Curia Notes - 2017


In Attendance: Sofonisba, Armond, Geoffrey, Dahrien, Beatrice, Arnbjorn, Rhys, Jean, Sibilla, Magnus, Asabella

Officer Reports:

Baron/Baroness: Yule Court was fun

Seneschal: Please review the by-laws (in January issue of Tower and online. There are open officer positions. There is a large banner still at Washington Cnty Fair Park to pick-up. Dahrien may swing by Friday to get it.

Chronicler: Submissions for the February Tower are due Monday, 1/23/17. Directories are available for $2 each

Webminister: Nothing new. Send suggestions for a new website layout to Sofonisba. Brought Brownies & Ice Cream for his and Her Excellency’s birthdays.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: People are doing things and no one has died

Knight’s Marshal: Practices continue, no deaths. During the last No Fee Practice (1/12/17) had fighters from Jara and Windhaven attend. Attendance from CAM fighters not as high as would be liked.

Archery Captain: Practice continues at Gander Mtn. CAM is participating in the Winter Shoot and any participate in the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge.

Rapier Captain: No report

Youth Combat: No report

Chatelaine: We have active new members. Position is open

Chancellor of the Exchequer: We have money. No one has been killed. Boar’s Head made more than $2200.00

Quartermaster: Baronial property is secure. Armond will send his report to Asabella.

Herald: No report

Old Business:

Baronial Coronets: The leather ones have been repaired by Akira. They look great. We are in the queue for getting the rest of the metal pieces for the metal coronets. Magnus confirmed that silver polish won’t harm the brass elements, but we should not use brass polish on the silver elements.

Theodore’s Medieval Academy for Novices & Demo (March 11 & March 8): Lining up teachers for March 11 and fighters for the March 8 demo

Chatelaine’s Office: There was one applicant, Kiana. Curia elected to appoint her as the next chatelaine, starting April 2017. Beatrice will be her deputy as Gold Key (keeper of the loaner garb)

Youth Combat Marshal: There was one applicant, Abelard die Elster. Curia elected to appoint him as the next YCM, starting April 2017.

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Asabella submitted a letter for a third year extension, which was approved. There were no other applicants. She is now actively looking for a training deputy to possibly succeed her by April 2018, if not sooner.

Fall Crown & Coronation: Walworth County Fairgrounds are not available in Sept or Oct 2017. Jefferson County Fairgrounds never responded. Waukesha County Expo and Washington County Fair Park will be too expensive for the usual size of the events. We will continue to look for sites for possible 2018 bids.

New Business:

Herald Position: Needs to step down before term is up, will stay in office until replacement found. Letters of Intent are due by February Curia

Using the fighter site: There were a couple of Facebook discussions on possibly converting the second Thursday No fee practices at Redeemer Lutheran, that are privately sponsored, into a monthly moot, sponsored by the barony. There is a lounge area adjacent to the main hall, that could also be rented for $25 per hour ($75 for a similar 3 hour block as fighter practice) for non-fighting activities and for those who find the sound volume in the main hall uncomfortable. The discussion then expanded to options for general gatherings, that did not take away from fighting time, rotating between Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties, possibly Brandybrook Manor in the west and UWM and other locations in the east. The decision was made to plan for a gathering at UWM in April, which would be a good follow-up after the March demo & event. It was further decided that students with ID could attend fighter practice without requiring the $5 fee. Donations of course are welcome.

Guilds and Groups:

C&I Guild: in discussions regarding a viewing at Marquette University for Italian manuscripts

All other groups & guilds are continuing, no updates



In Attendance: Abelard, Asabella, Magnus, Beatrice, Adriana, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Armond, Deonysia, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Sibllia

Officer Reports:

Baron/Baroness: Words of wisdom: More people would be nicer with more words to speak. Did you read the Tower this month? Go out and look at websites - not just SCA websites - and look at things you particularly like. Send them back to the Baron and Baroness. The officer's list exists, and should be used for actual business; if things get heated, the moderators will shut the conversation down.

Seneschal: Some officer's names are out of date on the website. Webminister will update.

Chronicler: Articles due Friday, February 24th (or as soon as possible after that). Milwaukee Art Museum has a nice medieval display, which inspired a new feature in the Tower: Photos and articles of medieval treasures that people have seen. Please submit those. Read the Tower!

