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March 2018


In Attendance: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Deonysia, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Armand, Asabella, Adriana, Sibillia, Rachel, Arthur

Officer Reports:

Baron & Baroness: There's an event this weekend. People have offered crash space. Still looking for people to help with lunch at Coronation. Looking for items for gift baskets for Their (new) Excellencies Windhaven and Their (new) Majesties (when they step up). Adriana might have something, also ask the students.

Seneschal: Stepping down in June, will be succeeded by Tatiana. Has received more email from Kingdom Seneschal requesting that groups put in bids for Crowns and Coronations.

Chronicler: Articles are due next Monday, 3/26. Looking especially for parody articles. Read the Tower!

Web: Please send in suggestions for the new website.

MOAS: We have arts and sciences. Socks, sweaters, and stamps were all projects at the last fighter's practice. Everyone should participate in the largesse derby at Coronation. Children's gifts, toys, circlets, tokens, 'masculine items', .... check out the facebook group on the topic. Annetje is the new Kingdom MOAS, and will also be made a Laurel at Coronation.

Knight's Marshal: Come to practice! We had 16 people at practice last week - more people should come and fight! Two newish fighters were there and learning... retired fighters can also come and teach!

Archery: Wednesday nights at West Town Archery. Switching from King's Shoot to Winter Shoot.

Rapier: One of the new people is a blacksmith, and he wants to play. Need to remind certain MITs to report, or else they'll lose their standing. No injuries this quarter!

Youth: There's a new Kingdom Youth Boffer Marshal (technically KYACM) and he's cracking the whip. More to follow, including new handbooks and changes! Also, bring your kids!

Thrown Weapons: On hiatus until May.

Chatelaine: Newcomers are out and about - don't stab them! And don't scare them! And use their chosen pronouns! Adriana is putting together a Chatelaine binder with helpful things like an intro to rapier and an intro to heavy fighting. Will someone please write such things? Also, with the influx of more barbarians, still need more pants. Thanks to those who have already donated pants!

Exchequer: Stuff to sign. Need to get the deputy paperwork signed as well. Note: Please make arrangements for event funds in advance of the event. Need to hand money off for this weekend's event - need someone to do the cash handoff before and after. Rachel will pick up the cash from Asabella before the event, then bring it back to Asabella afterwards. Arthur will meet with Asabella to reconcile. Need him to have a review of the books before third quarter. (It'll be different than last time, might take as long as three hours.) Need to have Seneschal, Exchequer, and Deputy present.

Quartermaster: Everything's locked up.

Herald: Nothing to report - side note, congratulations to Katie on her Award of Arms and to Serena on her Black Flame!

Old Business:

Custom Trim: Color correction will happen. Need to get new stuff. We should also get patches!

Boar's Head: We still have a month before bids are due. We should get someone new to serve as autocrat and feastocrat, not just the same five people (assuming that last year's crats don't want to do it again, but they totally can put in a bid...). Adriana would like to be deputy or co-autocrat, if someone experienced will do it with her. (Geoffrey will co-autocrat with Adriana if nobody else does.) What about doing dancing and light fare (stew/bread? Dessert revel?) instead of a feast? We had 68 people last time. Is it worth the effort? Most of the people who stay for feast are either new or old. Let's put this out on the CAM list, maybe on the Northshield Hall. Survey? (We did a survey a few years ago - Abelard has the results.) If we do a survey, maybe phrase it as 'since this is the 40th, we want to make it the best it can be...'. Can we revive the Outback feast for 75 people and sell it out? Suggestion: Boozehead, hosted by Geoffrey and Armand.

Lunch at Coronation: Sybillia, Tatiana will pre-help, Rachel, Arnbjorn will help day-of.

Border Skirmish: We have insurance! We have a site! Adriana volunteered to be A&S coordinator, with Deonysia as backup. Will have a period encampment (hosted by Deonysia), possibly with judging. Invitations have gone out. Someday we'll also have a demo/walkthrough/tours!

Heralds & Scribes: Is this weekend. Attend! Changed some classrooms, Laurel Queen of Arms is coming, can't park on 16th street, parking is available on 12th, 14th, 18th-25th, and in the parking structure.

Bylaws: A motion was made to accept the following changes (loosely defined here, actual text to come): Change 'financial committee meeting may be held concurrently with Baronial Curia meeting'. (They *can* meet separately, but they don't have to.) Reorder officers lists to be alphabetical. Include Asabella's other recommended changes. Motion was approved and voted, and passed.

Guilds and Groups:See last month, except:

Woodworking Guild: Starting in April on Tuesdays.

UWM Students: Still meeting (but on Spring Break right now). They still want classes. Talk to Winifrede.

Dance: Many of our dancers will be teaching at the Dance Seminar April 28.

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