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June 2020 Curia Notes

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Curia 6/16/20

In attendance (virtuall): Abelard, Ysolt, Valentin, Tatiana, Sofonisba, Arnbjorn, Magnus, Idiona, Asabella, Belle, Kale, Randall, Rhys, Ronin, Octavian, Rosemarian, Geoffrey, Armond, Theresa, Jacob, Katerina

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: Everything is shut down through June. In July we can hold small gatherings, including archery, thrown weapons, and equestrian, following state mandates. No fighter's practice. We don't usually have a meeting in July, but probably will this year. We had a Seneschal meeting - the Society Seneschal was there. It was pretty good. On facebook pages, please stick to SCA content. (Do what you want on your own pages.) Note, Tatiana works from 10:30-7 and doesn't do facebook or personal email during that time, so if you need to contact her don't expect an answer during the day. Office is open in September - will consider staying on until December. Please send letters of intent to Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness. We do have an interested person, but don't let that prevent you from sending in your letters. We have a number of office turnovers coming soon - if you want to be an officer, please talk to the current officers and the Seneschal. Online meetings are likely to continue. Will be happy to guide, mentor, and help however we can. If you send a report, please send it to the CAM-Officers list instead of to the new gsuite addresses because not everybody has connected to those yet.

Baron and Baroness: Fill out the SCA Census (! Be nice to each other. When reading words on facebook and in email, please assume that the speaker is using a neutral tone and not shouting, sarcastic, angry, etc. That might help to keep tempers down. Thank you to the people who made it to the virtual camping event and to our social evening a few weeks ago.

Chronicler: Articles are due by the 25th. Please let Chronicler know if you need an extension. Please contribute! Officers should be reporting in the Tower, but will take articles from anybody. Office is opening - letters of intent due by August Curia.

Webminister: Set up a web page for Boar's Head, which hasn't been made public yet. (Link sent elsewhere.) Has set up an RSVP page for the event, which is separate from the pre-reg page. Has set up GSuite addresses for all offices - check your email if you haven't logged in yet. If you are sharing an office, or want to share the mailbox with a deputy, work with your deputy to set up email forwarding. You should not share account passwords.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Everybody's doing cool stuff - gardening, chickens, fiber arts, etc. Keep talking about stuff!

Knights Marshal: Fighters practice is still on hold. If you can contribute to the fighter's fund, please do - it's in the red; send checks to Arthur Angus made out to the Barony. Abelard will talk to the church about getting credit for the months we've already paid while the building was shuttered.

Archery: We can start practices in July. Mondays at Kinnickinnick River Parkway, Wednesdays at Menonomnee Park. Office is opening - letters of intent due by August Curia.

Thrown Weapons: If someone wants to host, will set up thrown weapons practices.

Rapier: Nothing to report.

Youth: Will deliver weapons to interested fighters so they can practice at home.

Chatelaine: CAM Social was a success. Will do more.

Exchequer: Fighter's fund is in the red. (See KM report.) Needs some signatures. Storage locker - should we pay through the end of the year or pay for another year? After discussion we decided to pay for another year (12 months). Moved, voted, passed.

Quartermaster: Everything's fine. In July we should be able to have a locker cleanup day. Job is open. One applicant - Magnus. Moved, voted, passed - Magnus is the new quartermaster. Note: We asked Ravenslake if they want one of the two grills in the storage locker (since they were paid for with Border Skirmish funds) and they do not.

Herald: Baronial award submissions are in OSCAR. Magnus and Michahel received Black Griffins, Gilchrist received a Griffin's Sword, Rachel and Belle received a Cygnus, Kale received a Black Flame. Vivant! Office is opening - letters of intent due by August Curia.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish 2021: Still on. Hope to have the contract soon.

Baronial Champions: So far, still scheduled for September. Wait and see. We have the Legion Hall tentatively booked, which has lots of land for outdoor activities.

Boar's Head 2020: Still scheduled for December. We have a feast steward. Need a gate steward, rapier marshal, artisan's row coordinator, and longshoreman. Note, food rules are very fluid at this point - we don't know yet how that will work. Will need to discuss it. Boar's Head website is in progress, but is available to preview. They need the pre-reg form - Arnbjorn will send. And, we're paid at that site through 2026.

New Business:

Social Media Officer: When the job was created we weren't sure how much work it would be. Now that time has passed, we've seen more of what it involves, and it can be a lot of work. Should we have a team? Deputies? Idonia is willing to step aside to let others who are more social-media-ly active take over. After discussion, we moved that Arnbjorn take the job and, if necessary, take deputies. Moved, passed, voted, approved. We also need to update the website with this office and update the bylaws.

Regional Thrown Weapons Marshal Report: Practice in July, but don't be afraid to pull the plug if conditions are averse.

Regional Archery Marshal Report: Same.

Guilds and Groups:

No meetings at this time.

Stay safe!

Additional notes: if you want any 12oz "midnight" (dark blue) duck cloth, contact Tatiana.

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