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November 2019 Curia Notes

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Present: Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Asabella, Belle, Kale, Rhys, Winifrede, Armond, Sofonisba, Idonia, Arnbjorn, Magnus, Arthur, Tatiana

Officer Reports

Baron and Baroness

This is their last Curia meeting in this capacity. How did people like the paper edition of the Tower? Reception was overwhelmingly positive.


If people want physical copies mailed going forward, they need to make donations (NOT SUBSCRIPTIONS) to cover postage and printing. We currently have two books of (one ounce) stamps. Three households have requested physical copies, which we'll maintain until the next group mailing goes out (at which point we'll check with those households). It is important to note that this isn't an ongoing policy for the office, it can be decided on a Chronicler-by-Chronicler basis going forward. Articles and submissions are due on the 25th, though the Tower doesn't actually get assembled until the weekend after that so there are a few days of grace. Also, if you want to send in an article but are late, let the Chronicler know. Officers are expected to report in the Tower at least a couple times per year; the bylaws say they should report every month.


Working on officer changeover - Winifrede will be meeting with Rachel soon. Rachel may need additional help deconstructing the old website. The Boar's Head website is up to date.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Folks are preparing for Boar's Head, Baronial Changeover, and everything else. All the crafts are being worked on by someone. We are planning to have a Boar's Head pre-cook - details forthcoming.

Knights Marshal

Working on officer changeover. Nobody has died.


Practices on Mondays at West Town Archery. Sent in quarterly report.

Thrown Weapons

On hiatus until Spring.


Two new people to the group, so the local rapier fighters should come back to practice to fight them! Rapier tournament info is on the Boar's Head website.


We have them. Office is open; send letters of intent to Their Excellencies, the seneschal, and Abelard. Apply soon! Will have youth combat at Boar's Head.


We have new people, some of whom should be at Boar's Head. Some people have asked to borrow loaner garb for the event. If you need loaner garb, please contact Belle.


Baronial Awards are at the Laurel level of commentary - we should hear in the next month or two. Bought some foam pads for behind the thrones for court. Will request reimbursement.


Has some checks and things to be signed. We had had CDs at one point, but interest rates were so low that it wasn't benefiting us. Now that interest rates are back up it may be worth looking at again. Will investigate the possibility of investing some of our money.


The task of being quartermaster for an event isn't necessarily the responsibility of the group quartermaster. Please let Armond and/or Arnbjorn (as the event autocrat) know what you need from the storage locker for Boar's Head.


Will be stepping down as Seneschal in June - accepting letters of intent. Officers should all be at Curia, or call in, or send a report. Also, you HAVE to put reports into the Tower. The 25th of the month is the deadline.

Old Business

Border Skirmish

The autocrats met. We will need security this year because we are sharing the site with two other events - we think site will also provide security, so this position might be more of a liaison. (The security position will mostly be needed in the evening/overnight hours, to keep mundanes out of our camp.) We won't be enforcing parking restrictions as strenuously because of the other events. Will try to get at least one golf cart, which will be DART (disability access) during the day and security patrol at night. We still have open positions.

Boar's Head

We're having an event! (Maybe BH2021 can have the theme of Thanksgiving.) Schedule is mostly fleshed out. Merchant list seems light this year - By My Hand isn't coming, for instance - and the class list also looks a little bit light, but the Artisan's Row is packed. The final planning meeting is on Thursday (11/21) at fighter's practice. We think we have enough help in the kitchen, but still might need servers; folks can certainly volunteer. We currently have six people sitting at head table, but that's easy to change. (Her Majesty has communicated that she would like to fill head table with whichever landed barons and baronesses are present; we can also invite tournament winners.) In the future please remember that events have quartermasters, don't just rely on the baronial quartermaster to do all the work. Need to figure out which sets of dishes we need. Motion to pay taxes ($250) - motion not needed because it's in the bylaws. Exchequer will send the check, and we'll 'present' them in court. Need people to work gate in the morning. Cookie Caper is happening to raise money for the Heirs - please make cookies! Also, the menus for lunch and feast have been posted. Everyone must police the site for beverages which aren't provided by the site - if ANYONE gets caught bringing in a beverage, we can lose the 'outside food' deal or lose the site.

Newsletter revisited

(See Chronicler notes.)

Baronial Signet

We had one applicant for the position - Kale (pronounced Kah-lay). She has free time, she has skills, and she's a good manager of tasks. Can do the scrolls herself or hand out assignments. Is also learning calligraphy. The Baronage (incoming and outgoing) all agree that she will be great in this job, so it's hers.


Domesday reports are due for almost all offices by November 25.

Guilds and Groups

  • A&S West: Meeting 11/20.

  • Students group: Meeting most Mondays. Winifrede will be handing off the position of group president.

  • Cooking: Still on hiatus.

  • Clothiers Guild: Meeting 11/23 and 11/24 at UWM to sew garb for Boar's Head.

  • Woodworking: Meeting 11/20.

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