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Curia Notes: Feb 21, 2023

Curia Notes: February 21, 2023 Attendance: Ysolt, Abelard, Randall, Katie, Beatriz, Arthur, Tatianna, Geoffrey, Sofonisba, Armond, Arnbjørn, Sibillia, Thora, Thorbrandr, Charlotte, Beatrice, Winifride, Annetje

Officer Reports

Baron & Baroness- Abelard in Dallas, Welcomed Jack, Asabella’s son, born on 2/11, to the Barony

Seneschal- Quarterly reports are due for most offices by 2/25, seneschal report is sent in. Raymond is starting to walk

Chatelaine- Has followed up with newcomers. A couple have come to Monday practices at the Roost

Social Media Officer- Barony well behaved, no issues to report

Chronicler- Sofonisba stepping up as interim chronicler on 2/27. Articles are due 2/25 for March/April issue

Exchequer- Storage locker paid for 6 months. Bank balance is up, post-Boar’s Head

Quartermaster- not present

Herald- Awards given at Midwinter Melee and Fighters School

Knight’s Marshal- Practices continue on Mondays & Thursdays

Archery & TW Captains- Practices continuing on Sundays. TW Captain office open. Karl is interested- letters of intent due by March curia

Rapier Captain- Practices continue on Mondays & Thursdays, weather and COVID permitting

Youth Marshal- Ran Youth practices at Midwinter Melee, have not had youths at local practices in past month

MOAS- Let her know what you have been doing this qtr.

Signet- Many Scrolls done at Yule Court- Kingdom scrolls are needed- Kale has supplies for those who want to try scribing, would love more scribes in the barony

Webminister- Working on the in’s & out’s of the website- invited Randy to act as emergency access holder- working on giving Winifride access, to build KWHSS website

Old Business KWHSS- Working on building event website. Have PayPal pre-reg forms ready to go. The Housing Contract with MU is ready to sign. Has sent question to Kingdom Exchequer. Normally, PayPal fees come out of the event profits. Given the sizable PayPal fees from the housing costs, can we ask for “donations” at gate and/or via Paypal to offset the 5% fees. Question asked, can attendees reserve directly with MU housing, like a hotel. MU can’t accept credit card payments

If a group of people do not have enough people to fill the beds, will be assigned a smaller room. We need to provide MU with a list of people who are staying in the rooms, so security knows who is and is not permitted. Motion made to add 5% to the housing cost, to offset fees, rounded to next whole dollar.- Motion approved. Haustbolt- on kingdom calendar- setting up PayPal pre-reg- Pre-reg should be live around May 1.

Turm an dem See ZIP Codes- No update Officer Job Descriptions- Table until next month

Midwinter Melee- made around $100, people had good time. Site found a forgotten polearm

New Business War Practice at the Roost (Memorial Day Weekend)- Bid provided- Camping option, Food plan option- site opens Friday afternoon, leave Monday. Most activities on Saturday and Sunday. No daytrip site fee, no separate camping fee. Will need a contract, SCA does not have a standardized contract. Bid approved

Meetup App Proposal- Beatriz proposed a six month trial of using the social media app Meetup, as a recruitment tool and communication tool with younger demographics. Meetup is an SCA approved platform. Motion approved for spending approx. $75 for six months

Geek Week demo at UWM- March 6- Armored Combat demo, waiting to hear if rapier is permitted, parking can be validated. No outside food permitted

Library Demi- option to hold a weekend demo at area library, both A&S and fighting demos- need more details, Beatriz will provide next month

Guilds & Groups

UWM Student Group- now meeting on Tuesdays (5-9 pm) in Bolton Hall

Sewing Nights on hiatus

Fighter Practices on Mondays and Thursdays

Shop Nights on Non-curia Tuesdays

Woodworking by appointment

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