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October 21, 2020 Curia Notes

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Kale, Randall, Rachel, Rhys, Tatiana, Armond, Belle, Arthur, Sofonisba, Asabella, Katie, Theresa, Idonia, Magnus, Geoffrey, Corin.

Baron and Baroness: We had a court, and will distribute the awards. We can't do much in person, but can do Viking Hiking, archery, and thrown weapons. There are various online activities for folks who are interested, and join us for the online social gatherings.

Seneschal: Working on these new technologies, like this Google Meet. (Same meeting details for every Curia). If you have any questions, problems, or complaints please let Randall know. (Tatiana and Sofonisba had issues connecting from the facebook link on ipads.)

Chronicler: Reports due by the 25th - will take them to the end of the day Sunday, unless someone requests more time. Special issue for the King in November, for the Queen in December. If you're interested in helping out please let her know via email or facebook.

Webminister: Not much to report - haven't really done anything. There's still an issue with error messages tied to google groups (for the coronet email) - the email goes through but we don't know why. Some changes happening with google groups which might affect the mailing lists in general - sent email to Sofonisba, who manages the mailing list.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: It was a discombobulated month. Animal husbandry! Textile work! Garb work! Cooking! Tasting history! Calligraphy! Scrolls! Kudos to the signet for organizing the scrolls! Soldering blue juice! This is the month when we need to figure out who will be the new MOAS.

Knights Marshal: Got a response back from the KEM - we can have practices in which we can do footwork drills or pell work, but can't do live action fighting. Will put out a request via the newsletter to see if there's enough interest in starting one of those practices, either at the church or elsewhere. Virtual fighter symposium online on Nov 21.

Rapier: People are using online resources. Do that!

Youth: Will resume when practices resume. If any youth fighters want suggestions about what to do when you can't fight anyone, or gear, or pell work, or drills, let Abelard know.

Archery/TW: We can do things! We've been having practices, alternating Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend (Oct 24th) we'll have archery at 10, thrown weapons at noon. When we reach November we'lll play weekend practices by ear.

Chatelaine: Had a new person contact me this month! Baronial social will be November 5, starting at 7. Will send out the link via facebook; someone else will send it to the mailing list.

Exchequer: Nothing much has changed. Got the quarterly reports to the regional. Still running a deficit for the fighter fund. We have an outstanding check which we'll probably void.

Quartermaster: Need to get the paper officer change form signed by the seneschal - online form is done. Got the key from Armond.

Herald: We had a court - court report has been submitted and OP has been updated. Keythong has posted the new round of commentary, which includes two Baronial award names (Award of the Battle's Wall and the Award of the Battle's Star). There's an LOI for the office.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: Don't know for sure if we can get the fairgrounds; trying to get some people to voluntarily change their weekend so we can get it back. We're hoping to get it back. Have looked at some alternate sites - one is very primitive but lovely and more expensive. (Reached out to Gunther Kegslayer to look at a realistic price for sites these days; the higher prices we're finding might not be as outrageous as we thought.) We'll see what happens. If anyone knows about a campground, please let us know. Also need to talk to Ravenslake.

Boar's Head: No updates. We transferred the deposit from 2020 to 2021. If anyone wants to keep their staff positions, please let Asabella know.

Baronial Champs: Still cancelled for September.

MOAS LOI: Rhys will step down at the end of November/beginning of December and will be happy to be deputy. We have two candidates, Sofonisba and Albrecht. Albrecht was not able to attend this month. Will have a Q&A and a vote at November Curia.

Chatelaine: Will discuss at next meeting. (Office not changing until February.)

Herald LOI: Arnbjorn will step down November/December. We've received an LOI from Lady Katie. Arnbjorn and Beatrice would be happy to stay on as deputies. We moved, voted, and accepted. Congratulations to Katie!

Chronicler LOI: Idonia will step down November/December. We've received an LOI from Arnbjorn. Moved, voted, and accepted. Congratulations to Arnbjorn!

Viking Hiking: Will be this weekend 10/24 at 2PM at Retzer Nature Center. Dress for the weather.

Guilds and Groups: Still suspended.

Woodworking: If people want to use the shop contact Armond, but we won't have gatherings there.

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