Webminister: Please look at websites and report back to the Baron and Baroness about sites you like.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: People are doing things and stuff. Please let Sibillia know what you've been working on so she can add it to her report. Event on Friday at Duchess Sigrid's. Nobody has died as far as I know.

Knights Marshal: No deaths to report. Two new people, and seven regular fighters at practice.

Archery: Practice continues on Mondays. Participating in the Seasonal Society Archery competition. Currently 10% of the worldwide submissions are from Northshield, and Rhys is #1 and William # 2 for Northshield in the Winter SSAC.

Rapier: Still having practice.

Thrown Weapons: Yes, we have targets, target stands, and things to throw at them. Don't know when this will start up again, but Arnbjorn is an MIT.

Youth Combat: Abelard will step up in April. Currently working on loaner gear and some possible rule changes.

Chatelaine: Three new students this term. Students gearing up for Theodore's. No deaths that I know of. Putting together office information for the changeover in April.

Exchequer: We have a refund from Boar's Head we need to deal with. Need to check with regional Exchequer to find out exactly how to handle it. Just in case, the Curia made a motion to approve the reimbursement, voted, and passed. SCA policy has changed, and bank statements now need to go to the group Seneschal first (who would then send it on to the Exchequer). To comply, we will switch to using online statements. Logins will be given to the Exchequer, Seneschal, Kingdom Seneschal, and signatories. We will be able to log in, check statements and print them, and that's it. We will use the new seneschal and exchequer email addresses for this.

Quartermaster: Haven't opened the doors since Boar's Head. Still need to get stuff from Albrecht.

Herald: Heraldically the Barony is in good shape. The deputy has been meeting with folks to discuss name and arms submissions.

Old Business:

Theodore's Medieval Academy for Novices: March 11 at UWM. There is a website, on which the schedule will be posted once it's ready. There will be a court, and Their Excellencies would like award recommendations. There's a Facebook event for it. There's also a demo on March 8, which is mostly being organized on Facebook.

Herald's Position is Open: One letter of intent was received (from Beatrice). A motion was made to shorten the process. Voted, and passed. Question: Can you handle the office? Answer: Yes. The Curia voted and approved Beatrice as new Herald. She will step down from the position of Chatelaine immediately, and will continue to house the Gold Key.

Border Skirmish: We've received the information required to post the event on the Northshield website and Northwatch. (Note: It was posted shortly after the end of the meeting.) No equestrian this year. Feast is the same as last year. Still have open jobs: Armored MIC, A&S. There will be a planning meeting.

April Moot: At the planning meeting Cecilia volunteered to be in charge of a moot in April. Need to check with her to see if she's still able to do that, otherwise the UWM students have an alternate plan.

New Business:

Bylaws Meeting: After some discussion, we decided to have the meeting March 11, 7-9 PM, UWM. (After Theodore's.) We will have a call-in conference number.

Boar's Head 2017: We mailed a check and a contract to reserve our dates. Bids are due by March Curia.

Get-together at Duchess Sigrid's: Her Grace is hosting a party of sorts at her house on Friday night, 2/24. (It's also Sibillia's birthday that day.)

Coronets: The silver will arrive soon.

For future calendar events, note: Event Information Officer won't let us put TBD in various fields, but we can say 'Subject to change'. Just remember to update everything (Facebook, Northshield website, actual website) when actual information is available.

Domain Renewal for Website: Dahrien renewed for three years. We have the option of renewing for an additional seven years. which will lock in the price. $14.99 per year (currently). Dahrien will find out if the registrar does an actual ten year registration, or if they renew yearly; there is a fear that the company might go out of business before 10 years, and if they're renewing the DNS every year we might lose the money and domain name. A motion was made to pay $104.93 plus tax pending the answer to that question. Webminister will do the legwork and get reimbursed if needed.

Guilds and Groups:

Dance: Meeting on the third Wednesday and second Thursday each month.

Scribal: Meeting the first Wednesday each month.

Clothiers: Will schedule something.

Woodworking: Garage isn't ready yet.



In Attendance: Abelard, Sigrid, Geoffrey, Rhys, Asabella, Arnbjorn, Sibillia, Beatrice, Dahrien, Armond, Sofonisba, Jean, Winifride (virtual)

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Words of wisdom: 42. Also, According to chemistry, alcohol is technically a solution. Alice's service is Saturday 3/25 at 1 PM, followed by a CAM post-revel/Irish Wake. We will open the five gallons of cyser.

