact that I cannot always be there due to Eva's medical situation. Don Dante has run the last two practices. When I cannot be there, I will do what I can to ensure a warranted Marshal is there.

Archery: Monday nights at Gander Mountain. This month we're shooting Their Majesty's Archery Challenge.

Youth: There will be a youth combat track at Fighter's School: Intro to fighting, How to fight like a girl / how to fight a girl, How to fight a giant, Fighting with two weapons, Fighting with great weapons.

Chatelaine: Quarterly Chatelaine report has been filed on time.

Seneschal: Eva is recuperating, expects to be back next month.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Arnbjorn met with Marie. This is the 13th Border Skirmish, so we might have the theme of 'luck'; for instance, tournaments of luck or lucky charms for site tokens. Filling in staff positions. Dahrien's putting the website together. Jean is MIC, and is contacting Their Majesties Northshield and Midrealm to find out if they have any scenario preferences. (If he can't get hold of Them, he will contact the chivalry of both Kingdoms, and so on.)

Winter Court Moot: Was great. Weather was great. Attendance was great. The food was great. Court was great. Thank you for the donations.

Boar's Head: Idonia has the contract for the Washington County Fairgrounds and will send it to the officers. Will need to pay half up front. A potential feast steward suggested the theme of Silk Road. There was a motion to sign the contract and pay the money. We voted and this passed.

New Business:

Lisbon Heritage Festival: August 13-14 (closing weekend for Pennsic) in Waukesha. The festival covers periods from Ancient Greece through WW2, so we could fit in. After discussion we decided that Arnbjorn should pass this along to Beatrice.

Baronial Regalia: The Baronial seats have suffered wear and tear over the last nine or ten years and need repairs or replacement. The Baronial 40th Anniversary is coming up in a few years. Maybe we should look at all the rest of the regalia as well. In fact, there's a missing pin in one of the metal coronets and the leather isn't really clean on the leather coronets. Magnus will look at the coronets.

Future Moots? We should have them. Camping? Brewing? Overnights?

Guilds and Groups:

B&V: Investigating the possibility of another brewing moot. There is a Facebook group for Northshield Brewers.

Herbal: Alice is growing an herb garden. Renewed interest. Should have something scheduled by next month.

Dance: 3rd Wednesday of the month at UWM, second Thursday of the month at Fighter's Practice.

C&I: First Wednesday of the month.

Clothier's Guild: Guild meeting at Beatrice's on Sunday, February 28th, for garb construction for those who need first/early garb for themselves. Anyone is welcome to come and bring any project they want to work on.

UWM: Recruiting activities continue at UWM--we had new members at the last meeting, and the next meeting will be tomorrow, followed by Baronial dance practice.

Woodworkers: Hiatus


Please participate in the Northshield auction on Facebook.

The March free fighter's practice will be sponsored by Beatrice, Asabella, and Typhaine.



In Attendance:Abelard, Kateryn, Sofonisba, Katriona, Raven, Beatrice, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Eva, Albrecht, Mysie, Dahrien, Bardolph, Asabella

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Those of you who haven't should meet Raven and Katriona, who have been in the group for years but whom many of you have never met. He will talk later.

Chronicler: Deadline for Song of the Tower articles is March 27. Please send articles to with the subject line of 'Song of the Tower', no more, no less. Please sign your messages as you wish the article to be signed.

Webminister: Still have a website. Send me information when you want something posted.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Unable to attend due to illness in the family. Nobody has died or been maimed performing A&S activities in the past month, though Randall still hosts armoring night on Tuesdays so who knows how long this trend will continue. See later in these notes re: MOAS applicants.

Knights Marshal: We still have practice, though heavy fighter attendance has been low. Come fight!

Archery: Practices continue, Monday nights at Gander Mountain in Brookfield. Moving to outdoor practices mid-May. We have loaner gear - come shoot!

Rapier: Practices are concurrent with heavy practice (Thursday nights), and rapier attendance is growing. We have loaner gear - come fight!

Youth Combat: Not present.

Chatelaine: Newcomers come in through the student group and other avenues. A member recently donated a large quantity of garb!

Exchequer: See written report. Nothing additional to report.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. It's locked up. See later in these notes re: Quartermaster applicants.

Herald: Looking for the Japanese heraldry book (NCMJ) which the online listing states is in the Baronial heraldry library - it's not actually in there. Herald will buy a new copy. Also, Raven presented Dughall's achievement of arms (printed out and pretty) to Idonia.

Seneschal: Needs to step down due to health reasons - trying to remove as much stress as possible. Will put her announcement in all the appropriate places. We have a motion to shorten the process from six months to one month, which is passed. Letters of Intent are due one week before April Curia, so that discussions and potentially decisions can be made at April Curia. Thank you all for the amazing support. More information will be forthcoming, or ask Mistress Eva yourself.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Planning progresses. Need a day-of gate coordinator and a class coordinator. Will get information to Dahrien for the website. Need to coordinate with Marie in Ravenslake to set up a staff meeting. (Mysie has volunteered to be class coordinator, MSOE students might be able to do gate.) Created a 'how to be a longshoreman' document - will post it with the other 'how to' documents on the website.

Open Practice: Sigrid has offered to sponsor April's practice. Armond and Sofonisba will sponsor May. March practice was a little light due to Gulf Wars and illness. Going to be using a wireless doorbell outside the church so that someone doesn't have to wait in the vestibule for late arrivals.

Boar's Head: One person has submitted a feast bid. No theme yet - maybe next month. The deposit is in and contract has been received. It's on the Northshield Kingdom calendar - need to put it on the Midrealm Calendar.

New Lisbon Heritage Weekend: August 13-14. Overlaps with Pennsic. Response has been light - Arnbjorn will ask one more time.

