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December 2019 Curia Notes

Present: Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Belle, Tatiana, Arthur, Rachel, Arnbjorn, Asabella, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Rhys, Kale

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness

We have stuff. We're working on our schedules. Are there events that the Baron and Baroness have always attended? [Answer: Other than Coronation and local events, no. Expect to see invitations on the Baronage email list with invitations to bring the chairs.] Submit award recommendations for Yule Moot!


Reports are due the 28th (instead of the usual 25th, because Christmas). Thank you to Rhys and Arnbjorn for their hard work pulling off Boar's Head, congratulations to Abelard and Ysolt, thank you to Armond and Sofonisba. Officers should send in reports! Others can also send in articles! (Note: articles may not be published immediately.)


Needs to fill out online change of officer form. [Note: This was done by the end of the meeting.] Need to tell iPower to change the website from the iPower site to the Wix site. Will work on this.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

We had an event with lots of A&S, and MOAS missed it all because he was locked in the kitchen doing A&S. Sofonisba will send a list of everyone on Artisan Row, will also ask Sybillia for a list of everyone who taught classes. Everybody seemed happy, lots of people were helpy.

Knights Marshal

30+ fighters at Boar's Head. People were tired by the end of it. No major injuries or incidents - some stubbed toes, everyone was fine. We do have practice on 12/26.


Practices continue on Mondays from 7-8 at West Town Archery.

Thrown Weapons

On hiatus until Spring.


We can now have Cut and Thrust (C&T) at practice. Training some MITs. Anora and Aesa are the new rapier people. No rapier practice on 12/26 unless you have a marshal, but Arthur can't be there.


One youth sparring authorization. Five youth authorizations. Nine youth fighters at Boar's Head. Mildreth (a fighter from CAM) won the Corner Tournament. Practices continue!


We've had new people contacting us. Some people came in because they saw the big sign at the Fairgrounds, some because they are local. Got more gold key! Also, a student group from Steven's Point came down.


Will send gate forms to officers. Waiting for the site to provide the final bill so he can send the event report. Filling out checks and refunds - also waiting for some receipts. We think we made a profit. Looked at interest rates for various SCA-legal investment opportunities, and none of them will pay off well enough to be worth it.


Everything is back in the locker except the linens (which need to be washed). Also, should do something to identify the newest tablecloths (maybe sewing green or blue fabric to corners?) and dispose of (donate to another group) the old ones. Need to purge/clean out/organize the locker again once the weather is nice enough to do so; this includes re-sorting contents of containers so we don't misplace things like serving utensils. Consider using the trailer for storing items which won't be damaged by weather, so we can change the locker from 10x20 to 10x10. Armond and Sofonisba are fine with storing the trailer at their house. Looking for a new quartermaster.


Two new members of the Council of Ancestors. Several Baronial members received awards - Kale (AoA), Winifrede (Cygnus), Newt (AoA), Akos (AoA), Rhys (Brigit's Flame), Sofonisba (Court Baroness), Abelard & Ysolt (Territorial Baron/Baroness). Ordered a copy of the Oxford Dictionary of Names - provided receipt for reimbursement.


Deputy to Herald, will report after events.


Office is up in June. But! If the Curia approves, Tatiana will step down now for three months to run the Northshield Online Auction. Sofonisba has agreed to step into the role for a few months. At the end of the auction - in March - Tatiana will step back in for six months. (So, office will need to change in September.) Why? To avoid the appearance of impropriety, the coordinators of the Online Auction can't be officers. We voted on this and it passed. Also, there will be an online auction.

Old and New Business

Boar's Head Recap

Extremely well attended - 372 people, which is the best attendance since before 2012. People had fun. Liked the food. Liked the lattice (around the feast tables). Liked the partition wall, which was fast and easy. It also helped with cutting down noise from the other side of the hall, made it easier to hear court, helped with temperature. Haven't heard too many complaints. People shouldn't day-camp at the tables, or else we should provide more tables. Google maps still can't always find the location. Feast was over-sold, but everyone was accommodated. Amazing number of visiting baronies - all five Northshield baronies were present, plus one from Avacal, plus one from the Midrealm. Lunch was tasty. Some people brought in their own food, which was fine. The bar was selling bottles of wine. Cookie caper and lunch funds haven't been counted yet. We were out by 10:55 PM. Kitchen was well-run, though we were missing serving utensils and knives. Bentbridge kids did a great job. Thanks to Armond, Hamish, Balthazar, Belle, Sarah, Altair. Birna as head server. Autocrat has received event reports from the marshals and will submit everything once we have final numbers. Arnbjorn says thank you.

Border Skirmish

We still have some roles that need to be filled. Planning meeting January 19 at Pizza Ranch in Elkhorn. Will ask the site if they have golf carts to rent. No equestrian this year, so the money which would otherwise go to horses will instead go to golf carts. (Golf carts can be DART carts as well as security.) Will also check with site to confirm that they're providing security because there will be other events at the site that weekend. New kitchen facility, can't have indoor merchants because we're using a different building.

Yule Moot

  • January 18, Noon-9.

  • Schedule: Silk banner planning from 1-3

  • Curia meeting @3:30

  • Baronial Court @5

  • Food @6, White Elephant Gift Exchange to follow.

  • Bartender from 4-9.

Sofonisba will bring silk to the moot so people can draw their stuff (in pencil) in advance of the painting session.

Silk Painting Sessions

Likely Feb 1 (resist and prep) and Feb 8 (actual painting) at Redeemer, Noon - 4. Abelard has sent email to the church to make sure the dates are okay and what the cost would be. Will need frames.

Curia Meetings 2020

Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec at Brookfield. January at Yule Moot? March, May, September, November at UWM. (No meeting in July.) Tatiana dropped off the forms after Curia.

Guilds and Groups

  • Woodworking: Rescheduled to this week (Dec 18), and then cancelled.

  • A&S West: Rescheduled to this week (Dec 18).

  • Student Group: On hiatus until January.

  • Cooking: On hiatus until someone wants to do something.

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