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Planning Meeting - November 2018

Planning Meeting:

January: Yule Moot - 1/13, 12-8 PM - Belle, autocrat.

February: Nothing

March: Geek Week Demo 3/6 - Winifriede, organizer.

April: Chili Night at Duchess Sigrid's. Specific date TBD.

May: Crown 5/11 - Asabella, autocrat. Possibly May Moot?

June: Border Skirmish 6/6-6/9 - Jean, autocrat.

July: Nothing

August: Viking Hiking - late August. Sybillia, organizer.

September: Baronial Champs - TBD. Will include Baronial Q&A. Maybe picnic/practice/demo Sept 1 at the Farmers Market in South Shore Park (Mysie).

October: Changeling Moot/Halloween Party - TBD.

November: Sewing/Movies at Marquette - TBD. Mysie, organizer.

December: Boar's Head 12/7. Autocrat TBD.

2020: SUN?

2021: Kingdom A&S?

General notes from Planning Meeting:

*Do we want to reserve the 'common room' (the comfy room next to the auditorium at Redeemer) once a month or every other month, for $75 per night?

*Get together at peoples' houses, such as the chili night at Duchess Sigrid's?

*How about a period walk - potluck and hiking, at Lapham Peak, Kettle Moraine, the place where Green Knight was .... Sybillia will organize.

*Combined martial practices on Tuesdays in the summer - rapier, heavy, archery?

*To be autocrat, please submit a bid based on the sample form on the Kingdom website.

*Maybe we can host SUN in 2020, at the school in Sussex. We did RUM there once. It's normally in November. Mysie thinks Marquette would work for that.

*Crown Friday - field trip to view the medieval manuscripts at Marquette.

*Recruiting event? Avacal did a 'hands-on' moot, including a feast. Tatiana and Ysolt, while in Mare Am, participated in a moot/demo which involved a feast and tournament of sorts.

*Picnic/practice at the Farmers Market in South Shore Park. Maybe the first weekend in September. Mysie will investigate.

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