New Business:

Applicants for Minister of Arts and Sciences: Received one letter of intent from Sofonisba. Made a motion to shorten the process, which passed. Moved to vote on applicant, which passed. Voted. Results: Yes. Office changes in May.

Applicants for Quartermaster: Received one letter of intent from Armond. Made a motion to shorten the process, which passed. Moved to vote on applicant, which passed. Voted. Results: Yes. Office changes in May.

Commemorative Booklet 50th Anniversary: We received an invitation to participate in the 128 page 50th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet by donating $300 to sponsor a page in the book. (This will also result in five copies of the book for the Barony.) They would also need the content of our page by March 31, which will be printed in black and white. We voted to do this. Idonia will put it all together.

Achievement: Raven is the herald who got the group's arms registered in 1980, and he has been working on an achievement for them. In his words: "Hello, I'm Raven. As the Barony's former herald who originally got its arms registered (we were able to get a special exception for our green triple-mount on a blue field because of what the Laurel called "excellent documentation"), I wanted to offer some enhancements for its display. On this page, you'll find a file with blue-and-white mantling, and new compound mural & baronial crowns designed in cooperation with Deputy Pursuivant Signora Beatrice de la Campana. Also, there's a proposed design with dragon-and-griffin supporters; I hope there will be some opportunity to voice opinions for and against this design at some moot and on the CAM List, so it can be clearly either accepted or rejected." The artwork is visible on the website at Raven suggested that, if it meets the approval of the group, we make or commission a banner to hang behind the Baronial seat displaying the full achievement. We had a motion to discuss the adoption of this achievement by the Curia, which was then amended to include the possibility of making tweaks and modifications as we see fit or to fit particular situations (for instance, for Boar's Head we might add a boar instead of a dragon, might flip the dragon and griffin, or might replace the toasting goblets with tongs). The motion and proposal both passed, and much conversation ensued. It is important to note also that in Northshield achievements are not registered with the College of Heralds, so an achievement can be adopted by a group but changing it is not a violation of any Heraldic law. The end result of the conversation was a vote to accept the achievement, with potential tweaks as desired. Ultimately we will develop a library starting with the achievement as presented, and Raven will also provide components and variations. This is now in the herald's lap - she will choose what is displayed on the website and host further discussions. In addition, Raven has donated some poster-sized calendars to the Barony, at a recommended $3 per calendar, which includes AS51.

Next meeting: April 19th in Brookfield.

Guilds and Groups:

Dance: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.

C&I: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.

UWM: Continues and grows. Information is posted to the google calendar and the Tower.



In Attendance:Geoffrey, Abelard, Idonia, Karl, Dahrien, Kateryn, Arnbjorn, Beatrice, Cecilia, Asabella, Sofonisba

Reminder: Please don't report anything during Curia which you will then add to your report in the Tower. And remember to send a report to the Tower.

Officer Reports:

Baroness: Working on world domination. We have the best people in the Barony, so we're taking over. Why? Because I'm evil. First the world, then the galaxy, then the universe. Also, we need a seneschal. A number of people have expressed interest, and we have two letters of intent, and one of them is from a greater officer who has withdrawn. More on this later.

Chronicler: Articles due Friday, 4/22. - please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. This issue will be March, April, and May. Hope to get back on schedule. Working with the webminister to get email working correctly.

Webminister: Helping the Chronicler with email stuff. Please use the email addresses to reach the officers.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are still doing stuff. Transferring the office at the end of the month.

Knights Marshal: Still holding practices. Next sponsored practice will be in May, sponsored by Armond and Sofonisba. Some interest in outdoor practices on either Mondays or Wednesdays, also looking at weekend practices.

Chatelaine: Received email about donations, which she'll sort through and distribute to students and gold key. New students and new interest from new people.

Archery: No one has died. Practices on Monday nights at Gander Mountain. Starting outdoor practice May 16. Working with armored and rapier to set up joint practices again, on either Mondays or Wednesday nights. Sponsoring a shoot at Schutzenfest - Norse Skein Shoot. First weekend in May.

Rapier: Practices continue. Have received some new masks to be loaner gear.

Youth: Closest practice is Jara, but has some local interest.

Exchequer: Need some checks signed. We have a new Kingdom Exchequer.

Herald: New book about Japanese names! Beatrice already has it.

Seneschal: We have a Barony. Information for Baron Dughall's memorial service are on the email list.

Old Business:

Seneschal: We have a letter of intent from Geoffrey de la Brugge. We had a motion to vote on him, which passed. We voted, and he won. Geoffrey will be the new Seneschal, pending approval from Kingdom.

Border Skirmish: Planning continues. We need a Gate Coordinator. (Sofonisba volunteered.) Planning meeting May 22, 2 PM, Perkins in Kenosha on Hwy 50. Filled out the form for the insurance check - need a check for the June ad in the Northwatch. Now that we have the staff positions filled, they need volunteers to help do their jobs - the website will be updated soon, so folks can volunteer. We've ordered site tokens (clover charms). We have one pre-reg.

Heritage Weekend: Not enough interest due to bad timing (event is the weekend that most Pennsic-goers are coming home). We'll try again next year.

Boar's Head: We do not have a feast steward, and the event theme will hinge on the feast theme. Will put something in the Tower requesting a feast steward and a theme.

New Business:

Sofonisba will host a largesse-making day at her house. Details to come.

Spring Moot: May 28. Potluck. Noon-7. Armond and Sofonisba's house. Room for all outdoor activities. More information to come.

Next meeting: May 17 at UWM, Union 250.

Guilds and Groups:

Dance: Meeting as usual.

Clothiers: Meeting as usual.

C&I: Meeting as usual. Making scroll blanks for the Barony.



