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Curia Notes: August 16, 2022


Abelard, Sybillia, Sofoisba, Geoffrey, Rachel, Randall, Tatiana, Arnbjorn, Octavian, Mysie, Arthur, Katie, Albrecht, Annetje, Beatriz, Karl, Rhys, Beatrice.

Officer Reports:

*Baron/Baroness: Pennsic was fun. Covid is not fun. We're having Baronial Champs next month - send in award recommendations RIGHT NOW. Kingdom reports are due by Aug 25, and you won't get an email unless Abelard fixes that part of the website.

*Seneschal: We had some demos not happen because people were at Pennsic. Pennsic was a good time and some people got sick.

*Chatelaine: A couple people have reached out from the website. A challenge we're facing is that a decent amount of these people aren't interested in fighting or archery, and we don't have regular A&S meetings to invite them to, so she's passing on event information instead. If anyone wants to hold an A&S activity please let Beatriz know. If we don't have a community, it's hard to attract people. Let's investigate using the stage area or another area of the church on Thursday nights for A&S or something social.

*Chronicler: Reports are due to the Song of the Tower Aug 25. And, still has five hardcopies of baronial directories, which cost $3. Office is open - LOI due August Curia - 0 Received. Note, this is office is required for a Barony and Arnbjorn can't continue in it.

*Exchequer: Working on a spreadsheet for pre-registrations. Need to collect the money for the fighters fund. We have a number of outstanding checks.

*Quartermaster: Thank you to everyone who helped move the storage locker! Office is open - LOI due August Curia - 0 Received.

*Herald : Beatriz submitted a name and device. Congratulations to Lady Beatriz on her Award of Arms, to Amadon and Michahel for their Golden Peacocks, to Knut for his Bravura, and to Abelard for his Saltire. Office is open, but Katie is interested in staying on for another year. Will discuss later in the meeting.

*Knights Marshal: Practices are continuing. There is some interest in having a second practice during the week, and Thora and Thorbrandr are discussing possibilities of having a rebated steel / C&T / rapier / TBD practice. Office is open - received two letters of intent, and we will vote later in the meeting.

*Archery Captain: Practices continue on Sundays at Menomonee Park. Wednesday nights at Kinnickinnick River Parkway will end Sept 14. Oct 1 will be Missile Mayhem. Will talk to the archers about plans for the winter schedule.

*Thrown Weapons: This week (8/18) is the last thrown weapons practice of the season. Quarterly reports have been submitted. Go to Poorman's Pennsic!

*Rapier Marshal: Practice continues. Will submit report prior to the deadline.

*Youth Combat: We had some feelers from an archery family, and then Pennsic happened.

MOAS: People are in Pennsic return mode, but - please let Albrecht know what you're working on! Office is open - received one letter of intent, and will vote later in the meeting.

*Signet: Nothing new to report.

*Social Media Officer: We have a discord channel on the kingdom discord server. We have facebook. Office is open and easy. LOI due August Curia - 0 Received.

*Web Minister: If you have updates to the website, please send them. Note, the calendar itself is not part of the website. Office is open - LOI due August Curia - 0 Received.

Old Business:

*Baronial Champs: September 18, 2022 Sunday. We sent the check and the site is secured. Will have a Potluck. Will have court. Will hae tournaments, hosted by the champions. Can we do another fundraiser?

*Fall Crown: October 8 2022. Website is up and event ad was in the September Northwatch. Sent Payment to St John's. Need to order insurance certificate from Society. They also have lockers and showers. Is checking on electrical outlets for the loft (royalty room). The senior class will be very glad to sell lunch. If the weather is nice we can use the lawn on the north side of the gym for the tournament - ground looks good there. Offered to put some picnic tables outside the gym, too. They are open to hosting a tour of the chapel following the tournament. Will also have a post-revel potluck - Sofonisba will post about that. Site tokens: Duplex head nails? Or maybe the site tokens that Tatiana and Geoffrey have left over from a previous event.

*Boar's Head: As of right now we don't have a feast steward, and this was the go/no-go date to decide on feast. Event is on the Northshield website and there's a facebook event. Mysie can be classroom coordinator. Cookie caper, yes or no? Inclination is yes. Event stewards: Shawnah, Rachel, Asabella, Royalty Room: Deonysia, Asabella: Gate, Prereg: Arthur Angus.

*Baronial Event: Sept 22-24, 2023 – Camp Sinawa. Picked a name: Haustblot, an autumnal celebration.

*Known Heralds and Scribes 2023: It was awarded to us, so we are officially hosting the event. While at Pennsic Beatrice spoke to people about attending and teaching some cool-sounding classes including parchment-making. (A parchment-making class can be done with some of the physics labs which can be sealed, and those also are 'messy' rooms with drains and vent hoods.) Checking to make sure that housing is ADA accessible. Slowly but surely putting together volunteers - Wu and Countess Jehanette are also helping putting things together.

*Turm an dem See: Zip codes sent for Washington co and areas to make contiguous area. - No update

New Business

*Herald: Vote of Confidence. Voted, passed. Will extend by a year.

*Knights Marshal: Two letters of intent. Between Armond and Octavian. We voted and selected Armond.

*MOAS: Sybillia has put in a letter of intent. No objections.

Guilds and Groups

*A&S West Group: On hiatus.

*C&I East Group: On hiatus.

*Brewing Guild: On hiatus.

*Cooking Guild: On hiatus.

*Dance Guild: On hiatus.

*Fight Practice: Thursday nights.

*Shop Night: On demand.

*Student Group: Closed for the Summer.

*Woodworking: On hiatus.


*Poorman's Pennsic: Dahrien and Mysie are daytripping and may have room for others. Karl is going and planning to camp and may have room for others.

*Armor and Castings: A group is putting together an order with Armor and Castings.

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