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September 2019


Present: Abelard, Ysolt, Rhys, Kale, Belle, Rachel, Arnbjorn, Winifrede, Sofonisba, Armond, Asabella, Arthur

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Congratulations to Her Majesty! We went to Coronation, and it was good. Really good time - really interesting venue. made a completely new dress the night before the event. Send in award recommendations for Baronial Champions, which is September 28! Site deposit for Champs has been paid. Border Skirmish is moving to the first weekend in June (see below). The Thursday of Border Skirmish is Baroness Kateryn's birthday. If you don't like traveling as far as the west side of Waukesha for events and meetings, find a new place.

Chronicler: Out sick. Deadline for the Tower is September 25.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Haven't had A&S West since June, but that will happen again this month. Kicking around ideas for an A&S East, probably at Marquette (Mysie and Deonysia), probably Wednesday nights that don't conflict with A&S East. Student group is meeting again. Otherwise, the Barony is involved in almost all A&S fields.

Knights Marshal: People are still hitting each other with sticks, and nobody has died. One person has applied for the position - Geoffrey. After a review of his qualifications a motion was made to accept his application, it was passed, voted, and passed.

Youth Marshal: Practice continues. All of the regular heavy fighters now have a youth sparring auth, so we can make the mixed bear pit a reality.

Rapier: Lack of rapier fighters, for the most part - we had Albrecht back for a week before he got broken, we had Boris back for a week until his regular conflict recurred - we'd like to have fighters again.

Archery: The summer season is done. Three of the top five archers in the Summer Seasonal Championships are from CAN, and Arnbjorn is number four overall. Thrown Weapons and Archery will both be at Baronial Champs.

Chatelaine: People have been contacting us all summer - keep your eyes open for new people! Anora from Bentbridge lives here now. A family from Trimaris is in the area. Leslie and Mike P. Nikki S. A person from Foxvale. And the folks from the Racine library not-demo. Also, Asabella has some donations for the gold key. And, will be hosting another 'make some garb' night once she has some space to spread out.

Exchequer: We have money. Please let Arthur know if you need reimbursements or advancements for purchases. Looking into setting up online banking, with the caveat that we are not allowed to do electronic transfers of funds - has spoken with the bank, and can arrange to have an online account creation with that feature blocked. We would then use it to track the account rather than receiving paper statements. Each signatory could then log on with their own username and password, if necessary.

Quartermaster: Everything is in the locker or in the trailer. Locker is paid for.

Webminister: We have a website. One person has applied for the position - Rachel. After a review of her qualifications a motion was made to accept her application, it was passed, voted, and passed.

Herald: Baronial Awards are at the society level of commenting, then will go to the Laurel sovereign of arms for commenting. Haven't found the name books from the library - will look into alternative sources. Get in your award recommendations by Friday, 9/20!

Seneschal: Attended a class about waivers and learned lots of things. Waivers protect the SCA and the officers. This stemmed from the use of the wrong equestrian waiver at an event. (Note: waivers have been replaced with links to the Society waivers; if a waiver is ever missing, look it up on the website.) Also interesting: each state has different rules regarding equestrian activities. Waivers should all be sent to the minister of waivers. If a minor gets hurt, they can sue until they are 21. Special note: All site waivers need to be signed even if Troll is closed. If you have signed your blue card, you have signed the waiver. You have to sign a waiver at site even if you are not participating.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: First weekend in June (June 4-7) - we changed weekends so we don't conflict with Castel Rouge's event. Got the check and sent in the contract. We don't have our usual building, we have the picnic pavilion. (Someone else has the building we usually use, and someone else has the indoor horse pavilion.) We spent some time discussing raising the site fees, because we'd like to have some additional amenities such as more portapotties and maybe a golf cart of something, and ultimately suggested changing the fee structure like this: it doesn't matter if you're daytripping or camping - if you arrive on Thursday pay $30 (NML), if you arrive on Friday pay $25 (NML), if you arrive on Thursday pay $20 (NML). Children are $10. Children under 5 are free. "Family cap" is redefined as 'If you have more than one child, only pay for one'. We have received one application for autocrat: Armond and Sofonisba. We moved to accept this application, it passed, we voted, and it was approved.

Baronial Transition: No word yet. Not sure who will notify whom.

Directory: If you want to be in the directory, let Arnbjorn know. He sent out an email - reply to that.

Baronial Champions: Their Excellencies will allow their successors, if they have been named at that time, to help with the selection of champions.

Snailmail Newsletter: We can't get a list of addresses from Corporate (probably related to GDPR). We should use the Baronial Directory as a source for information. Note, the next newsletter should be extra spiffy for that purpose. Will talk to Idonia about extending the deadline for this purpose.

Boar's Head: Sent ad info to the Northwatch - requested a half-page ad, but there might not be space for it; depending on how much space is available we will be charged appropriately. Sent a formal letter to Her Majesty and chamberlains. (We are comping 'one staff person per royal'.) Will provide lunch and snacks in the royalty room. Kateryn is handling merchants. Insurance is done. Website is active. Heavy marshal position is still open - will check with Geoffrey, as new KM, to see if he wants it. Planning meeting at Sept 26 fighter's practice. Someone said the old website is still up, and it's down now. Will check with Gwen to see if the old facebook page can be renamed or something too.

Spiffy: Encourage members of the Barony to dress accordingly. (Her Majesty is no longer planning to wear norse, FYI.) Will bring Baronial trim to Baronial Champions.

Baronial Dishes: The cost of materials to repair the plates is about $170. (Each of the bezels needs to be removed and replaced, plus cleaning, plus re-plating the plates.) Silver is getting more expensive. History of the plates: Alice used to keep them cleaned and polished. A motion was made to allow Ysolt to purchase the materials and submit receipts which will be reimbursed. Motion passed, we voted, and it was approved. Ysolt is also donating her time and expertise, and bags for the finished plates. Tatiana will donate silver anti-tarnish fabric to line the bags. 'Care and feeding' instructions will be attached to the carrying totes, with information like 'No boiled eggs on the silver plates!'.

Baronial Signet: Some of the other baronies have signets, and we should too. This job will be a staff position (as opposed to being an officer or a deputy), and thus appointed by the baronage. Once the new Baron and Baroness have been officially selected, Tatiana will put out a call for people to apply to the position, and the Baron and Baroness will select one.

Guilds and Groups:

Woodworking / A&S West: Fourth Wednesday of the month is 9/25.

A&S East: Still in the works, but it will likely happen on Wednesdays other than the fourth one of the month, likely at Marquette, organized by Mysie and Deonysia.

Cooking: Will start again in winter.

Student Group: They had their first meeting this past Monday, and it went well. They will be meeting every Monday at 5. They are putting out a general invitation to teachers who want to teach classes: Please contact Winifrede if you are interested in teaching. They are looking in particular for cooking classes, and Winifrede will put out a list.

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