In Attendance:Abelard, Cecilia, Arnbjorn, Magnus, Geoffrey, Kateryn, Sofbinispa, Tatiana, Idonia, Jean, Eva, Albrecht

Officers Reports:

*Baroness: We have Heirs! Lots of confusion from out of Kingdom, but we're setting them straight. Crown went well - our Barony's fighters acquitted themselves with honor. Baronages were invited to sit head table, and the feast was awesome. Border Skirmish is coming up, so volunteer. There is a letter in the Tower talking about volunteering. Spring Moot in a couple weeks - we need award recommendations!

*Seneschal: If you have a greater officer position, please be aware of your reporting schedule. Have a deputy just in case - need to have someone who can file reports and attend meetings.

*Webminister: Tentatively chosen a new web hosting provider:

*Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making stuff and nobody's died. People should report on what projects they've been pursuing. Need previous MOAS's reports.

*Knights Marshal: Fighter's practices Thursdays at the church. We don't get as many fighters as we should, considering our current roster. Not sure how to attract the other fighters back to practice. One definite new fighter, a few other new fighters who aren't consistent yet. We're coming up short for money. Maybe we can challenge VK or something? Maybe a tournament once a month? We also need to visit the guys from Ayreton.

*Archery: Outdoor practices Mondays (switching between Whitnall and Menominee Park) and Wednesdays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway.

*Rapier: Doing well and growing. On the free nights we have beginners doing footwork who then switch to dance. Working on loaner equipment - new hoods and gloves and helmets. Need to better communicate the armor requirements.

*Youth: Jara still has practices.

*Chatelaine: New member came to Crown.

*Exchequer: We have money, and a written report. Do we normally publish the Domesday report in the Tower?

*Quartermaster: Need to turn over the keys to Armond - will do it at Spring Moot. We got a bunch of stuff from Alberic - books, tents, some other stuff. (The tent needs ropes and stakes.)

*Herald: Working on the Baronial OP.

*Chronicler: Articles due May 27 for the June issue. Send the Winter Court report. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature.

Old Business:

*Border Skirmish: More and more activities on the schedule, and on the website. Youth combat, thrown weapons, and archery have recently been added. Need help with gate, setup and takedown. Need help transporting tents and things from the storage locker. Will have the complete Bomtic tapestry - first display in North America, before it goes on to 50 Year. Their Majesties Northshield will be there, probably not Their Highnesses Northshield, haven't heard about Midrealm royalty. Meeting May 22 at 2 PM at the Perkins in Kenosha. We will have the tavern again, with pre-reserved dinner Friday and Saturday night.

*Boar's Head: Need volunteers, especially for feast. We want something in writing. We should put up the website soon.

*Spring Moot theme: Making things for largesse. Bring your bits and bobs and things. May 28. Potluck. Noon-7. Armond and Sofonisba's house. Room for all outdoor activities.

*Taking over the world: Yes, we will. For the sake of the Barony and the Kingdom!

New Business:

*Storage Locker Renewal: We're paid up through June 30. Do we want to renew for another year? Motion to pay for another year proposed, voted, carried. Keys are held by the Seneschal, Quartermaster, and Exchequer, and the locker is at 76th and Good Hope.

*Website Changes: Dahrien emailed details to CAM officers. We want to be done by July if we can.

*Chafing Dishes: If we want to have buffet-style feasts, we should get some chafing dishes instead of borrowing them. They normally cost $40/$45 each, but there might be deals out there. Six to eight would be great, four at a minimum. A proposal was made to give Tatiana $250 to buy new chafing dishes. Voted, approved.

*Table skirts: To skirt the head table. Can get skirts in Baronial blue for $25 each which will cover the sides and front of the table. Let's get four. Proposal to give Tatiana $150 to buy four skirts, clips, and a tote to carry them in. Voted, approved.

*Fix Baronial Coronets: They're not in great shape. Both sets need work - the leather ones need new leather sewn into the lining, and the metal ones need the center piece completed and some of the pins replaced. Maybe Akira can do the leather? Magnus will look at the metal ones. Good timing because artisans can work on one while the other is in use, then swap them out. As long as they're both completed by Boar's Head. They'll get back to us with estimates.

*June sponsored practice: Jean and Katerina. Will be third Tuesday, not second Tuesday. We'll probably do that again in July and August.

*Next Curia is June 21 (right in the middle of 50 Year) and Kateryn will be at the event. Reschedule for the 14th. We usually skip July. August 16 Brookfield.

Guilds and Groups:

*Brewing and Vintning: Jean wants to rent a beach house for a day and have another brewing day. Maybe add food. Maybe brewing in the afternoon, food and wine pairings in the evening.

*Cooking: Outdoor cooking? Maybe at Armond and Sofbinispa's later in the summer, which will give Katerina a chance to finish her ceramic cookware.

*UWM: Scheduled through summer term.

*Dance: Scheduled through summer term.

*Scribal: Scheduled through summer term. Also, C&I west will meet on Thursday the 19th at Armond and Sofbinispa's at 6:30, followed by hottubbing.

*Woodworking: Will be building a pole barn (24x40) which will host woodworking activities.



In Attendance:Abelard, Ysolt, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Diana, Tatiana, Armond, Asabella, Karl, Jean, Rachel, Kateryn, Geoffrey, Dahrien, Magnus

Officers Reports:

Baroness: We had Border Skirmish. The schtick at court went well, and I'm officially stepping down at Boar's Head. Geoffrey will start the process. Abelard missed court, and here's his award (Augmentation of Arms). Thank you to everyone who helped out at Border Skirmish. I'm going to 50 Year.

Seneschal: Got the report in on time. No issues. Will start the Baron/ess selection process. That's usually a three-year stint, and it's a lot of work, so please consider it seriously. Look for an announcement in the Tower - we'll need Letters of Intent by the August Curia meeting (which will be at Brookfield). If we have more than five applicants we'll need to narrow the selection down. We'll have a Q&A session, and then the TANG will send out letters. Ultimately the sovereigns will decide - in this case it will be Bek Hrodir and Yehudah Khagan. Fun fact: This is the third time Hrodir will one of those selecting the Baron and/or Baroness of Caer Anterth. Geoffrey will send out the timeline.

