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Karl Friedrick of Dinkelsbuhl

The THROWN WEAPONS MARSHAL, a lesser office and deputy of the Knight's Marshal, is responsible for overseeing thrown weapons activities in the Barony. This office includes the duties of organizing and running thrown weapons activities at local events and practices, including a tournament at Baronial Championships. The Thrown Weapons Marshal should be a warranted thrown weapons marshal or marshal-in-training. A thrown weapons marshal needs to be present at practices and events to file a report to make these official SCA activities. The Thrown Weapons Marshal should have a desire to study and promote thrown weapons in the Barony and the Society. The Thrown Weapons Marshal reports on a monthly basis to the Coronet and Curia. As of this writing, there are no reports to Kingdom.


Schedules & locations for archery practices and thrown weapons practices can be found on the Calendar of Events page. We're having fun, and all are welcome to join us!



  • 2023 - Present: Karl Friedrick of Dinkelsbuhl

  • 2017 - 2023: Arnbjorn Karlsson

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