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Curia Notes: September 20, 2022

In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Randall, Arnbjorn, Tatiana, Octavian, Beatriz, Asabella, Annetje, Magnus, Sybillia, Sofonisba, Kale, Katie.

Officer Reports:

*Baron/Baroness: Thank you to everyone who attended Baronial Champions. We have new champions, listed below! Please volunteer for Crown. Please also volunteer for Boar's Head. We neglected to take a picture at the moot, so let's schedule a time for a group photo at Crown. Randall has volunteered to take the group photo with his camera and tripod. Failing that, maybe everyone can take a portrait and we can edit them all together to make a banner for the website and the facebook page.

*Seneschal: Reports have been filed. Insurance for Crown and Boar's Head has been acquired.

*Chatelaine: We have had a decent amount of interest lately, including some folks who were at the moot. After Boar's Head she intends to set up a number of events and demos so that we can get our weirdness out there so other geeks can find us. It would be helpful to have a monthly low-key get-together out of garb (not a business gathering), and she'll try to get that going. Maybe we can start meeting in person again. Maybe we can look at the church overlapping on Thursday nights? The theater group is currently using the stage. Maybe we can have the fighters practice at T-bone's once a month and use our rental time for a social gathering instead. Also, maybe we can overlap with the student group.

*Chronicler: The Tower due Sunday, Sep 25. Still need a successor when his term ends in December. Blanked on bringing the directories to Champs, but there are still a few available. Read the Tower and send in letters of intent.

*Exchequer: We have money. Arthur sent out some reports. Need to issue a new check for Crown, which appears to have gone missing. Asabella will work with Randall to get that addressed.

*Quartermaster: We have stuff. Need to download the photos from his phone to populate the inventory website. Magnus is willing to do a third year, which the Barony approved. Should work on decommissioning some of the things we have in the storage locker that we don't need to have any more. Also, received a donation of tablecloths and napkins.

*Herald: Lots of awards in the last five weeks or so, congratulations to all of them. Sofonisba: Pelican. Thora: Black Griffin. Karl: Order of Commander's Castle. Rhys: Award of the Flame and Swan. And Augmentation of Arms from Crown: Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli, Armond le Charpentier, Deonysia of Rye, Kale Phokaina, Kourkouaina, Margaret Malise de Kyrkyntolaghe, Merouda Pendray, Rosamund of Newenham, Tatiana Marana Melville, Thora Heri.

*Knights Marshal: We've been having practice, and nobody has died. Last week we had a fighter return after a hiatus of a few years.

*Archery Captain: We're done with Wednesday night outdoor practices until probably mid-May of next year. Practices will continue on Sundays, alternating between Menomonee and Kinnickinnick. The first two Sundays of October we will skip practice because of Missile Mayhem and Crown. Schedule will be published after Crown.

*Thrown Weapons: Will likely have one more thrown weapons practice in October. Schedule will be published after Crown.

*Rapier Marshal: Practice is happening, nobody died.

*Youth Combat: We've had a couple new youths come to practice.

*MOAS: Their Excellencies would like to have an Arts and Sciences champion, and will work out how to do that.

*Signet: Promissory scrolls were handed out at the moot. Real scrolls will come in January. If anyone wants to volunteer in any capacity please let Kale know.

*Social Media Officer: Need to have a new SMO by January. Job is pretty easy.

*Web Minister: Nothing to report.

Old Business:

*Fall Crown : October 8 2022, The website is up. Insurance ordered and received. Check needs to be re-sent (see above). We visited the site again, and then thought of a few more questions which Arbjorn has asked. There are 20 crown combatants, so we need to make sure we have enough space for everyone and their presences. And a vigil. And the royal presence. Site setup on Friday afternoon/evening (will get the times). Royalty room will be the equipment/locker room on the main level. Need the list ropes, corners, water coolers, and banners from the storage locker. Will need help with setup and takedown. Are all of the positions staffed? We need help with gate, and need retainers for TRM. Lunch will be sold by the students - will get the menu and pricing. We have the gym on Saturday at 7 AM and out of there by 5 PM (cleanup until 6), and out of the dining hall by 8 PM. Gate opens to the public at 9. Probably court at 10 AM. (Still need to get the schedule from TRM.) Randall will also be picking up some banners this weekend. Please pre-reg. If you need anything else talk to Arbjorn directly.

*Crown Post Revel: At American Legion: From 4-10 PM. Sign up links are all over the place.

*Boar's Head: Event steward: Shawnah/Rachel/Asabella. Royalty Room:Deonysia. Asabella:Gate. Prereg:Arthur Angus. Insurance has been ordered, and Beatriz has it. Is there an ETA for the Boar's Head website? Will follow up with Rachel. Need to figure out lunch.

*Known Heralds and Scribes 2023: Please volunteer!

*Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration: Sept 22-24, 2023 at Camp Sinawa. (We picked that weekend because it's available three years in a row at the same weekend.)

*Turm an dem See: Zip codes sent for Washington co and areas to make contiguous area.

New Business:

*Baronial Champs review: We have new champions. 11 people on the heavy list, 6 people on the rapier list, eight archers, eight thrown weapons, two bards. Winners: Rapier: Charlotte Almary, Heavy: Corydon Rathbone, Bardic: Beatriz de la CAM, Thrown Weapons: Arnbjorn, Archery: Thrown Weapons.

Guilds and Groups

*A&S West Group: Tatiana's one Wednesday per month. She will post the next date.

*C&I East Group: On hiatus.

*Brewing Guild: On hiatus.

*Cooking Guild: On hiatus.

*Dance Guild: On hiatus.

*Fight Practice: Thursday nights.

*Shop Night: Tuesday nights.

*Student Group: Meeting on Wednesdays 5 PM in the Union. The room changes each week - check the list by the elevators, or look on facebook.

*Woodworking: On demand.

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