Chronicler: Deadline for articles is Saturday, June 18. Looking for a lot of photos - please also include a photo release. Also looking for a list of the tournament winners. And officers, please report. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. This issue will be July.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Congratulations to Katerina Unru on being placed on vigil for the Laurel! Otherwise, people are making things.

Knights Marshal: We had fighting at Border Skirmish. We have a new authorized fighter: Mike Katz! 89 heavy fighters at the event. Melees and tournaments and authorizations. Five combat archery authorizations! Plus whatever the Midrealm did. This week is free practice.

Archery: Mondays rotate between Menomonee Park and Whitnall Park, Wednesdays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway. Had a day of shooting at Border Skirmish including a Norse skein shoot which was won by Rhys, Mira, and Bardolph.

Rapier: Had fighting at Border Skirmish. Looked like fun!

Youth: We have four helmets and some arm and leg pads. We need supplies, and we need to get together to work on armor and weapons. (We've been using Jara's stuff.)

Chatelaine: We had new people at the event. Beatrice clothed lots of people!

Webminister: Itasca is the old web hosting provider. Active Domain is the old domain registrar. Itasca wants to close their doors in July, so we shopped around. iPower was recommended, and Dahrien found them to be a great choice. Their service and price are better than either of the other competitors he investigated. Set up three years of web hosting to get a MUCH better price, one free year of domain registration, and one year of domain security privacy protection. (This hides our officers' contact information and provides iPower's contact information instead, to anyone using a WHOIS command on the internet.) Will start work on the website migration tonight, and it might take as long as 24 hours. Has turned in receipts for cost of the new services.

Exchequer: See written report. If you want a refund, fill out a cash release voucher. Switching Eva (out) and Geoffrey (in) to the bank account. Also need Kingdom Exchequer's signature and that of the deputy Exchequer. Quartermaster needs to be warranted. Also, Magnus is deputy Exchequer.

Quartermaster: Will get warranted. Need to thank Alexander du Vatine for hauling everything. Everything's been returned except the SCA signs, which we think Arthur has. Also, a couple bags of clothes to donate - will get them to Beatrice.

Herald: Lots of awards: AoA, Cygnus, Saltire, Griffin, Belleraphon, Augmentation of Arms, Hand of Tyr, and a vigil for Laurel. See upcoming report in the Tower.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: We had an event. Will post thanks to facebook and email. Thank you all for helping! Thought it went well. Sorry the weather he ordered didn't arrive until Sunday - must have been held up in Customs at the border. We had around 300 people. The marshal reports have been turned in for heavy and archery, and we need one for rapier. Working on a document to give to next year's staff. Next year the heavy fighters need to be closer to the water station. Next year the water bearers need to be prepared with gallon water jugs and tubes to better service the fighters. Next year we will bring back the courtesey patrol. We needed more volunteers for the gate and more waterbearers. And stool ball. Get receipts to Asabella. Ravenslake already has an autocrat lined up for next year - let's start planning ourselves. The tavern was great - thanks to everyone involved. 40 people pre-bought dinner.

Boar's Head: Let's do it. Idonia was going to wait for Border Skirmish to be finished before planning in earnest. Really wants someone to submit a bid for feast but will be happy to accept any volunteers for staff positions.

Storage Locker: Paid in full.

Chafing dishes: No update yet.

Table skirts: No update yet.

Coronets: Found Valerius's designs for the shiny ones. Magnus is working on them. Tatiana is talking to Akira about the leather ones - we want to replace the leather lining and investigate artificial fabrics for padding. Waiting for estimate.

Guilds and Groups:

Dance: Will meet Thursday at fighter's practice.

C&I: C&I West met a couple times this last month.

Misc Notes:

*No July Curia. August Curia will be in Brookfield.

*Chronicler, Archery, and Rapier offices end in December. Letters of Intent due at August Curia.



In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Sofbinsipa, Armond, Eva, Albrecht, Karl, Idonia, Rachel, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Asabella, Jean, Kateryn, Dahrien

Officers' Reports:

Baroness: We have received one letter of intent for the Baronial Coronet. Will check whether or not we have to go through the entire polling process with just one volunteer, but pretty sure we do so that we can provide feedback to Their Majesties. Geoffrey will send all the information to the TANG tomorrow (8/17). Currently planning Baronial Championships, which will happen relatively soon, which will be different than last year. I hope the new Baron and/or Baroness have your full support - it's not as easy as it looks, and you have to take the bad with the good.

Seneschal: Will give us until the end of tonight's Curia meeting to get letters of intent in. We will schedule a Q&A session either as a separate event, a moot, or an extended meeting of Curia.

Chronicler: Sent out the Tower yesterday. Deadline for the next issue is 8/24 so that it can be published before 8/31. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature. Office is ready to turn over - one letter of intent received. Motion to shorten the selection process, approved. Voted to accept Arnbjorn as new Chronicler, passed. Arnbjorn will step up at Boar's Head.

Webminister: Site is up. Move went well. No complaints ... except for the directory, which is ancient and out of date. Much discussion happened, and ultimately webminister will talk to his boss about linking to the Northshield directory. Otherwise, will need to send email to everyone in the online directory and get permission to update and display their contact information all over again.

MOAS: People are making stuff. Nobody's died. Reports are due soon - if you've worked on anything artistic or scientific, please let Sofbinispa know.

Knights Marshal: We have practice. Nobody's died. None of our fighters suffered a heat-related injury at Pennsic. Need more people, and need more people to pay their $5 per practice. Abelard sponsored July's practice. There is no sponsor for the August practice. We still need a sponsor for the September practice.

