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Curia Notes: November 2021


Present: Abelard, Belle, Winifrede, Rachel, Ysolt, Randall, Sibillia, Arnbjorn, Albrecht, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Kale, Arthur, Beatriz, Katie, Sofonisba, Rhys, Annetje.

Officers Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Come to Boar's Head! We'd like to have a Yule Moot with Yule Court sometime in January.

Seneschal: Report due on the 25th - will send it in soon. Nothing else to bring to the attention of the Barony at this time. Read the Tower.

Chatelaine: One new contact - David. We think he's the new guy at fighter's practice. LOI due this meeting - Beatriz and Winifrede have both applied. We will have their letters in the Tower this month and vote next month.

Chronicler: Sent Domesday report last week. Since Nov and Dec both have holidays on the 25th, we will move the deadlines to the 26th of each month.

Exchequer: We have been collecting some money from the auction and Boar's Head. We don't need to pay anything right this moment.

Quartermaster: Magnus went to the storage locker and talked to someone, but she didn't know enough to change over the name attached to the storage locker. Will continue to follow up.

Herald: Nothing new except a question: Will there be a herald's point at Boar's Head? Arnbjorn will ask.

Knights Marshal: We continue to have practice. We continue to have visitors. All marshals of every flavor need to report.

Archery: Archery every Sunday. November 28th combined archery practice in Madison. Reports have been submitted.

Thrown Weapons: This coming Sunday will be the last thrown weapons practice for the season (until March) unless the weather is amazingly gorgeous.

Rapier: We've had some new fighters. Reports are due - if you're an MIT you must report. Sibillia will take over in January. Ceremonial office handover at Boar's Head.

Youth Combat: Will start youth combat again soon, pending announcement from KEM.

Minster of Arts and Sciences: Need to submit Domesday report. Lots of people doing lots of arts and science.

Signet: Office is open - no LOI nyet. With a Yule Moot coming up, we'll need volunteers for scrolls.

Social Media Officer: Had a brief meeting with the new Kingdom interim SMO. Everything's going well in social media world.

Webminister: Signet has an email address now. Has been updating class list on the website. Would be nice to have a staff list for Boar's Head. If there's other information you want to see, please send it.

Old Business:

Storage Locker: Magnus asked about changing ownership of the storage locker and didn't get an answer. (See above.)

Boars Head 2021: We had a staff meeting last night. We're on track for the event. Reached out to Armond - he's not able to bring the trailer this year, so Asabella will reach out to Magnus. Will be reaching out to the fairgrounds about the availability of coffee and maybe a food truck. We have just under 250 people who have RSVP'd. Some muddiness about the event website on the Kingdom website. If anyone wants to be invoiced for PayPal, send an email at .

Taxes: Propose that we pay $250 at Boar's Head. Voted, moved. We should mail them a check, and then at court we can just tell them about it.

Border Skirmish: We need a site and an event steward. We don't want to conflict with Road to Rouen if we can help it.

New Business:

Yule Court: Need a site and a date. Arnbjorn has volunteered to be steward. Maybe Jan 21. Maybe Menomonee Park.

Planning Meeting: We should have a meeting to plan next year's calendar.

Kingdom A&S Faire 2022: Would we like to put in for Kingdom A&S Faire 2022? Maybe at UWM? The deadline for bids is Nov 30. Annetje would be interested in being event steward. In theory we wouldn't have site fees. The Union is currently closed to the public - not sure if it would be available. Also possibly Marquette. Also possibly Redeemer. Second weekend in February.

Crown: We should consider putting in bids for Crown in 2022 or any other kingdom event up to 18 months in advance. We should consider turning around the bid we just put in (at the Legion Hall) for future instances of Crown.

Event site database: It would be great if we had a list of all of the places in the area where we might potentially have events. Suggestion: Talk to Kateryn.

Guilds and Groups:

Student Group: They have put in an application for a Geek Week demo in March. Holding a Project Day on Saturday Nov 20 at the UWM Union.

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