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Curia Notes: Jan 19, 2021

Jan 19, 2021

In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Rhys, Randall, Arnbjorn, Rachel, Belle, Sofonisba, Octavian, Arthur, Albrecht, Asabella, Merouda, Katie, Mysie, Kale, Armond,

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Yule Court on the 30th, 5 PM. Other baronies are having social get togethers on Wednesdays. If there's interest in us joining, let us know. There are some award recs, but we always enjoy getting more. We will work with the webminister to adminster mailing lists for polling orders.

Seneschal: Apparently Tatiana was still listed as baronial seneschal, but that has been corrected. Hope the agendas are getting to everyone - sorry this one was so late, but at least it's in PDF format.

Chatelaine: Not much to report - no new contacts this month. Interested in joining the group baronial social.

Chronicler: Articles due Monday the 25th. Otherwise, read the Tower. Tatiana still listed as Seneschal in the Northwatch.

Exchequer: Sent out the budgets - will discuss under New Business. Our funds are pretty stagnant - nothing in, nothing out. Rebecca is reviewing our Q4s.

Quartermaster: No report, but we will need to discuss the storage locker again. Currently playing $118 per month plus $11 for insurance. It will come up in April. This isn't a great time to try to move it. There isn't much else out there for this price and this size.

Herald: Has received the baronial heraldic library. Will work with Their Excellencies to help with court at the end of the month.

Knights Marshal: No practice, nothing to report. Keep working on your armor so that when everything goes back to normal we can go back to fighting. Would like to transfer the 2020 KM funds ($50) to fighter's fund.

Archery: We'll keep shooting as long as the weather holds. Alternating Saturdays and Sundays, and a couple new families have joined us.

Thrown Weapons: On hiatus until Spring.

Rapier: Someday we'll have practice again.

Youth Combat: Someday we'll have practice again.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Read the Tower. The Queen's Challenge is open from Jan 25 through Feb 7. Lots of interesting challenges.

Webminister: Will create some google groups for the polling orders.

Old Business:

Chatelaine: Will extend for another year. Has sent the email. Move to accept, vote, passed.

Border Skirmish 2021: Looks grim. Kristiana can't do Border Skirmish (on behalf of Ravenslake). Estimated that the general public won't get vaccines until June or July. Reached out to Ravenslake seneschal and they haven't gotten back to us yet. They will be discussing at their next meeting; we will wait to make a decision until they do. It is possible that Society or Kingdom will make the decision for us. We also still have a deposit at Elkhorn, but no contract; at some point we need to make a decision.

Baronial Champs 2021: Maybe September?

Boars Head 2021: Maybe.

New Business:

CAM 2021 Budget: Reviewed the budget. We don't have to pay fighters practice through May at least. Our essential expenses at this point are the storage locker and the church (once we have fighter's practice) - Wix renews in 2022, and gsuite is no charge to us. If we assume Border Skirmish and Boar's Head are happening, we have a 2021 budget. (If Border Skirmish does not happen we won't go into the red.)

Guilds and Groups: No activities.

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