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Curia Notes: August 15, 2023

Present: Abelard, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Gilchrist, Jean, Ysolt, Mysie, Geoffrey, Beatriz, Tatiana, Sofonisba, Sibillia, Arthur, Magnus, Karl.


*Baronial Coronet: We will have Baronial court at Haustblot, probably also with royal court. Please write award recommentations! Buy some trim!

*Web Minister/ Geoffrey: Website is up. Renewed the domain name - will use office funds for that, and will turn in the receipt.

*Minister of Arts & Sciences/ Sibillia: People are doing art. Please participate in the August A&S challenge (do art every day). A&S nights once per month at the physics building until the student group meets at UWM, at which point it will shift there.

*Knights Marshal/ Armond: Practices will continue. Next Sunday at the Roost at 2 PM. Jara Wednesday night practices shifting to Tuesdays for first semester.

*Rapier Marshal/ Sibillia: We are also having practice most of the time. We have a new fencer who wants to go to Poorman's Pennsic. Term ends in December.

*Archery Captain/Arnbjorn: Only four or five Wednesday night practices left, Sundays still available. Loaner equipment is available.

*Thrown Weapons Captain/Karl: Will have Thrown Weapons practice this Sunday at KK Park. (Karl won't be there because of Poorman's Pennsic.) Making plumbata and spears.

*Youth Combat/Rhys: We are still prepared to have youth combat.

*Chatelaine/ Beatriz: Things have been quiet. One was a SCAdian from Caid who was here last week Thursday, but he'll be back when he moves here in Spring. The other person is interested in A&S and culinary.

*Social Media Officer/Beatriz: People are being well-behaved and using social media.

*Exchequer/ Jean: We still have money. He showed us some spreadsheets and event reports. We made some money and spent some money; we have some outstanding checks that haven't been cashed yet.

*Quartermaster/Magnus: We still have stuff; there are still some items from KWHSS that haven't been returned to the locker.

*Herald/ Katie: Office is open. Third year ends at Boar's Head.

*Signet- Kale/Mysie: Will change the office at Haustblot.

*Chronicler/Tatianna: Deadline is Aug 25. All officers, please submit Tower Articles.

*Seneschal/ Arnbjorn: Had an emergency Curia poll to include Arthur as emergency exchequer. Had a financial committee discussion about how much to charge for Boar's Head. Outstanding request to Stallari to request second weekend in June for War Practice. Reminder to all officers to turn in reports on the 25th.


*Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Wrap-up (Beatrice and Mysie): People at Pennsic were still talking about how great KWHSS was. Dahrien received an award for driving everyone around.

*Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration – Sept 22-24, 2023 (Sofonisba & Tatiana): We thought we were renting the site for the whole day on Friday, but they start rentals at 4, and we'll be charged $50 per hour. Asked if we can get in at noon (for $200) for the main hall and the bathrooms for staff, and others can arrive at 2 PM. (Thrown Weapons and Archery can also arrive at noon to set up.) We discussed it and approved it unanimously. Yngvar will be there and holding court. We will waive His fee and one retainer. He has not made a sleeping reservation yet; we have moved that we amend the event budget to allow for a donation of $35 to cover His Majesty's sleeping arrangements. Remind people to bring their own sheets and blankets. Will have a feast menu in place soon. Donation for pre-reg is the 8th of September. Mistress Jadwiga will bring up her Bayeaux Tapestry to show off. Nell (as paypal deputy) has been great to work with. We have people in charge of archery, rapier, heavy, youth, kitchen, classes, thrown weapons, and demos but need someone for gate. Maybe Beatriz? They will chat. (Eva and Mysie can also work the gate, which will be indoors.) No pets (except service animals). Jean would like access to the paypal/pre-reg spreadsheet - Sofonisba has sent it. Will also have a scavenger hunt. Site tokens will be an item chosen from 'the hoard'. Generally the same site layout as Mermaids - merchants across from the hall, heavy and rapier and youth by the teepee, archery and thrown weapons across the road. Please also bring games. No hookups for trailers, but people can use them if they want. Will need some things from the storage locker - shade fly, list poles and ropes, maybe some kitchen things. Some of the Baronial Championship tournaments will be held at the event.

*Job Descriptions – Information on offices: A few jobs don't include 'find and train your successor', should have a short list of resources available (including reaching out previous office holder and kingdom office holder), should have reporting dates. Would like to see consistency of capital letters in the job descriptions. Ultimately, editing will be handled by Beatriz and Ysolt.

*Boar’s Head (Beatriz): The vote to increase ticket prices passed. Did send PDF with all the Boar's Head stuff in it to the CAM Officers list with updated numbers. Don't have a dance coordinator and we do want dancing; Her Highness will find one and send them to Beatriz. We do have a music coordinator. Need to find staff. Has an appointment with Nell to discuss setting up PayPal pre-reg. Thrown weapons would like a table to advertise TW activities.


*Seneschal- LoI from Magnus: We have a motion to accept Magnus as Seneschal. We voted and accepted his LOI.

*Quartermaster- LoI from Gilchrist: We have a motion to accept Gilchrist as Quartermaster. We voted and accepted his LOI.

*Archery Captain- 3rd year extension request: We have no objections to this extension.

*Baronial Championships: Some of the championships will be held at Haustblot, the others at various practices; will check with the champions and get an answer before the Tower deadline of Aug 25.

*Kingdom looking for Spring Crown/Coronation ‘24 bids: Let's check with St Johns for April or May for Crown or Coronation.

*Demos in 2024- Ethnic Festivals: Germanfest had a HEMA demonstration. Should we investigate doing those next summer? Yes.


Brewers & Vintners Guild: Currently on hiatus

A&S Nights: Will be on 8/16 at MU Physics Building, next month should be at UWM.

Shop Night: Randall’s Manor on Tuesdays.

UWM SCA: Currently on summer break.

Woodworking: At Armond’s by appointment.

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