Seneschal: We had a Bylaws Meeting, and it went well. We think it will make things smoother and more functional. We should have them posted by the end of the week. We'll vote on them at next Curia.

Chronicler: Submissions are due Monday, 3/27/17. Please send in memories, stories, and photos of Alice. Also, we have six directories left for sale.

Webminister: We still have a website. Tell the webminister if you have content to post. If anyone is interested in learning HTML, CSS, PHP, or the job overall, please get in touch. I'd be happy to teach. Geoffrey asked if we have a website/page hit counter. We used to, but don't have one actively running any more. If you want to, we can add it.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Sewing project day on Sunday 3/26 at Beatrice's house, and Sunday 4/2 at UWM. Bring your sewing machines! Come and learn! Nobody has died from A&S projects, as far as we know.

Knight's Marshal: Nothing new to report. The March free practice night was lightly attended, possibly due to Gulf Wars. If people want loaner armor they should go to Randall's open shop night on Tuesday nights so they can look through all of the options and get things repaired or fitted if necessary. The Baron and Knights Marshal will inspect the loaner armor.

Archery: We continue to shoot pointy things at the targets designed to receive pointy things.

Rapier: No report, enjoys cyser. Potential new youth rapier fighter.

Youth: Will start working in earnest in April.

Chatelaine: All is well. New people are pitching in. And we got interest from the UWM demo!

Exchequer: See written report. Will follow up with Kingdom about the electronic statements.

Quartermaster: Will be at the locker in the next week to drop off some stuff. Also, Beatrice and Asabella both have boxes of stuff to hand off to QM.

Herald: Margaret Mellies ("Mysie") der Rosenwinkle has a new badge (a fire-breathing snail), now REGISTERED! Court report for Theodore's has been filed. Consulted on fixing the Baron's name and device. Other things are in the pipeline - ask her if you have questions or need help. The awards from the Barony have never been registered - can we fix that? Herald will look into it. It's certainly something we should do.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: There is a website at Lines of communication from Ravenslake are relatively silent, and we should fix that. Autocrat is keeping a binder of useful information to pass on to next year's autocrat. Let's play Helga Ball! Beatrice has a connection to get cabbages. We should try using a 'boost' from Facebook to push Border Skirmish. We still need liaisons for Royalty, Merchant, and A&S. (The website also lists that we need Youth Combat and Thrown Weapons marshals, and a Camp Herald.) Their Majesties Northshield will be there.

Bylaws Meeting: We had a Bylaws Meeting, and it went well. We think it will make things smoother and more functional. We should have them posted by the end of the week. We'll vote on them at next Curia. Now would be a good time to make comments.

New Business:

Boar's Head 2017: We have received a bid from co-stewards Beatrice and Winifride, with Rhys as feast steward. Proposed theme: Yule Aboard the Bonaventure (late Tudor and nautical). Beatrice has lots of experience and knows the people to ask in areas she doesn't have the answers; intends for students to staff the roles, with other experienced people as backup. Will make sure they communicate with the people who have done the jobs before - communication is critical to success. Moved to accept the bid. Voted, accepted.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Add to section 3B of the Bylaws. Will fill the position once the bylaws are approved.

Guilds and Groups:

UWM Student Group: Raided the old Marquette University student group's storage locker, with the caveat that they could only take things they would use (relatively) immediately, and anything they didn't use would be returned; also, as things were replaced or when the students leave the SCA the items would also be returned. [Note that none of this is or was ever Baronial property at all, so this is just a note of incidental interest. The M.U. group was, with respect to the SCA, just a household, and those properties were gathered and donated by its members to the household, and left with their advisor Margaret Mellies (aka "Mysie") when the last active students left.]



In Attendance: Arnbjorn, Beatrice, Abelard, Geoffrey, Sofonisba, Armond, Rachel, Jean, Dahrien, Sibillia, Winifride (virtual)

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Words of Wisdom: Bring your towel. We have cookies and chocolates! We have a moot on Sunday at UWM from noon-6PM. We might have another one later - the list of upcoming events is on the CAM calendar.

Seneschal: We have events coming up. I've talked to my Ravenslake counterpart about Border Skirmish. The contract with the Border Skirmish site has been signed, though we don't have our own copy yet.

