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Curia Notes: March 16, 2021

In attendance: Abelard, Rachel, Ysolt, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Randall, Kale, Belle, Arthur, Albrecht, Asabella, Sofonisba, Katie, Annetje, Sigrid.

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Join us tomorrow for the Super-Mega Zoom. Thank you to the barony for their generosity. The Northshield Fundraiser is now looking for contributions for the Kingdom Fundraiser.

Seneschal: We might have more winter than we thought. Seneschal report went in. Not much to report to Kingdom.

Chatelaine: We had a new person in the last few weeks: Tadeuz. He joined us for archery and was at the Newcomer Symposium. Join us for April 1 Baronial Social!

Chronicler: Deadline for the April issue is March 25. His Majesty was sorry to hear that Border Skirmish was cancelled.

Exchequer: Nothing new deposited or spent, so our account is static. Fighter Fund is still in the red. We are about due for an audit. (We're not worried about an audit, it's just that time.)

QM: No report.

Herald: No new news.

KM: No report.

Archery: Didn't have to search through the snow for our arrows last week! Probably close to 60 this weekend! We were joined by a new person! That makes 11 regular or semi-regular archers! Maybe 13! We have a huge corps of archers! Alternating Saturdays and Sundays, Kinnickinnic River Parkway and Menomonee Park. In May we will discuss resuming weeknight practices as daylight gets longer.

Thrown Weapons: April 10, April 24 at noon at KK.

Rapier: Nothing to report.

Youth: Nothing to report, but there will be armor and weapons in the Northshield Auction.

MOAS: Lots of people working on lots of things!

Webminister: Nothing to report. Baron hasn't tried the new groups yet.

Old Business: All In person events canceled till May 31, 2021

Baronial Champs 2021: Will we have it or not? We don't know yet. Save a date at the Legion Hall.

Boar's Head 2021: Still on the calendar! Asabella still the autocrat!

New Business:

Baronial Auction in the fall: We're going to have one too, so keep that in mind when looking at the Kingdom Auction.

Border Skirmish 2022: Look for new sites.

Bylaws Review. This collection has been voted on and approved. (Any conflicts between this and the version which ends up in the Tower and on the website is the fault of the person taking the notes.)

*Change the intro: 17th century world (instead of 17th century culture).

*Add Social Media Officer as a real officer. What office would it be deputy of? Webminister, Seneschal, Chatelaine, Chronicler? After discussion, it seems to fall under Chatelaine.

*Make Signet a real officer, deputy of Herald.

*Change 'Baron and/or Baroness' to 'Coronet'. (For future conversation: maybe make that Baronage?)

*Change Baronial Candidates "may be either an individual or a couple." to "....pair".

*Financial Committee should meet in January.

*People need to be 18 or over, not 'over 18'.

*We can drop the sentence "Except in the case of extenuating circumstances, a vote will not be held on an event proposal in the same Curia meeting in which it is proposed"

*Change "his or her" to "their".

Guilds and Groups: Nobody has been meeting.

Note: The Kingdom has started looking for bids for Spring Coronation, Fall Crown, and Spring Crown. Outdoor venues preferred. Annetje will check with DeKoven. Arnbjorn will call the Bavarian Bierhaus to check on that availability.

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