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June 2019


Present:Abelard, Ysolt, Arnbjorn, Armond, Sofonisba, Mysie, Rachel, Rhys, Winifred, Arthur, Tracy, Jean, Tatiana

Remote: Joanna

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness:Border Skirmish was great. Attendance was fantastic. The only thing we missed was that the longshoremen didn't help set up the hall for court, and they were supposed to. The fence was new and unexpected. The portapotty for the heavy field was too far away. A glitch in the court schedule means that there will be awards to present at the next moot.

Quartermaster: Need to unload the trailer. Meet at the storage locker at 6 PM on Friday 6/21. Also, we had to pay for one month of storage for the trailer. (See Exchequer.)

Chronicler: Articles due by June 25.

Webminister: Redesign is going smoothly - has demos to show people after the meeting. Wix is paid for (but needs to be reimbursed, see Exchequer.) Small glitch in the iPower payment process - we have been paying in three year incrememnts, and we missed the new bill. We have renewed for one year.) Are we backing things up? Abelard does a monthly backup. Abelard will research options for backing up Wix.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Arts and Sciences are everywhere! Made an axe. Arbalests are a thing of beauty. Wood table to replace a broken glass one. New bed. Vegetable oil lamps. Making garb. Making armor. Welsh cloak pins. Stamping and stencilling. The floor cloth class at Border Skirmish was a big hit. Researching things for Boar's Head. C&I East might start again, because Mysie, Beatrice, Maureen, and others are excited and out of school for the summer.

Knights Marshal: Practice at Kinnickinnick River Parkway, July 4, 1 PM. Out of Kingdom Duke and rapier fighter coming!

Archery: Practicing twice weekly. CAM is leading the archery records for Northshield in the Inter Kingdom Archery Challenge (IKAC).

Thrown Weapons: Good turnout at Border Skirmish. We will have a local practice mid-July.

Rapier: Report was a month late because he was out of town, waiting to learn the consquences. Need more people!

Youth: Two of our kids authorized at Border Skirmish, and one additional kid! Total of four youth fighters, and Tony (at CAM) won the tournaments both days.

Chatelaine: People at Border Skirmish were garbed from the gold key. There is a group of homeschoolers in the Racine area who are very interested - want to get them involved.

Exchequer: Sent money to Kingdom (for their half of the Crown profits). Border Skirmish checks. Will pay for trailer, for Wix, and for iPower.

Herald: Baronial award names and devices have been sent to Keythong. A court report will be in the Tower.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: 379 people counted at gate. We believe we turned a profit. Contact Julie De Reu if you need reimbursements (Ravenslake exchequer). Will get the final report soon. We had budgeted money for the Friday Night Fighter Feed, but nobody has receipts from it. (That had 30 fighters, 14 non-fighters.) Jean will send Ravenslake exchequer a copy of the event report template. Horses - a suggestion from the post mortem is to require equestrians to pre-reg so we know that it's worth it to rent the stable / arena. Will also make larger announcements about equestrian being at the event so people know that we will have horses and WHEN we will have horse activities (so people know where to go to see them). Tavern was very profitable and Tatiana made donations to both Kingdoms' travel funds.

Boar's Head: Finished the bid, which includes the site only charging a 1/4 day rental for Friday. Assuming 320 attendees, we should make a profit. Feast bid was approved last month. We voted on the new budget, and it passed and is approved. We should make the Barony spiffy for Boar's Head for the new Baron and Baroness!

Bylaws: Basically changing some of the financial policy restrictions, and a couple other things. Those notes are available elsewhere and the new, updated bylaws will be in the Tower.

July Moot: Combine with fighter's practice on July 4. (1 PM, Kinnickinnick River Parkway) No fire pits allowed, but we can bring camp stoves...

August Moot: Viking Hiking. More details to come.

Baronial Changeover: Timeline: Applications accepted between July 1-16. Meet and Greet sometime between July 17-Aug 8 (which is flexible, because Pennsic). If necessary, we will have a 'runoff' between Aug 3 and Aug 23 if there are more than three candidates (or candidate pairs). Polling between August 23 and September 16. Crown will interview candidates between Aug 23 and September 16. Crown will make a decision by September 23. We believe applications will be sent to TANG. Note: Tatiana and Geoffrey are not putting their names in, so there is no potential Seneschal conflict.

New Business:

Banner Making Days: Expect banner making days at Marquette.

A&S 2020: If you want CAM to put in a bid, please submit one.

Baronial Champions: Who wants to host it? Maybe Jean and Katerina, they will get back to us. Potential dates are 9/22, 9/28, 9/29. (Fallback location: Armond and Sofonisba's.)

No Curia in July.

Guilds and Groups:

A&S West: Definitely on 6/26.

Woodworking: Likely on 6/26.

Student Group: On hiatus.

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