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Curia Notes: June 20, 2023

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


Present: Abelard, Arnbjorn, Katie, Raymond, Charlotte, Annetje, Sibillia, Mysie, Tatiana, Sofonisba, Rhys, Ysolt, Geoffrey, Arthur, Karl, Magnus, Beatrice, Beatriz, Thora, Asabella.


BARONIAL CORONET: Go to Known World! Go to court!

*Chronicler/Sofonisba: Need to get the paperwork signed for the officer changeover (back to Tatiana). Send articles for the Tower by June 26.

*Web Minister/ Geoffrey: Nothing new to report. We have a volunteer to help update the website. Big thanks to Winifrede for offering to help with it. The URL domain renewal comes due in January ($30), and Wix comes due in November 2024 ($300).

*Minister of Arts & Sciences/ Sibillia: No one has died, as far as I know. We made some impromptu eyelets at practice and it's all fine.

*Knights Marshal/ Armond: Nothing to report.

*Rapier Marshal/ Sibillia: We have some new people who are showing up more regularly. Things are going well. We have two practices a week (Monday and Thursday).

*Archery Captain/Arnbjorn: Archery continues Sundays (rotating between KK and Menomonee) and Wednesdays (KK). Some returning archers (Mikkel and Akos) and some new archers.

*Thrown Weapons Captain/ Karl: Every other week at KK archery range on Sundays. This coming Sunday is the next one. We will throw amazing things.

*Youth Combat/Rhys: We are still prepared to have youth combat whenever we have youths. Looking forward to youth tournaments at WW, and we'll have youth combat at Haustblot.

*Chatelaine/ Beatriz: We've had four or five people contact us in the last couple weeks. The majority of them are looking for A&S - calligraphy, illumination, food, libations, garb. We don't have a gathering place for those contacts, so she is looking for some options for such a place for a monthly get-together. Can check out libraries for gathering rooms. Haven't heard back about the demo for the Watertown library. (Note, new A&S now listed below under guilds and groups.)

*Social Media Officer/Beatriz: Added some questions for people joining the Barony on facebook because some bots were trying to get in. Social media is going well.

*Exchequer/ Arthur: Jean has all the stuff for exchequer. We've gotten some pre-reg checks for KWHSS. Jean has filled out that paper copy but not the online form. See below for conversation about KWHSS advance funds, but basically we'll need a check for KWHSS advance funds and one for taxes.

*Quartermaster/Magnus: Nothing to report. No letters of intent for the office. There is a request for some stuff for KWHSS - some serving stuff, water jugs, nescos and the cashbox. Will meet Beatrice tomorrow night for that handoff. Also, Sofonisba has some of the serving stuff.

*Herald/ Katie: Congratulations to Gilchrist on his Black Griffin at Skirmish at the Border! Will be at KWHSS.

*Signet/ Kale: No new news. We have an LOI from Mistress Mysie. We discussed it, made a motion, voted, and she is approved.

*Seneschal/ Arnbjorn: As of today we no longer need to display the the Covid notice at events and practices and event ads.

*Minister of Youth: Still open.


*War Practice at the Roost – Wrap-up (Armond): It was a success. We actually made a profit. It was not heavily attended (just under 50 people), and it was against two other events and Memorial Day, would like to consider moving it to second weekend in June (if Stallari approves that) - Arnbjorn will put the request in with Stallari for that weekend. Maybe make it Kingdom War Practice. Opportunity for it to grow. A couple minor injuries.

*Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium - June 23-25, 2023 (Beatrice): The original budget was $1600 to feed 200 people, we expect to feed 150 people, would like an advance of $800. The financial committee discussed and approved it. Curia discussed and approved it. Will be getting the checks sorted out at Thursday practice. Dealing with some pre-event chaos which wasn't unexpected. Communications have been going out. There's a discord server. We are at the point of putting together volunteer lists of people who can help with train station/airport transportation, gate, serving lunch, retainers for Her Majesty (talk to Juliet for that). Figuring out what loading and unloading looks like for Strasz Tower because of recent construction, will email everybody. Working with people all over campus to move mountains. The contact for people is on the website. There are no weapons or alcohol allowed on campus so please don't bring them. (You can consume alcohol if you have reserved a room and the door is closed and you drink responsibly.) No electrical appliances allowed in the residence - leave your rice cooker at home. Court should be held outside on the lower terrace of the Joan of Arc Chapel, and we'll have to move chairs out to there. There is a Friday night social activity in the Physics building from 6-9:30. (Friday and Sunday are garb-encouraged-but-optional.) Please take pictures and send them to the Chronicler. People who are not attending the event itself on Saturday can still attend the social thing on Friday.

*Haustblot: A Norse Harvest Celebration – Sept 22-24, 2023 (Sofonisba & Tatiana): Pre-reg is open. We have some positions to fill - post on facebook. Also, we are looking for classes, which don't have to be viking-themed. We still have cabins and dorm space available. Geoffrey is waiting until after KWHSS before posting the website, but it's being worked on. Coming up with a menu soon. Has applied for the insurance, which she hasn't seen yet; however, Arnbjorn has received it and has now sent it to Tatiana.

*Job Descriptions – Information on offices: Let's vote on it next Curia.

*Boar’s Head Event Steward- looking for bids/volunteer- Bids due June Curia: Beatriz has a proposal. She will send out the bid she has put together. Proposing a dance theme. Would need to shut down the fighting earlier than usual to make space for dance, if we do it on a large scale. Beatrice will provide her schedule and information from when she and Winifrede did a similar thing in 2017. Probably lunch instead of a feast. We moved to accept the bid, voted, and it passed. We will see a bid soon for the budget approval on which the financial committee can vote. Karl would like to have a table or something at Boar's Head for thrown weapons.

*Library Demo(s): Chatelaine has not heard back from Danielle at the library or Jararvellir, Will reach out again.


*July Curia Meeting- Meet on 7/18 or skip?: We discussed and will skip the July meeting.

*Website update/redesign- (Winifride): As Webminister mentioned earlier, Winifrede has offered to do some work on the website.

*Kingdom looking for Fall ’23 Crown/Spring Crown/Coronation’ 24 bids: Probably not Fall since it's right after Haustblot, but Kingdom needs a bid very soon. If anyone wants to run one of those events, please bring it to the group.

*Meet-up Posters- (Charlotte): Charlotte would like to create some physical posters to put in places like libraries, gaming stores, university campuses, etc. Was thinking twenty to start with. Beatriz has a Chatelaine budget which can be used for printing costs. Beatrice can print posters in color up to 11x17. Can use the 42" plotters, though it costs money. Generally, the answer is yes. Change the date to July 20. Do this again in August when school is re-starting. Keep track of where the posters go up.

*Pay taxes at WW? We should actually do it at KWHSS this weekend. We moved, voted, and approved to pay $250 in taxes. Beatrice or Abelard can pick up the check on Thursday.

*Gifts for Their Excellencies Jararvellir for their 50th anniversary: Their Excellencies would like to give TE Jara a gift for their 50th anniversary.

*Gift for Her Majesty East: Since she's visiting, we should give her a gift. Annetje has something.

*War Practice at the Roost: As mentioned above, we'd like to move this to second weekend in June. See above.


Brewers & Vintners Guild- On hiatus

A&S Nights- Starting July 19, A&S nights 3rd wednesdays at the physics building for the summer, switching to UWM campus after their group meetings when they restart classes.

Shop Night- At Randall’s-Tuesdays

UWM SCA- On hiatus for the summer - Will switch to Wednesdays when classes start again.

Woodworking- At Armond’s by appointment

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