Archery: Office is open soon. There are no letters of intent yet. Still practicing Mondays and Wednesday outdoors for another four weeks, then will move to indoors in September.

Rapier: New authorized fighter! Working on loaner bucklers. Good attendance. Office is open soon - no letters of intent yet. Will extend the deadline to September Curia.

Youth Combat: We have a plan to incorporate heavy fighting with youth.

More info to come.

Chatelaine: Alberic donated a bunch of clothes which are currently in the storage locker. They will be incorporated into the gold key one of these days.

Exchequer: We have money, and nobody's died. Getting married in four days. Geoffrey is now a signatory on the bank account. Still need Kingdom Exchequer. We made money on Border Skirmish. And nobody died. McAfee auto-renewed for $95 - Curia approved reimbursement, but Asabella will work with Dahrien to see if there's a free product she can use instead and then will get a refund from McAfee.

Quartermaster: Nobody's dead. Also, do we have round tablecloths in the storage locker?

Herald: No heraldic submissions at this point, so nobody's dead. Some inquires have been made and she will send them the requested information.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Theme is 'A Tour of Europe'. Received one official feast proposal from a group of people, each of whom will be responsible for one remove from a different country. Rhys and Rachel would both like to be deputies to the feastocrat. Each of the officers should come up with an appropriate activity for their area, such as a French rapier tournament or an English heavy tournament. Reminders, suggestions, etc. are always welcome. Will get information to the webminister, and will use office-specific email. Suggestion: use a private Facebook group for planning, like WW and other larger events are doing.

Chafing dishes: Sofbinispa reports that she hasn't been able to find them for less than $100, and only has a $250 budget. Tatiana said that she can get them from a restaurant supply place for $40ish. They will talk.

Table skirts: Tatiana reports that she has them in her shopping cart on Amazon but hasn't clicked the button to buy them yet. But she will.

Coronets: Magnus is working on the metal ones and nobody has an update on the leather ones.

New Business:

Web directory/online directory/paper directory: Let's give the paper directory to Arnbjorn to work on. Also, the directory on the website desperately needs updating. See webminister's report, above.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintning: Amadon received Master Brewer at Pennsic.

Cooking/Herbal: On hiatus.

Dance: On hiatus until next month.

Woodworking: In negotiations to build a new workshop.

C&I: East on hiatus until next month, West has met. See email from Beatrice.

Clothiers: On hiatus until next month.

UWM: On hiatus until next month.

9/24/16 (Taking place at the Baronial Championships Moot.)


In Attendance:

Officers: Katryn, Geoffrey, Asabella, Sofonisba, Beatrice (also Herald proxy), Albrecht, Armond, Hafgrimm (Webminister proxy), Arnbjorn (Chronicler proxy). Other Attendees: everyone else at Baronial Championships.</div>

Notes by: The Honorable Lord Arnbjorn Karlsson</div>

Officers Reports:

Baroness: Polls will be covered by the Seneschal. Concerned that she may not be long for this world. No other words of wisdom.

Seneschal: TANG will send out polls about the choice of new Coronet soon, now that the populace has had a chance to meet and greet the volunteers. Encouraged volunteers to help with Boar's Head.

Chronicler: Deadline for October articles is September 26<sup>th</sup>.

Exchequer: We have money. Only activity in August was income from the Fighter's Fund and expenditure for renting the fighter site.

Chatelaine: Many newcomers and students at Baronial Champs. Has had many contacts from prospective members. She has the updated kingdom award cards. May make some cards for the baronial awards.

Minister of Arts &amp; Sciences: People are making lots of stuff, and no one has died.

Webminister: We have a website. Recommend that any Yahoo mail users reset their passwords in light of the massive hack at Yahoo.

Quartermaster: We have stuff. Working on updating inventory and making it available online.

Rapier Captain: 2 new authorized rapier fighters. Arthur Angus will take over the Rapier Captain Baronial office at Yule Court.

Archery Captain: Indoor practice has resumed at Gander Mountain, in Brookfield. Curia approved extending Lord Rhys' tenure as Baronial Archery Marshal for another year.

Herald: The College of Arms has registered a badge for the UWM Student Group "(Fieldless) A panther passant gardant contourny sable spotted of diverse tinctures and incensed proper"

Old Business

Boar's Head: The website will be up within 2 weeks, forms are being updated. Sofonisba is the class steward and is looking for teachers. The major event staff positions that still need to be filled are Gate (troll) Steward and Marshals-in-Charge for armored combat, rapier, and youth combat. Please contact the event stewards, Idonia &amp; Albrecht

Border Skirmish XIV: Ravenslake is lead next year, but we still need a co-steward. If interested, please contact Geoffrey. Following Fall Crown, Seneschal will send request for second weekend in June to the Heirs &amp; Stallari Council.

2016 Baronial Telephone Directories: Updates are going well. All gentles in the 2014 edition have been contacted to see if they have any updates. Posted requests for new people to send info for next edition. Due date is Halloween. Given that there have been 20-25 unsold copies during the 2012 &amp; 2014 editions, Arnbjorn wants people to "pre-order, but not pre-pay" how many copies they wish. An extra 10-15 will be ordered for those people who forget to pre-order.

New Business

Everyone said, "Hi!" to newish member Lewis.



In Attendance: Abelard, Karl, Kateryn, Tatiana, Rachel, Geoffrey, Armond, Sofonisba, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Jean, Asabella, Beatrice, Geronima

Officers Reports:

Baroness: Polls are due today by the end of the day (either post-marked today, or emailed; tang AT northshield DOT org). Boar's Head ad includes mention of world domination. The Baroness hopes that whomever succeeds her will receive the same support that she has. She will have no further courts - further award recommendations will go to her successors, whomever they might be.

Seneschal: Polls are due today. Then it's in the hands of Their Majesties. Since there are candidates for the Baronial seats who hold offices, if anyone is interested in taking over either of these offices please let the Seneschal know.

