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January 2018


In Attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Winifrede, Geoffrey, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Armand, Sofonisba, Serena, Sibillia

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness:Yule Court this weekend!

Seneschal: Please submit award recommendations to Their Majesties and Their Excellencies! (Too late for Yule Court, but submit for Border Skirmish!) Melrakki was knighted this past weekend and the look of 'deer in the headlights' was great - when they called him up he was completely in shock. Office of Seneschal is open - send in Letters of Intent. Now is a good time to learn...

Chronicler: Last month's redesign of the Tower is a big hit. Articles are due Monday, January 22. In researching the history of Boar's Head for the last Tower, discovered that this past Boar's Head wasn't actually the 40th - we've missed one or two, so it was either #38 or #39. Next year we can do Boar's Head 40 again!

Webminister: Gathering requirements for the website redesign. Let her know if you have any ideas. There's a survey. Looking for anything from 'I like this' to 'change this thing'. Will be at Yule Court. Also, Winifrede received her AoA at 12th Night. Vivant!

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Pretty quiet for December. Checked with the Kingdom MOAS: If someone gets injured during A&S there's no additional paperwork. Wednesday night (1/17) project night at UWM starting at 5:30.

Knights Marshal: One applicant for the position. Since there is only one applicant, and she meets the requirements and approval of the Curia, we moved that we bypass the rest of the process and approve her. Voted, approved. Ysolt will be the new Knights Marshal - officer changeover at Yule Moot.

Youth: We have loaner stuff. Bring kids to practice! There will be youth boffer at Haire Affair in February. There will be a new youth event (Munchkin Mayhem) in June in Windhaven.

Thrown Weapons: Jara is hosting thrown weapons practice January 21 and 28 after archery ends. Locally we are on hiatus until Spring.

Chatelaine: Gold Key is looking for pants. C&I West will make pants at the next gathering.

Exchequer: Doing a lot of paperwork. Re-signing the paperwork that the bank made a mistake with. Office is open, with one applicant. We will vote on the new applicant at next Curia. Asabella will stay on as deputy.

Quartermaster: Trailer is out of the yard and at the public storage facility. We've paid for storage through February and need to pay (expected ~$75) to get through May, at which point we hope to merge the account for the trailer and the account for the locker into one account and pay them together. (May is when the locker contract gets renewed.) We moved, voted, and approved the cost, but aren't sure yet what the cost will be; Armand will have that amount by Saturday and we will cut the check then.

Herald: Beatrice is Serena's deputy. Physical change of officer form has been passed around.

Old Business:

Custom Trim: We have been discussing this on the Facebook page and the email list - Drixt is offering custom trim at roughly $900-950 for 500 meters or $1600-1675 for 1000 meters. It's a lot of trim, but we can probably sell it over time. We will discuss it more at Yule Court. It will be at least six months before delivery, maybe nine. If we can commit to half of the 500 meters, it would be worth it. Base price is between $1.80-$1.90. We should sell it at $2.50-$3.00 per yard. Maybe set it up as a kickstarter to keep track of requests?

Student Meeting at Bar: The students would like to be able to meet after fighter's practice too, but they can't get into bars. We've tried Annex, Sobelmans, Conways, Miss Katie's. Keep looking!

Border Skirmish: Estimated budget - site fee for the weekend: $25 ($20 for members), one day: $20 ($15 for members). To board a horse for the weekend: $20, to board a horse for a day: $10. (Need to pre-reg horses, and bring proof of vaccinations.) Waiting for a lease from the site. Cost will be $1250 - not sure if we pay half that in advance or the whole thing. Hoping to have Helga Ball again. Current site schedule: Arrive at 2 PM Thursday, Troll open from 4-10. Friday Troll from 7am-10pm. Saturday Troll from 7-am-Noon. Site closes Sunday. Ravenslake counterpart is communicating. Midrealm wants this to be a rapier war practice, so we need to rally the Northshield rapier troops. Will discuss this as a possible Princess' Sleeve location when we have a new Princess in April.

Autocrats for Boar's Head 2018: Nobody yet. We need one! Last year we secured the contract in February. Boar's head probably December 1. Seneschal will bring the contract to Curia.

Lunch at Spring Coronation: They have everything Sofonisba needs. She's planning a lunch similar to Boar's Head: soup, side veggies, eggs, apples, cookies. Main course will be gyros. All food will be prepared in advance and served out of nescoes.

Heralds and Scribes: Would like a check for $300 ($250 for site, $50 for incidentals) and contract. (We moved, voted, and approved this expenditure.) Charging $5 per person to get in. Currently have 7 heraldry classes, 8-10 scribal classes, more coming. Has made arrangements to see 'real things' at the library and museum. Bring your favorite scrolls and images for a slideshow. Note, "Site fee is not consent." - Arnbjorn.

New Business:

Bylaws Meeting: Bylaws will be published in the March Tower, after which we will have a meeting to discuss possible changes.

New Northshield Online Auction: Is starting. Please send items for auction to Tatiana.

Guilds and Groups:

(Nothing to report)

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