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Curia Notes: August 17. 2021


Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Geoffrey, Rachel, Albrecht, Belle, Asabella, Randall, Magnus, Tatiana, Kale, Kateryn, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Katie, Amanda, Octavian,

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Demo on August 23, Coronation in September, Missile Mayhem and Baronial Champs after that, combined archery practice (with Jararvellir) in October.

Seneschal: Talked to Ravenslake - we're looking for autocrats for Border Skirmish. They're looking for sites down there. Reports are due on the 25th.

Chatelaine: Demo on August 23! A new person came to practice.

Chronicler: Articles due August 25 (along with everyone's quarterly reports). Next month's featured article will be about our baronial website, which turns 25 next month.

Exchequer: We have some money.

Quartermaster: The storage locker ownership should be changed via the app now. But they wanted information he didn't have, so he has to actually talk to them.

Herald: Is pregnant and will likely not be at Boar's Head, so might need to get someone to cover for her.

Knights Marshal: Practices are going along in the park. We expect to move indoors in September.

Archery: Practices are twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays. Last Thursday practice will be September 16th. Will rotate Sundays between KK and Menomononee. Working with Jara on another joint archery practice October 3. The practice August 1 was well attended - discovered that the targets at Rock River Park are built for heavier bows. Quarterly reports have been submitted.

Thrown Weapons: Every other Thursday until Sept 16 at Kinnickinnic River Parkway

Rapier: A new LOI is submitted (see later in the notes).

Youth: No youth practices yet. Hopefully soon.

MOAS: There's a lot going on for A&S. Read the Tower!

Signet: Not much new in the Barony. With the new reign comes new scribal standards - there are a couple key changes, so signets, be aware. (It was posted on facebook and emailed, but Kale can send that to you if you need it.)

Social Media Officer: Quarterly report has been submitted.

Webminister: We have a page for Boar's Head and an RSVP form. We have a new job description for the job and deputy. Otherwise, everything is working and fine.

Old Business:

Storage locker: See quartermaster, above.

Baronial Champs 2021: Sunday, Sept 26 at the Delafield Legion Hall.

Auction: Please donate items in advance. Online bidding is Sept 1-22. There's also an in person silent auction component at Baronial Champs.

Boar's Head 2021: There's a website. Asabella sent email to the staff list from 2020. If you had a job before, please let Asabella know. Do we want to have feast? We're currently expecting to have to wear masks indoors. Kingdom is not sure if the rules are going to change. We had discussion, voted, and decided not to have feast. We should have a bartender (Asabella will talk to them about getting a masked bartender with disposable cups). What about lunch? People can bring their own food, but we won't be providing lunch. (We should make that clear in advance.) Also, no drinks. Fighter water - 48 small bottles from CostCo for $3, or the ten gallon jugs. We will have to provide a roster in advance, which is satisfied by the RSVP form. We should also request that people pre-reg (pre-pay) if possible. (We need to change the RSVP form to include that information, and send that stuff to the Paypal Deputy so he can invoice people.) We have to have a go/no-go decision by October 31 so we can cancel by Nov 4. 225 is the break even point. The current price is $15 for adult members, $20 for adult non-members. Moved to add the pre-reg paypal option to the RSVP form. Seconded, voted, passed. Note, when we hit the time limit for paypal we plan to remove the paypal info from the RSVP form. Moved to cancel Boar's Head if we don't have 150 people RSVP'd or pre-regged by Oct 31. Seconded, voted, passed. Motion to increase the price by $5 if you pay at the door, not seconded. Opinion is that the cut-off is sufficient incentive. Perhaps we can have a display of boar's heads in place of feast. No cookie caper. Putting an ad in the Pale and the Northwatch and the Tower.

Border Skirmish 2022: We need site stewards.

New Business:

Demo: August 23, Kinnickinnic River Parkway. We'll have space for fighting and a tent. Abelard or Arnbjorn will bring a pop-up tent. Belle can bring a table. We will have flyers and business cards. Come play!

Rapier Captain: Arthur is in his fifth year. He is willing to step down. We have an LOI from Sibillia. Moved, seconded, passed. Sibillia is the new rapier captain.

Shop nights on Tuesdays.

Woodworking by request.

Everything else on hold.

Misc: Highland Games (scheduled for Labor Day) cancelled.

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