Chronicler: Submissions due Oct 23 (Sunday). Please include your submissions in a generic DOC format, or plain text. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature.

Webminister: We still have a website. Need to fix the email forms - google has changed their CAPTCHA stuff, which screwed up the forms. It's been suggested that each office use an account specific to that office - for instance, the webminister currently has a shared gmail account, created two webministers ago - so that historical records and conversations are recorded for the next holder of the office. (As the office changes hands, the password is handed off as well.) If we go with google, we have the benefit of unlimited storage size and google calendars. Drawback: taking on the office means adding the new account to all of your devices, and managing a second account can be a hassle. Who would keep the passwords? Webminister or seneschal? Proposed suggestion: Dahrien will write up a cost benefit analysis and a plan, and we can discuss at the next meeting. (Motion made to this effect, voted on, and passed.) Regarding the online directory on our website, we should replace the Directory link in the left navigation bar with a link to the CAM populace listing. This requires that a user have a Northshield profile, but can then look up other peoples' contact information if needed. This suggestion was made as a motion, which was voted on and passed.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are making cool stuff, nobody has died. If you see someone doing something cool, tell Their Majesties and give them details. (Not just 'Johnny made something cool!', but 'Johnny made an 11th century trebuchet out of period materials, with complete documentation!')

Knights Marshal: Nobody has died. Still have practice on Thursdays, and once a month it is sponsored; otherwise, $5 per person per week. No sponsor yet for November practice. Note: the first practice in November will be on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Archery: Rhys will announce a desire to extend his tenure as Archery Captain for another year. Practices are Monday nights at Gander Mountain.

Rapier: Arthur Angus will step up as Rapier Captain at Yule Court.

Youth: Diana will need to make a decision by next Curia as to whether she wishes to hold the position for another year or open the office.

Chatelaine: Still receiving information from the Kingdom website. Had expected thirteen new people at Champions Moot, some of whom made it and some of whom didn't. The Barony received a recent donation of a previous member's old garb, and a motion was made that the students receive it. Motion was voted on, and passed. Beatrice intends to extend her office for a third year.

Exchequer: We have money. Nobody has died. A companion group has misplaced the check we wrote them and they would like a new one, which we will reissue. Fighter's fund is down roughly $200 from when we started in July 2015. Third quarter report has been turned in. Still need the back of someone's driver's license.

Quartermaster: Everything's going fine. Brought along a donation of new garb which (see Chatelaine's report) will be handed over to the UWM students. When people know what they need from the storage locker from Boar's Head, please let QM know. Also, need to update the Quartermaster forwarding address to current Quartermaster's email address.

Herald: Nothing significant to report. Deputy has been consulting with students, some of whom are choosing names. If anyone needs consulting services, please let Beatrice know.

Old Business:

Boar's Head:There are still positions open. People in charge of areas should send updates to the webminister. Annetja and Beatrice and the UWM students will be running gate. Don't forget to pre-reg for the event and for feast! Feast will be buffet style. Need to put together a list of things to get from the storage locker. Will have hot water for dishwashing this year.

Chafing Dishes: We have acquired one. Will be shopping this weekend for the rest of them.

Table Skirts: Will be shopping this weekend for table skirts.

Coronets: Akira and Magnus are working on the coronets, and intend to have them done by Boar's Head.

Baronial Transition Progress: Polls are due today - email to TANG AT northshield DOT org.

New Directory: Updates are going well. Give Arnjborn contact information by October 31. Also, pre-order directories by October 31. Once updates are done, he will shop for a price for printing which he will present at November Curia, with the intent that he will have the directories at Boar's Head. A motion was made that the Barony buy one directory for each greater office and the Baronial seats. Motion was voted on and passed.

New Business:

Sponsor Mare Amethystinum: Once upon a time we sponsored a group in Calontir, and this one is closer to home. Tatiana is running Thatsa Mare for Mare Am next June (June 23-24), and has suggested that we sponsor their feast - that is, donate $200 to them to pay for it. Also, we should all go. There was a motion to donate $200 to Mare Am for the purpose of purchasing feast materials, with any of the leftover money available for them to use in other areas for the event (such as site tokens). Motion was voted on and passed.

UWM Request: In March, UWM has a 'Geek Week' (activity fair for the students, focusing on geeky activities on campus). UWM intends to hold a demo during the week. More importantly, they would like to hold a day of classes on March 11. They have requested 4 classrooms and a social space on campus, with the intention of running five tracks of classes. They would like it to be on the Kingdom calendar, open to everyone, garb optional, completely free, announced as a Newcomer's Day. They will pay for the whole thing, but would like our support. (We also need to petition the Crown to hold an event on this specific weekend, which is reserved for Kingdom Events.) Motion was made to hold the event on March 11, and to petition Their Majesties. Motion was voted on and passed. Geronima (group president) and Beatrice will work with Hillary (class coordinator) to get things scheduled.

2017 Planning Meeting: Scheduled for November 20, 3 PM. Potluck and meeting. Armond and Sofonisba's.

Next Curia Meeting: November 15, UWM.

Yule Court: Suggested location either Muskego or Menomonee Falls Beach House. A motion was made to provide $300 to cover renting the space and pay for firewood. Motion was voted on and passed. A motion was made to put Arnbjorn in charge of the moot. Motion was voted on and passed.

Guilds and Groups:

Calligraphy and Illumination: C&I still working on blanks for Her Excellency and her successor(s) if any are chosen.

Clothiers: Clothiers had a gothic dress fitting last weekend, and did half a dozen fittings and made some patterns. Special thanks to Typhaine.

UWM: Going strong.

Dancing: Still happening.



