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October 2019 Curia Notes

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Present: Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Rhys, Arnbjorn, Belle, Arthur, Sofonisba, Tatiana

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness

Congratulations to their new Highnesses, Ciaran and Elis! Sofonisba's been feeling faint lately. Looks a little pale. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Need to sit down with Their Nexcellencies to coordinate schtick for 'mourning court' at Boar's Head.


Will be mailing out the paper copy of the Tower on Wednesday the 16th. Articles due for November issue November 25.


Wix site isn't ready yet. Need to fill out the change of officer form.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Pete is the new bardic champion. People are preparing for Boar's Head - making clothes, setting up classes, and so on. Kale is now making scroll blanks for the Kingdom.

Knights Marshal

Lothar is the new heavy weapons champion. Will do the paperwork for the office handoff in November, will do the actual court part at Yule Court.


Bill is the new archery champion. Practices on Mondays continue.

Thrown Weapons

Lothar is the new thrown weapons champion. Practice is on hiatus until spring.


Corin is the new rapier champion. Aesa and Moira are new to the barony from out of kingdom, and both are marshals who need to get their marshallates transferred over.


Officially down one fighter. Padded an old helmet to make it new again. Had ten fighters at Crown. Will have youth fighting at Boar's Head - if you have toys (stuffed animals, 4"-8" tall) to donate to the crest-fallen tournament please let Abelard know.


A bunch of new students were at Baronial Champions. There is some interest in rapier fighting among them.


Awards are progressing through commentary and should be at the Laurel level. We hope to have them finished by Yule Court. Are there online resources to replace the name books? Only a couple, such as Geirr Bassi. English name books are 'inexpensive' - will wait until next fiscal year to order replacements. Court report from Baronial Champions is in the Tower. Nordskogen is doing heraldic commentary on the first Tuesday of each month, and expect to implement conference call capabilities if other people or groups are interested in joining them - the next one is scheduled for November 5. There are also online heraldic commentary meetings online on the second Wednesday of each month, which Beatrice is hosting for the Kingdom. Details can be found on the Northshield College of Heralds Facebook group (which has events for both sets of meetings). Beatrice explained that the "First Tuesday" meetings are more names focused, and the "Second Wednesday" meetings are more armory focused. Either meeting may look at items of either, but Gwenliana's expertise is more in names and Beatrice's is more in armory (though either of them can do either, they have their preferences).


We have money.


Need to inventory the 'butt tags' - haven't seen the one for Knights Marshal. Sofonisba will send email.


We need to have more demos. UWM Geek Week is one we do most years, but we should add more. Since most schools won't allow us to show combat, perhaps we can work with homeschool groups or organizations?

Old Business:

Boar's Head

Next meeting will be 10/24 at fighter's practice. Sent email to invite Their Highnesses to the event. Will ask Their Highnesses about holding Princesses Sleeve at BH, otherwise Arthur has a few tournaments lined up. Might be able to squeeze in cut & thrust after (or interwoven with) rapier. There will be pork-free options for feast. Just a handful of positions open - also looking for additional volunteers. In particular we need kitchen cleanup. Maybe a standing court in the morning so we don't have to collapse the list fields. Insurance is done. Half-page ad in the Northwatch. Ordered the site tokens. Rhys has the kitchen staff lined up. Kingdom Chatelaine might be interested in hosting a 'newcomer's tent'.

Border Skirmish

Ravenslake has chosen an autocrat: Kristiana of Arden. Ravenslake agreed to the site fees arrangement we discussed last month, but still wants to further discuss the plans for equestrian. (That plan is to book the equestrian area and find out what the 'firmly committed' date is with the site; two weeks before that date is the deadline to get equestrian reservations in, and if we don't have enough then we pull equestrian.) Armond and Sofonisba will collect the relevant information to get the site on the Northshield website calendar. Ravenslake also doesn't want to rent a golf cart, they suggested that people could use their cars for the same purposes. Counter-argument: Golf carts are quieter and less intrusive, golf carts are covered by a particular insurance rider in the SCA whereas personal cars are not, since there are two other events sharing the site with us this year it would help with security to have a quick way to get around the site. Also, disability service. (Maybe set up a 'bus route' with disability pickup points.) Baronial Trim: If you would like baronial trim, please contact the Baroness. (Ysolt is considering making pouches with the trim and bits of braid, to be more functional Baronial Brassards.)

New Business

Baronial planning meeting

Following November Curia meeting. Bring your calendars and your plans!

Viking Hiking

Next Sunday (10/20), meet at Armond and Sofonisba's at 3 PM.

Viking Camping

UNOFFICIALLY in Armond and Sofonisba's backyard for Boar's Head.

Baronial Signet

Polaris Proxima has reached out to some people in the barony about making Baronial Signet an official office (not just a staff position, but probably a deputy of Baronial Herald). This would enable warranting and reporting. This will give artisans a chance to have their scrolls and artwork added to the Kingdom Website. Interested applicants should apply to the Seneschal and the Herald.

Guilds and Groups

  • A&S West: 4th Wednesday of the month (10/23).

  • Woodworking: 4th Wednesday of the month (10/23).

  • Student Group: Meeting on Monday nights. If you want to teach classes, please contact Winifrede.

  • Cooking: Ask Asabella about winter cooking opportunities.

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