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Curia Notes April 20, 2021

In attendance: Abelard, Ysolt, Tatiana, Geoffrey, Randall, Octavian, Arthur, Albrecht, Asabella, Magnus, Katie, Rhys, Rachel, Kale, Belle, Arnbjorn, Annetje.

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: We can gather again (with some rules) and we have fighters practice on Thursday nights at 6 PM starting May 6 at Kinnickinnic River Parkway. Our new cousins have been announced - Markéta Barfussin and Hamish de Nisbet will be stepping up in Windhaven and Gabriel de Lion and Nadrah al-Zahara will be stepping up in Castel Rouge. And, we have a new award name registered. We are excited!

Seneschal: We had a meeting. There are new rules about what we can and can't do for events and gatherings. Can't share food or drink, you have to pre-reg for events, no gatherings larger than 150 people (unless local guidelines say smaller). Why pre-reg? We aren't positive, but those are the rules. You don't necessarily have to pre-pay, but you do have to pre-reg.

Chatelaine: We've had two nibbles - Lesley and her son - but we haven't seen them yet. Should we continue the Baronial Socials, which are scheduled for the same time as fighters practice? Generally, opinion is yes. Will change to a different night.

Chronicler: May Tower articles due on Sunday May 25.

Exchequer: We got a refund from an asset we had had, which is positive progress! The fighter fund is still in the hole. The storage locker bill will come up in June. It should go to the Exchequer. We need to change the official owner of the storage locker; Randall will take care of that once he's vaccinated. Asabella sent Arthur the bill for the storage locker, and we have one more month on it. Also, need membership expiration dates from a couple officers.

Quartermaster: We still have stuff. Armond still has the trailer. We're all good. Is it feasible to downsize to a smaller locker size? Should we pay for a whole year at this point or month to month? ($146 vs $1752) We discussed, proposed that we pay the full year, and voted yes.

Herald: We got Award of the Battles Wall registered (rather than the Zenith's Guardian), Rosamund got her AoA.

Knights Marshal: We will have fighters practice on Thursday nights at 6 PM starting May 6 at KK. We're asking for a $5 donation at practice to replenish the fighters fund; this is a request and not a requirement. Note: Leif considers his practice to be Midrealm, so Kenosha fighters practices won't start again until Midrealm starts. (Their fighters can come to our practice if they don't go to other practices; that is, if they declare CAM to be their local group they can practice here and only here.)

Archery: Weekend practice attendance has been good (alternating Saturdays at Kinnickinnic River Parkway, Sundays at Menomononee Park).

Thrown Weapons: Every other Saturday at noon at Kinnickinnic River Parkway.

Rapier: Will have people at practice, so need to drag out the loaner practice. Should bring the pell. Should also provide a shopping Will bring drop tester to practice.

Youth: No youth combat yet.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Read the Tower. Looking forward to seeing people in person.

Webminister: Text for the bylaws are updated on the website, as well as the revision list. There's some text on the front page which should be updated re: covid and stuff. Seneschal will take a look.

Signet: Scrolls are happening as we have court. We have a couple very committed scribes. Turning out good stuff - encouraging people to contribute to Kingdom level as well.

Social Media Officer: Did create a facebook group for baronial archers and thrown weapons.

Old Business:

Baronial Champs: September 26 (tentatively).

Boar's Head: Probably make a go/no-go decision in September. We can't break even with 150 people.

New Business:

Fundraiser: Now that we have a date pencilled in for Champs, will talk to Sofonisba to discuss using it as a fundraiser exchange point.

Border Skirmish 2022: Haven't heard anything from Ravenslake. Still need to find a site.

Guilds and Groups:

If someone wants to organize meetings of the guilds and groups again, we can do that again. Randall will consider armoring nights. Sewing at picnic shelters? Those appear to be free on a first-come, first-serve basis. It's worth looking at.

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