In Attendance:Abelard, Sibillia, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Rhys, Jean, Beatrice, Asabella, Geoffrey, Tatiana, Dahrien, Armond, Sofonisba

Officers Reports:

Baroness: Armond and Sofonisba have been chosen by Their Majesties to succeed Her Excellency Kateryn and will step up at Boar's Head.

Seneschal: Domesday has been filed.

Chronicler: Articles due November 25. Please include your submissions in a generic DOC format, or plain text. Please make the subject line 'Song of the Tower'. Be sure to include your name as you would like to appear as the signature.

Webminister: Nobody has died. Sent a write-up about the officer email shared accounts proposal, summarized as: "Each officer should have an account with attached online storage, so they can pass the account back and forth with the office, thereby handing off historical records with the office." Example: CAMWebminister has a gmail account into which all email is saved, because a future webminister may need to reference current conversations. We *can* use Ipower for this, but it has limited space so we should probably use something more global such as gmail. Most important thing is that all officers should distribute the forwarding address (for instance, Dahrien says "email me at webminister AT caeranterth DOT org", not "email me at Dahrien AT someplace DOT com." Also, when replying to a conversation, make sure that the 'reply to' is also set to that address. To accomplish this as easily as possible you can use the "Identities" function - ask Dahrien for more information. Exchequer would like to use a shared account because all Exch. correspondence needs to be recorded. It's possible to configure gmail to download email to a different device or forward it to a personal account, and still leave the original email in the gmail account; this could lead to double-management (deleting the mail from your device, and later from the gmail account). Suggestion: Go ahead with the offices for which it would be useful, but make it optional for each office. (Note: If Exchequer agrees to do this, all Exchequers in the future need to do it too; this 'optional' agreement means that if Chatelaine can choose to not get a gmail account.) Other suggestion: should update the CAMOfficers mailing list to use the email aliases instead of the officers' personal email addresses, which will reduce maintenance in the future. Also note: should change from the CAMOfficers Yahoo Group to a Google Group. Will bring this up next month.

MOAS: Requested that people send her lists of projects they are working on, because it's time for Domesday. Nobody has died.

Knights Marshal: Practices continue. Nobody has died. Turnout is steady. We've had some new people, and we'll see if they stick. House Ironwood is sponsoring December's practice. No practice on Thanksgiving, but the night before we're making a field trip to Jararvellir's practice.

Rapier: No report, but practices continue.

Archery: Monday night practices at Gander Mountain continue. Nobody has been unintentionally wounded.

Youth: No report. Office will be open in April. Accepting letters of intent.

Chatelaine: Caravan to Midrealm Bardic Madness. If you're bringing newcomers to Boar's Head and need garb, please let Beatrice know in advance so she doesn't have to bring the entire gold key to the event. Quarterly report is due at the end of the month.

Exchequer: We have money. She hasn't killed anybody yet. Report is available. Kingdom Exchequer has been added to the bank account. Ravenslake got their check. Reimbursements for anything (Office-specific expenses or Baronial expenses) in 2016 need to be turned in by December Curia.

Quartermaster: New items in the locker: four chafers and four dishes, four table skirts and clips. Inventory will be posted on facebook. Quartermaster won't be able to pull stuff for Boar's Head - Geoffrey will do it instead.

Herald: If anybody has died I don't want to know about it. No submissions in progress right now. OP will be updated soon. List of Baronial Awards was missing from the website due to a security problem - this has been resolved.

Financial Committee Meeting:

Finance Committee discussed the Boar's Head bid. Modifications were made to the presented bid to correct printed mistakes. Feast is not listed but is capped at 100 people. $15 is a lot for site entry, but $12 means making change all day. Site fees in general are creeping up and $15 doesn't seem that high any more. Discussion was closed and the budget was brought up for a vote. Voted, passed.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: Finance Committee presented the budget for Boar's Head to the Curia. A motion was made to accept the budget as presented. The budget was voted on and approved. We are not discounting pre-reg's this year. Some confusion regarding pre-reg, but a person must submit money in order to have a valid pre-reg. Question was raised for future discussion - how often do we refund pre-regs? Generally, everyone should be volunteering for something at Boar's Head.

Coronets: Magnus swears that the metal ones will be done. (They are wearable in their current state.) The leather one will be available for handoff at practice this week.

Baron and Baroness Polling: Polling complete. Their Majesties have announced that Armond and Sofonisba will be the new Baron and Baroness.

Web Directory: The directory is gone, replaced by a link to the Northshield directory.

UWM Student Group Moot: Their Majesties have granted permission to hold a moot on March 11. It is on the Northshield calendar. Will present invitations to Their Majesties and Their Highnesses to attend, and also to the Baron and Baroness of Windhaven, Jararvellir, and Ayreton (as the closest Baronies). Garb will be optional but encouraged for SCA members - there will be attendees in street clothes as well. It's the weekend before Gulf Wars. Event is free - no budget. All fees are absorbed by the school.

Planning Meeting: 3 PM Sunday November 20, Armond and Sofonisba's house. Details on the website.

Yule Court: Checked for availability, and both locations were available. Took a vote (fireplace vs. no fireplace). No fireplace won. Arnbjorn will look into reserving Muskego Beach House on Jan. 15 and will reserve it; if not, will reserve Menomonee Falls Beach House.

Baronial Paper Directories: Will be printed by Boar's Head. Arnbjorn requested $130 cash advance for printing, which will be returned. Curia voted and approved this. Cost will be $2 per directory.

New Business:

Border Skirmish: A person has volunteered to be autocrat. (Since we are not lead this year, Curia waived the requirement for a formal bid and proposal.) Curia voted, volunteer has been accepted. Sibillia will be CAM autocrat for Border Skirmish.

Crown Request: Crown has requested that all groups put forth a bid for Fall Crown and Coronation. The student group will check before winter break to see if they can get a site (namely, the hall across the street which has beautiful stained glass and lots of classroom options). Should keep in mind that it will be tough to staff an event a few weeks before Boar's Head.

