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Curia Notes: October 2021

October 17. 2021

Present: Abelard, Belle, Geoffrey, Ysolt, Rachel, Octavian, Shawnah, Arthur, Randall, Arnbjorn, Kale, Sibillia, MC Lemens, Asabella, Sofonisba, Albrecht, Tatiana.

Baron and Baroness: Went to Crown, it was great. Ysolt has applied to be Polaris. Their Excellencies Jara have been approved to serve for another three years. Congratulations to Their Highnesses Ajax and Gaia!

Seneschal: Nothing new to report.

Chatelaine: Nothing new to report. Office is open - no LOI yet.

Chronicler: Submissions for the Tower due Monday, October 25. Read the Tower! Next year we might consider sending out a physical copy again.

Exchequer: Need to get a check signed for Boar's Head. We have some money. Boar's Head fundaiser raised over $1,100 dollars! Still need to collect $12. Will consider doing this again next fall, as long as it doesn't conflict with the Kingdom fundraiser.

Quartermaster: Nothing to report.

Herald: We had Baronial Champions - awards were listed in the last Song of the Tower. No new submissions since then. Need to find someone to fill in at Boar's Head when she will be unavailable.

Knights Marshal: Fighter's practice back at the church on Thursday nights, 7-10 PM. It's an indoor practice, so wear masks.

Archery: Every Sunday, 10 AM - Noon, alternating between Kinnickinnck River Parkway and Menonomonee Park. This week at KK.

Thrown: At noon on Sundays at KK (when archery is at Kinnickinnick). Will continue through November. Now officially group marshal, as he is now fully warranted.

Rapier: We have new people. Will be sending out links to the rapier rules.

Youth: Officially on hold.

MOAS: Let him know if you're doing Arts and Sciences!

Signet: Putting together scribal starter kits. Will get an email address ( Has not received any LOI.

SMO: Nothing to report, except for the new Social Media Officer handbook. Do we want to join the official Discord server?

Webminister: We can add links to handbooks for martial activities. Other than Boar's Head, nothing new to report.

Old Business:

Boar's Head: We're having Boar's Head! We're at 177 adult pre-regs and 20+ kids. We need a class coordinator - the job is 90% space management. (Rachel has volunteered.) No feast, no lunch - mostly court, fighting, and socializing. Their Majesties are coming - will reach out to Their Highnesses. (Unofficially, they are also coming.) We have one merchant pre-registered. Will move Troll down the hall. Please pre-register and pre-pay and get through troll in advance so you don't add to the queue on the day of the event. Can also pre-pay at fighter's practice. Has bought sneeze guards for Troll as well. And yes, everyone must go through troll even if you pre-register / pre-pay. Will invite other royalty (Midrealm, Calontir.) Thank you to Rachel, Tatiana, and Arnbjorn for pushing the RSVPs. Planning to use the same layout as previous years (with the exception of the feast hall). Maybe put an artisan's row where the cookie caper has been. Heavy weapons: Token tournament instead of flower tournament, double elim Boar's Head Champion. Rapier will have tournaments (maybe Princess' Sleeve) and melee. If youth combat can happen, we will have some classic Youth Combat tournaments. We are allowed to have outside food (since there's no lunch or dinner), but no outside beverages. We will make sure it's okay to have water coolers. Is there wifi? Will find out. Need a longshoreman / setup coordinator. Think we can get in on Friday for setup.

Border Skirmish: Need a new site.

Crown: Still interested, no details yet.

Guilds and Groups:

Woodworking: By appointment.

Armor night: Randall's on Tuesday nights.

Student Group: The group has come out of hiatus as students return to campus.

Misc: Congratulations to Randall and Katie on their wedding tomorrow!

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