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January 2019


Present:Abelard, Ysolt, Belle, Armond, Sofonisba, Tatiana, Anna, Akos, Arnbjorn, Adrianna, Winifred, Arthur, Arthur's Guest, Rachel, Geoffrey

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Yule Moot was fun, and it wasn't too far away from anyone (was it?). Next time we'll make it clear that you can bring your own soda.

Seneschal: Mostly Border Skirmish stuff.

Chronicler: Thank you for submitting articles for the Tower. Please send submissions by the 25th of each month, and sign releases if needed. (Specifically, works of art need a release.) If you send photos, please also include a release for them. Maybe officers' photos can run next to their articles? Send those to Idonia as well.

Webminister: Crown website is up. Will get officer updates up too. Sorry it took so long to make changes - life happened.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Kingdom A&S is coming. Lots of fabric work. Note, S.R. Harris is opening early on Sunday the 20th (in Nordskogen). Sausages! The pork with potatoes dish came from Ellis, and the almond cake came from Jada.

Knights Marshal: We have practices! Armond is cleared for rapier, and should go to practice to fight rapier.

Archery: Practices continue at West Town Archery. We're participating in the Winter Shoot. Target Siege is still an ongoing effort, and his boss hasn't told him to stop pushing for it, so...

Youth Combat: No kids since the last report, but we will have some this week. Office is no longer open - Abelard applied for a year extension.

Rapier: Nothing new. Starting to do drills at practice. (Note: check out slow motion chess.)

Thrown Weapons: We have a new MIT in the Barony. Letters of intent are due next month. The Axe Bar in Milwaukee is open.

Chatelaine: Nothing new, but the Baronial page is delivering spam. (Webminister will investigate.) Office is open - received one letter of intent from Belle. We voted and approved this - Belle is the new Chatelaine.

Exchequer: Bank needs Tatiana in person. We have money. Domesday report has been delivered and reviewed. Our overall assets are down slightly from last year. We need a new budget - will submit last year's with updates. Will also clean out paper financial records - anything older than seven years can be destroyed.

Quartermaster: Tablecloths are not currently in the locker, but everything else is.

Herald: We gave out some awards at Yule Court. Will send out an updated OP for the CAM and NS websites. We're still looking for a couple dozen books and the herald tabard. Started name and device consultation for Akos.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: The event is listed on the Northshield website. Meeting January 27 at 2 PM at the Perkins in Kenosha. Some people in CAM have volunteered for jobs - we want more, please. We will need Midrealm marshals if they want to do authorizations. We should have an officialish schedule a couple days after the planning meeting. We need a youth coordinator from CAM (we have one from the Midrealm). For the facebook page, since it's been set up by the Midrealm, Countess Gwen is investigating putting up a redirect/forwarding page. We will investigate putting a volunteer sheet on the website or facebook page. We're trying to make this the best Border Skirmish ever. Since we have a bardic circle, maybe we can also have bellydancing/Middle Eastern dancing? What about blacksmithing? A&S competition can include cordials and mead-making as long as those are made in advance (can't actually *make* it without a kitchen). Youth can have a scavenger hunt, face painting .... classes for embroidery, cartography, butter churning, making soft cheese. Storytelling for children, storytelling for adults? We will have Helgaball. Introduction to combat archery? Can kids shoot nerf archery? Email Jean with ideas. Merchants can be indoors or outdoors. Classes can be indoors or outdoors (as long as they're clear an hour before court). Opening on Thursday again this year, June 6-9. We will have equestrian.

Feast Conversation: Geoffrey posted the feast conversation to the CAM facebook page, summarizing the views from the Kingdom conversation. Not many comments in response; will re-post or bump. Tatiana asked the people at the Boar's Head site if we can adjust the food policy - if we give them $2.00 per head instead of the current arrangement, can we bring in our own food? Another suggestion: can we use the hall divider to make the room smaller for feast (and court), which will affect the acoustics? Will investigate. (Also, lattices hung with banners.) Note also, we can have candles in this space and we have glass candle covers in the storage locker.

Bid for Boar's Head 2019: Arnbjorn has a budget proposal/bid which he will send to the officers list. Need to include proposed budget for feast as well. Will discuss and vote at February Curia.

Crown: Website is up and changing daily. There are open positions - lunch coordinator, longshoreman, and others. (Sofonisba, Tatiana, and Rachel will handle lunch.) If you want to volunteer, please do. Kingdom Officers and CAM officers are doing most of the work for their respective areas. Site visit - maybe the week of Tacky Garb Ball (12/26)? It takes about six hours to set up, if nothing is already done - need to move the bleachers, take down the boards, cover the windows of the royalty room, and more. Can there be merchants? Should help with Coronation setup, since it's the same place. (This might not be the case; investigating.) The Monier's Guild will make coins for site tokens. How many should they make? (250-300.) If you have questions or suggestions, ask Asabella.

Geek Week Demo: They are on break, so we don't have new information yet. It will be on March 6.

Guilds and Groups:

Student Group: Meeting on Wednesday nights. Will work with Chatelaine to organize activities and classes.

Woodworking Group: Meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month, which in January is 1/23, at 7 PM. Will be working on siege weapons and other projects.

A&S West: Meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month, which in January is 1/23, at 7 PM. Largesse thoughts - stamped trim? Toys for the toy chest? Scroll cases?

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