Chronicler: Reports and articles for the Tower are due by Monday, April 24. There are still a handful of directories left. Send articles and reports!

Webminister: Nothing new. If you're responsible for information being on the website, please check to make sure that information is actually on the website and that it's correct.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Had a project day a few weeks ago, and it was a great success. We will have another one in May. Projects are happening: new dress, boffer weapons, elevation ceremony research, scrolls, new songs, and more!

Knights Marshal: Last week we had a dozen heavy fighters. There is a junior rapier person. Rapier practice has been a little light, and nobody is sure why.

Archery Marshal: Practices continue at Gander Mountain until mid-May, when we switch to outdoor practices. Are fighters interested in a joint practice at Kinnickinnick River Parkway on Monday nights? If so, we'll alternate Wednesdays between Whitnall Park and Menomonee Park; if not, we'll change it up. We will also discuss this topic (combined practice) at fighter's practice.

Rapier Marshal: Nothing to report.

Youth Marshal: Boffer stuff starting this week or next at fighter's practice - we have three complete loaner kits and one more almost complete. We had a Level 1 child at practice last week who should be back, and a Level 3 child a couple of weeks ago who also should be returning.

Chatelaine: Newcomers are getting involved. Would like to arrange some demos this summer. Nobody has died. Another new member in UWM group. We've been invited to march in some or all of the Summerfest Parades, of which there are five: June 28, 29, 30, July 5, 6. No armor or weapons, but garb and a banner (which needs to be approved in advance). Maybe also Germanfest, Scottishfest, living history festivals, the library, and the Border Skirmish site. More information to come.

Exchequer: Out sick.

Quartermaster: Will schedule a time to clean the locker in advance of Border Skirmish, maybe May 27. Maybe we should get some large totes with wheels for Albrecht's tents, which he donated and are in the locker. Question, are the contents of the locker insured?

Herald: Nothing major in the last month. April 1 submissions were particularly amusing.

Old Business:

Border Skirmish: We have information and communication flow. Meeting on the 30th in Kenosha. Porta-johns are arranged. We don't have a copy of the contract, but we know they cashed the check. Northshield royalty is coming - we don't know about Midrealm yet. Need a Northshield merchant coordinator. They have budgeted so that we break even at 230 adults. Looking for historical information about previous Border Skirmish events for the binder. Don't know if we need anything special for heavy weapons scenarios this year. We think we have a Midrealm thrown weapons marshal.

Bylaws: It's been a month since the changes to the bylaws were published. The only new change since then is to change Baron/ess to Baronial Coronet, with appropriate language. Also, can remove 'access to the newsletter' to the requirements for an officer since that is in Kingdom law. There was a motion to approve the bylaws with the published changes plus these notes. Voted, approved.

New Officers: The changes to the bylaws add two new minor officers: Youth Boffer Combat Marshal and Thrown Weapons Marshal. Will post to advertise these jobs, as per the bylaws.

Boar's Head 2017: The budget was sent to some of the officers. Relevant (public-facing) numbers: Site fee for members will be $15 for adults, $13 if pre-registering. Would like to see 325 adults to break even. Will look into 'unpaid pre-reg', the way Nordskogen does it. What if we invite people to sign up in advance to stay late to clean (specifically, clean the kitchen), and in return they are comped either site or feast? Autocrats will look into this.

New Business:

Baronial Enclosed Trailer - Discussion Only: A new enclosed trailer for the group will cost ~$2,000 - $2,500, plus storage costs. We will also need to pay for insurance and registration. (We can store it at the storage locker facility.) Compare against the cost of a rental - at what point does it pay for itself? Run a cost budget analysis. Make sure we have vehicles that can tow it. Will the drivers be reimbursed for fuel? Need to make sure it's long enough to haul tent poles. Benefit: Can use it as storage. Don't need to be on U-Haul's timeline (as in, 'you must return this on Sunday between 9 AM and 2 PM'). Paint job! What's the life span of a trailer?

Guilds and Groups:

Groups in general are doing fine.

Western scribal group will resume in May.

General schedule: 1st Wednesday of the month is a meeting at UWM. Second Thursday of the month is dance practice. Third Wednesday of the month is dance practice at UWM. Fourth Wednesday of the month is Western Scribal.