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Curia Notes: July 20, 2021

Present: Abelard, Rhys, Geoffrey, Arnbjorn, Rachel, Ysolt, Tatiana, Randall, Octavian, Kale, Asabella, Belle, Katie, Arthur, Idonia.

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: We have new heirs! We will have a CAM banner at the ren faire. Let Their Excellencies know if you want discount tickets. The baronial seats of Windhaven will transition at Coronation and the baronial seats of Castel Rouge will transition at Life Begins After 50.

Seneschal: Read the Tower. Paperwork has been signed. Various things have been happening. We don't need to pre-reg for events and activities any more.

Chatelaine: Three new people have sent messages in the last month. There are people! Next Baronial social on Aug 2.

Chronicler: Deadline for the next Tower is Sunday, July 25. Submit articles! Read the Tower!

Exchequer: We still have money. Sent quarterly reports to the various places - hasn't heard back from regional.

Quartermaster: No report.

Herald: Thank you to Arnbjorn for covering the baronial court, and congratulations to people who received awards!

Knights Marshal: We're having practices. Masks no longer required. We're slowly gathering money. We're going to start negotiations about returning to the church in September. Would like to take Octavian as a deputy and extend his term for a third year.

Archery: Twice a week - Thursdays at KK, Sundays at Menomonee. Aug 1 joint archery practice at Rock River Park in Fort Atkinson. CAM did well in the WW archery competition - Arnbjorn tied for first, Tanya and Rhys tied for fourth, Karl just missed being in that tie. We have loaner gear!

Thrown: Every other week on Thursdays at KK River Parkway - next practice is Thursday the 29th. Arnbjorn came in third for axes, haven't heard about the other categories yet. We have loaner gear!

Rapier: Two rapier fighters who aren't part of the old guard - Giuseppe and Patrick - plus the regulars. Might try for a Monday night at Jackson Park. Would like to extend for a third (sixth) year.

Youth: Society has declared that youth combat can resume, but our KEM and Stallari need to make a decision.

Signet: Not much to report this month. A number of our baronial scribes have been doing scrolls for Kingdom court.

SMO: We still have a facebook page and a group, and both are used.

Webminister: Been out of pocket for most of July, so let her know if there's anything missing. We'd like practices to appear on the website somewhere, perhaps as a flat file. Send her a list of activities. Would like to extend for a third year and look for a deputy.

MOAS: Read the Tower. Working on projects for the fundraiser. Lots of people are doing lots of cool things.

Old Business:

Storage Locker: Magnus will find out what the procedure is to change ownership.

Baronial Champs 2021 - Sunday, September 26. Armond is the event steward. Site is reserved.

Fundraiser: Sofonisba published information about the fundraiser. We have about 15 items in there so far. Keep them coming! If you want to donate an item or your services, please fill out the form. You don't have to be on facebook to donate, but please fill out the form. You can also send pictures to Tatiana and she can post them.

Boars Head 2021: We're still on! Asabella sent a new bid. Discussed a few ways to save money - Tatiana can donate hand sanitizer. Don't need stamp/printing costs. Tatiana can also make site tokens. Moved that we accept the bid with those modifications. Voted, passed.

Border Skirmish 2022: Sofonisba and Armond would like to step down as autocrats for Border Skirmish. We also need a site. Will advertise in the Tower to that effect.

CAM 50: If you want to join the discussion group re: CAM 50,

Crown Bid: Stallari decided to go with a different bid for Crown. It will be in Inner Sea.

SUN Bid: Too close to Boar's Heads, we're not putting in a bid. (We also need an on-site location and we aren't sure of the status of Marquette or UWM.)

New Business:

Archer Captain: LOI due today. Arnbjorn has put in for another term. Motion to accept, passed, Arnbjorn is the new archery captain.

Guilds and Groups:

Shop Night: Will resume Aug 10, 2021.

Student Group: Haven't heard anything lately.

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