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Curia Notes - 2017


In Attendance: Sofonisba, Armond, Geoffrey, Dahrien, Beatrice, Arnbjorn, Rhys, Jean, Sibilla, Magnus, Asabella

Officer Reports:

Baron/Baroness: Yule Court was fun

Seneschal: Please review the by-laws (in January issue of Tower and online. There are open officer positions. There is a large banner still at Washington Cnty Fair Park to pick-up. Dahrien may swing by Friday to get it.

Chronicler: Submissions for the February Tower are due Monday, 1/23/17. Directories are available for $2 each

Webminister: Nothing new. Send suggestions for a new website layout to Sofonisba. Brought Brownies & Ice Cream for his and Her Excellency’s birthdays.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: People are doing things and no one has died

Knight’s Marshal: Practices continue, no deaths. During the last No Fee Practice (1/12/17) had fighters from Jara and Windhaven attend. Attendance from CAM fighters not as high as would be liked.

Archery Captain: Practice continues at Gander Mtn. CAM is participating in the Winter Shoot and any participate in the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge.

Rapier Captain: No report

Youth Combat: No report

Chatelaine: We have active new members. Position is open

Chancellor of the Exchequer: We have money. No one has been killed. Boar’s Head made more than $2200.00

Quartermaster: Baronial property is secure. Armond will send his report to Asabella.

Herald: No report

Old Business:

Baronial Coronets: The leather ones have been repaired by Akira. They look great. We are in the queue for getting the rest of the metal pieces for the metal coronets. Magnus confirmed that silver polish won’t harm the brass elements, but we should not use brass polish on the silver elements.

Theodore’s Medieval Academy for Novices & Demo (March 11 & March 8): Lining up teachers for March 11 and fighters for the March 8 demo

Chatelaine’s Office: There was one applicant, Kiana. Curia elected to appoint her as the next chatelaine, starting April 2017. Beatrice will be her deputy as Gold Key (keeper of the loaner garb)

Youth Combat Marshal: There was one applicant, Abelard die Elster. Curia elected to appoint him as the next YCM, starting April 2017.

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Asabella submitted a letter for a third year extension, which was approved. There were no other applicants. She is now actively looking for a training deputy to possibly succeed her by April 2018, if not sooner.

Fall Crown & Coronation: Walworth County Fairgrounds are not available in Sept or Oct 2017. Jefferson County Fairgrounds never responded. Waukesha County Expo and Washington County Fair Park will be too expensive for the usual size of the events. We will continue to look for sites for possible 2018 bids.

New Business:

Herald Position: Needs to step down before term is up, will stay in office until replacement found. Letters of Intent are due by February Curia

Using the fighter site: There were a couple of Facebook discussions on possibly converting the second Thursday No fee practices at Redeemer Lutheran, that are privately sponsored, into a monthly moot, sponsored by the barony. There is a lounge area adjacent to the main hall, that could also be rented for $25 per hour ($75 for a similar 3 hour block as fighter practice) for non-fighting activities and for those who find the sound volume in the main hall uncomfortable. The discussion then expanded to options for general gatherings, that did not take away from fighting time, rotating between Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties, possibly Brandybrook Manor in the west and UWM and other locations in the east. The decision was made to plan for a gathering at UWM in April, which would be a good follow-up after the March demo & event. It was further decided that students with ID could attend fighter practice without requiring the $5 fee. Donations of course are welcome.

Guilds and Groups:

C&I Guild: in discussions regarding a viewing at Marquette University for Italian manuscripts

All other groups & guilds are continuing, no updates



In Attendance: Abelard, Asabella, Magnus, Beatrice, Adriana, Sofonisba, Geoffrey, Armond, Deonysia, Arnbjorn, Dahrien, Sibllia

Officer Reports:

Baron/Baroness: Words of wisdom: More people would be nicer with more words to speak. Did you read the Tower this month? Go out and look at websites - not just SCA websites - and look at things you particularly like. Send them back to the Baron and Baroness. The officer's list exists, and should be used for actual business; if things get heated, the moderators will shut the conversation down.

Seneschal: Some officer's names are out of date on the website. Webminister will update.

Chronicler: Articles due Friday, February 24th (or as soon as possible after that). Milwaukee Art Museum has a nice medieval display, which inspired a new feature in the Tower: Photos and articles of medieval treasures that people have seen. Please submit those. Read the Tower!

Webminister: Please look at websites and report back to the Baron and Baroness about sites you like.