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Curia Notes: September 21, 2021

Present: Abelard, Albrecht, Winifred, Arthur, Sibillia, Rhys, Jeff, Katie, Ysolt, Rachel, Randall, Shawnah, Idonia, Arnbjorn, Kale, Magnus, Geoffrey, Octavian.


Baron and Baroness: Moot on Sunday. There will be court. We'll be holding new competitions. Proof of vaccination is required. Bring your own food.

Seneschal: New rules from Kingdom saying that everyone has to be masked regardless of vaccination unless they are fighting. Indoors, wear masks even in helmets.

Exchequer: We have money. We have credit at the church. We will be invoiced for the moot. We need to refund a check. We will be receiving money from the Kingdom for paypal prereg.

Arnbjorn: Articles for the Tower due Saturday, Sept 25 or Monday the 27th if officers have things to report.

Quartermaster: Need to go to the storage unit with Randall to change the storage unit ownership.

Herald: No new news from the herald position. If anyone has business for court contact Katie. Kateryn received a Bridget's Flame and Dahrien was made a Great Beare. Vivant!

Knights Marshal: Practice at Kinnickinnick River Park for the next couple weeks, then moving to Redeemer October 7.

Rapier: Fighting on the other side of the street once the sun goes down because Randall is bringing lights. Also, Sibillia will be the new rapier captain at Boar's Head.

Archery: No more Thursday nights. Changing to Sundays alternating between KK and Menomonee.

Thrown Weapons following KK practices. Championships on Sunday. Large turnout on Sunday!

MOAS: People are doing garb and animal husbandry and lots of other things. See the Tower!

Signet: Not a lot of baronial scrolls, but lots of baronial members are submitting scrolls for Kingdom courts. If anyone wants to make more blanks, please let Kale know.

Social Media Officer: We have social media happening!

Webminister: Website has been really busy. The RSVP form for Boar's Head is up and running and feeding paypal. We need to talk to and work with Kingdom to adjust the new process. Can we have our own paypal account? With Wix we have a button for that. Let's discuss that with Kingdom. Since Square is allowed, why can't we put it on the website? Anyway, let's talk to them about it. (Exchequer, Webminister, and Seneschal will discuss it.)

Chatelaine: Two new people on the Curia call tonight!

Old Business:

Storage Locker: See quartermaster report.

Baronial Champs: Event is Sunday from 11-8. Proof of vax required - not sure if we need paper copies or just photos are okay. Not sure who will be checking the vax cards. Remember, bring your own food. Schedule forthcoming. Also, fundraiser!

Fundraiser: Online portion ends tomorow (Thursday 9/22). More at Champs.

Boar's Head: Need to make sure the spreadsheet is accessible. Everyone needs to RSVP! There are open positions - if you want to work a staff position contact Asabella. We are comping one chamberlain or retainer per royal pair, but they still need to RSVP. Nothing food-related, so no feast or lunch or cookie caper. 68 people pre-regged so far.

Border Skirmish 2022: Need stewards and a site.

Signet: Position ends in six months. Will put in letter of extension if no LOI.

Spring Crown or Fall Coronation bid in 2022: We can think about it. Find a venue!

Guilds and Groups:

A&S West on hold.

Shop night on Tuesdays.

Brewing and Vintning on hold.


Student Group: They're back! Corinne and Winifrede are talking about setting up tables and things.

Misc: Showing at Green Knight at Marquette Oct 7.

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