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Curia Notes, March 21, 2023


Present: Abelard, Sofonisba, Randall, Ysolt, Kale, Mysie, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Rhys, Asabella, Katie, Arthur, Kateryn, Armond.

Officer Reports

*Baron/Baroness: Looking forward to events coming up and court in May!

*Seneschal: Received a letter from the storage locker - they're raising our rates as of April 1. Since we've already paid through June, not sure how to deal with that. Will call them. This is his last meeting as Seneschal - he's stepping down as soon as he can. (See item in New Business, below.) Need to get the contract for Boar's Head 2023.

*Chatelaine: Waterford Library Demos - Demos can be held on either Saturday or Sunday. Indoor and outdoor space is available for martial, bardic, and A&S. We have a lot of decision making power here on what we would like to do. Bards and Storytime, martial displays, A&S displays, tasty things, etc. We can be pretty creative. We can cater to specific ages (children, teens, adults). This can be a one and done or recurring in some capacity. I am able to commit to supporting every other month, and can and can start in April or May, pending Curia consideration and interest. Saturdays would be 9a-1p and Sundays would be 12p-4p. Available dates: 4/22, 4/23, 5/20, 5/21, 6/17, 6/18, 7/15, 7/16, 8/12, 8/13, 9/10 (Sunday only). Summer Demos - Please keep an eye and ear out for any parades, festivals, etc that we could jump in on. If there is contact info, even better. Please send this to me via email. MeetUp site is up and running and includes the Thursday night practices. Meet Up: The app is up and Thursday fight practice is set as a recurring event. I ask that people make a profile and mark that they will be in attendance or that they are interested. This helps boost our presence in the app. I will be adding in Archery upon confirming I have the correct details with Arnbjorn. I have not added The Roost as that is their private address and wanted to confer with them before proceeding. I intend to network with the student group as well, and add in nearby Kingdom events. Please review the app, features, etc and send myself and/or Charlotte feedback as she is helping with this project. I have the receipt for the 6 months which I will coordinate with Witry about for reimbursement.

*Chronicler: Nothing's going on this month - Sofonisba is currently in the office (approved by Kingdom Chronicler). Articles due April 25. Also! The Northshield Auction is looking for submissions! Deadline is the end of March!

*Exchequer: Oops, sent out the January statement by mistake. Has distributed the outstanding checks. Wrote some checks for the church. Office is open, so letters of intent are due. Would like to step down rather than extend. Needs an event report, which he just received.

*Quartermaster: Not present. Moved to pay for the price increase at the storage locker, and voted, and passed.

*Herald: No new news. Sent out the job description. Expects to herald at Memorial Day event.

*Knights Marshal: Still holding practices. Things are going well. Nothing else to report.

*Archery Captain: Continues (weather permitting) Sundays at 10 AM. Starting in April we will rotate between KK Park and Menonomonee Park. In mid-May we'll look at weeknight practices.

*Thrown Weapons: Office is still open. Expects Karl to send LOI. Tabled until next Curia.

*Rapier Marshal: Practices continue.

*Youth Combat: No Baronially-driven combat since last Curia, but practice continues at Jara. Also, youth combat at Coronation.

MOAS: No report.

*Signet: Nothing to report. Office is open - letters of intent are due. Submit award recs for the next court!

*Social Media Officer: See Chatelaine report.

*Web Minister: Has been working with the team for the Memorial Day event to get a website up. Winifred has been doing the website for KWHSS. If you see anything on the website that you would like change, let him know.

Old Business:

*Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (June 23-25, 2023) : We have a website! Major kudos to Winifride for an amazing design and for working on such a tight turn-around time. The event site can be found at . I have sent an update to the Kingdom Calendar and so our event page on the Kingdom website is now updated, including new housing fees, the event website, and updated timelines. You can find our event listing here: . We are still working on a few tweaks to the website before we start advertising in force. That should start later this week. I am working with our pre-registration staff to ensure all of our ducks are in a row, and we hope to open pre-registration by the end of the month, and class proposals from instructors in early April. I have received the check from Arthur (thank you, Arthur and Randall) with the deposit for our housing contract, and will be dropping it off this week at the correct office as soon as I can make arrangements to do so. I will be requesting a receipt from that office for the exchequer records (I do not know if they issue receipts, but we have the contract itself as a backup "receipt" if they do not). TRH Lars and Mary have posted Their progress on the Northshield website and have listed KWHSS as an intended stop during Their Reign. I have informed our Royalty Liaison, who has reached out to Them regarding Court. I have no further information at this time. We could use volunteers to assist with the on-site shuttle service between the housing and event locations--we'll have a better idea of the need for this once pre-registration starts, but we already are aware of some attendees who have mobility challenges and will need vehicular transport between the two buildings on Saturday and Sunday. If you're willing to help with this and have a vehicle, please contact Beatrice ( Question: Does Marquette want 'named' insurance?

*Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration (Sept 22-24, 2023) : – Camp Sinawa – Update? Pre-reg May 15. Meeting with the paypal deputy tomorrow.

*Turm an dem See Zip Codes: Nothing new to report.

*Job Descriptions: Information on offices: What is their job to be? What does the job entail? Template that kingdom is using. Discussion of officer job descriptions. April Curia.

*Memorial Day Weekend Event: (May 26-29, 2023) Meeting with the paypal deputy tomorrow.

*Meet Up Website Update: See Chatelaine report.

*Library Demos: See Chatelaine report.

*Geek Week Demo Wrap Up: Went well - thank you to everyone who helped out!

New Business:

Exchequer LOI's : No current LOIs

Signet LOI's : No current LOIs

Seneschal LOI's : Randall has requested that he step down immediately. Arnbjorn has offered to step in to the role. We moved, and voted, and it passed. Congratulations, Arnbjorn!

Thrown Weapon Captain (Group Marshal) LOI's : No current LOIs.

Guilds and Groups:

*C&I East Group: Temporarily on hold.

*Brewing Guild: Temporarily on hold.

*Cooking Guild: Temporarily on hold.

*Dance Guild: Temporarily on hold.

*Fight Practice: Thursday nights.

*Fight Practice West: Monday nights.

*Shop Night at Randall's: Tuesday nights.

*Student Group: Meeting on Tuesdays from 5-9 in Bolton Hall.

*Woodworking: By appointment.


*Reminder: Six months before your office is open, announce it; put it in your Tower articles, post it in facebook, use the CAM google group.

*The Northshield Auction is looking for submissions! Deadline is the end of March!

*Skirmish at the Border: Jara and Ravenslake will be holding Skirmish at the Border the second weekend in June.

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