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Curia Notes: June 15, 2021


Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Tatiana, Randall, Rachel, Arthur, Geoffrey, Arnbjorn, Kale, Asabella, Idonia, Sofonisba, Belle, Rhys, Octavian, Albrecht, Katie.

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: In-person events have started! Crown is this weekend - by the time you read this in the Tower we should have new heirs! Good luck to Geoffrey and Tatiana! Also, we're having a moot with court, and court will be both in person _and_ streamed! Send in award recommendations for future events! We will soon have new cousins in Windhaven and Castel Rouge and we would like to shower them with gifts, so if you have anything you wish to contribute to those gift baskets we would be happy to deliver them. We will put together a list of what we have and what we're looking for, and put that in the Tower.

Seneschal: Events have started again, follow the guidelines. There is new required signage for events.

Chatelaine: Baronial social July 5. Had a new person at rapier practice - Arthur will get the name to Belle.

Chronicler: Articles are due Friday June 25. Read the Tower!

Exchequer: Bank statement came in. Fighter fund is in the black. We shouldn't have any large expenses coming up, so maybe he'll get his quarterly reports in.

Knights Marshal: Fighters practice at Kinnickinnick River Parkway - we should update that (with the address) on the CAM website. We can have visitors from other groups, and still need to wear masks (including under our helmets) until July 1; after July 1 if you are fully vaccinated you don't have to wear your mask. Towards the end of August we'll start negotiating with the church so we can return indoors. Office should end in December, but intends to extend for a third year.

Archery: Twice a week - Thursdays at Kinnickinnic River Parkway, Sundays at Menomonee Falls Park. Send out good wishes and prayers for William of Mann who is having triple bypass surgery this week. We have loaner gear. Office is open - LOI due by August.

Thrown Weapons: Every other week at Kinnickinnic River Parkway. Thrown Weapons at June Moot. Will probably do the thrown weapons tournament for virtual WW. We have loaner gear.

Rapier: We've had a couple weeks of practice. People are getting back up to steam and fighting. Looking at what people want to do. Office should be ending in December, so LOI due in August.

Youth: We haven't heard yet what the plan is regarding youth combat.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lots of people are doing lots of good A&S things. Read the Tower!

Herald: Has made some updates to Order of Precedence.

Signet: We will have scrolls for court, so that's exciting! And, in-person court, so yay! Any scrolls from previous virtual courts will be at the in-person one.

Social Media Policy: Working on the handbook for the office. There's a new social media policy.

Webminister: We have a website! It's not broken! If you have updates for the website, please send them to her so she can apply them. Office should be ending in December, so LOI due in August, though Rachel will consider extending to a third year. Also, would like a deputy.

Old Business:

Storage Locker: Magnus will ask about changing the name on the account.

Baronial Champs 2021: September 2026. Armond will be moot steward.

Fundraiser? : Read the Tower for more information. Tatiana will help set up the online part, Abelard will help set up the donation form.

Boar's Head 2021: Randall talked to management there, and the drop-dead date for cancellation is one month before. There are no restrictions in Washington County - no masks or size limits. Feast is up in the air, but otherwise we should be able to hold the event. If people want to keep their positions, let Asabella know. The general guess is that the food restriction will be lifted by then, but we don't know for sure. Re: Feast, ask the feast steward how long they need as a drop-dead date to have it; we can then decide or not. (Since we have to pre-reg for the event _and_ pre-reg for feast, that might help us. Or not.) We might not want to go whole hog into the event because we don't know what interest will be; there should be time between now and then to determine how large we should be able to expect. We discussed and decided to move forward, so Asabella will start the wheels turning again.

Border Skirmish 2022: Haven't heard from Ravenslake lately.

June Baronial Court/Moot: Will have archery, thrown weapons, heavy, rapier, and court. You must pre-register. 11-5 at Kinnickinnic River Parkway.

New Business:

CAM 50: If you would like to join the google group to discuss planning CAM 50, please let Arnbjorn know.

Spring Crown: Stallari has requested a bid for October Crown, and it's really our turn. October 9. No more than 150 people, outdoors with possible indoor site. What about Redeemer? Abelard will talk to Redeemer. Arnbjorn and Rhys as autocrats. No food (at least so far). And, Arnbjorn and Rhys will put together a bid and give it to Curia to review (via electronic means), then submit to Stallari.

SUN bids: Looking for bids for SUN, but not from us.

July Meeting: We will have a Curia meeting in July.

Guilds and Groups:

Shop Night: Possibly restarting shop night in December.

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