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February 2019


Present:Abelard, Arnbjorn, Idonia, Rachel, Anna, Arthur, Armond, Sofonisba, Asabella, Tatiana, Jean, Belle, Geoffrey, Akos, Rhys

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Baron and Baroness: Missing a green apron dress. FITS was a lot of fun.

Seneschal: Will bring things up later.

Chronicler: Please write reports for the Tower, which are due Monday, Feb 25. Take pictures of your current projects and send in photography releases - Idonia will send you a release if you need one. If reports will be late, please let her know. Bylaws will be published in the March Tower.

Web: We have a website.

Knights Marshal: A new fighter recently moved into the area. We have a person learning, and some people regularly attend, and more people should attend! Come fight! Also, FITS was well-attended, and Rhys is now a heavy MIT.

Archery: West Town Archery is having a sale in March. Monday nights are still going strong.

Rapier: Two people are out with injuries. Practice has been light.

Youth: Three fighters pretty regularly for the last month. New armor, new weapons, new styles!

Thrown Weapons: On hiatus. HE Jois will be TW MIC at Border Skirmish. Office is open - Arnbjorn will renew for another year.

Fighting site: The church doesn't want us to have practice on Thursday, April 18. Would we like a different night that week? (It's holy week.) Will discuss among the fighters.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lots of people doing lots of things. Lots of fabric and food-related items in the auction this year. MOAS report is due Feb 25 - let Rhys know what you're working on. Kingdom A&S was pretty good - Tatiana won her area of research. If you need help submitting an A&S form, ask Tatiana (and others) - it's not as hard as it looks. Also, we should consider hosting a Kingdom A&S at UWM.

Chatelaine: A couple new people at the student meeting. Hoping to have a strong student presence at Coronation and Crown.

Exchequer: Found some leftover paperwork from Boar's Head - have asked the regional Exchequer how to handle it. We have new boxes for paperwork! We should get a bill for the storage locker soon - please bring it to Curia when it arrives so we can vote on it.

Quartermaster: Tablecloths and napkins are still out. Will get the banners out for Crown when that gets closer.

Herald: Quarterly report has been filed. Tabard has been found. A book about Japanese names was loaned out and has been returned - looking for the rest of the library. Hunter received his Black Griffin at FITS (actually presented a couple weeks previous), and another person received a Black Flame. Hunter is ready to submit his name.

Local Social Media Officer: We need one. The Baronies (to start) need to pick a “point admin” to head to their social media updated - this is not a warranted officer at this time, but just one admin who is going to be *more* responsible. Look at the admins for their social media presence and update/remove people as needed. The local Seneschal and/or Webminister should be an admin on the Branch FB Groups/Pages. Currently Arnbjorn, Abelard, and Winifrede are admins. Can add Idonia as well.

Old Business:

Crown 2019: Merchant info is on the website. Planning is going well. Met Their Excellencies Jara to tour the site. TE Jara will be available to help with setup. The guy at site (Bart) has provided blueprints. Important note: new bleachers! This should make setup go much faster. Tatiana is merchant-o-crat, Asabella is in charge of pre-reg. (So far Master Eirik and Calontir Trim will be attending.) His Highness would like four lists, which he might collapse down to two. Fighter's presences will not be on the edge of the field, but might be elsewhere in the room. (Populace presences will also not be on the edge of the list field.) Probably a chiv meeting in the royalty room, during which time the Black Griffins will have a tournament. There is a small room on the side which will be used as a Baronial staff room. The kitchen is large but empty; Ed the Tall will be bringing the portable ovens / stoves for cooking feast. We will refill the propane as compensation. Lunch will be covered by the feastocrats - same lunch as Coronation, plus vegetarian soup. Need to contact the Kingdom Herald. Need kitchen help. Bring banners and banner stands - we can hang banners from the upper railing, and will have access to a cherry picker. Setup will start at 1 PM, probably finished by 5. Site will be open Friday evening for royalty, combatants, inspections, and merchants. May 1 is the pre-reg deadline - please pre-reg.

Border Skirmish: We had a meeting at Perkins. People have volunteered. Finalizing positions and schedules. Looking for suggestions. Site tokens are acquired, and they need ribbons tied to them. Need to arrange for hay bales and other sundries, preferably sooner than two weeks before the event. We'll have another meeting if we think we need it, maybe six weeks prior to the event. Their Highnesses Midrealm and Their Highnesses Northshield have been talking, and will both be there. We need to make some silk banners.

Boar's Head 2019: Still need contract. Site agreed to the $2 per person deal, so we can bring in food. We have a revised bid from Deo and Arnbjorn, but Their Excellencies would prefer to see an evening feast. Will re-work - plan to feed 100, sell 75 seats. We should lobby for the Princess' Sleeve Tourney again. We will vote on the new bid next Curia. Boar's Head is 12/7. Website must be up by September.

Guilds and Groups:

Students: Geek Week Demo is March 6. Waiting for the student group to supply times.

Woodworking: Feb 27. Siege weapons!

A&S West: Feb 27. Other things!

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