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Curia Notes - December 20, 2022


In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Randall, Arnbjorn, Octavian, Sybillia, Rhys, Asabella, Armond, Geoffrey, Rachel, Randall, Magnus, Beatriz, Tatiana.

Officer Reports:

*Baron/Baroness: We had Boar's Head, and it was great, and thank you to everyone who came and/or helped out! We will have Yule Moot the day after the Regional Melee Practice.

*Seneschal: We had Boars Head. Domesdays are in.

*Chatelaine: It has generally been quiet. Have been talking to Arthur about some of the things coming up at UWM such as Geek Week. Had a new person at practice.

*Chronicler: Articles for The Tower due Dec 26. Send them to chronicler @ caeranterth or Tatiana directly. As Kingdom Chronicler I'm pleased to announce that the Tower was nominated for the William Blackfox Awards and the history of the Baronial website article was nominated for the William Blackfox Awards.

*Exchequer: Has received the final invoice for the boars head site. Has a check written out for site. Will swing by to get it and the monthly paperwork signed later in the month. NMR was sent out last thursday. Rough numbers we are looking at a net of $900. Just as a note for me, part added credits on the invoice was the $100 for the date reservation paid a few years ago. We do have one outstanding check for $30 that I'm waiting on the "all clear" to cash as I don't want us to get with the insufficient funds charge. It's getting to the end of the year if there are any checks that need to be written please let me know. I think we need a check for the church too for January practice. (We generally hope that a check for 2022 be written by the end of 2022.)

*Quartermaster: Stuff made it to and from the site and we still have stuff.

*Herald: Nothing new. Congratulations to everyone who received awards at Boar's Head. Happy Holidays!

*Knights Marshal: We're still having practices on Mondays and Thursdays. We'll play this week's practice by ear based on what the weather does or doesn't do.

*Archery Captain: Off for the next two weeks. Moving to Kinnickinnic River Parkway for the next few months.

*Thrown Weapons: On hiatus until Spring. Six months from the three year mark as TW Marshal - will talk to Karl about stepping in as group marshal.

*Rapier Marshal: Nothing to report. Nobody has stabbed anyone to death.

*Youth Combat: We had youth combat at Boar's Head, but we're ready for them. There are now four youth combat marshals in SE Wisconsin, we just need the kids.

*MOAS: People are doing art-y things. Nobody has died from it.

*Signet: Yule Moot is coming up. Still scroll assignments available. Can provide blanks for anyone who wants to do calligraphy - can SCA mail or deliver those blanks.

*Social Media Officer: Office is open.

*Web Minister: Not much going on. Need to put something up about Yule Moot. Will try to get that done by Thursday because then will be out of town for a week.

Old Business:

*Midwinter Melee Practice and Command Staff Meeting: Jan 21, 2023. Event stewards: Sofonisba/Armond. Any activities and schedule are up to His Majesty. Rapier can use the upstairs space. We should have list ropes in case youth show up to fight. There have been no arrangements for lunch, but we might place an order for delivery from the list table.

*Yule Moot: Jan 22, Noon - 7. Event steward: Arnbjorn. We will have a White Elephant, potluck dinner, court, and maybe the Master Solomon Storytelling Contest. We're pretty sure the event deposit has been deposited and contract has been signed. Facebook event page is up. Maybe a soup exchange.

*Known World Heralds and Scribes 2023: June 23-25. Beatrice is event steward. Winifrede is working as the webminister and needs access to create the website.

*Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration: Sept 22-24, 2023 at Camp Sinawa.

*Turm an dem See: Zip codes sent for Washington Co and areas to make contiguous area. Update from cartographer: They need to ask anyone living in the zip codes that we've requested if they want to be a part of CAM. So, we need to ask Kingdom Seneschal to tell us who's living in the zip codes, or else the Kingdom Seneschal needs to do that work.

New Business:

*Boar's Head 2022 review. We have a check. We have people competing for our date. Beatriz has been working with Brenna at the Fairgrounds, and someonPpe has asked if they can have that weekend. If the second weekend is available _this year_ and _this year only_, we'd be willing to entertain that if Kingdom will allow us to. But, we're pretty sure the space is already reserved for Dec 9 2023, so we want to keep Dec 2 2023. We would want to reserve the weekends for 2027 and 2028 if we want it, because people are trying to reserve it ahead of us. We moved to spend the money to reserve the first weekend in December for 2027 and 2028. Approved, voted, passed. We had 279 people, and our net is around $900. We also received a check from the silent auction. The Cookie Caper made money - thank you to everyone who brought cookies. Congratulations on Beatriz on running her first event. The food truck was a big success and they sold out of food. There were some issues with the kitchen outlets which need to be resolved. (They couldn't plug in all of their appliances without blowing the breakers. Also, the oven doesn't hold heat.) We will take the conversations about the Baronial Champions Tournament under advisement before next year. Heavy fighters, rapier fighters, and youth fighters all had a good time. The classes went well and people learned a lot. Court was a blast and didn't take too long.

*Webminister LOI: Geoffrey has applied to be webminister. We discussed it and voted, and Geoffrey will be the new webminister. Rachel will still be around to answer questions.

*SMO LOI: Beatriz has applied to be social media officer. We discussed it and voted, and Beatriz will be the new SMO. Arnbjorn will still be around to answer questions.

*Job descriptions: The various baronial offices don't have formal descriptions anywhere listing their responsibilities, repeating tasks, reporting schedules, etc. Those descriptions used to be in the bylaws, and some pieces of those descriptions are still there for some offices but not all of them. We also have brief descriptions of each office on the baronial website, but not for all of them. Officers at the Kingdom level have been creating job descriptions using a somewhat formalized template. We would like each baronial officer to write a description for each of their jobs. We used to have a short paragraph description of each job in the bylaws; we phased them out because they mostly matched the kingdom descriptions. This will better facilitate officer handoffs. We shouldn't put them in the bylaws necessarily, because that makes it difficult to change. We should use the description template that the kingdom uses. And, we should get the extant officers to enumerate the threads that they had to follow to get there. (Like, I know that this is the reference in the bylaws, and this is the thread from the Soc manual, or the Kingdom manual, etc.) We might also ask our neighboring cousins what they have. So! We would like the baronial officers to write up job descriptions for their own jobs. Please try to have something written up by the next Curia. Ysolt will send a link to the job description template. (

Guilds and Groups

*A&S West Group / Sewing @ Tatiana's: Will do it again in January. Attendance has been light.

*C&I East Group: On hiatus.

*Brewing Guild: On hiatus - though people have been brewing.

*Cooking Guild: On hiatus.

*Dance Guild: On hiatus.

*Fight Practice: Mondays and Thursdays.

*Shop Night: Tuesdays at Randall's or Mondays at T-Bone's.

*Student Group: The group is on hiatus right now and will resume with the new semester, meeting on Wednesdays at 5:00pm.

*Woodworking: On demand at Armond's.

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