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Curia Notes November 21, 2023


Present: Abelard, Charlotte, Arnbjorn, Gilchrist, Sibillia, Asabella, Jean, Ysolt, Joseph, Beatriz, Randall, Karl, Katie.


* Baron and Baroness: Come to Boar's Head and volunteer and have fun! Come to Yule Court and have fun! Write award recommendations! Please!

* Chatelaine: Three people have joined us at fighters practice, returning after a hiatus. Meetup continues to draw attention. Totally willing and able to add archery and thrown weapons to meetup.

* Social Media Officer: Thank you for continuing to post things on facebook.

* Exchequer: Got the third quarter report out. We have money in the bank. We got the signatures changed so Magnus can sign checks. Not a lot of pre-payments.

* Quartermaster: Was at the storage locker today, and stuff is there. There's a list of what we need from the storage locker for Boar's Head, which we can pick up on the way to site on Friday morning.

* Herald: Nothing to report. Will change offices over the course of the next month.

* Signet: Nothing to report.

* Chronicler: Travelling.

* Web Minister: Travelling.

* Minister of Arts & Sciences: We've been doing Arts and Sciences and nobody has died.

* Knights Marshal: We're still having practices. Remember, no practice on Thanksgiving.

* Rapier Marshal: We have two new fighters, and it's very exciting. We have had no letters of intent. Would like to extend her term for six months. Voted, passed. (There is another person waiting in the wings, but has not put in a letter of intent yet.)

* Archery Captain: Sunday practices continue, alternating between KK Park and Menomonee Park. We have loaner gear, come shoot!

* Thrown Weapons Captain: The last thrown weapons practice of the season is Sunday 11/26 at KK Park at noon. Come throw things!

* Youth Combat: We've had kids again, who have also made it to the Jara practice, and we're looking forward to having youth combat at Boar's Head.

* Seneschal: Everything is coming up later in the meeting.

* Minister of Youth: Vacant.


* Boar’s Head- 12/2/23- Beatriz: Same food wagon as last year. Rhys and Beatriz checked out the kitchen and are optimistic that the breakers won't explode. The last few merchant forms are officially trickling in. The last few spots have been tentatively claimed and many have been actually claimed. Staff positions have been filled. We could use some more volunteers for gate. (Gate steward says she only has three volunteers so far.) Asabella will print all the signs and bring them early Saturday morning. We will need the checkbook and the cashbox, plus the merchant and pre-reg paperwork. Will get the list of stuff we need from the storage locker to the quartermaster. We will have a table with archery and thrown weapons gear for display. We would like to make our six-month donation of $250 as 'taxes'. Moved, voted, passed. Do we want to move Gate to the rotunda or leave it where it has been the last couple years, with the knowledge that the lunch lines back up? No, we're okay with having it there because gate is slowing down by then so we can even collapse one of the tables to make more room once the lunch lines get long.

* Job Descriptions – Information on offices: We haven't received any new ones.

* 2024 Planning Meeting: Events already planned for for 2024: War Practice at the Roost- June 7-9- Need event steward. Haustblot II- September 27-29- Event Stewards: Sofonisba/Tatianna. Need Feast Steward. Boar's Head- December 7- Need event steward. Possible Events: Fall Crown Bid- St. John’s- Event stewards- Beatriz & Arnbjorn, check with Armond on availability of Legion for feast location- confirming dates for fall crown from kingdom seneschal, 10/12 or 10/19. Midwinter Melee Practice- Need to check on availability of St. John’s. 11/20/23 deadline for January Northwatch. Feast of Eros- Archery & Cooking event- May 2025- Possibly at Menomonee Park- PowWow lodge- Event Steward- Deonysia. Consider submitting a bid for a KW Cooks & Bards Symposium at some future date. Ideas for Moots: Yule Court Moot- Check with Armond on availability of Legion- Asabella moot steward. Viking Hiking- day after possible Fall Crown, otherwise hold in mid-October. Revive Mama Cat Tournament (first held 20 years ago in 2004) at either War Practice or Haustblot. Newcomer Moot- for WUWM students and other newbies, invite nearby groups to also attend.- possibly in April. Artisan Day Moot- either with Newcomer Moot or standalone- Marquette Physics Building possible location. Brewing Moot- Randall and Katie’s. Soup Moot- February. Other Things of Note: Baronial Transition Process and Investiture (at Boar’s Head). By-laws review meeting- Spring. Lost Arts Day at MSOE (October) potential recruitment/education opportunity. 2025-2029 marks the 50th anniversary of CAM’s history as a group (shire), Boar’s Head, and Barony. If interested in joining CAM 50 Google Discussion group, please let Arnbjorn know.

* Advertising- Joseph: Done more research since the last meeting. Created a test group, established a goal (what page should be our target goal, the CAM website or the CAM facebook page?). Created an ad with buttons. It appears that we're limited to five pieces of media. Metrics: estimated daily results. Did some math to calculate what kinds of views we get for our price, and the $1 option (which runs for 400 days, with an investment of $400) looks like the best bang for our buck. Re: demographic, we can choose our range (MKE county + 25 miles, or MKE county + 50 miles, but he can't find the 50 miles option). Age demo is 18-65. The more tags we add the more the demo gets limited - looks like we should run between 5-10 tags. So, what key words do we want? What media do we want? What range do we want? Also, what's the ROI on new people? Generally, we assume that people are sunk costs; we're looking for bodies. We also looked at the mobile view. Send ideas to Joseph and we'll make decisions at December Curia.


* Yule Moot- 1/21/24- Asabella: Asabella presented a bid for Jan 21. We liked it, and moved to pay $245, possibly $14 less if we only have four hours of bartender (rather than five).

* Fall Crown 2024 Bid- Arnbjorn & Beatriz: We liked it and moved to remove the dining hall from the options and submit it.


* Brewers & Vintners Guild- hiatus.

* A&S Nights- UWM Student Group Mtg- Third Wednesday of Month, but not in November or December.

* Shop Night- Randall’s-Tuesdays.

* UWM SCA- Wednesdays: Currently meeting informally (second floor Union).

* Woodworking- Armond’s by appointment.

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