Note regarding officer positions: our officers are ultimately here to provide three services in their areas: reporting, meeting, and chain of command. Please keep that in mind when selecting officers.

New MOAS: Tatiana and Siblillia have submitted letters of intent for the office of Minister of Arts & Sciences, because this qualifies as an emergency. (The office of MOAS is a Greater Office. We must have an MOAS in order to remain a Barony. Her Excellency Sofonisba will not be able to hold a Greater Office when she takes over as Baroness Caer Anterth Mawr. Therefore, this is determined to be an emergency situation. During this time of emergency, the Greater Officers agree to circumvent the normal officer election procedure. (There was a motion and a vote to this end.) General summary: Sibillia has been here for a year. She's a member of a few guilds, and also attends armoring most weeks. She is organized and focuses on research. Tatiana has been here for some time. She has served as MoAS for a different group. Has been both a Principality and Baronial officer in the past. Wants to encourage people to do their geek thing, whether or not it's her geek thing, and encourage and support guilds and groups. Question: How do you feel about showing up at Curia and turning in regular reports for the Tower? Both answered in the positive. Question: How would you support guilds and their members? Tatiana: Doesn't want to change how things work. Would discuss it with the members to determine what they are looking for, and provide that. (It would be different for different groups.) Sibillia: Encourages crossover. Facilitates. Brings her sewing machine to armor night to cross-geek. Question: Would you be okay with being deputy if the other person is chosen? Both said yes. The Curia voted and selected Sibillia, who will change over as soon as possible.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintners Guild: On hiatus.

Cooking/Herbal Group: On hiatus.

Dance Guild: Dance practice continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.

Woodworking: On hiatus until the weather breaks.

C & I Group: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.

Clothiers Guild: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.

UWM SCA: Excited about the event in March.



In Attendance: Geoffrey, Jean, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Asabella, Magnus, Abelard, Sibillia, Armond, Sofonisba

Officers Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Sorry we're late. Please submit award recommendations for the Yule Moot.

Seneschal: It's the end of the year. Please make sure your reports are in. We're filling out the forms so we can continue to use the Brookfield Library next year.

Chronicler: Changeover has happened. Submissions are due by Monday, December 26. Baronial directories are available for $2 each. Read the Tower!

Webminister: We'd like to investigate a new web design. See later in these notes.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: New MOAS paperwork is in place. Nobody has died. Domesday and Boar's Head reports are filed.

Knights Marshal: Reports are in. New Boar's Head Champion: John Le Salvage. Tournaments at Boar's Head went well. Currently no sponsor for January's sponsored practice.

Rapier: Arthur Angus is now the group marshal.

Archery: Nobody has died, except Arnbjorn's crossbow.

Youth: We will look into getting all of the officers and interested parties background checks so that we can all interact with kids. In particular, the chiv are working towards becoming youth MITs.

Chatelaine: Nothing to report.

Exchequer: Still needs an invoice from Washington County. Otherwise, we're good.

Quartermaster: No report.

Herald: No report.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: 416 people (339 paid adults), and we think we more than broke even.

Coronets: Coronets were done on time! Curia voted and approved $50 for repairs to leather coronets. Curia discussed and voted on repairs to metal coronets: The repairs were done using available materials, but to *really* finish them requires casting new pieces in silver. Essentially, $493 for twelve panels and $80 for the other two panels, just under $600. Once we have the molds we can use them for other things as well, such as cyphers. Suggested approving $600 for this. Curia discussed, voted, and approved this expenditure.

UWM student group did a presentation in court to invite royalty and general public to the class day. They are also doing demos the week of that event. Attendance is encouraged!

Planning meeting: Planning meeting happened. See notes elsewhere for the results.

Crown or Coronation Requests: The royalty is still looking for bids for Fall Crown and Coronation, and would like them in by Jan 21. Can we do it? UWM is already looking into it, but let's also look at Walworth County or Jefferson County. Maybe the two buildings at Jefferson County, one for fighting and the other for everything else? Maybe a camping event at Walworth County, plus the indoor building? Geoffrey will investigate Jefferson County. Arnbjorn will investigate Walworth County. Deonysia volunteered to autocrat if at Walworth County. More discussion on this will happen on the officer's list - we will need a bid by January Curia.

Border Skirmish: We need volunteers!

Yule Court: January 15, Muskego Beach House, noon - 10 PM. Alcohol is allowed. Silk banner painting class from noon - 5. (There's a break built in to let things dry.) Potluck. Court. Master Solomon storytelling contest during potluck. White elephant gift exchange following dinner.

New Business:

Their Highnesses Sewing Day: January 28, Sofonisba's basement.

New Website Design: Let's do it. Please look at other SCA websites for design ideas and send them to Sofonisba, who will compile them for discussion.

Officers Mailing List: Let's switch to Google Groups. Someone (Geoffrey or Sofonisba or Armond?) will create the group and invite officers' email addresses (for instance, rather than Arnbjorn's personal email). This will also clean up the officer's list.

Bids for Boar's Head 2017 due by March Curia.

We can request a three-year or five-year hold on the Washington County site (for Boar's Head) if we want to. We will discuss at January Curia. Will that also lock in the price?

General question: Do we need to have feast at events, particular Boar's Head? General opinion, yes. Need to get new blood trained to be feastocrats. Also, add screwdriver, pliers, and wrench to the list of things we bring to the kitchen for future events at Washington County.

Guilds and Groups:

Brewing and Vintners Guild: On hiatus.

Cooking/Herbal Group: On hiatus.

Dance Guild: Dance practice continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.

Woodworking: On hiatus until the weather breaks.

C & I Group: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.

Clothiers Guild: Continues. See the schedule on the website or google calendar.

UWM SCA: Excited about the event in March.

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