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Curia Notes: May 18, 2021

May 18

Present: Abelard, Arthur, Sofonisba, Tatiana, Ysolt, Randall, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Albrecht, Kale, Magnus, Amanda, Rhys, Katie, Belle,

B&B: We're going to have court on June 26 or 27. We might do it outside at KK River Parkway (perhaps) or else from our house; in either case it will be virtual. Send in recommendations.

Seneschal: Filled out the quarterly report, even though some things were in the future. Waivers have been handed in. Glad to see that archery and thrown weapons and fighter's practice are going well. If a facility were to demand proof of vaccination, that is the facilities' requirement and not the SCA's requirement. For instance, if the owner of the site for shop night requires vaccinations, that's up to him. (He's not, that's just an example.) The CDC has declared that people who are vaccinated have fewer restrictions, but SCA require

Chatelaine: Not much to report - no new contacts. Baronial social will be Monday, June 7.

Chronicler: Submissions for the June tower due next Thursday, May 25. Read the Tower.

Exchequer: Abelard turned in the fighter fund money. Fighter fund is now in the black. Paid the storage locker, so that's settled for the year. (We voted on that last Curia.)

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. Looked at the storage locker today to determine whether or not we can move to the storage locker. If we take 5 feet off (and move to 15x20) it will be very crowded. Probably not worth it to reduce that much. Will talk to the storage locker people about changing the owner from Carol to Randall. (Business owner for the locker is SCA, but we need a human to sign things.)

Knights Marshal: Geoffrey filed his quarterly report. Practices have been happening. People have been wearing masks inside their helmets, signing waivers, and donating money. Thursday nights at KK River Parkway, 6PM until dark.

Archery: Quarterly report has been turned in. Starting in June we will have twice weekly archery practice: Sunday mornings at Menomonee Park, Thursday evening at Kinnickinnick River Parkway. Third year as archery captain ends in November. Letters of intent are due in July or August.

Thrown Weapons: Quarterly report has been turned in. Thrown Weapons practice every other Thursday at Kinnickinnick River Parkway, after June 1.

Rapier: Need to send in the report. We are actually fighting. We have a transplant rapier fighter from Jara. MITs need to turn in their reports.

Youth: No youth combat in the Kingdom at this time.

Minster of Arts and Sciences: A lot of people are doing a lot of things. Will turn in report. Read the Tower.

Signet: Putting together loaner kits / starter kits for people to use.

Social Media Officer: We still have facebook pages and groups. Reached out the admins of the student group to let them know about the changes facebook is making regarding public groups; recommended that they change to private group. Hasn't heard back from them yet. They might phase out the facebook page in favor of a facebook group.

Herald: No report for heraldry this month, but three local people have been summoned to Ethereal Court on Saturday. Keep submitting recommendations for awards to Abelard and Ysolt and Their Majesties!

Web: We still have a website.

Old Business:

Baronial Championships: Pencilled in the Legion Hall for Sept 26. We need a moot steward.

Fundraiser: Online auction or silent auction on the day of? Or combined? Let's try combined - first online, and then in person; any online price which is not outbid goes to that person. Start it September 1, close it online the night before the moot. Will put a blurb in the Tower.

Boar's Head: Need to call to find out when the deadline is to cancel. It would also be good know what the SCA fall plan is.

Border Skirmish 2022: Need to find a site. We did get our deposit back for 2021. Her Excellency Kateryn sent a couple suggestions for places - Rock County and Mukwanago fair grounds.

New Business:

Court: June 26 or 27. Court and practice? Gathering or not? Kinnickinnick River Parkway or Menomonee Park? Depends partly on Her Excellency's mobility.

CAM 50: Our golden anniversary is coming up in four years. 2025 is the shire of CAM, 2029 is the Barony of CAM. If you want to join the conversation about planning, contact Arnbjorn.

Guilds and Groups:

Shop night, Student group, Woodworking, A&S West, other gatherings are still not meeting in person - but they could.

Official gatherings need to sign the roster for contact tracing purposes.

Randall would be happy to open shop night once he cleans the garage.

Side notes:

*The current baron of Carraig Ban (Samson Muskovich) and his wife are moving to Fort Atkinson.

*There's still a book sale - John Lampi, 27,000+ books (half a mile of library shelves) in Jackson, WI. Most Saturdays, 12-5. Abelard and Randall have the specific address. Facebook post at:

*Missile Mayhem Sept 25.

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