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Curia Notes: September 19, 2023

Updated: Nov 22, 2023


Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Tatiana, Arnbjorn, Geoffrey, Magnus, Katie, Armond, Jean, Arthur, Beatriz, Rhys.


BARONIAL CORONET: We will hold Baronial court during Kingdom court at Haustblot. Please attend! Also, demo! Also, congratulations to Tatiana!


* Minister of Arts & Sciences/ Sibillia: Some of us went to Jaravellir and helped with Griffin Needle Challenge. Nobody has died.

* Knights Marshal/ Armond: Still holding two practices per week. Everything is going well. Nobody has died.

* Rapier Marshal/ Sibillia: We also still have two practices per week. Just had a new person move in from out of Kingdom who we're hoping sticks around. Nobody has died.

* Archery Captain/Arnbjorn: Practices will now only be on Sundays, at least through October. We're discussing possibly resuming winter practices at West Town (indoors). Arnbjorn will miss a couple practices in October - Bill or Rhys can marshal. No practice this week because of Haustblot; Baronial archery and TW championships at Haustblot on Saturday.

* Thrown Weapons Captain/Karl: Karl is only a KEM signature away from being warranted.

* Youth Combat/Rhys: We have had a youth, and that's exciting!

* Chatelaine/ Beatriz: We have a new fencer visiting us and a youth who is very excited about doing all the things. Haven't heard anything about newcomers, but have received two requests for demos.

* Social Media Officer/Beatriz: Joined CAM to Jara on facebook, but nothing else exciting has happened.

* Exchequer/ Jean: We have money. No outstanding bills to be paid. Making sure pre-reg for Haustblot is all straight.

* Quartermaster/Magnus: We still have stuff - he just looked at it and it's still there. Gilchrist takes over October 1.

* Herald/ Katie: Will be heralding court on Saturday, and will be discussing a LOI later.

* Signet- Mysie: Scrolls for this weekend!

* Chronicler/Tatianna: Tower came out at the beginning of the month so she doesn't need articles until November 25. While you're doing things at the event please write about it for the Tower! Or any event!

* Web Minister/ Geoffrey: We still have a web page. Should be putting up Boar's Head stuff shortly.

* Seneschal/ Arnbjorn: Magnus takes over October 1. Will do the changeover in court.

* Minister of Youth: Office has been vacant for ten years.


* Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration – Sept 22-24, 2023/Sofonisba & Tatiana: Have received the pre-reg forms from Nell. Got the summary event report. Quite a lot of people have pre-reg'd, and also pre-reg'd for court. We do have people who pre-reg'd but didn't pay and we know who those people are. All the cabins are booked. Working on a site map - cabins will be numbered. Making a list of things we need to announce for next year, such as 'no chickens'. (Under new management. This isn't Mermaids any more.) There will be breakfast on Saturday, first come, first served. Boiled eggs and sausage and english muffins and other things. And coffee. There will be a few feast tickets at the door, but currently there's a waiting list. There will be a scavenger hunt around camp (nowhere near the lake, not on the trails). Jadwiga will bring the tapestry, but won't tie herself to it all day. Will load the trailer on Thursday (about 4:30). Other things for the trailer should go to Armond's before Friday afternoon (for instance, if you have stuff that you want to transport that you don't have space for). The only people who are allowed to camp in a vehicle in camp are Eva and Albrecht; all other vehicles will be in the parking lot. Cell service isn't necessarily great at site - if you have an electronic membership card, keep it on your phone. His Majesty has a cabin, which will also be the royalty room. He also has a few seats at head table to distribute. Fighting will be in the field where it has been for Mermaids; there is now a stage there, but we can work around it. The rangers now live on site so if we have emergencies (like with plumbing) they'll be able to address it. There will not be porta-potties at the archery range. FYI, working with Nell (paypal deputy) was great. Staff can get on site Friday at noon. If you want tables outdoors, bring them along.

* Boar’s Head- Beatriz: Website is up and running. If you haven't seen it you should look. We have a dance coordinator. We have a class coordinator, and Mysie is planning some great things. Court at 4:30 so we can have dancing afterwards. Morning court at 10. Looking into potential vendors for lunch - last year's was very popular. Needs to inspect the kitchen.

* Job Descriptions – Information on offices: We still have a few officers who haven't posted their job descriptions. Also, the link for the job description for webminister is broken. Once we have them all we can post them.

* Kingdom looking for Spring Crown/Coronation ‘24 Bids: St John's is available for October 12, 2024 is available, which is just before Northshield's 20th anniversary as a Kingdom. Arnbjorn will look into pricing for one hall and two halls and put out a request for an event steward. (That would include getting the Legion Hall.)

* War Practice- June 7-9, 2024- approved: Hooray! We can start officially planning for that.


* 2024 Planning Meeting: We should look at holding this in November. (7th or 14th or 28th? Or a Wednesday? Arnbjorn will send a doodle poll.)

* Milwaukee Tonight Demo- 9/28: We got an email from Jason of TMJ4 (who hosts Milwaukee Tonight, a human interest 'news magazine' show which is on after the 6 PM news). They would like to come out and interview a couple of people. They would arrive at 5:30, interview a couple people, dress him in rapier gear or let him hit the pell. Have talked Arnbjorn and Abelard about it. We will have an early practice that day. Have posted this on CAM, CAM Rapier, SEWAC, and the Baronial facebook pages and invited Jararvellir. Garb is encouraged, pretty armor and/or garb. Who should be interviewed? (Some people will be in Europe.) Maybe Abelard and Sibillia?

* Another demo: Curator of education at Grohmann Museum at MSOE. 'Lost Arts Festival' exhibit. Who wants to play? Oct. 7, 2023, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Application at .

* Herald- LoI: Beatriz has applied. What experience do you have? Has submitted a name and device. If she doesn't know the answers she knows where to find them. Do you have any experience speaking in front of groups of people? Yes. Do you have theater experience? Some. We moved, voted, and accepted Beatriz as the new herald.


* Brewers & Vintners Guild- Still on hiatus.

* A&S Nights- Planning to move from Marquette to UWM.

* Shop Night- Randall’s-Tuesdays.

* UWM SCA- Will start again.

* Woodworking- Armond’s by appointment.

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