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Rhys ap Ishmael Llygad Odd

The YOUTH COMBAT MARSHAL, a deputy of the Knight's Marshal, is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all youth combat activities.

The SCA's Youth Combat program gives children from ages 6 through 17 the opportunity to participate in a kid-friendly and safe version of adult combat. The program emphasizes courtesy, honor, and service as well as skill and safety. Boys and girls participate together, separated only by age, not gender. The youths practice and compete with each other, just as their adult counterparts compete only with adults.

At SCA events, youth fighters participate in a variety of tournaments and melees, ranging from double-elimination and round-robin tourneys, to "Warlord" tourneys, where youth fighters lead teams of other fighters in melee battles. There are even tournaments to determine Youth Combat Champions, who serve as honor guards for their Baron and Baroness, Prince and Princess, or King and Queen.

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  • 2022 - Present: Rhys ap Ishmael Llygad Odd

  • 2017 - 2022: Abelard die Elster

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