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Curia Notes 2008

May 20, 2008

Officers' Reports:

Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions is Monday, May 26th.

Baron and Baroness: One of the banners at Crown, created a few years ago, features the devices of Baronial members. The Baron and Baroness will get the measurements of these devices so that current members can add their own. Registered devices only, please. (Contact Albrecht to discuss how to register your device.)

Chatelaine: People had fun at Crown, and some new people were present.

Exchequer: There are some outstanding (uncashed) checks. If you have a check from the Barony, please cash it.

Quartermaster: If you wish to donate something to the Barony, please make sure it has a container in which it can be stored. And please don't put staples in banners.

Herald: Heraldic Commenting webpage has been updated. Please attend the A&S /Heraldic Commenting night in June. We will paint banners again after Border Skirmish and before WW.

Web Minister: There's now a calendar view of the calendar.

MoAS: A&S nights are going well. Upcoming events will be posted on the website. June will feature knitting and Heraldic Commenting. July will be free.

Knights Marshal: We're going to look at Bucketworks next week. Sunday practices at Lake Park, Thursdays at Kinnickinnic.

Archery Marshal: Monday's practice (Memorial Day) will be at 3 PM at Menomonee Park and will include a picnic. Plotting evil shoots for Border Skirmish.

Old Business

Crown: Report will be sent out when completed. The event was very good. The food was scrumptious. Thanks to everyone who helped. Attendance was low, but the event ran smoothly. The girdle books were a big hit - we will donate 50 of the remaining books to the Group Heralds, the rest to the Baron and Baroness for largess. We have other leftover materials from the event which will be held for future projects.

Border Skirmish: We are getting the Northshield pavilion. We have some merchants and some teachers, but more are welcome. We will be buying a portable carport for Troll. There is no feast, but we'll have a barbecue on Saturday night - we'll provide potatoes, people should bring other food on their own. (See the website.)

Boar's Head: Please volunteer for positions.

Possible New Boar's Head Site: Baron and Baroness will take questions back to the owner and get answers.

New Business

We will donate some money to the Knightly Quest group, to support Leukemia and Lymphoma research.

We will have a table in the Cultural building at the Highland Games on Saturday, September 6, and have a fighting demo outside.

We will have the Day of Legends Memorial Moot at St. Ed's, to coincide with a demo at their location on Sunday, September 7. The demo will be from Noon till 5, but the moot will start earlier and end later at Caitlin and Murdoch's house.

We will donate money to the Northwatch, hopefully for December.

We will volunteer to do security Friday night at WW.


June 24, 2008

Officers' Reports:

Chatelaine: FrodoFest (Salem, WI, which is western Kenosha County) is scheduled for September 19-20. They have asked us to sign an unofficial contract to a demo. (Fighting and treb, at the least.) They also would like our permission to use our name and photos. We will wait until next Curia to decide. Also, 3 more people want more info about the SCA.

Exchequer: Need more info about where to send money for the donation challenge. Need contact info for the issue of the Northwatch that we're sponsoring. Info was provided. The bill from Crown has arrived. Will follow up with Gwynedd. We've spent money on Border Skirmish already.

Quartermaster: The storage locker leaks. (This is something we already knew.) She proposes that we have a day when people come to help clean out the storage locker, to see what's in there.

Herald: Banner-making weekend, maybe Menomonee Park Rec Center on 6/28. Will report more when it is confirmed. There will also be a class on Tuesday, 6/24 at the Shorewood Public Library, at 6:30. This class will be for Heraldry, Yarn, and C&I.

Chronicler: The deadline for the July Tower is Sunday, June 22.

Webminister: Will move the site to a more advanced server to take advantage of more advanced functions.

MOAS: Nothing to report, except the class (above) on the 24th. Also, time for the mid-year report - please notify MOAS of A&S projects.

Knight's Marshal: The road between here and Jara is washed out, and will be for a few weeks. Also, Murdoch will be out of town for 10 days. He encourages fighters to keep practicing in his absence. We can have practice Thursday and Sunday as scheduled. Also, Tuesday nights at Glenbrook North. Tiggod has offered his barn in a few weeks - we'll do a Sunday practice there to try it out. His Majesty has asked that all fighters read the tactical information at <a href=""></a>. Please pass it along to all fighters.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish report: We would like to reschedule. Tentatively looking at the weekend of Aug. 15-17. We will use the same location.

Boar's Head: We will start meetings soon.

Bucketworks: We have not heard back from them.

Brewers and Vintners: Oeach mead rocks.

C&I: Twice monthly meetings for C&I at Marquette. They've been projecting Illuminations on the big screen, which makes a big difference. And, we will still be doing a demo at Marquette.

New Business:

There will be a picnic at Marquette University on the 4th of July (Laumier field), starting between 3-4 PM. Fighting and treb!