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Curia Notes 2011


Officer Reports

Officers Reports:

*Chiurgeon: Office still open.

*Chatelaine: Trying to connect with a guy in Greenfield who has some armor and rattan to donate. Also, Gabrielle from UWM has been attending meetings lately, and welcome to her. Transferring the office from Baroness Eva to Julianna. (Change now made on the website.)

*Herald: Read the Tower.

*Minister of Children: Nothing to report.

*Chronicler: Office is open. (Will step down in April.) Please submit Tower articles and reports by Jan 28.

*Web Minister: Changed email and officer page to Julianna. Please let web minister know if and when things need to be updated, changed, or removed.

*Knights Marshal: Fighter's practice Mondays (Marquette) and Sundays (Stritch). Fiore will move to Sundays at Stritch as well.

*Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S is happening at fighter's practices. The cooking guild will meet on Jan 30th. Project Day at Stritch on Feb 12. Let MOAS know if there's anything you want to include in his report to Kingdom. Also, Ravenslake is hosting a Project Day on March 5.

*Exchequer: We have money. Reports are signed for Kingdom, and wrap-up is complete for Boar's Head. We have converted to the new bank account except for the CD which comes due in March.

*Baron & Baroness: Thanks for coming to the planning meeting and to Curia. More to come under New Business.

*Seneschal: See New Business and Old Business.

Old Business

*Boar's Head Wrapup: Got the final numbers. We finished in the black. Arnbjorn wrote up suggestions for the Boar's Head 2011 steward, which he will send to the CAM list. Otherwise, thank you to everyone.

*Planning Meeting: There are two sets of notes from the meeting, one of which was sent earlier today (1/26) and one which will be sent later. Everyone should review these notes and list five things to work on. Send your lists to the Seneschal, Baron, and Baroness and they will consolidate the lists down to five major talking points to work on over the next five years. These will then be addressed at the next Planning Meeting, in three months.

*Border Skirmish: Two bids have been submitted. Hamish's bid has been accepted.

*Heraldic Symposium 2012 Bid: On hold for now. Does anyone want to work on it? Bids are due to the Society in April 2011, so we need them submitted to Curia by Feb Curia.

*Bylaw Amendments appear at the end of this message.

New Business

*Boar's Head 2011: Bids due by February Curia. If anyone is interested, send bids to Seneschal and/or Baron and Baroness. We also need to tentatively reserve the Washington County Fairgrounds for December 3.

*Officer's Day: We have been chosen to host Officer's Day, which will be Saturday April 16 at Marquette. More information to come.

*Known World Handbook: Would we like to make a group purchase? Books are $25 each, and a bulk order of 20 or more lowers the price to $22 each. We decided to place an order. If you are interested in getting one, please let Magnus know before February Curia. He will order 5 additional copies for the Baronial Library.

*Baronial Progress: Their Excellencies intend to hold a 'Baronial Progress' throughout the Barony, in which they visit the far-flung regions of the Barony. For instance, over the next few years we will have Curia meetings in the far reaches of the Baronial lands, such as Racine/Kenosha and western Waukesha. More information to come. Also, Arnbjorn is working on a census map.

*Demo: Meadowbrook Elementary School. They would like a demo on the afternoon of Friday, May 6. It should not involve fighting, but can involve armor. The school is just off Hwy G and 94. More information will be posted to the CAM list.

Guilds and Groups

*Herbal: The herbal guild will meet at Alice's house sometime in February.

*C&I: Celtic and pictish design work is the root of all evil and shall be abolished from the Barony. Flemish design, however, is ... I'm kidding. Abelard, stop writing.

*Cooking: January 30, Corydon and Typhaine's house, 3 PM, modern food. (For instance, kringle and various flavored pastas.) The next meeting after that will tentatively be February 20 and will feature a full meal, probably 15th century Italian. This needs coordination, and more information is forthcoming.

*Marquette Group: We're having fighter's practice at 7 PM on Mondays at the Annex in January and February, switching to Thursdays for March, April, and May. The student group also meets on Thursdays, and if people are interested in teaching classes on Thursday evenings please contact AnnaMarie.

*Stritch Group: Demo, Thursday Feb 3 from 1-3 for their Club Carnival. They will have a space for fighting with a high ceiling. Project Day on February 12, followed by a potluck dinner. The space for Project Day has electrical outlets, and we have a fighting space as well. Every Sunday from 1 till whenever, fighter's practice, dance practice, and whatever else people want to do. (They also have brunch from 11:30-1.) Also, in a couple months they want to do a demo in conjunction with Food Services, and are looking for period recipes for large groups.

Bylaw amendments

*Part X, Sections B, C, and D were changed as follows:



X. Voting

b. A voting quorom consists of: Baron and/or Baroness, Seneschal or Baronial approved representative, and a majority of the remaining Greater Officers or their representative(s).

c. Telephone voting is used only in the event of emergency or extenuating circumstances and must be conducted by the Baron and/or Baroness and/or Seneschal. Only the Curia will be polled. If the situation is not an emergency, the item is to be presented and discussed at the next C